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you’re so sweet国产精品三级小泽玛利亚
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you’re so sweet国产精品三级小泽玛利亚

It’s been a few months since Ali went into labor (while she was teasing me with a blowjob, actually) and it went perfectly. Ali’s such a pro birther that she was in and out in a few hours with little pain or discomfort, and her body bounced back within the week to a svelte vixen I had never seen. She was thin and toned but kept her curvy hips and butt and her always-lactating boobs. She was raving about the sense of relief and accomplishment she got from bringing new, perfect life into the world, helping her society and pleasing herself at the same time. That conversation eventually turned into one about how excited she was to be impregnated again and do the whole thing over and over, which eventually turned into passionate sex. The babies were sent to be cared for, and Ali was free to get back to the all-important task of baby-making.Now months later, Ali and I were leaving a shop on main street, taking a lazy morning walk to now meet some friends. She was in a sweeping black dress that rested on her curvy, once-again pregnant body. She was holding my hand and supporting her already sizable belly with her other slender hand. Ali is now pregnant with quintuplets, which she says ties her biggest load to date. She’s got back that little constant smile that lights up my world, the one that comes from carrying life and feeling her purpose. I love that she’s so happy, and I’m so excited for the next few months to watch her blow up like a balloon. Our sex life is already heating up again, after a bit of a lull that came after she lost her enormous erotic belly.Ali was sporting a sexy three month belly, near the end of her first trimester (even though the ten-month system they have here sort of messes with the trimester count). While most women wouldn’t be showing at all this early, Ali was unmistakably pregnant. Her belly pushed her dress out in a gentle curve, still not huge but nice and sexy. In my old life, people would assume this gorgeous woman was seven or eight months pregnant, slowing down in her last few weeks instead of just now starting to really swell. I was strolling slowly along with her, enjoying a day off with my shirt unbuttoned and open and a pair of shorts.After a long, relaxing walk, Ali and I let ourselves into a familiar bungalow right off of the beach. We dropped off some groceries (and a few other supplies for later) we had picked up and made our way to where the party was; Brittany’s bedroom.We were the last to arrive apparently, with the bedroom already full of people enjoying themselves. It was centered around the mountain of fertility that was Brittany’s super pregnant figure. She was a ripe nine months along with octuplets and was enormously full of life, and every bit as feisty as ever. As Ali and I walked in, she gasped at what we saw, even though neither of us were surprised.Brittany looked like she was knocked up with a horse, and was sucking passionately at Nikki’s boyfriend Shawn’s hard cock, equally reminiscent of a horse. Brittany was sitting up on her plush bed (as usual, from her seventh month on when she was placed on bedrest) barely covered by a blanket, draped over her swollen curves, leaving one of her boobs falling out and exposed. Her belly stuck out way past her knees, bulging almost to her feet! She was truly pushing her breeding talents to their limit, and her belly was a true testament to how far she could go to bring new life into this utopia. Precocious Nikki was as involved as ever, dressed in a skimpy naughty nurse uniform (stretched wildly over her five month, triplet-filled womb) and methodically lotioning up Brittany’s eye-popping baby bump. Her hands were sliding around and around, around and around, only occasionally stopping to squirt another healthy dose of moisturizer. Shawn’s dick was throbbing in Brittany’s mouth as she ran her hands up and down her conquest, lubing it with her spit but never breaking contact. I was a little impressed she could fit the head of it in her mouth, considering it was as wide as her forearm (and just about as long). Another blonde preggo I didn’t recognize was beside her, hand over her mouth and eyes trying to look away, despite her obvious curiosity.Ali and I stood at the door admiring Brittany’s skill. She was picking up her pace until her hands were a blur, and she was sucking like a vacuum on the tip. Her lips were so tight around his huge head it looked like they would break, but Brittany’s enthusiasm and saliva made it go smoothly. I could see Nikki was now reaching in between her man’s legs to fondle his balls, getting so close to the action she was rubbing bellys with Britt. Shawn could only take so much until he moaned and shuddered and blasted his cum down Brittany’s thirsty throat. The octuplet-mother swallowed the enormous load, shot after shot with no hesitation. Shawn came a bucketful and finally she slowed her hands down until they stopped and she mercifully took her lips off him with a soft ‘pop’ and a polite kiss on Shawn’s cumhole. The last of Shawn’s load dribbled down onto her boobs, which shone in the midday light. Brittany gulped down what she could, but big gobs of cum still dripped down.The mega-mama finally looked around the room and begin to relax. “Ali! Hey, sexy! When did you get here?” That got a good laugh from the intimate room. Ali and I knew, and had made love to, just about everyone in the room, save for the big-bellied blond girl in the corner. That girl had turned away red-faced while watching Brittany swallow a load that could have impregnated a room full of fertile women, and was only now returning her attention back to the room.Nikki readjusted her mussed sexy nurse costume and stood to meet us with a wide smile, both hands on her back to support her belly. She grabbed the young girl and pulled her forward to the center of the room. Brittany by now was back to rubbing what she could reach of her belly, and Shawn was redressing himself, having to readjust his still semi-hard cock to fit into his pants. The young girl eyed him out of the corner of her eye before casting her gaze to the floor again.“You guys haven’t met Kaitlyn yet, have you? She was in the same impregnation class as me when I got here.” Kaitlyn waved a little wave while I took her in. She was a thin girl, except for her pregnant belly and swollen boobs. Being in the same class, she had to be around Nikki’s age, maybe 20 at the oldest but probably a year or so younger. Her hair fell around her youthful face and her big blue eyes kept darting around, always coming back to staring down to the floor (although she was mostly staring down at the stretched skin of her womb).The comfortable silence was broken by a hearty burp and giggle from Britt, who patted her belly with her dainty hands and widened her ever-present smile.“It’s time to get this baby maker into the shower, I gotta cool down after all that. Then I think I’ll have one of my lunches.” Nikki waddled over to her friend and Nikki and Shawn (well, mostly the well-muscled Shawn) helped Brittany to her feet and started her ponderous waddle to her bathroom. Ali sat down in Nikki’s plush chair and I sat down on the edge of Brittany’s now empty bed. Kaitlyn again shrank into the corner, softly resting her hands on her belly. Ali and I shared a look of concern for the painfully shy girl."You're almost there, aren't ya?" Ali purred, reaching over and patting on Kaitlyn's belly, before dragging a slender finger around her popped belly button. "If I had to guess...maybe 10 months with a trio?""Well, yeah, actually. Good guess.” Kaitlyn finally smiled genuinely and smoothed her knit white dress over her curves and patted her big belly’s underside. Her sleeveless dress just barely covered down to the bottom of her belly, and Kaitlyn’s youthful hips and legs were covered in a pair of sheer black yoga pants, with her pedicured bare feet peeking out. “I’m just about due now. Guess I’m sorta nervous about it. This is my first pregnancy.”“You’ll be fine,” Ali assured, her maternal side showing as she got up and sat down on the bed on Kaitlyn’s other side. “It’s a pain, for sure, but it’s so worth it. And just think, right now, ready to pop, you’re as beautiful as can be! Doesn’t she look beautiful, baby?” Ali asked. I nodded slowly, reaching over and adding my hands to rub the section of belly Ali and Kaitlyn had left unattended. I felt her sort of withdraw from me, as much as she really could with a ten month pregnant belly. Ali noticed too and reached over to me, interlocking our fingers.“What’s wrong, Kaitlyn? You seem so anxious. You should be so happy right now. No woman this sexy should be nervous about anything. Tell ya what, maybe if you ask really nice, my hubby here can find a nice, looong way to relax us all. Would you like that?” Ali was signing me up for another of her patented stud sessions. She just loved to show off what she got on a regular basis, and my erection was starting to creep down my leg.“W-Well, actually, Ali, I d-d-don’t think so. I’m..I’m a virgin, actually.” I was shocked. I was looking at a young woman whose slim body was overwhelmed with triplets, who would usually clearly the product of a long ago night of sexual pleasure. But I knew the girls were inseminated mechanically, to ensure success, but I just assumed they had all had sex. If not before their time as a professional perpetual breeder, then certainly when they were hormonal, waddling fertility goddesses surrounded by these well-hung stud horses of men, like Shawn (or myself, I guess).Ali was in shock herself, mouth agape on the bed. “A virgin! No! Really? How is that possible, especially here in Eden? I passed two couples having sex in a car just on my way here.” It was true, but I wasn’t chiming in. After having my girlfriend offer my cock to a virgin, I felt it best to leave the aftermath to her.“Well, I never found the right guy before this and came to the island as a virgin. And since then, I don’t know, I’ve just been so, I guess, self conscious. My boobs are full of milk and my belly is out in front of me. It’s just never happened for me.”“Oh, no, no, sweetheart. You have to know you can’t be any sexier than when you have that big belly and those big boobs, all those curves. Look at the erection in my man’s pants, he loves the way you look! You should be more confident in your figure. I can tell you from experience, when a woman has a great big belly showing off just how fertile she is, and just how desirable she obviously is, with her boobs bigger than ever and her hormones getting her so wet, the sex is so incredible it feels like fireworks going off in your brain.”Kaitlyn was nearly shaking, her breath rapid as Ali and I and kept rubbing her sensitive skin around and around. She wasn’t stopping us, and my cock just kept creeping its way down towards my knee. My thoughts started swirling around my head and I felt more and more brazen.“Kaitlyn, I have to tell you, as a man, you are so beautiful right now. I’m not quite sure what it is about an enormous belly that’s about to pop, seeing a woman waddle around, it just gets so the guys on this island so revved up we can’t help ourselves. Especially when I have a goddess as understanding as this vixen Ali seems to be, someone who I can worship while she keeps getting herself knocked up over and over, bigger and bigger until she’s so horny we both are powerless to stop ourselves from ravaging each other.”“Aww, you’re so sweet,” Ali gushed. She was beginning to nuzzle softly on Kaitlyn’s neck, while the fertile virgin was beginning to squirm around on the bed. I was suddenly so aware of how close we all were, of how we all were leaning in towards each other. Ali had begun really deeply massaging Kaitlyn’s womb, her eyes smoky and focused on the young woman.“Kaitlyn, I want to rub your belly when it’s bare, not covered. Is that alright with you?” Kaitlyn breathed deeply and nodded slowly and Ali started unbuttoning her dress, letting her pink belly poke its way out, inch by inch by inch until Ali had it open, with Kaitlyn’s past due triplet belly hanging out and her d-cup boobs sitting softly on top of it, held in by a plain white bra.Ali immediately began rubbing her down again, moving up and down and around her body, before taking it another step further.“You still seem so tense. Would you be more comfortable if I wasn’t wearing this dress? I promise, it’s helped in the past. How about it?” Ali was nearly whispering now as she pushed her comparatively-small belly into Kaitlyn’s much larger bump. Kaitlyn gasped and nodded again, clearly overwhelmed by the come-ons of this confident goddess. Ali rose and moved in front of us both so she could put on a real show. She pulled the hem of her dress up and over her big belly,性久久久 letting the fabric catch her full boobs so they would fall heavily back down, spritzing us both with milk. Ali had outgrown all her bras near the end of the last set of quads and decided to just forgo them all together, proud of her perky and large f-cups. She turned around with a swivel of her hips and showed off her firm, round ass and hips, cradled by a tiny black thong. I layed down on the sheets and repositioned my hard cock, to alleviate some of the tension I was feeling.Ali stayed on her feet before us, obviously savoring the attention. She inched forward to us and put her hands on Kaitlyn, before easing her down to her back. Her belly rose quickly as she kept breathing fast. “Lie back for me, sweetie. Relax.” Ali lowered her head and softly kissed Kaitlyn’s belly, before kissing lower and lower on her, sometimes pecking and sometimes sucking deeply until she was squatting in between her untouched legs. “It’s time for these tights to come off, isn’t it Kaitlyn?” There was a long pause and Kaitlyn gulped deeply and began peeling down her own bottoms. Ali was in total control of this girl. She started nudging Kaitlyn over to her side and after some exertion, the innocent mama-to-be was panting on her side in her underwear on the middle of the bed, with me moving close behind her. Ali bent over the side of the bed to whisper in her prey's ear, loud enough I could hear."You want to keep going, don't you? Maybe have the stud you're cuddling with make you feel better? Is that what you want?""Y-Yes, oh god, yes. I feel like I'm going to explode, I'm ready, I need it. I've been so horny for months, oh god. Please, please just do it."After hearing her pleas, Ali winked and blew me a kiss, a little unspoken code we had for moments like this. I finally pulled my shorts off and began inching down Kaitlyn's panties, feeling and grabbing the curves of her naked ass while Ali stroked the teen's bump. I tossed away our now-useless clothes and pulled her back toward me. I could feel her almost shaking, but she was ready and angled her now-bare pussy for me.I reached down and slid my cock up her pussy lips, trying to get her as ready as possible for her first time. She jumped as I moved across her, her pussy throbbing with desire and her chest rising and falling so fast her tits were starting to jump in her bra. I unhooked her bra and Ali pulled it away, exposing her breasts, topped with small, pale nipples, the kind that I hadn't seen since coming to an island of women who were always overflowing with lactation. Kaitlyn was finally wet enough for me to move the head of my cock to her outer lips and slowly thrust into her virginal, wet pussy. She cried out loudly, loud enough I heard Nikki, Brittany and Shawn start to stir in the other room, and Ali swooped in to kiss Kaitlyn on the lips to quiet her, wanting to keep this intimate moment just to us for a few seconds longer. Ali crept her tongue into the girl's mouth, holding her head still in her hands while Kaitlyn let out some muffled protests before easing into the long, passionate kiss. As I started moving in and out of Kaitlyn's tight pussy, deeper and deeper with each slow stroke, I could feel her finally relax and begin to enjoy herself.Kaitlyn, Ali and I had finally hit our rhythm and were moving together, me slowly sliding into Kaitlyn's vagina while she did her best to ride out the pleasure my cock was giving to her, all while Ali was kissing and touching Kaitlyn's innocent body. She had moved down to squeeze, caress and suck Kaitlyn's boobs, sometimes making her way back up for another long kiss. Kaitlyn's pussy was spasming under all the attention, and it was so tight around me that I could feel every shiver, every pulse, every twinge. They had broken her cherry during her impregnation, ten ripe months ago, so that discomfort was gone, but the sensations she was feeling, so horny and hormonal already from being so knocked up, and then having a couple like Ali and I, who were so in-tune with one another sexually, tend to her virgin needs, had to be so intense she was bursting with pleasure.I lost track of anything else but this girl's needs until Nikki and Shawn helped waddle the gravid Brittany back into her bedroom, having taken time to wash her sizable body. She was so heavy now, full of the largest load of children that Eden had ever attempted, that more than one person was necessary for her to move much at all. Brittany yelped loudly, shocking our naked fun out of its momentum.“Kaitlyn! I thought you were a virgin!”“I...I w-was. I don't know, I'm sorry, I just got so horny watching you guys, I couldn't help myself and then they were here and so nice, and his cock was so big and thick, I, I just sort of went with it.” Kaitlyn wasn’t moving away, in fact as she spoke she inched back into me even more and reached back to rub my leg against hers.“Well don't stop because of me!,” Brittany purred, having Shawn and Nikki help heave her over to the lounge next to her. Brittany's belly stuck out so far she had to sit far back and we could barely see her head over the top of her pink dome, but I could still tell she had positioned one of her dark nipples into her mouth, so she could sip on her calorie-filled milk while getting a little thrill from the stimulation. Nikki waddled her own pregnant belly to her friend and sat on the lounge arm (Brittany's impressively fertile body took up the rest) so she could take advantage of the other tit.With Brittany's blessing to use her bed, we were right back at it. Kaitlyn was still unsure of what she should be doing, so it was mostly me, fucking away at her teen pussy. Kaitlyn was really starting to moan and groan, and I could feel her sex starting to pulse. She was easily the tightest pussy I've ever had, almost to the point I couldn't move when she tightened around me. Ali was still licking and kissing all over Kaitlyn's body, before she suddenly stood up with an idea. She waddled over to Shawn, grabbed his hand and drug him over.“Kaitlyn, baby, can you hear me?,” Ali whispered into her ear.“Mmmm, oh god. Yessss.” Kaitlyn was deep in the throes of pleasure, and I was finally able to start fucking away at her needy pussy with longer and faster strokes as she relaxed her body more and more. Kaitlyn reached back and grabbed my hand and put it on her belly, eager for the intimacy as well as the orgasm.“Kaity, baby, you're so sexy right now, having this big stud fuck you. I have a really naughty idea. How about you take this other sexy stud right here and have double the fun? I'll be right here to take care of you. What do you think, mama?”Before she could give an answer I felt Kaitlyn's pussy contract like a vice around me in an orgasm, cumming hard and loudly for the first time with a man, screaming with new pleasure for what I'm sure felt like an eternity for her. She clutched at her breasts and pushed herself back into me, her back pressed deeply into my chest. The feeling of her orgasm was almost too much for me, and it took a lot of my focus to keep from cumming. I knew Ali had just a little more planned, and I hated disappointing her. While Kaitlyn was swirling around in her orgasmic haze, Ali pulled Shawn's dick out of his pants and gave it a few strokes to bring it to life. After a small kiss on the head, she guided it at Kaitlyn, who looked at it surprised, before grabbing it with both hands and pumping on it up and down, before finally putting her mouth around as much as she could. Shawn was just as gentle as me, and didn't push or try to make her do anything she didn't want. Kaitlyn was building up her confidence, beginning to take more and more of Shawn into her mouth and starting to find a good rhythm to her hands, moving them up and down and up and down. Ali gave some help, pulling back Kaitlyn's hair and squirting some of her leaking milk onto Shawn's cock for more lubrication.We kept going and going, Shawn and I holding back as much as possible for Kaitlyn, before finally we could take no more. I had been fucking a hot, wet, tight pussy for too long and with a final long stroke I warned Kaitlyn and began cumming deep in her pussy. She stopped sucking on Shawn's member and closed her eyes to focus on the sensation of a man planting his seed in her already full womb. I came a bucketful and by the time I shot my last drop it was starting to drip out the sides of her vagina. I withdrew and Kaitlyn finally sat up, my cum pouring out of her freshly-fucked pussy. She pulled Shawn back to her by his cock (he had to stand to the side to reach over her belly) and sucked and sucked until he too rolled his head back, and came onto her heaving breasts and full, round belly, until it looked covered. Finally having been taken by a man, Kaitlyn collapsed back and rubbed her belly around and around, reveling in the moment. Shawn, Kaitlyn and I were all so spent we were nearly asleep, so Ali and Nikki excused themselves to the other room while Brittany rested with us.Within the hour, Ali and Nikki had dressed up in a new, matching pair of maternity french maid costumes (we had stopped off just this morning to get them), just like Brittany had asked for. They were orbiting around Brittany while she laid back and enjoyed the dual attention. They alternated between lotioning her belly and hips, taking turns milking her while she fed from the other breeder’s tit, and teasing her slutty pussy and ass with some of the many sex toys Brittany owned. Shawn and I sat back, enjoying the show while Kaitlyn laid on the lounge, still naked and tired from her first time before she sat up suddenly, announcing that her water had broken. We rushed around and got her out the door, and halfway to the birthing center before we realized we had left Brittany handcuffed to her bed, vibrator still in her hot pussy! Shawn ran back to help her, but he showed up at the center reeking of pussy, and it was obvious Brittany didn't mind at all.We finally saw Kaitlyn a few hours later, thin again, and she sure to thank us for our part in one of the most memorable days of her life. Ali and I were happy to help.



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