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teasing it国产精品三级小泽玛利亚

Doctor's Incestuous Family(An Incestuous Harem Story)Chapter Five: Incestuous Anal DelightBy mypenname3000Copyright 2017Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!Dr. Bernice WilsonThere was silence between me and my baby girl, my sweet and innocent Jennifer as the fear played across her face. Her eyes were locked on the pregnancy test box held in my hand. The actual applicator was missing. She probably disposed of it and forgot all about the packaging as she tried to hide her pregnancy from me.She was only eighteen. It seemed too young. I wasn't ready to be a grandmother. Especially not after last night.I had surrendered to my forbidden lusts. I had seduced my nineteen-year-old son into incest. He had been confused, at first, but I stroked and sucked him, making him so horny. And then I rode him, and he had loved it. He had cum so much in me. I had planned on giving him a wake-up blowjob. I now understood why my patient, Cheryl, fucked her son.It was the hottest thing in the world. So wrong. So forbidden. I was so eager for more.I was so excited to suck his cock. And then Jenny came out of his room, sneaking around while he slept, looking for ways to get him in trouble like she always was. Anger flared through me. I didn't want to handle the whole pregnancy thing this way, but...“Well?” I demanded, shaking the box in her face. “You're pregnant?”“I'm...pregnant.” Her gaze fell. She fidgeted in her nightgown. Her body shook. “It was so dumb. There was this boy and I just...got carried away.”“Uh-huh,” I said, arms folded. It was so easy to get carried away. My pussy clenched, remembering the feel of James in me. “Carried away? I thought I taught you better. Didn't you at least make him wear a condom?”She winced. “I was at a party, the one I went to with James two weeks ago and there was this boy.”“You said that already,” I said. “Of course there was a boy. That's how reproduction works.” I couldn't believe this. I was a Gynecologist, and my daughter didn't bother with protection.“And...I don't know, I was just so caught up in it. We were kissing in a room. All alone. And I felt so...” She trailed off, blushing. “And...it just happened.” She looked at me, her blue eyes so wide. “I swear it. It just happened. We...did it. It all happened so fast. I didn't even think about...protection until it was over. Then I freaked out and had James take me home. He didn't know,” she added with haste. “But now I don't know how to contact the boy. He goes to another school or something. I didn't even catch his name.”“Don't know who he is?” I asked, my stomach twisting. “So it wasonly the one time? And that knocked you up?”Jenny nodded her head. “It was the center of my cycle. I've read that makes girls...want to do it...”“So it's all your hormones fault?” My tone grew frosty.“I guess.” she shifted.My stomach twisted. I asked again, “And that was the only time?”She nodded her head.“You haven't been having any sex since?”Another nod.My hand clenched on the box. She was lying to me. To my face. My baby girl was keeping secrets. “So you didn't have a boy over the day when I caught you in the downstairs bathroom about to take a shower?”She froze.“That would have been the day before the party, right?”“No, Mom. I just needed to shower. James was upstairs and—”“And I didn't find fresh cum on your panties last night?” I asked, leaning towards her. “Huh? I just imagined the fresh stains? They were still wet.”She trembled.“Who are you having sex with, Jenny?”“No one,” she said, her voice rising. “You were mistaken. It wasn't cum.”“Then what was it?”James opened his bedroom door. Jenny glanced at him. My son froze, wearing only his boxers. Jenny had woken him up. He needed his sleep. His face furrowed. “What's going on?”“Your sister is lying to me about everything,” I answered. I held up the pregnancy test box. “Some boy knocked her up, and she's hiding who he is. She's been seeing him for at least two weeks unless...” My eyes widened. “Is it a teacher? Is that why you told me this lie about the party?”“Lie?” James croaked.“It's not a lie,” Jenny insisted. “And it wasn't with a teacher.”“Then who?” I folded my arms. “Who knocked you up? Who are you hiding? Is he married? Did he molest you? Are you being coerced?”“God, no, Mom!” Jenny fumed, stamping her foot. “It was just that one time. I don't know what you found in my panties.”“And the wet spot on the couch I found the day you dashed to the shower? Were you fucking the boy like a little hussy on my couch!” The words spilled out of my mouth before I could stop myself. I didn't even understand why I said them. Where had this anger come from? I glanced at James. I had fucked my son. How was I any better than my daughter?She glanced at him again then backed up towards him like she meant to hide behind him.More anger spiked. “Answer me, Jenny! Who is the father of your child?”“A boy! I don't know his name! It was a stupid mistake!” She glanced at James.“Mom,” he said, moving forward. “You need to calm down. Why would she lie about this?”“To protect the father.” My eyes narrowed. “Just tell me, Jenny. You're scaring me.”“I told you.” Tears filled her eyes. “Just believe me, Mom.”“How can I? You lied to me. You have had sex more than that one time. And in my house!”James's face paled. “How do you know, Mom?”He was such a good brother, so concerned for his little sister. But she didn't deserve it. “I found her panties. Soiled. She had sex yesterday. Did she bring home any boys, James?”“No,” he said slowly.“Then it was at school. Oh, god, it is a teacher. And I bet he's married.” “It's not a teacher!” she shrieked stubbornly. “And I didn't have sex yesterday!”“Yeah, when would she?” James added.He was so nervous. It had to be about last night. He didn't want to let Jenny know what we did. He was protecting me. I was just as bad as this teacher who preyed on Jenny. But it was so hot with James. It was so sexy.“You're going to stand here and tell me who—”“I told you!” Jenny shrieked then, crying, she turned and darted down the hallway and burst into her bedroom.“Jenny!” James called. He started to head down the hallway to his sister, but I caught his hand.“No,” I hissed. “Let the little hussy cry in her bedroom.”“Hussy, mom?” James asked, anger in his voice.Why was I acting like this? I shouldn't be demeaning her. She was being preyed on by this teacher, and yet... She was a slut. A slut like her mother. A filthy whore who couldn't be trusted around any man. I bet the teacher was married, and she fluttered her eyebrows and cooed and acted so coy and flirty, luring him from his wife.Just like that whore Pete married.I stroked my son's hand. “She's been so bad,” I said, unable to help myself. He was so damned sexy. So strong, so muscular, so handsome. I bet Jenny saw it, too. The way she kept turning to James. I'd have to watch the little minx. “I need you.”“Need me?” he asked, still staring down that hall, tricked by her crying tears. He wanted to go to her.I pulled him towards the bathroom. “Mommy needs her big, strong son. I was coming to wake you up with a blowjob.” But that little tramp was in there, snooping. “She'll be crying for a while. We could take a shower together.”I was such a hussy. A wanton, slutty mommy. My hand slid down his muscular stomach to the waistband of his boxers. I slid them in, grasping his hardening cock. He groaned, his eyes peeling away from his sister's door to stare at me. He groaned as I stroked him, feeling his dick throb and grow stiffer.I grinned at him, loving his eyes falling on my robe, belted loosely. I was naked beneath. I led him backwards into the bathroom, his eyes watching my tits bounce. His boxers fell off his hips as I held his cock like a leash, stroking him. He was so thick, so hard. Bigger than his father by an inch or so.Better than his father. He would never leave me for a hussy. He would always love his naughty mommy.I had fought this so much, I knew this was so wrong but after last night I just couldn't care. Not after how hard I came. How wonderful it was to feel like a woman again. My hand found the shower handle. I twisted it. It hissed on, water falling as I pulled my son to me, lifting my head to kiss him.When had he gotten taller than me?His lips were so hungry on my mouth. His hands were bold. They pushed open my robe, the lose knot coming undone. His hands found my large breasts, squeezing them. I shuddered, loving his touch, feeling like such a whore-mommy for letting my son fondle my big tits.Steam billowed out of the shower as I rubbed his hard cock against my stomach before moving it down to my pubic hair. He groaned into the kiss, squeezing my tits harder as my silky curls caressed the sensitive crown of his dick. He found my nipples, playing with them, making me feel amazing.I broke the kiss. “Mmm, you're so eager for Mommy's pussy.”“So eager,” he panted with all that youthful lust.“Good,” I groaned. “I need to relax. To calm down.”“Jenny's not a slut,” James said. “If you'd just calm down. We could go talk with her. Figure this all out. Just the three of us.”“Talk?” I asked, arching an eyebrow. “With this hardon? Don't you want Mommy to take care of it?”He opened his mouth, about to say something but then groaned as I moved his cock lower, letting him feel the heat of my pussy lips sliding wet on him. His hands squeezed hard on my tits.“That's what I thought,” I cooed, stepping backward into the shower. The hot water splashed on my naughty body. I pulled on his cock.He didn't resist.My son was on me the moment he stepped in, water spraying on that yummy body. He pushed me against the wall, his lips finding the nape of my neck. I groaned as he kissed me. His hands sliding down my wet body to grip my ass while I stroked that hard cock.The cock I made. I created him. The perfect lover.And he was all mine. Mommy's big, strong son.“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned over the shower's hiss and water's splash. “Mommy needs you in her pussy. So badly. She's so wet for this cock.”“Yes,” he groaned into my neck, clenching his hands on my ass.I guided him, this wonderful cock, to my pussy. I rubbed him against my folds until he found the entrance. He thrust hard, returning inside me, filling me up. I groaned at the incestuous rush of his cock filling me up. I clenched on him, shuddering against him, my breasts pressed into his chest. He moaned into my neck, sucking, nibbling, teasing.He drew back his cock, sliding it through my folds. The friction shuddered through me. Pleasure burned hot. I groaned as he drew back and then slammed his dick into me. He filled me to the brim. My pussy clenched on his dick, loving him in me. My fingernails clawed at his back as he drew back and rammed his cock in again.And again.The steam billowed around us as he fucked me. The water was so hot on our skin, almost as hot as his body. I savored how tight we were pressed, how he gripped me, how he fucked me with that cock. My son's big, thick dick.“Oh, yes, fuck Mommy's naughty cunt,” I moaned, loving talking like that. It was so wrong, so taboo. And that made it feel so amazing. “Fuck your naughty Mommy.”“So naughty,” he groaned, his hips pumping. “You're almost as tight as...”He bit off his words as he rammed his cock into me. My eyes widened. I stared into his blue eyes as he fucked me, passion crossing his face. “Do you have a girlfriend?”“Yes,” he groaned. “Basically.”“And do you fuck her?” I hissed, undulating my hips, suddenly so turned on by this. I was jealous just minutes ago, but now that he was in me, his cock pumping in and out of my cunt, I burned. “Do you pound her naughty cunt like you pound Mommy's?”“Yes,” he growled, his hands clenching my ass. He kneaded them, pulling my butt-cheeks apart, making me tremble and groan. His fingers slid in between my butt-cheeks, caressing my sphincter. I gasped at that. His finger felt so wicked touching my sphincter. I had patients who confessed to doing anal. Some hated it, some loved it. My ex-husband always wanted it—I bet that slut who stole him away gave up her ass. But feeling James's finger play with my asshole, touching it, made my pussy clench on his dick. It was so...exciting.And then he pressed his finger into me. Into my asshole. I groaned, my eyes widening. I couldn't believe him. He was so bold. This was so wrong of him to do. He didn't ask. He just did it. He just pumped his finger into my asshole as he fucked my cunt.And I loved it.The sensations of his finger reaming my asshole mixed with his cock spearing into my pussy's depths. I groaned, my hips undulating, meeting his thrusts as he kissed me hard on the lips. He claimed my mouth, fucking me with such confidence.Who was his girlfriend? Why had he never mentioned her?I broke the kiss, panting, “Does she let you fuck her asshole?”“Yes,” he growled, thrusting even harder into me. Every time he buried into me, my clit throbbed against his pubic bone, the stimulation shooting through me. “She loves it when I fuck her ass.”“That's so hot,” I moaned, humping against him. The desire to fuck him grew even stronger hearing those words. I wanted to be such a whore for him. That thought surged such lusts through me. “What a naughty son. Fucking your girlfriend's ass, fingering Mommy's asshole. Mmm, such a bold, strong son.”“That makes you hot?” he growled, pounding me, burying that cock over and over into my pussy.“So hot,” I gasped, clawing at his back. “That makes Mommy so hot for her big, strong son's dick.”The pressure swelled in me. I was coming closer and closer to cumming. It was so fast. I was so hot. So turned on by my son. He was so sexy. My fingernails clawed at his back as my pussy and asshole clenched. He grunted, thrusting his dick harder into me, savoring my tight pleasure. His balls thwacked into my taint. My clit burst with rapture, crushed by his pubic bone.My body shuddered.Pleasure exploded through me. I groaned, my eyes widening as rapture surged through me. My pussy writhed about his dick, milking him, eager for his cum to flood my pussy. He slammed his dick so deep into me. Every thrust sent more waves of rapture washing through my body.“James!” I gasped in joy. “Oh, my god!”“You're cumming, Mom,” he groaned, sounding so full of pride. “You're cumming on my dick.”“Yes, yes, yes,” I hissed. “Such a good cock. Oh, you're back inside me. I love it. I love you. Mommy loves her big, strong stud.”He kissed me hard, slamming his cock over and over into my pussy. The pleasure kept rippling through me. It kept washing through my body. I shuddered, my eyes rolling back into my head. This was amazing. I trembled against him, my nipples throbbing on his chest as I clung to him. He was such a great son.Such an amazing lover.And he hadn't cum yet. He had so much more stamina than Pete ever had. I don't know how James didn't flood me the moment I started cumming. But I was so grateful as another orgasm burst through me, washing through my slutty body.I was just as much a whore as my daughter. I was so jealous of this other girl James fucked, and so turned on picturing him ramming his cock into her. It was so wrong. This was all so messed up. But in such a wonderful way.And then he ripped his cock out of me, breaking our kiss. “James?” I gasped as he spun me around, pressing my breasts into the tiles. They were cool on my hard nipples. “What are you doing?”“Fucking your ass,” he groaned, bringing his cock between the cheeks of my butt. My eyes widened as his dick, wet with all my juices, rubbed on my asshole. “What?” I gasped. “But—”“Don't worry,” he groaned, his hand reaching down to finger my clit as he pressed against my resistant sphincter. “You'll love it, Mom. It'll make you such a slutty Mommy to take my cock back there.”“Yes!” I hissed, my clit throbbing beneath his touch, my body so hot. If that girl he fucked could take his cock in her asshole, then so could I. And I would do it better!His dick pressed on my sphincter. I groaned, shivering as his finger danced on my clit. The pleasure flowed through me, relaxing my body. I didn't fight it as he pressed forward more and more. My eyes rolled back into my head. The water splashed on our bodies as his cock pressed into my asshole.The crown was past my sphincter, in me. Burning friction sent heat through my body. My pussy clenched as he groaned, pressing in deeper and deeper. It was slow, almost agony, but an agony of rapture and not pain. I shuddered at the ecstatic delight as he delved into my depths. His fingers rubbed my clit so hard. Pleasure burst through me.And then I felt his wet pubic hair on my ass. His crotch pressed against me. “Yes!” I moaned, such pride surging through me. “Mommy took all her son's big cock in her ass.”“You did, Mom,” he groaned. “Damn, I love you.”I shivered at those words. “I love you, too, James!”And then he drew back his cock. And the pleasure... Oh, god, the pleasure was incredible. So different from his cock being in my pussy. He drew back and then slid his cock back in, the pleasure so hot and rough, not the silky glide in my pussy. I grunted as he buried in me, his balls swinging. He drew back and thrust again.And again.I pressed my cheek against the tile, so cool while his hot lips nibbled on the other side of my face, following my jawline. He reached my ear, teasing it, sending hot shudders through my body as he fucked my ass harder and harder.Our flesh slapped wetly together. The sound echoed through the bathroom as he reamed my bowels. I groaned, loving it. I wiggled my hips, taking his cock, savoring every moment of our incestuous passion.“Fuck Mommy's ass,” I hissed, the pleasure growing in me, his fingers rubbing so hard at my clit and pussy lips. I was so wet, and not from the shower.“Yes,性久久久” he growled, his voice so thick with pleasure, his strokes so hard and fast. “You're so tight. I'm fucking your virgin ass, Mom!”“My virgin ass!” I moaned. I hadn't felt like a virgin since I was Jenny's age. “Yes, yes, do it! Cum in Mommy's ass!”He growled. He loved that. He loved it when his girl begged for his cum. He fucked me so hard, such primal strokes. He rammed his cock into the depths of my asshole. The burning pleasure crashed into the delight his fingers churned on my clit. My hips wiggled, my nipples throbbing against the cool tiles of the wall. I clenched my asshole on his dick. I wanted to feel that friction increase. To shudder in delight as he reamed me. It burned so hot as he fucked me and made me explode. I grunted and groaned. He slammed so hard, so deep into me. He stirred me up. He made me groan and grunt and pant. It was amazing. He was amazing. My son was such a great lover. “Yes, yes, yes,” I hissed. “Ream Mommy's ass. Make her cum so hard.”“I will, Mom,” he snarled, burying his cock into the depths of my bowels.“Then flood my ass with all your yummy cum. Flood your naughty, slutty Mommy's asshole!”“Yes!”His excitement made me shudder. Made me cum. My eyes widened as the pleasure burst out of the depths of my body. My asshole writhed about his dick. My entire body shuddered at the detonation. It was so powerful. Juices gushed out of my cunt and around his fingers. I moaned and gasped, bucking back into him, begging him to cum in me.As the rapture boiled my mind, his cum spurted into me. Hot blasts of jizz flooded me. I groaned, tossing my head back and forth. It was so amazing. He was so amazing. He growled with each blast, pressing his muscular torso into my back, leaning against me as he moaned into my ear.“Such a bad Mommy,” he panted. “Oh, damn, yes. You loved it. You came so hard.”“So hard,” I whimpered.He held me, kissing my neck, his cock softening in my asshole as my orgasm died down. I loved it. I wanted to stay in his embrace forever. To just be held by him. He was such a wonderful son, and I was such a terrible mother.And then the shower grew cold.“Damn,” James said, pulling away and turning off the water. “That was hot, Mom.”“Yeah,” I nodded, glancing at his cock. That was just in my pussy and then my asshole. I stroked it and leaned in to kiss him. After, I groaned, “I love you, James.”“Love you, too.”“But you can't tell anyone.” I swallowed. “Especially not your...girlfriend.”“I don't know,” he said. “It might be—”Fear spiked through me. “No! No one can know. We have to be so careful. Especially with your sister in the house. She would freak out.”“Yeah, especially after you called her a slut,” James said, his voice hard.I flinched. “I...I shouldn't have said that.”“She's not a slut,” he said. “Just because she's pregnant, doesn't make her a hussy.”“I know that. It's just...”“Why did you say it?”I really didn't understand why. I was just so angry. She made me furious, it just spilled out of me.“I'm going to talk to her,” he said as he dried off. “What?” I blinked. “I thought you found her to be a brat?”“She's my sister. She's in pain.” He gave me a hard look. “Let's go talk to her together. I think that would be good. Get everything in the open and—” Panic surged through me. “What? Are you even suggesting telling her about us?”“Well, yeah, she might—”“James!” The blood drained from my face. My stomach twisted. “What we did was illegal. I'm your mother. I'll go to jail. You can't tell her!”“Mom, I don't—”“No!” I gave him a hard look. “This is our secret.” Then I moved to him, pressing my naked body against his, letting him feel my tits. “If you tell people, we won't be able to have fun. And you want to have fun with your naughty Mommy, right?”“Yeah,” he groaned, his dick twitching against my stomach, swelling hard again. “There's all sorts of naughty things I can do for you, but only if you don't tell anyone. It's our secret.” Then I fell to my knees. He was young, recovering so fast. I grabbed his swelling dick. I could smell the sour musk of my ass on him. “Things like this.”“Jesus, Mom,” he groaned as I swallowed his dick, not caring how filthy this was. I knew it was. I was a doctor, and yet...it felt so wicked to taste my ass on him. My pussy clenched. His cum leaked out of my asshole as I sucked on his dick, cleaning it of my sour ass. “Jesus, I promise, I won't tell anyone, Mom.”I moaned about his cock, sucking, bobbing, getting him nice and hard again. He leaned against the counter, his eyes rolling back into his head as I worked my mouth up and down his dick, my tongue licking, savoring the sour musk.It tasted...good.More of his cum leaked out of me, dribbling through my crack to my pussy as I sucked so hard. I hadn't blown anyone since Pete left. I hadn't even realized I missed sucking a dick. But there was something so wonderfully naughty about having a cock in my mouth.My son's cock.“Damn, Mom,” he groaned. “You could give...my girlfriend pointers.”I shivered, bobbing my mouth, twisting my head. I reached behind me, sliding one hand through my butt-crack to my sore sphincter, loving the feel of the cum leaking out. I played with the incestuous jizz, massaging it into my skin as I sucked so hard, staring up at my son with such love.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~James WilsonThis was all so fucked up. I wanted to just have Mom and Jenny in the same room, to talk about these changes, but how would they react? They were fighting. Mom was calling her a slut. And she didn't want me to tell Jenny. What if it stopped? What if I ruined having sex with either of them?I didn't want to give up having Mom suck my cock after it had been in her ass. This was so hot. I leaned against the counter, groaning as she worked her mouth up and down. I stared down her supple back to her ass, her fingers buried in her crack.She was turning into an anal slut.“Damn, yes, Mom,” I panted as she bobbed her mouth.This was so nasty. Jenny hadn't done this for me. She hadn't sucked my cock after it had been in her asshole. I had seen it in porn. It was so hot, then, and even hotter now. I had already cum twice this morning, once in my sister's mouth, and that had given me the stamina to really fuck mom.But this... Holy shit, this was the hottest thing ever. My balls boiled so fast as she bobbed her mouth and fingered her asshole. She moaned, staring up at me with her motherly face burning with rapture, her dark eyes smoldering. Her bleached-blonde hair clung to her shoulders.“You are such a slut, Mom,” I panted. “Suck my dirty cock clean of your asshole. Oh, yes.”She moaned, sucking even harder. It turned her on to hear those words. She was so much like Jenny. I groaned, my head leaning back as the pleasure built and built in my balls. They boiled with how hot this was.I clenched at the counter, the corner digging into the top of my thighs. I didn't care. I just loved her mouth sucking so hard. I groaned, the cum rising and rising. The pressure building and building as her hot mouth worked its magic.“Mom!” I grunted. “You want my cum. You want to taste it. You want to devour it.”She moaned about my dick. She did. I could see it in her eyes.“Fuck!”My cock erupted. My incestuous seed flooded my mother's hungry mouth. I shivered, bucking as she gulped down load after load of my cum. She shuddered, her hand moving faster as she played with her asshole. Her eyes squeezed shut.The pleasure shot through me. No, I couldn't give this up. I needed them both. I wanted to enjoy them both. I loved them both. Shit. My mom and my sister. It was so hot. So delicious. Mom drained my balls as the rapture flooded through me.“Shit,” I panted. “Damn, Mom, I loved it.”She popped her mouth off my dick. “Mmm, this is why you can't tell anyone. It's our secret. Promise me, James.”I shuddered, not wanting to, but that face, those eyes... This was my mom. “Yes, Mom, I promise.”She gave me such a sultry smile, my cum staining the corners of her mouth. “Good. Now I'm going to make you breakfast. You need to keep your strength up.”“And I'll talk to Jenny.”“See if you can convince the hussy to tell me the truth,” she huffed.“Jesus, Mom, stop calling her that.”Mom flinched. “I...” She shook her head, grabbing her robe. “She lied. She is having sex with someone. I want to know why.”I almost blurted out the truth, but maybe Mom would really freak out if she learned I knocked up Jenny. Maybe it was best if neither knew that I was fucking the other. Jenny wasn't keen on any threesomes the one time I joked about it, and Mom would be horrified that I had knocked up my sister. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jenny WilsonI couldn't believe what Mom had called me. I wasn't a slut. I had only been with one guy. Yes, he was my big, sexy brother, but that didn't matter. I was so furious at her. And how could I be so careless? Just throwing cum-stained panties into the laundry. I had done that all last week and was lucky she hadn't noticed.Idiot.And why didn't I throw the pregnancy box away with the applicator at school? Everything was all messed up. What would I do? I couldn't tell her who the baby's father was. I needed James so badly. Where was he? Why didn't he follow after?I bet it was her! She stopped him.A soft knock rapped my door. “Hey,” I heard my brother say as he twisted the doorknob, but I had locked it. “It's me.”Such relief surged through me. I bounded across the room and opened the door. He stood there, wearing his boxers and a t-shirt, his hair wet. I glared at him. “You took a shower?”“Mom's downstairs,” he said, pushing into the room and closing the door behind him. “Sorry. Mom was hovering around. I didn't think it was a good idea, you know.”“Right, Mom thinks you find me annoying.” My face fell.He stroked my cheek. “You've been crying.”“She called me a slut! A hussy! Can you believe that?” The anger burst out of me. “Just because she hasn't gotten laid in five years, doesn't mean I'm a slut.”“Well, you're my slut.”I glared at him.“Sorry, I meant it as a joke.”My eyes narrowed.“You're not a slut or a hussy. Your my sexy, little sister. I love you.”“Better,” I said and let him pull me to his body. He put his arms around me. “This is all my fault.”“It takes two people to make a baby,” I said.“No, you wouldn't have had to hide who the father is if I hadn't knocked you up.” He looked down at me. “We could—”“No!” Fear clenched through me. I hugged him so tightly. “No, no, no, James. She would get so mad at you. You're older than me. They'll blame you. Incest is illegal. I bet she'll think you molested or raped me.”“Like she thinks a teacher molested you? Is that any better?” James swallowed. “Maybe, she'll understand.”“How could that prudish bitch understand?” “Jenny,” he gasped. “That's our mom. She's not a bitch.”“Whose side are you on?” she accused. “She called me those nasty names. I thought you loved me.”“I do, but—”“Then it's fine. She can call me a slut and a hussy and all those other naughty names just so long as I have you.” I leaned up on my tiptoes. “You're the father of my child. My lover. You are all mine. I'm not giving you up. Especially not for her. So promise me!”“Jenny...”“Promise you won't do anything heroic and noble by telling mom and taking all the heat.” I squeezed him so tight. “Please, promise me, James.”“I promise,” he groaned. “I won't tell her.”“Good,” I sighed. It would be so romantic if he did tell, but then we would never get to do anything. Mom would see to that.“Jenny, I really think we should tell her—,” he said, but then my lips met his, cutting him off. He groaned, his arms tightening about my body as I kissed him.I closed my eyes. Nothing mattered when he was kissing me. Nothing but his lips, his arms, his body. I held him so tightly. I moaned into his kiss, our tongues dueling. I loved it. He was so passionate. I wiggled against him, feeling his cock.Why wasn't he getting hard?I wiggled harder, my hands sliding down the back of his shirt. I remembered what Alicia told me about licking her big brother's asshole. Maybe I could do something to excite James more. I squeezed his ass through his boxers, writhing my lithe body against his strong form.Life stirred through his cock. Maybe he was just worn out. I had been using him a lot lately. And boys couldn't fuck forever.My cum-filled pussy grew hotter and hotter. My nipples hardened. I wanted to fuck my lover again. To throw a jizz-stained pair of panties in my mom's face. Just see it splat right against her, the cum smearing her prudish lips.“James!” Mom called. “Breakfast is ready.”I groaned, breaking the kiss. “Fuck.”“Fuck?” James said, arching an eyebrow, his cock throbbing in his boxers.“It's what I want to do and what she's stopping us from doing.”“James,” she called again, her footsteps clomping up the stairs like the big cow she was. “Your breakfast is done.”“Okay, Mom,” he shouted, pulling away from me. Then, softly, he added, “If you want to keep this a secret...”“Fine,” I huffed. And why was she making just him breakfast? I guess I wasn't good enough. I was just a slut.Mom opened my door. She glanced at me, her eyes hardening. Then she glanced at James and his bulging boxers. My stomach clenched. “I see your sister's being a teasing brat again.”“She's not,” James said, his cheeks growing red. “I was just trying to smooth things out. I think you two really should talk. I could be there, mediating.”“No!” I hissed at the same time as mom snarled: “Absolutely not!”Then I glared at her, and she gave me such a look. It was practically venomous. She actually grabbed James, yanking him out of the room before he was ready. I guess she didn't want her slutty daughter around anyone.I let out another screech of frustration. She was such a cunt dragging off my brother. And I was so horny.I fell back on my bed, squirming my thighs. I was so grungy. So dirty. My pussy was sticky with drying cum. With a groan, I threw myself back off my bed and marched to the bathroom to take a shower. I would hold my head high around my mother. I wouldn't let her demean me.I wasn't a slut. I was my brother's lover.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~James Wilson“She made you hard,” Mom tutted as she placed the pancakes before me. “That little hussy. You can't trust her.”“Jesus, Mom, everything makes me hard,” I said. “And you sound jealous of her.”Mom froze, glancing at me. Upstairs, the shower hissed on. Jenny would be in for a cold one. The hot water heater took forever to refill. “I'm not jealous. Of her? What would I have to be jealous of? We're not...dating.” She swallowed. “We're just...”“Lovers?” I asked.“Just a mother who wants to take care of her son,” she purred, and then she crawled beneath the table. “And you look like you're in discomfort.”“Jesus,” I groaned. She was turning into such a slut. Like the last five years since Dad left, and her zero amount of dating, had bottled up all her sexual desires. And now they were exploding out of her, turning her into a horny cougar.Not that I was complaining.She pulled down my boxers, producing my cock. I groaned, not caring about my pancakes. Jenny had got me so hard with her wiggling and kissing. I so wanted to fuck her. And then Mom's wet mouth engulfed my cock for the second time this morning.I leaned back into the hard, wooden chair, groaning as she sucked on my cock. She made these obscene, wet slurping sounds as she worked her mouth up and down my dick. I clenched my hands, my balls aching. I wasn't sure I had any cum left to fire. The tip of my dick was actually sore.But it was a good sore. It was an ache that made me squirm in my chair. I breathed in deeply, pancakes and butter and syrup seasoning the air. I shuddered, her tongue swirling about the crown of my dick.“You are such a horny mother,” I panted, my heart thudding in my chest. My hands clenched and relaxed. “Just a slut that wants to devour her son's cum every chance she gets.”She just moaned in absolute agreement, sucking so hard, her hand stroking the base of my dick.She massaged my balls with her other hand. I shuddered. There was no cumming fast this time. Not after three other times in the space of an hour. I should be drained by now, but it was so hot. She was blowing me in our kitchen. This was where we ate our breakfasts as a family, spending a few minutes together before school or work.And she was doing something so nasty. So naughty. I shuddered, my hands clenching. The chair creaked as I leaned back. The wood dug into my shoulders through my t-shirt. My blood pounded through me.The shower turned off upstairs.My eyes widened. My dick throbbed in my mother's mouth. I heard Jenny moving. She didn't take a long shower. Not after Mom and I used up all the hot water. And how long before she came downstairs? My heart quickened. I had promised both of them not to tell the other.But...if Jenny caught Mom sucking my dick...My heart throbbed as my balls ached. A new excitement built in me as I listened to my sister move upstairs. I didn't know what would happen when she came downstairs. But it had to happen. I shuddered, my mom sucking so hard. I was so hot, so aching for my cum. Suddenly, I was on the verge of erupting, the excitement of Jenny catching us burning through me.I grit my teeth, struggling to fight my orgasm as Mom sucked so hard on my dick. I had to hold out.To be continued...