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Storyteller’s notes:Hello readers, I know it’s been a while since I posted last, and I’m still working on the ten of them series. Hopefully I’ll not be too long before I finish that post. I do remember at one point I said I was going to in that series but because of its popularity I decided to continue with it. I do have this ready for you to enjoy in the meantime, hopefully. I know I use present tense in my writing, that’s not a mistake it’s just the way I write. My box of crayons, I’ll use the colors that suit me. That’s the thing with artistry, you may not like the paintings from one artist, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder or this case the reader. As always this is a fictional story, any similarity to names is accidental. I do not intend for this to be representative any person or persons. When my dreams came true.Writen and posted by hard93Finding a shared infatuation? Chapter oneMost of the events in my life haven’t always gone the way I would like, when something unexpected yet wonderful happened I won the lottery. The girl that I’ve been dreaming of, well I’ll tell you how it goes, it’s hard to tell it in a short story but if you got time. Here it is, how this all happened had me asking, does she want me for my love or my money? That is a question a lot of wealthy people ask, do you love me for my love or just want my money. Sometimes that question is a very hard one to find the answer to. Sometimes it’s easy, and not always the answer you really want. What would you do to find out, what would you risk to find the truth?My name is Anthony Carpenter. My friends call me Andy, I’m more or less an ordinary young man except for the fact I'm six foot one with very heavy muscular body because I worked alongside my Dad for years. You might say I'm stronger than the average person. I’m not like a weight builder and spent eight hours a day lifting weights. Normally I spent ten hours a day carrying lumber or other building supplies. I can bench press more than my own weight, I weigh one hundred and eighty pounds and I can bench press two hundred and twenty-five pounds. I do have a six-pack set of abs. My hair will vary from medium blonde to golden blond after I’m outdoors long enough. Mom says I’m a gorgeous young man with my hazel eyes and tan skin with golden blond hair, but I think she’s a little prejudiced being my mother.My Dad is a carpenter and every summer when school is out I helped him build a house or two. This summer was no exception we started the first house. The gentleman we were building this house for, wanted to use rough lumber just a lower building cost a couple thousand dollars. The lumber was green and uncured and had lain exposed in the rain for the past three days prior to beginning construction. I could carry three of the 4 x 12 that were about twenty to twenty-two foot long at a time. They were water soaked and each weighed over one hundred and twenty pounds. It's the only way I can keep up with my Dad. Seeing me carrying three he made me stop a said the way too much and the ground was too slippery for him to lose his best carpenters helper. I thought it was too slippery to run with them as well. He took a break and let me carry a half-dozen down to get ahead of him.That day was my eighteenth birthday, and I would begin my senior year high school in the fall. One more year and I would be free to go or work where ever I chose. I agreed with my father to stay and help him and finish school. I was hoping to get into college but the finances were not there, I was lucky to get a secondhand light pickup truck for my eighteenth birthday. It wasn't in too bad shape other than having more than sixty thousand miles on it. I knew Mom and Dad scraped and saved a long time to afford the pickup for my birthday. So I am very grateful for the truck.That evening we began laying down the subflooring having finished with the heavy 4 X 12s. By noon the next day were finished with the subfloor. We took a break for lunch, which is not normally how we work. But mom had left early to work and Dad wanted to get started before the temperature got too hot. We ate our hamburgers and soda that we purchased at a little local restaurant. Before pulling away from the restaurant I looked at my gas gauge and it was on empty. So on the way back to the job site I pulled into a gas station to fill up. Handed eighty dollars to the gas station clerk a girl in my class named Rachel. Rachel was a beauty. Although her family was as poor as mine, Rachel had the attitude and the appearance that put her in the in crowd with the rich kids. You know the kids that come from well-off families which never had to work at a summer job in their life. Rachel would say she's doing this just to have something to put on her college entry letter. But I knew she was doing it so she would have the preppy clothing she wanted at the start of school.Rachel never gave me the time of day from when we started high school, but I always had a crush on her. When we were little, Rachel and I always hung out together at school. We were young and innocent so nothing ever happened. During second grade several other girls begin teasing Rachel about me she stopped hanging out but would always talk with me. We rode on the same bus and occasionally she would set beside me. The same jealous girls started teasing Rachel and then that stopped. All the way through middle school out catch her looking at me on occasion. I always thought she liked me too, but I was too afraid to ask. At the start of high school Rachel went to the preppy click and ignored me from then on.Their gas pump was running slow I guess that give me a lot of time to think. When my truck was full the total came to $78.37, returning for my change Rachel jokingly said. “I'm out of ones and I’m out of change till the manager gets back from the bank. I only have pennies right now.” Not wanting to carry a pocket full of pennies I took a lottery ticket for the dollar. I told Rachel she could owe me the sixty-three cents.Rachel laughed and said. “Good luck with a lottery ticket nobody ever wins those things around here.”I knew she was right, since the state took this lottery no one had won it in ten years. I just didn't want to give the dollar away too. Looking at it was for over 120 million bucks in cash. I thought it would be something if I did win. I put the lottery ticket in the ashtray of the truck, and didn't give it another thought as I drove back to work.The lottery was the next day and the ticket set in my truck unnoticed and forgotten. Friday we were roofing the house already, and it was a hot summer day we've gone through everything we brought to drink. Near lunchtime Dad saw me coming up the ramp with another two packets shingles then sent me to the nearest place I could buy something cold to drink, which just so happen to be the same gas station I purchased gas earlier that week. Walking into the store I noticed a banner above the register, but didn’t take time to read it. I walked to the coolers and picked up a gallon of cold sweet iced tea, and a gallon of cold water. Walking to the register Rachel was there like always. I placed the water and the tea on the counter and start dishing out my cash. Excitedly Rachel asked me. “Did you see we sold the winning lottery ticket? It was the only winner for the jackpot.”“Really?” I ask. To which Rachel shakes her head and enthusiastic yes.Curious I ask, “Anyone come forward yet with the winning ticket?” Rachel just shakes her head no. In an instant I remember the lottery ticket in my trucks ashtray. “I'll be back in just a second Rachel.” Carrying back the lottery ticket I asked her if she can check it. Rachel says. "Only once you sign it the boss is not letting me check any unsigned tickets.” Taking the offered pen, I quickly signed the ticket before I hand it to her. She runs it through the machine and her eyes go wide as the machine starts playing you are in the money. Shaking Rachel hands me the ticket back very gingerly double checking that there's no one else in the store she says, “Andy will you marry me?”I had a crush on Rachel beginning when we were in the first grade and have never got up the nerve to ask her out and she's just asked me to marry her. You could knock me over with the wind from a falling feather never mind hitting me with it. A chill runs through me as a doubt creeps into my mind, what if Rachel just wanted me for the money? I have a crush on her, but I wouldn't want someone who is that shallow, someone who doesn't love me even if I'm totally in love with her. I can't help but feel the way I do about Rachel. I just wanted to be real, for it to be mutual, us both wanting and loving each other. I must have the dumbest response ever to that question. But considering all that was going on in my mind the only thing that came out was, “What did you say?” Rachel shakes her head before saying, "Sorry Andy. I lost my head for a second. I meant to say you won!"Shaking I ask, “Rachel did you just asked me to marry you because I'm wealthy now?”Rachel blushes heavily before she attempts to answer, “I... I... I'm sorry Andy. I didn't think... Before I proposed... I..." A tear starts to run down her cheek seen my annoyance. “Andy I'm sorry I thought I never would see you again now that you're rich. I've been infatuated with you forever. I'm sorry Andy.”My anger instantly vanishes before I inquire, “When do you get off work Rachel? I've had a crush on you also since first grade. I would really like to date you before you ask me that question again." She giggles and writing her number down she says, “I get off at five Monday to Friday and I'm free all weekend.”Grinning I say, “I'll be sure to give you a call very soon. Can I just call to talk with you?” I really need this time to figure out how this alters the situation between us. She's always been friendly but standoffish most of the time. Now we’re in high school she is taking onto a different click. I'm pretty sure she realized that I had a crush on her but this is a news flash to me that she's actually had a crush on me.Also in her eyes go wide and she tells me, “Andy if you're not eighteen that ticket isn't worth anything.”With Rachel saying that, I act dejected before I inquired of her, “You still mind if I give you a call even if the tickets not worth anything.”Rachel’s expression displays her empathy before she replies, “Andy, I would like that, rich or poor it doesn't matter.”Smiling I say to her, “This will be some souvenir, something we can laugh at when we’re older. I got to get back to work.” After paying for the tea and water I leave. I hope I did my part to keep up the act I want to find out for sure if it's me or the money. Just before I step out the door I turn to her and say, “Since, well the trouble with the ticket let's keep this between the two of us.” She shakes her head yes before I turn and depart.On the way back I can hardly contain my excitement I want to shout, I'm not sure it's just about the money or Rachel or the combination of both but the day is really going fantastic. It's a life altering day, a day when I realize that there is nothing I require, I can't afford. I'll be able to go to college, if I desire. Hell with this much wealth I could just retire, put my money in the stock market, bonds, or several other investments. Living off the interest for the remainder of my life would be nearly effortless. Reading the fine print on the lottery ticket it says I have 180 days from date of drawing to claim the ticket. It does say I need to be eighteen or older to purchase a valid ticket, since I purchased it the day following my eighteenth birthday it's a valid ticket. Rachel doesn't know that much about me obviously or she would know my birthday, unlike Rachel’s mine is in the summer and hers is October 7th.I decided to keep this under my hat at least the next three or four months, but still should give me more than enough time to claim the ticket. Hopefully that will be sufficient time to determine Rachel's true motives.I put the lottery ticket back in the glove box of my truck. If I can get off a little time today I'll store it in my safe deposit box, I keep all the important documents in it. My father said it's better to have them stored safely away in a bank safe deposit box then in my file drawer at home. When Dad was just a few years older than I am now, he had just left the military and a house fire destroyed all his important documents. Without those documents he was unable to claim any of his veteran’s benefits. He said that a few hundred dollars a month would've helped so many times it's not funny. I tell Dad, I needed to drop by the bank to withdraw a little more cash out and I needed to go inside. I didn't have my debit card on me. He said, “Sure give me a couple hours so we can finish this side of the roof. Then you can take a break, and run to the bank. Get some more cold tea on your way back.” I smile and shake my head yes. I continue carrying shingles up to the roof.It took less time to get finish with that one side than Dad estimated, an hour and forty-five minutes saw me pulling in to the bank parking lot. I made a stop to carefully wash my hands. Once inside the bank I inquired if I can use the copier machine to make two copies of a document front and back. The charge me a quarter a page to make the copies, But they gave me privacy to do it. I quickly duplicate both sides of the lottery ticket. Folded the paper in half with a lottery ticket inside I opened my safe deposit box. Once alone again I remove the lottery ticket from the four sheets of paper. I placed the one copy of the lottery ticket in the very bottom of the safe deposit box and between two of my coin collection boxes I placed the lottery ticket. Call for the assistant and we've replaced my safety deposit box back in the vault. I put one copy in the truck.I’m now no longer concerned about the lottery ticket’s security. I continue to the gas station to pick up another iced tea, and hopefully speak to Rachel again.As I enter the store, Rachel smiles saying to me, “Oh you again.”I smile brightly in return, backpedaling toward the cooler giving a playful wink saying, “I just can't get enough of gazing at your beauty.” That causes Rachel to blush heavily at my complement. Carefully turning to not disturb anything in the crammed store I reached the cooler and another gallon of cold iced tea. Walking to the counter I give her the money to purchase it. Rachel asks me, “So Andy what are you up to?”Still smiling I say, “Dad and I are building a house just a little way up the road.”Rachel asks, “Did you guys start just the other day right after all that rain?”I simply reply, “Yes.”Now what she does was totally unexpected, she leans over the countertop and grabs my bicep, encircling my arm with both her hands. I tense up not knowing what she is attempting to do. She squeezes hard but doesn't shift the rigid muscles of my arm. She giggles saying, “I saw when you carried those boards. They looked heavy and you still carry three of them at a time. You're just a strong as I thought you'd be.”When nothing else comes to my startled mind, blushing slightly I say, “Well… Thanks.” She giggles and then slowly rises up and then slides back onto her side of the counter this gives me a view down her cleavage and I blush even more. Rachel definitely notices, because she had done this intentionally to see where my eyes would remain. Although I couldn't help but see her cleavage when she looks up she is looking straight into my eyes. She giggles and takes my money and returned the change.On my way out Rachel requests, “Andy, could I get a ride home from you? I only live just a house down from where you're working. The boss says it’s too slow, and he needs me to leave early.”Dad may not appreciate me taken so long, but I can't pass up this opportunity to spend a little time with Rachel. So I shake my head eagerly yes. Rachel then pulls out the cash drawer of the register and walked into the office, the manager immediately comes replacing the drawer he strikes a number of keys and a tape begins to print from the register. In a few minutes Rachel comes out and doesn't get very close to me because I was hot and sweaty. She can’t resist putting her hand on my firm bicep as we walked to my truck. Rachel’s hand on my skin is exhilarating. Rachel’s closeness is even more exciting than winning the lottery. I opened the door for her and then quickly get in and begin driving Rachel home. To initiate a conversation I ask, “So Rachel, what are you going to do after high school?”I notice the distress in her eyes before her reply, “I was going to try to get into college but my Dad got laid off to save the house they had to dip into my college fund.”With a knowing smile I state, “The same thing happened to my Father a few years ago; before we started building houses they had to raid my fund to keep a roof over our heads.”Rachel shows her resolve by saying, "Well, I'm going to work something out. I'm trying for a few scholarships."I inform Rachel, “When I checked in on that for me last fall, Dad was making too much money for me to qualify. Not enough really to replace my college fund.”Rachel asks, “So what are you going to do about college?”With a chuckle I say, “I guess I can figure out a way to pay for it on my own, I did just win the lottery right?”Rachel almost has a tear as she says, “Andy, I felt so bad about your luck that you weren't eighteen yet.”Pulling up to Rachel's house, the one she is indicating, I stop. I walk around and open her door and offer my hand to help her out. As Rachel takes my hand stepping out of my truck there's a sad smile as if she's trying to say she sorry once again. I'm still smiling when I tell her, “My dream came true today.”Rachel confused by my smile says, “What dream would have you smiling after finding out about the lottery?”I state matter-of-factly, “I discovered the girl I had a crush on since first grade likes me too.”This seems to wash away the sadness from her smile and her eyes light up, showing their happiness at my statement. She simply rises up on her tip toes to kiss me on the cheek before she turns running into the house. Just outside her door she calls, “Don't forget to call me.”I smile back closing the door without turning. I happily reply, “I wouldn’t dream of it.”Dad does give me a little grief about taking too long. As I carried more shingles up on the roof three bundles at a time to catch up with Dad. He has completed nearly an eighth of the roof with shingles I had carried up earlier. I hand him the cold jug of tea as he drinks heavily and I continue to carry shingles. Each time I within earshot I began explaining about Rachel, he knows full well who I'm talking about. I asked his advice possibly hundreds of times but never had the nerve to just go up and talk to the girl. Something he always tells me to do. I tell him it's finally happened I've talked to her and found out she likes me. I omitted the part about the lottery and where she asked me to marry her, but I have the feeling I'm never going to let her forget it.Dad straightens up the next time I'm within a few feet and slaps me on the shoulder to tell me, “It's about damn time you got around to it.”I say, “If I'd known she likes me I would have years ago.”I don't know if it's because I'm so hot or just because I want to hurry. I remove my shirt using it only to pad the shoulder between me and the shingles I continue carrying shingles up on the roof until all the shingles now rest on the roof. On my last pass across the roof I notice Rachel is watching from her window. She realized I noticed her, she waves and smiling brightly I return her wave. She blushes before retreating from the window, but leaves my bright smile as I think of her.I continue working and about an hour before sundown the roof is finished and just in time as rain is threatening again. We quickly gather our tools and picked up all the remaining shingles as quickly as we can before the rain reaches us. Tomorrow the subcontractors have the house, and Dad comes to oversee their work. Thankfully I'll have the day off. Usually only get one or two days per house that I’m completely off, sometimes only a few hours a week once the house would become more complete. The drywall seems to take us the most time with several coats of plaster and sanding to get a very smooth finish.Once the drywall and electrical are completed and most rooms of the house are finished quickly, the notable exception of the bathrooms and kitchen. I have about nine hundred fifty dollars in the bank. I was planning on saving for clothing, but since I won the lottery. I will probably claim it just before school starts it will not be necessary to save that money. That gives me most of the summer to find out Rachel's true feelings. Nine hundred fifty dollars should be enough to figure that out plus what I will make off our current job. I give Rachel a call to ask if she'd like to do something tomorrow. I instigate our conversation by saying, “Hi Rachel, it just so happens that were both off tomorrow I may not get another day off for a while. Would you like to do something with me?”Giggling Rachel asks, "What would you have in mind?”I answer, “I love to swim. I like to go swimming at least for part of the day.” Rachel was on the diving team at school before she changed to cheerleading. I figure that might be okay with her.Rachel still giggling answers, “Bet you just want to see how I look in a swimsuit, that’s okay, I would like to go swimming with you. I get to choose what we do next.”Smiling I say, “That's totally fair.”Rachel suggests, “Okay how about dinner and a movie later tomorrow. I heard there's a very good movie that just came out.”I start to chuckle, "Hey that's actually two things, but okay. I was going to ask if that's what you wanted to do anyway.”Rachel giggles, "Well, if that was what you were going to ask, it doesn't count. I still get to choose the next date.”At this point I begin laughing and then say, “That's fine with me as long as we're together I'm sure we'll have fun.”Rachel says, “Before you forget, there is a party next Saturday night. I would like you to go with me, please.”Chuckling I say, “Does that count for you asking for the next date?”Rachel giggles, “Well I guess it has to.”The realization just hits me. Rachel is probably going to one of her preppy friends’ gatherings. I'm unsure if I have anything suitable to wear at one of those types of parties. “Rachel, do you think we would have enough time to do a little shopping? I probably need some new clothes to take you to that party. Most of the parties that I get invited to you show up in blue jeans and a white T-shirt and fit right in.”Rachel thinks for second then says, “We could do a little shopping if we didn't spend too much time at the pool. How much money do you think you could spend on something?”Not wanting to say anything about the lottery I say, “I have about nine hundred fifty dollars in the bank right now. I was planning on buying new clothing with that anyway. Plus spend some on you, you know for our dates.”“Oh, you’re a big spender.” Rachel giggles and then says, “I'm sure we'll find something that will fit your budget.”“Thanks Rachel. You know how I am with clothing. Denim is my favorite fabric. Most of the clothing I purchase has to perform for work and school. I will make an exception for this it can be something that I can wear to school later.”Rachel says, “Certainly, it should be something that would be good for school as well.”Chuckling I say, “Yes, it is my senior year and I should look the part, especially if I'm going to be your boyfriend.”Rachel giggles before saying, “My boyfriend, will I did pop the question. So if you behave right I'll let you be my boyfriend.”I let my voice get serious before I answer, “Well I can always say yes, and then you'd be my fiancé.”Rachel takes deep breath before she continues, “Andy did you just say yes?”I want to clarify my answer without closing the door on her proposal. I say, “I thought we would just try it out as boyfriend and girlfriend and if we worked well. I’ll get you a nice ring. Then I'll just get down on my knee. Instead of popping the question I just say yes.”Rachel giggles, “Well if you get down on one knee have a ring box in your hand I’ll ask you again.”I chuckle as I inquire, “What time tomorrow should I pick you up?”Rachel says, “First we'll go swimming then you have to bring me back so I can get dressed so we can go shopping. We will eat dinner and see a movie after. So was start at one, okay?”Happily I tell her, “The more time I get to spend with you the better, but one would be fine with me.”Rachel says, "Okay, pick me up at one o'clock we can swim for a couple hours that still should give some time to shop.”It is eight o'clock and the rain begins. I have been home for about five minutes before I called Rachel. It's not a thunderstorm, just a soft summer rain. Rachel asked, “Andy, could you come over tonight? My Dad wants to meet any boy that dates me, before he allows them to take me out."“I can be there in about forty-five minutes if that's not too late. I'll need to shower I've been working all day.”Rachel giggles, “Dad saw you working. I smell the results so please take a shower. I want you to make a good impression on my Father.”I tell her, "Okay, see you soon." Rachel replies “See you soon Andy.” I can hear the happiness in her voice as she says this. Only a second later she hangs up the phone.Hanging the phone up, I practically sprint through the house to get a change of clothes and begin my shower. In the bathroom I shave my five o'clock stubble, hop into the shower and wash as quickly as I can make sure that I thoroughly cleaned myself, and wash my hair. Then remember to brush my teeth quickly then dress.Mom seeing me getting all cleaned up calls me into her bedroom. "Here Andy, let me spray some of your Dad's cologne on you. I take it you're going to go see Rachel.”I can't help but smile, my timing is off as is Mom’s aim. Mom sprays the cologne and some of it sprays me right in the mouth. The taste is something dreadful, it smells pretty good but I would never drink it. It wipes the smile right off my face. Mom is giggling so hard I hardly believe her as she says, “Sorry Andy, I should have aimed better."I finish the last few buttons of my shirt as I head down the stairs and out to my truck. I drive the few miles between our houses right at the speed limit, and get there just before I said I would. After parking my truck on the side of the street, I walk up to Rachel's door. I knock and Rachel's father answers the door. He's a large man, not at all fat or out of shape, build more like a football player with large muscular arms and shoulders he shakes my hand. “So you’re this Andy my Rachel keeps talking about.”Before I introduce myself I smile happy that Rachel has been talking about me, “Yes Sir, I'm Andy Carpenter, I know it's funny I work as a carpenters helper and my last name is Carpenter.”When my dreams came true.Finding the Truth: Chapter two Rachel's Dad chuckles and says, “Nice to meet you again Andy Carpenter, the first time I saw you were just in the first grade. When you come up to me and asked if I was Rachel's father. You said it was only right that you asked me first if I can marry your daughter.”After a quick look around the porch chuckling nervously I say, “You know Rachel asked me to marry her today.”With an amused expression playing across his face Rachel’s father says, “Yes, I overheard her talking with Megan.” Megan is Rachel's mother. I know her father's name is William, most people call him Bill. “Andy you can call me Bill.” He points to a chair on the porch and we both set down to continue our conversation.Little hesitantly I ask, “Bill I have to ask. Rachel said she likes me and has for a while. I know I have from when I was in the first grade.” I just couldn't wait any longer to find out.Bill chuckles brightly before saying, “Inpatient, aren’t you.” Blushing I tell him, “I don't know how long before Rachel will come out, so I figure I’ll just get it out of the way.”Bill says, “Well you do not have to worry about her coming out, until I call her. But to answer your question I told her about what you asked me when you two were still in the first grade. That's when she got a funny look on her face, she tells me daddy I know I've always said I was going to marry you but can I marry him instead. I think I really like him.”Consumed by that happy thought, I know my smile is huge right now, if I were nude I'm sure I would float away only the way to my clothing holds me down. “I was worried she only liked me because of the lottery.”Bill chuckles saying, “Hardly, she's only had a couple guys that took her out since then and she's always broke up with them quickly. Says they just aren't Andy. Have you dated much?”I tell him truthfully, “No Bill, I haven't dated anyone. I've always tried to get the nerve up to ask Rachel out. I guess I figured out that all I wanted to do was to be with Rachel before she figured out who she wanted to with me.”Bill obviously hasn't been told by Rachel asks, “What's this about the lottery you were saying?” So I begin the story. Thinking back I say, “On Tuesday Rachel was out of change so I took a lottery ticket instead of a dollar in pennies. It won the lottery, all $128 million of it. I went back in the store today and found out that they sold the winning ticket. When I had Rachel checked the ticket we found out it was the winner. Instead of her simply telling me that I'd won, Rachel proposed, out of the blue she asked me if I would marry her. But then she caught herself, she apologized a couple times and told me about her crush. Course you know I had a crush on her as well. So I'm going to ask you, is it okay that I date your daughter?If everything works out I'll tell her yes.”Bill is staring into my face before shaking his head yes. Suddenly Bill begins to laugh so hard I'm afraid if Rachel hears this, Rachel will misunderstand and our relationship will be over. They will be not enough left to salvage anything of our relationship. I say to him, “Please Bill.” But the pleading look on my face only makes it worse, he's now laughing so hard he falls out of his chair. After a couple minutes and had a couple looks back at my face he finally stops. Wiping his face he takes his chair.He finally says, “So you didn't tell her that you actually won?”I shake my head no, fearful that she may actually hear. I then reply, “Rachel said it didn't matter if I was rich or poor.”Bill gets serious before saying, “You shouldn't start a relationship on a lie. I know she has liked you forever so it's not just the money.”Smiling at Bill I tell him, “That sets my mind at ease. The last couple years I couldn't get her to give me the time of day. I guess the friends she hung around with at school had influenced her. To hang around with them meant she couldn't associate with me because I wasn't in her click.”Bill hearing this has an understanding smile before he makes a second comment. In a fatherly voice Bill says, “I can see where that could worry you, but I think she's realized that her click is not everything. Seeing you working awoke all those feelings she has for you. I swear if there's a high breeze the poor girl would blow way she's been so bubbly since she's come home. You see I'm not going have to really worry about you. So if you want to date my daughter it will be fine. Since you already asked you can say yes, when the time comes.”I shyly ask. “You think I could talk to Rachel tonight.”Smiling Bill says, "If I don't let you I'm pretty sure Rachel wouldn’t speak to me for a very long time, but tomorrow I want you to have her home a half hour after the movie ends. Rachel knows that she has to call us right after the movie is over. You two have fun tomorrow. I'll send Rachel out." I sat there thinking waiting for Rachel. Do I tell her now after what her father had informed me about? I can tell that he wasn't lying to me. I hope he gives me the opportunity to tell her and not tell her himself. I know her father is correct. A relationship shouldn't open with a lie those relationships are destined to fail. I think would be prudent to inform her. I'll try to do it gently so she doesn't get annoyed at me.The door swings open, Rachel comes out in a huff. Our eyes meet I see anger in them, she's irritated but at who? She starts to giggle from my worried expression and then says, “You really don't like me being mad at you, do you? I'm not. Dad should never have told you, now you're going to think you have it easy with me.”I tell her, “No more than you have it easy with me.”Laughing she says. “Guys are always easy. It's us women that are supposed to be difficult, and mysterious.”I take her hand and leader back to the porch swing to set beside her. “Don't worry about it. That happened when we were just kids. I liked you since the first grade and you have liked me since then too. We do need to get to know each other a lot better. For instance when is your birthday? What is your favorite color? What music do you like best?” I asked her when her birthday was even though I already knew hers is October 7, because I knew she would inquire about my birthday.Rachel calming down says. “Oh, you’re full of questions tonight. My favorite color is blue. I'll listen to just about any music, I don't have a favorite but I don't like lyrics that have a lot of cursing. And my birthday is October 7th. Now it's your turn what are the answers to those questions for you.”“Well we share the same favorite color, mine is blue too. As for music I prefer rock or country but I will listen to just about anything. My birthday was Monday.”Rachel giggles. “So I'm going to be older than you on my birthday I'll be eighteen.”Here's where I have to confess that I miss led her, “Actually Rachel I turned eighteen this Monday, I'm sorry that I made you believe that the ticket was worthless. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't just because of the ticket.”Rachel gets mad looking at me she says. “Why in the world would you do that? I have never lied to you.”This is the moment I dreaded for some reason I always felt like I would lose her even before we have a relationship. I try and explain this best I can. “I'm sorry Rachel. I've always wanted to get to know you; it's just been so hard the few last years. The crowd you been with didn't accept me. I know you didn't want to lose your friends. When you pop the question out of the blue right after you saw the ticket, I wanted to make sure you wanted me. I want to make sure it really didn't matter to you whether I am rich or poor.”Rachel looking down at her feet with an unhappy expression her angers a thing of the past. “I'm sorry Andy too. I know how it appears, but I was just afraid, I see you so little sometimes. You run with a different click. High school seems to be all about the group you are in. Now I see high school isn't going to last forever. You can go off now to any school you want to. With that kind of money you can buy your way into Harvard if you want to. So I just couldn't endure the thought of never seeing you again.”I slide closer to her placing my arm around her shoulder and gently pull her closer as I lift her face to me. I lean in and gently kiss her. It seems like only a few seconds before she starts to probe my mouth with her tongue. Rachel pulls back with a disgusted look on her face. “What is that awful taste?”I get a wounded expression on my face before I realize what happened, the cologne Mom covered me with. To inform Rachel I say, “Mom sprayed me with cologne, all over my face.”Rachel begins giggling and then says, “Other than the cologne, you kiss pretty good. I'll be back in a second.” Rachel goes in the house and then comes back she has a damp washcloth in her hand. She orders, “Now hold still.” Rachel begins washing my face particularly around my lips. She flips the washcloth over and wipes my face one more time. She gives me a kiss this time without the awful taste. She was standing leaning over to meet my lips but as we kiss she sets into my lap not breaking the kiss. My arms gently wrap around her holding her tight to me. We’re like that for a long time. We become lost in our kiss. So much so that we do not even here her parents come from the house and set down on the porch. I have no idea how long they set there with us, before her mother got her attention. Megan says, “Rachel young lady it is 11:30.”Rachel and I are euphoric from our kiss as we smile at each other. Smiling broadly Rachel looks over to her Mom and says, “Oh Mom don't you know I'm going to marry this guy.”Megan says, “Well I do know that you already have asked him. You two are so young both seventeen.”I look in to Rachel's eyes and give her a wink. I say, “No mam, I'm eighteen years old have been since Monday.”Megan's eyes go large. Obviously Rachel shared the story about the lottery ticket with her mother. A little more excitement in her voice then she may want she says, “That means young man that you are a millionaire.”I'm merely shake my head yes and Rachel giggles. Then Rachel says, “He wanted to make certain I was after his body and not his money.”I gently stroke her back as I say, “My body you can have. My money we will have to share.”Bill breaks into the conversation by saying, “You should put the lottery into a trust you don't pay as much taxes that way. That will give you more money to share.”I say, “That's a great suggestion Bill.” That is definitely something I'll have to check out.Rachel giggles and says, “I'll prove it that I want you and not your money. Get a lawyer to draw up your trust, and a prenuptial.”Looking her straight in the eye I inquire, “Okay what would you want to have on the prenuptial?”Rachel is thinking then she slowly begins, “First it should have a Fidelity clause. Then it should have another clause that after we have six kids it's no longer in effect, or after 50 years.”I kiss her cheek. Happily I tell her, “I hope you can stand me for 50 years, and do you really want six kids.”Giggling Rachel says, “Yes, you can afford a big family. Think of all the fun we will have getting me pregnant six times.” Then she shakes her pretty ass. Of course I had a hard on since she set down.Megan giggles, “Rachel, stop teasing him that way, he's going to have a hard enough time driving home as it is.” She emphasized hard. “I hate to say this it's time for him to go, and you need to get some sleep yourself.”We both groan, before she turns back to me, gives me a kiss good night. She whispers in my ear, “I'm really going to love this being held in your arms is better than what I imagined.”I whisper to her, “Holding you is far better than I imagined too.”Her Mom takes her hand and gently lifts her off my lap as we reluctantly release each other. I set still not wanting to reveal my massive hard on. I'm hoping it will go down soon or they leave the porch. That way I can make my escape and go home and take care of this with my imagination like I had for years dreaming of making love to Rachel. Luckily for me Bill says good night and follows his wife and daughter into their home. As soon as the door is closed I stand, with my back turned to the house adjust myself quickly to relieve the pain. Just as I'm ready to get into my truck Rachel calls to me, “Don't forget the pick me up at one tomorrow.”Very happily I call back, “I'll be here.”Well I guess it's time to inform my parents that I won the lottery. I'm certain they will not stress any longer about my financial future. I hope to help them out financially too and I truly can afford to pay off their debt, although Dad may not permit me to. I think it's time to buy a nice house, no wait. It's time to employ Dad to construct me a nice house. With this kind of money I'm sure I can build a great house for Rachel and I. Someplace we can raise those six kids that Rachel desires, and she’s right it’s going to be great fun getting her pregnant six times.I drive home and parked my truck in its usual spot. Even before I unlock the door I put on my poker face to hide my exhilaration, walking in I find Dad still waiting up. He looks up at me as he's going over the bills attempting to balance his money to what he owes. I set down and wait patiently to talk to him. He writes out a few checks and places them in the envelopes to mail off. He has us very sad expression before he turns to me and explains, “Even with this new job I had to dip into your college fund again. Sorry son. There's going be a hold up getting the siding for the house so you have Monday and Tuesday off as well.”Not explaining to him why yet I ask, “Dad do you know a good lawyer?” Dad is a little confused as to why I need a lawyer so he asks, “Why do you need a lawyer son?"So I begin, still maintaining my poker face, “I need a lawyer for two things. First Rachel wants a prenuptial agreement. Second I need to start a trust fund for my lottery winnings.”Dad begins laughing thinking I'm joking with him, “That's good son. You come up with the best jokes sometimes.”I am a little frustrated at Dad’s disbelief, but it wasn’t totally unexpected I say, “Okay I'll be back in a minute.” I walk out to my truck get the copy of the lottery ticket I have there, then walk back in and set the paper down in front of my father. I simply state, “It's not a joke Dad. I really did win the lottery. It was one hundred twenty-eight million cash before taxes.”Dad searches my face to see if I break into a smile. He still staring into my eyes as his slowly widens. He can tell when I'm not making something up for a joke. Seeing how serious I am realization sinks in that his son now is a multimillionaire. “Oh my God you're not joking. Andy what are you going to do with all that money.”I finally break a smile before saying. "I thought I'd help you and Mom out. You know pay off all the bills for you."Dad gets serious before he says. “No son. I and your mother made our bills we will pay them.”“Dad please, I have more money than I can spend.” One look at his face tells me he's not going to change his mind. “At least take the money out of the college fund now, you and mom put most of that in there and I don't need it anymore.” He can't really argue that point he just taken out enough money to cover the payments for almost an entire month.Dad says. “Andy I don't want to take the money away from you.” I smile before reminding Dad. “Dad I'm a multimillionaire why do I need to go to college, so why don’t you and Mom use that money in my college fund. We go to college to learn how to make money. I got lucky and I'm a multimillionaire. Now college would only cost me money. I won't be using it for college."Dad says, “Eighty-three hundred seventy dollars of that money is yours you deposited that much in the account.”“Okay Dad if it makes you feel better you can give me the eight thousand three hundred dollars back. I still need to talk to a lawyer about setting up our prenuptial and a lottery trust on Monday.”Dead serious Dad says, “Okay we’ll see Counselor Jenkins he's the best lawyer I know. We need to get your birth certificate from the safe deposit box Monday as well. I'll not be able to go with you but your mother should. I want to wait and tell your mother in the morning. If we said anything tonight she would never get any sleep. And tomorrow morning we'll run by the bank and move your money into your checking account.”“Dad since you won't take money from me. I want to hire you to build a house for me. Since you'll be working for me, I'm sorry but I have to quit. Rachel's father Bill is looking for a job. He used to be a manager so he should be good as a construction supervisor with a little on-the-job training. This is going to be the biggest house you have built yet, and you're going to need him. You should also hire a couple new carpenters’ assistants to train to take my place.”Dad begins chuckling then he says, “Sounds like you thought that out. You knew I wouldn’t take a handout but I bet you try to overpay.”Chuckling as well I say, “I ought to try to make up for the loss of your best carpenters assistant.” Dad looks a little gloomy, before I start to tell him, “Dad,午夜福利视频 you got a couple days. I know a couple guys from my vocational shop class that are still looking for jobs. They should make good carpenters helper's. I know they both work hard, and they could use the money. The sooner you finish with that house the sooner you can start on mine. With Bill helping you as soon as I purchase the land you probably could start having the foundation work begin.”Dad smiles before he says, “I know just the perfect spot it's just out of town on that rise we used to go stargazing on, and every Fourth of July we used to watch the fireworks. It just came up for sale.”That's a great spot for a house. It probably has the best views in the County. It even over looked our small-town, on not too steep of a hill. I want to talk to Rachel about it. I know she hasn't given up on going to college and I will go with her, but we always can keep a home here.I wish Dad a good night before heading off to bed. I stripped and get underneath the covers unlike most nights I fall asleep almost instantly. I had fifty dreams of Rachel before morning. When I wake up I'm smiling broadly I’m finally so happy I dress quickly and head down to breakfast. Even in my room I can smell the bacon frying Mom is making a good breakfast for me and Dad. She tries to do this every weekend. I think she's trying to make up for the fact she has to work every day during the week without having time to be with us.This day is going to be fun, first thing I'm going to inform Mom about me winning the lottery. We always talk about what goes on during our week at Saturday morning breakfast. The two pieces of news I have for her we'll probably blow her mind. Thinking of this I grabbed my digital camera Dad doesn't make the funny facial expressions Mom does. I wonder what she's going to look like when I tell her I'm a multimillionaire. I hired Dad to construct a mansion for Rachel and me, one that should pay him well enough to pay off all their outstanding debts. Absolutely that's going to be fun telling mom. This afternoon I have time to spend with Rachel our first date, swimming, shopping, dinner and a movie. Today could be the best day of my life so far.Walking into the kitchen Mom asked, “Andy could you please set the table?”Taking the plates with the silverware stacked atop I head to the dining room and set the three places like normal. I set my digital camera down near my regular seat, I'll be able to get it and get shot of Mom's facial expression the moment I tell her. Dad is on the phone talking with Bill about the job. I'm really hopeful that works out well, and from Dad's demeanor so far it looks good. Mom's too busy in the kitchen to pay any attention to Dad's phone call. Moms bringing in the bacon, biscuits and scrambled eggs they are some of my favorite breakfast dishes. Mom didn’t have the opportunity to cook breakfast on my birthday. I guess this is to make up for that. The last thing Mom set on the table is country style gravy, that's a little more than I expected. Now this is my absolute favorite breakfast. Dad smiles as he comes to the table and takes his place. Mom sets down smiling she says, “I wish I could've done this for you on your birthday.”Mom begins the weekend conversation, “Now before you get a mouthful of food how was your week?” I slide the digital camera where I can pick it up easily. Mom has a slight confused expression as I begin, “Well my week was really good Mom. The house is coming along very well that Dad is building. When I was working there Rachel saw me. And I met her a couple times at her job. We're going to go out today starting at one I shouldn’t be home until late tonight. One cool thing happened this week other than what you already know. Rachel sold me the winning lottery ticket. You know the one that won hundred and twenty-eight million cash.” Mom's expression displays her total shock with her mouth hanging wide open her eyes as wide as I've ever seen them, as I quickly snapped a couple of her expression. By the third picture Mom has recovered and begins to laugh. “Andy, that's a great joke.”I hand Mom my copy of the lottery ticket. This time I've added a print out from the Internet showing the winning numbers. As Mom looks back and forth between the two documents her eyes get even wider than before. I snap a couple more shots. She looks at my father who only grins before saying, “It's true I talked to Bill this morning and Rachel has told him that she personally checked the ticket at work. Our Son is a multimillionaire.”Dad continues, “He's going to have me build a large house for him. According to Rachel they're going to try giving us six grandkids.”Mom giggles and says, "That girl has always been after you all the way up through middle school. Just in high school you two seem to have forgotten that. It's too bad you were too shy before.”Dad says, “Andy has decided he doesn't need to go to college and wants us to take back the college fund. I told him we would except for what he put in if you could run to the bank and do that this morning we'll pay off a few bills this afternoon, after I get back from work."I asked. “Mom, can we drop off the truck to have it detailed when we do this? I have a date with Rachel and I want to have it ready.” While Mom shakes her head it all hasn't registered yet. A lot of things happened awfully fast this week. I have a feeling next week will be as fast. Who knows I may have time to go find that diamond ring I was thinking about. But I definitely am going to get the lottery trust done and claim the ticket with that much money who knows how much I'm losing every day it's not in my accounts. Mom recovers from her shock quickly and we talk laugh and plan through the rest of breakfast. A little after nine o'clock Mom and I walked into the bank. We transfer all the remaining money their contribution nearly thirty-six thousand dollars from my college fund to Mom and Dad's checking account and eighty-three hundred dollars to my checking account. I draw out two prepaid visa cards with one thousand dollars each loaded on them.Once back in the car I give one to Mom. As she looks a little confused I say. “Happy belated birthday Mom. I didn't get a chance to get you what I really wanted for your last birthday. With this you should be able to find something you really like."Mom giggles and hugs me. I see by the expression on her face that she's going to try to not take it. “Mom I have more money than you really realize I probably make more than that in interest in just one day so please take it.”She relents and hugs me again before saying. "You really want me to have it." Which I shake my head and enthusiastic yes.Mom asks, "You think your Dad will understand?"I say, “I hope so. I plan on giving him the other one."Mom drives me to the auto detailers where I wait for my truck to be finished. She kisses me goodbye before going shopping. At the detailers shop I find an amusing birthday card that I think Dad will like. I write a quick note inside and say. I wasn't able to get you what I wanted for your birthday. I know you may not accept this, but please take it I want you to have it. PS if you give it back I may just get something bigger. I doubt that works but it's worth a shot.Paying the charges, the truck is clean and ready for my date. I drive to a sporting goods store only twenty minutes away since we are on the edge of a large city there several things that are very convenient. I pick up brand-new pair trunks and new T-shirt for my date with Rachel, a second T-shirt and new jeans for little later. Driving home I'm there by 11 o'clock and I put my new clothes into the washer. Soon as their washed, I throw them into the dryer before heading upstairs and primping for my date.At 12:30 I'm ready to leave dressed in my new T-shirt and trunks. I have an old pair of sandals that I wear. I was at Rachel's front door fifteen minutes early. I walk over to the job site to see how Dad and Bill are getting along. Walking onto the site I see Dad talking with Bill they seem to laugh a lot. It turns out they were old friends from high school, and just had lost touch with each other over the years. I tell them, “Hi I'm getting ready to leave with Rachel soon, see you later tonight.” I turn and walk away as they say. “Bye, have fun.”In no time I’m at Rachel's door I'm still five minutes early and Megan comes to the door to tell me Rachel will be out soon. Megan giggles and says, “I hear you have already found a piece of land to put your new house on. Now how big are you talking about?”“I'm not sure yet, Rachel want six kids so it's going to be pretty big at least three or four bedrooms for just the kids plus a nice size master suite for us and with so many kids would have to have a nursery just off the master. I want to talk to Rachel about it before we have anything in concrete.”Megan says, “You're going to make a very good husband for her. It doesn't seem like you going to need much in the way of training.”I say, “No Mam, Mom always keeps Dad in line. I figure out I’ll sidestep most of the problems and follow Dad’s example. If I keep Rachel happy she'll keep me happy.”Megan giggles, “That's right you keep Rachel happy and she'll keep you happy."Rachel is coming downstairs as I get my first good look at her in her bikini. The look on my face has Megan laughing but I really don't hear it. I am awestruck by Rachel's beauty. Her hair a dark auburn frames her face beautifully. Her green eyes sparkle with mischief, as they look into mine. Her 34 B cup breasts stand perky and firm as she steps down the stairs. Her waste is thin and her hips appear to be the same width her shoulders probably a thirty-four. Her legs are long muscular and she stands only about six inches shorter than I am. At the bottom of the steps she spins around gave me a good look at a very beautiful ass.Rachel walks the few feet to me with a sway to her hips she comes right up to me and plants a kiss straight across my lips. It doesn't take long before to become passionate and again she probes my lips with her tongue. She pulls tight into me and I know she can feel how hard I am. Rachel presses against me tightly wiggles a little causing me to shudder at the pleasure she gives me. When we finally do break apart, I notice her nipples are hard and her hand gently rubs my six-pack through the new T-shirt.Megan hands Rachel her wrap and a towel. I completely forgotten the towel and I think Megan realizes this she hands me one as well. The mother’s instinct has come to the rescue once again, and I gratefully thank her for it. Megan says, "Now you two go swim have fun and I’ll see you in a couple hours."Rachel hands me the wrap and I help her into it. Once she has tied the belt she puts her hand in mine as we walk out to my truck. I opened the door and help her in. Driving away from Rachel's neighborhood I turn towards the public pool that's where I was planning on going swimming at. But as I get closer Rachel directs me to turn right at the next intersection which would take me away from the public pool. "Where do you want us to go swimming at?" I asked.Rachel informed me that we’re going to Kristi Johnson's house. Rachel talked to her about our date. Kristi was also a member of the cheerleading squad with Rachel and a member of her click. Apparently Rachel is drawn me into her click which I really don't care either way. Rachel and Kristi are friends and have been since late elementary school. I think around the fifth or sixth grade they become good friends. Kristi is outside on the sidewalk as we pull up. Of course I get out and open Rachel's door for her and help her out. Kristi and Rachel giggle and whisper back and forth a little. I get the towels Megan had given us and walk behind as they talk. Kristi leads us to a gate that opens on to the patio area of her home the pool installed into the patio. There's about six of our fellow classmates already at the pool, two of the football players and four more of the cheerleaders are here as we walk in.Kristi tells Rachel. “You to make yourself at home I'm going for drinks, would you want any?” Rachel shakes her head no I do likewise. I say, “Thank you anyway.”Rachel comes up to me, wraps me into a hug and kisses me a long passionate kiss. The rest of the cheer squad giggles watching us. When we finally break Rachel asked, “Are you ready for a swim?"I look the two football players I've always looked at them as the jerks that they are for teasing the other students in our class. They tease the underclassmen even worse. I think if Kristi and Rachel can tolerate those two I sure can as well. I help Rachel out of her wrap and slide out of my T-shirt revealing my muscular body; apparently that gets the attention of the other girls on the cheer squad. Two of them come over to talk to Rachel, they asked, “Rachel, who is this new guy you’re with?"That's funny I've only been going to school with them for the last three years. Although I don't associate with their click I thought for sure they may have noticed me once in a while. Rachel smiles at them brightly before saying. “This is Andy Carpenter he's in our class, and my boyfriend.” That seems to get the attention of the two football players, although they don't immediately do anything. Kristi comes back out she has a tray of canned sodas with glasses for ice. Carol and Lee are the two cheerleaders had come to talk to Rachel. Lee asks. “So Andy what does your father do?”I state matter-of-factly. “My father is a general contractor, who builds custom houses.”Rachel takes me by my hand and pulls me into the pool as we walk down the steps into the water girls follow us. I can hear them giggling behind us as I keep my eyes on Rachel. I really don't want her being jealous especially since were just beginning. As we get deeper in the water my trunks submerge and are clinging to me revealing just how large I am. Rachel notices and she pulls close to me in the water. She wraps her legs around my waist as her arms go around my neck and we kiss. As far as I'm concerned there's no one there but Rachel at that moment.After a while someone splashes us with cold water causing Rachel to jump. Apparently the two football players figured out who I was. Or it could be the other four of them that showed up give the first two a little courage. Rachel laughs it off so I allow it to slide. We climb out of the pool to set and speak to Kristi and a few of the other girls. They have a hundred questions for me and I do my best to answer them. As I sat there and hold Rachel in my lap it's nearly 2:30 and I asked Rachel if I could take her to show her someplace before we head home to change. Rachel asks. “Is this the land that you're thinking about purchasing?” I nod my head yes to Rachel’s question.Rachel giggles and says. “Sure show me where our new home is going to be.” From the gasps around us I'm sure the other girls heard what Rachel said.We’re more or less dry just from setting outside of the pool but I hand Rachel her towel. Taking one I dry myself. Grabbing my T-shirt I put it on, and then help Rachel into her wrap. We tell Kristi goodbye and thanks for having us over and she reminds us of the party she is having next weekend. Rachel says. “You know I'll be sure to bring him back.”Kristi says. “You be sure you do. We’ll have a lot of fun next Saturday night.”I help Rachel into the truck and I drive to Long Road that leads up to the top of the hill where the land is for sale. I pull onto the property two cars are setting there. One belongs to one of our local realtor a man named Roger. The other I don't know. I pull my truck over beside the road to not block the two cars from leaving.Rachel asks Roger. “You think it would be all right if we took a look around.” Roger just gives us a nod.Rachel and I strolled around the property getting to where we can look over the edge of the hill. The town lies out below us and we can see the pool we just left. Although to get a good look you need a set binoculars or a telescope. You can tell the people surrounding the pool apparently watching another couple. Rachel whispers into my ear. "That Lee is such a slut. I bet she's being fucked right now." Since the couple is a girl with dark hair probably it is Lee and one of the football players. We turnaround and there's Roger and the other man is getting in his car to drive away. Roger begins by saying. “I'm sorry I can't let you two wander around here anymore I have to leave and locked the gate behind me. That was the owner and he wants to sale the land quickly as possible, so if you know anyone interested could you send them to me.”I extend my hand to Roger and ask him. “Roger, do you have any details I could share on this property?”Roger hesitates for a second and shakes my hand before saying. “To tell you the truth that guy is an asshole he inherited this place six months ago from his great-grandfather and can't wait to sell it. He's asking one million five hundred thousand for the eight hundred acres with mineral rights. The price for the land should be nearly twice that, especially with the mineral rights. This bluff is form of limestone and if he sells it at that price it's very likely that this will become a quarry. That would practically destroy the town below.”Rachel asks, “Isn’t your house one of the ones nearest the hillside?”Roger shakes his head yes. I ask, "You said he can't wait to sell it? You think he would agree to a lower offer if I presented one.”Roger recognizes me at this point. “Andy Carpenter, how are you going to manage to acquire the money even for a down payment on a place this expensive?”I ask, “Roger it all depends on how much you don't like that guy?”Roger says, “I don’t like my time being wasted either, but that guy is such a jerk.”I begin as we walk back towards our vehicles, “Roger if the person who won the lottery here in town were interested in this place to build a house up here and not a quarry...”Roger chuckled before saying, “You didn't hear this from me but he would take one million two hundred thousand dollars in a heartbeat. Even at that price is going take a while to sell. Especially, since I'm going to lose the paperwork to advertise it on the Internet for a week.”Rachel says, “Well Roger, I guess I’ll see you when I find that winning ticket of mine.”Roger says, “Look in Andy's safe deposit box. I'll do my best to keep it quiet. But everyone in town knows that he won the lottery.”Rachel and I just look at each other then back to Roger who is now laughing. In a moment Roger stops and says, “Rachel your little sister let the cat out of the bag. Everybody knows that you asked Andy to marry you, and Andy asked your father if it was okay for him to say yes. My daughter can't talk about anything else she thinks it's so romantic. By the way, Andy your Dad already checked this place out. I gave him a complete print out on the property."Rachel starting to drag me towards my truck, I can tell I have to take her home so she could have a fight with her little sister. I call over my shoulder, “See you next week Roger.”Rachel's practically shaking she is so mad at her little sister. I really don't want her to hurt her, and is not that big of a deal to me. People would have found out eventually especially once they seen the mansion and we moved in together. I open Rachel's door but before I let her get in I pull her close and give her a long kiss. It takes a little while but I can tell she relaxes, her anger leaving as the emotions of the kiss force them away. Once Rachel is calm I break the kiss and smile as I help her into the truck.After I get in and we begin to leave Rachel asks, "Why did you do that? Stop me from being mad.”I tell my love, "Because I'm not mad at your little sister and I didn't want you hurting her. Pretty soon she's going to be my little sister too. People would found out sooner or later about the lottery. Before school starts I'm going to put a ring on your pretty finger, finally."Rachel slides across the seat so fast. Grabs my face and kisses me. I figured it was coming so I had already stopped. Rachel says, “You're saying yes.”Gleefully I say, “I'd be a fool not to. Give me a chance to buy the ring before we let everyone else know. Okay my love?” She kisses me several times before just leaving her arms around my shoulders, and allows me to go back to driving.When I got to her home she drags me inside with her. I knew her dad was busy. Looking around no one else was home. Rachel gets a playful grin on her face, taking my hand she leads me up to her bedroom once inside she starts removing her wrap, and it falls upon the floor. Rachel reaches behind her and undoes the strings that hold her bikini top. As it tumbles to the floor my eyes are as wide as I think they ever had been. My face is hot I have to be blushing, and my breathing and heart rate both increase in speed. My cock so hard I know it strained against the trunks I'm wearing. Rachel undoes the strings to her bottoms and they fall to the floor revealing her total beauty. Rachel stands nude in front of me, my breathing and my heart stop I'm so stunned. Then it happens, the front door bangs shut and her Mom calls, “I'm here honey.”Rachel pushes me out into the hallway before I even realized what's happening. Talk about a quick let down I think I dropped faster than I got hard. As I turnaround I face Rachel's little sister Emily who begins to giggle. “I was in my room when you two walk by.” Rachel opens her door and she has a robe on as she strolls into the bathroom with a sway to her hips. Emily giggles again, “You got it bad. You’re head over heels in love with my sister, aren't you?I turn back to Emily and say, “I think I’ve always have been. By the way, I saved your life today your sister was mad enough to kill you until I calmed her down. It was over something about you telling about the lottery and us being engaged.”Emily's eyes go wide as she begins to say, “I only told my best friend.”I tell her, “Emily your best friend has a big mouth.”Emily says, “But she told me, she would keep it quiet she wouldn't tell anybody.”I chuckled telling her, “The only secret you can be sure someone will never tell is the one they don't know.”Emily gives me a hug and says, “I will have to remember that. Sorry if that causes you any problems.”I lead us downstairs to allow Rachel to take her shower. “Actually Emily it makes it easier, I don't have to hide that fact anymore.”Megan asks, “What fact were you hiding Andy.”I say, “That I'm head over heels in love with your daughter.”Megan giggles and says, “You two weren’t any good at hiding that. Anyone could took one look at you from the first grade on and see that.”Look of surprise on my face has Emily giggling before she says, “Mom you know those two, they're clueless. Everybody knows the right for each other.”Megan giggles and says, “Yes Emily everybody knows but them till now. I'm glad they finally figured it out.” Talk about feeling stupid, I do at that moment. If I took Dad’s and my best friend’s advice and talked to Rachel we would've been together for a long time now. I wouldn't have had that uncertainty. I could have hugged and kissed her right there in the store and celebrated our future together.A few minutes later Rachel comes downstairs drying her hair in a towel. I smile broadly at seeing her. I step to the stairs before she gets to the last step I wrap her in my arms and kiss her. When I pull back I tell her, “Rachel, I'm head over heels in love with you.”She doesn't release me before she says, “I love you too.”Megan and Emily giggle before both saying, “Finally.” Hearing them, Rachel and I look at each other and then them, then back at each other and kiss. Megan says, “Andy, let the poor girl get dressed so you can go shop.I begin blushing heavily once I realize I'm holding Rachel who is only in a robe.Megan and her daughters giggle as I release Rachel. Rachel turns back up the stairs at the top step she looks back to see me watching. Rachel flips up the back of her robe flashing her beautiful nude ass at me, and then she quickly disappears back into her room. As I turn Megan only is a couple feet away, my facial expression must have given it away. Instead of being annoyed Megan actually laughed out loud at us. Emily says, “When you two go to the mall today stop of the bridal shop, she'll need that dress before the months over.”I look Emily right in her eyes and say, “I don't think we'll have enough time today but we’ll go back tomorrow. I wouldn't want to rush that.”Megan still laughing recovers long enough to say, “The husband isn't supposed to see the wedding dress before the wedding. So stay away from the bridal shop. I'll take her in a couple of weeks.”Smiling I say. “How about I see a jeweler sometime next week?”Megan gets serious and says, "You better let me and your mother take you, men aren’t very good at picking out the right jewelry.”Smiling I say, “Megan that is a great idea, Monday I’ll get legal stuff done. Then Tuesday I'll see about claiming the lottery money. So hopefully by Wednesday or Thursday we can go see the jeweler.”Megan giggles and says, “Inpatient, aren't you.”I say, “Inpatient? I’ve only been waiting eleven years for this.”Rachel coming down the stairs looking very beautiful asks, “Andy what have you been waiting eleven years for.”Turning to her I say, “The only thing in the world, I find worth waiting that long for, you my love." Rachel takes three quick steps into my arms and kisses me. Megan reminds us, “You two are going shopping sometime today. Andy, I don't think you can really go like that. So you better go change too.”Glancing at Rachel I know I'd be underdressed, “I guess I'll need to go home to find something that will go with that outfit of yours.” Megan and Emily giggle, before Megan says, “Go with him Rachel so you get a good look at his closet and see what he needs for school.”At this point normally I would panic because my room is normally messy, but my room is not in bad shape. I cleaned it just before we started that job on that house down the street. It being Saturday I picked up all the dirty clothing from the floor too.Telling Megan and Emily goodbye Rachel and I walk out hand-in-hand. It doesn't take long to drive Rachel to my house. Mom must be out shopping, and Dad is at the job site by Rachel's house.Now I'm the one who gets a devilish grin. As Rachel looks through my closet finding a pair of jeans that are fairly new and a decent looking shirt to go with them. I stripped my T-shirt off that I'm wearing. As Rachel turns around her eyes get large seeing me half nude. “You know it's not fair that I got to see you without you getting to see me.” Now Rachel has the same playful grin as she nods. My thumbs go inside of my trunks and I pushed them down. Thinking of what I saw this afternoon how beautiful her body is before the trunks hit the ground I'm fully hard. Before I can even step out of my trunks it happens. The front door slams and my Mom calls, “I'm home honey.” Now it's my turn to push a stunned Rachel into the hallway. I get a towel from my closet wrapping it around my waist I step back into the hallway to see Rachel still standing there. I called to my Mother, “Mom Rachel's here. I'm getting ready to go into town.” Rachel eyes are still large and she's blushing with a shocked expression. I'm still hard enough to tent the towel, I step into the bathroom, with the door open Rachel can see me as I drop the towel and wiggle my ass before shutting the door. Through the door I hear Rachel exhale heavily. And my Mom called to her, “Hi Rachel would you mind coming into the kitchen.” I hear Rachel’s reluctant footsteps as she walks down the hall. I quickly jump into the shower and wash as fast as I can make sure I get myself clean and rinse the chlorine from my hair. I dry quickly and then go into my room and put the clothing Rachel picked out on. I walk into the kitchen to find Mom and Rachel talking and acting like old friends. As I walk up to the table Rachel stands and I hug her and then lovingly kiss her.Mom interrupts us by saying. “Andy you're such a lucky young man to have her.” Breaking my kiss still holding her, with her eyes bright and happy I say to her, “The luckiest man ever.”Rachel giggles before saying, “You're just saying that because of the lottery.”“No Rachel, I'm saying that because of you. Rich or poor I'd say that because of you.” Rachel pulls me into a loving kiss.Mom scoots us off to go shopping, with her only instructions, “Don't let him just buy T-shirts.” Rachel winks at my Mom.I got a feeling that from now on the women in my life will be running it. I realize I could do worse I could be running my life all by myself.Pulling out, Rachel asked me what was that look for as we were leaving. I tell her, “I got a feeling that our Mothers and especially you will be running my life from now on. You know what I like that, I know you will look out for me.”Rachel punches me playfully and my arm and says. “And don't you forget it Mr. Carpenter.”I playfully tell her, “Yes, Mrs. Rachel Carpenter I will never forget that.”Rachel has a mischievous look on her face. She asks, “You think we could get away with going to a hotel instead of the movie?”“I know I would love to. I love you and I'm tempted to take you right now to a hotel. But I would feel so guilty about abusing the trust they have given us. I wouldn't be able to look your Mother in the eye until I told her everything, even worse would be your Father.” Rachel groans and says, “You're right. I couldn't lie to your Mother about you flashing me.”Now it's my turn to groan and ask, “Did you tell her about you flashing me first?”Rachel says, “Why do you think we were laughing so hard?”I confess, “Rachel that's why I'm so tempted to take you to a hotel right now I loved seeing you. That's something I been dreaming of ever sense I realized what sex is.”Rachel asks, “You dream about me?”I'll confess this as well, “I'll not hide anything or ever lie to you Rachel. I dream about you every night.”Smiling Rachel says, “Well I guess since we decided to be totally honest with each other. I dream about you too.”It doesn't take long to get to one of the major malls were not that far out of one of the bigger cities. I pull into a parking spot. I give Rachel a kiss before I come around and open her door. We walk hand-in-hand into the mall. Once inside I tell Rachel, “Take me to wherever we need to go I haven't a clue on the type of clothing I should get.”Still holding my hand Rachel pulls me along, first into one store then another it isn't long before I’m carrying seven different bags. In the last store it's an upscale department store, she picks out four shirts and two pair slacks that go well with the shirts. After paying for them Rachel realizes I spent today more than one thousand dollars. Rachel believing I only had nine hundred and fifty dollars fears I’m over drafting my checking account.“Andy did we spent too much money?” Rachel cautiously asks.I lightly chuckle before I say, “I convinced my parents to take the money back from my college fund. I told them I wouldn’t need it. The truth is I told them I probably wouldn't go to college now that I don't need to have a career.” Rachel looks at me with an almost blank expression before she says, “I thought you were going to go to college with me now.”I pull Rachel to me, which isn't easy with all these bags in my hand. “I'll go wherever you go and if you want us to go to college you damn well know I can pay for it, and you won't have to get a scholarship either.”A bright smile crosses Rachel's face now, “That's right I'm going to be Mrs. Rachel Carpenter.”I point out to her, “That's right Mrs. Carpenter mother of six and married for over 50 years to the same guy.”Rachel asks, “But how did your parents taking back the college fund give you more money?”I begin explaining to her, “Dad insisted that the money I put in, I took back. It was eighty-three hundred dollars but I give Mom and Dad two give cards as belated birthday presents each having one thousand dollars on them.”Rachel cuddles into me. “That was nice that you gave your parents that much money.”That's when I also explained to her why I want to buy the land, and build a house on it. “Rachel the land we looked at earlier today I want to buy that so we can build a house, no a mansion on the hill for you. I'll have my Dad work as the general contractor with your Dad working as his assistant. My Dad pays well so your dad will make probably enough for your family for two or maybe three years off this job. My Dad should make enough to actually pay off all the debts Mom and Dad have outstanding. With that job I'm sure they will find others to keep them going. Once they get a reputation for being able to build a mansion the next thing you know they will be building two or three of those every year.”Rachel is grinning as she looks at me and a tear begins to run down her face. “You're already looking out for my family. You're such a good man. I love you sweetheart.”Smiling I reply, “I love you too Rachel.”There's a jewelry store just outside the mall as were walking back to my truck. I still have nearly six thousand dollars in my bank account. A devilish grin begins the play across my face looking at the jewelry store. Rachel follows my gaze and her eyes got large. Looking at her I ask, "You think we have time?”She says, “I thought you were going to come with our mothers on Wednesday or Thursday.” Her hand covers her mouth realizing she revealed that she was ease dropping.I chuckle before I tell her, “I guess I ought to make sure you're out of the house when I talk about purchasing you a surprise birthday present.”We put the bags into the truck and I drive over to the jewelry store. “We can look around a little while before we go eat.”We go inside and it’s one of the high-end jewelry stores, they show you several settings and loose diamonds that you purchase and have mounted. They also have several colors of diamonds and other precious gemstones. Along with engagement settings they have other jewelry like earrings necklaces and watches. We looked through several of the engagement settings and there is three she likes. I asked her about diamonds and she would like to see some of the different ones. Along with the perfectly clear stones they have blue, green, red, canary yellow and even chocolate diamonds.A blue diamond catches her eye, is not very large only 2 carats round with a brilliant fire even it being blue. I always thought a color diamond would have less fire but not this one. The jeweler takes that diamond and places it temporarily and each of the three settings she chose. After looking at each she chooses one. I asked them what the total would be. The jeweler totals she grins and calls the manager over he looks at the total then drops 10% making it only $3995 for the set.I asked Rachel before I go for my debit card, “This is the one you want?” Her pupils go large not so much in shock but in pure joy as she shakes her head yes happily. She leans in kisses me before I whisper, “Yes my Love.”I let them use it as a credit card and it runs through approved. They give me a slip with the serial number of the diamond and ring style I can pick it up in four days.Rachel jumps into my arms and wraps herself completely around me only seconds after I signed the slip approving the sale. The jeweler says, “Don't worry about it we see that all the time.”Rachel and I leave for dinner we’re only running a little late and I borrow her cell phone to call her mother. I explained about the jeweler and the ring and how we’re just getting to dinner and will probably see a movie just a little later than we thought. Her Mom says, “Inpatient.” And I reply, “Eleven years.”We both began to giggle. Then Megan says, “Just call in when the movie is out will see you about half an hour later.”Giving Rachel her cell phone back I kiss her. We set side-by-side and eat our meal. Rachel has put her leg over top one of mine. Her hip is right against mine even though this plenty of room.We get to the movie theater and the movie Rachel wants to see starts in fifteen minutes. Getting our tickets, we get a soda to share. I hold it as she goes to the restroom, before we enter the theater and find our seats.Once seated, Rachel asked me to go get her some candy from the snack Bar. Smiling I give her a quick peck before leaving to go pick her up the candy she asked for. When I come back one of the football players from the party earlier today is seated where I was at talking to Rachel. I would be a little jealous if it wasn't for the expression on Rachel's face. You can easily see her displeasure at his unwanted attention. I have to go rescue my girlfriend from an idiot jock. He's wearing a heavy football jersey like he needs something to tell them who he is. The guy is probably so insecure that he needs a fancy car and all the trappings of wealth to attract a girl. Maybe he thought Rachel would finally be his girlfriend this year. She ran in his click for the last three years and now all of a sudden I show up and sweep her off her feet. He has no idea the connection that we share.I clear my throat standing next to them. Rachel has a look of relief seeing me. His expression is something closer to hatred. He says, “What do you want poor boy.” Rachel begins giggling uncontrollably, which makes him curious as to why. I begin, “It's not your money it's your Daddy's that you're spending. If you don't get into the pros you probably won't ever have anything near what I have. You got one chance in 1000000 of making it, if you're smart.”He spits back, “What you trying to say carpenters helper.”Now showing him the same intolerance he shows others I say, “All I'm saying is your dad may have three or four million right. Most of it tied up in the stock market or in bonds, whereas I got closer to 90 million. So if you're thinking you can out rich me, take a different seat Junior.”His eyes go wide at the news before he turns back to Rachel. Rachel giggles and says, “That's right poor boy go take a different seat. Let my rich fiancé set down.”He is a confused and dejected jock as he gets up and walks away completely out of the theater were in. Setting down Rachel cuddles into me. “That ass hole has been coming onto me for the last three years. He's just too stupid to realize he isn't you.”I say to Rachel, “You see how shallow he is; thinking his worth is all tied up in money. It will come and go if you're not careful. Stock markets crash, bond markets fail, and the people who depend on those never see it coming.”Rachel giggles saying, “I really got lucky. You’re smart, handsome, generous, strong and brave.”Handing her candy, I say, “And here I thought I was the lucky one.” Rachel playfully punches me in the arm. “Don't let it go to your head.” I just kiss her and say, “I am the lucky one I got you.”The movie begins and we just hold each other and watch the movie together. It is a romantic comedy. We laugh together; our sense of humor is in sync. The movie was pretty good and we walk out hand-in-hand and she calls her mother. We’re on our way back to her house.Megan and Bill are waiting on their porch for us when we get there. Emily sticks her head out to say hi to me before she goes to bed. Megan giggles, “I figured you two would end up in a hotel someplace.”Rachel and I turn to each other and just crack up laughing, before I tell her mother. “I was tempted to take her to one. I would never been able to look you two in the face if I had. Well not until I told you about it. We’ll not break your trust that way.” Rachel just nods with a large smile trying to keep from smirking too much.Bill says, “Considering you two already picked out a ring. It would've been understandable. But I'm glad you showed more respect to us than that.” “Sir you're going to be my father-in-law for a very long time. I wouldn’t have you mad at me and trying to make up for it for years. I love your daughter and we're going to be married. And I hope it sticks for a very long, long time.”Megan giggles and reminded us. “Andy, you have waited for her longer than most people are married nowadays. You won't have money as a problem in your marriage. As much is you love each other I don’t see any of the other major problems happening to you. You're smart enough to give in when it's not important to you. You're brave enough to stand up for her. You deftly strong enough in both body and spirit to stand up to her if you need to.”This must be a small place if Megan knows what happened in that theater. Rachel asked, “How do you know what went on in the theater?”Megan says, “You two were too busy to even notice that Andy's parents were setting four rows back. Andy your Dad says, thanks he is using that card to take your Mom out.”I say, “It's about time they spend some time together out of the house.”Megan and Bill laugh before they say, “It would be good to have a date once in a while even if you had been married twenty years.”Looking at Rachel I say, “That's something we’ll have to remember to do. Even with a house full of kids.”Bill laughs, “Always easier said than done.”“Bill I don't know about that, with four grandparents and an aunt living in town with us and the kids.”From inside the house we hear Emily say, “I'm not changing diapers.” The four of us just crack up. Bill and Megan are still laughing as they get up to go inside and Megan tells us. "Don't stay out here too long."When I set down Rachel sets right in my lap cuddles close to me and we begin kissing. We eventually have to break for air; I asked her, "Do you have any plans for tomorrow?"Rachel whispers, “Just me getting you out of your pants, you're not the only one who's been waiting eleven years.”I whisper back, “That was my plan too.” We both giggle and lean back in and start kissing.The next time we break our kiss I say, "Be ready at noon tomorrow I'll take you out for some breakfast or lunch we will go back to find you a new dress for next Saturday night."Rachel giggles and says, “You're going to make a great husband.”She is grinding her body against me and I can tell she feels my hard on through my pants, her nipples are is hard and large as I've ever seen. I want to touch her so bad but we’re out here in the middle of the porch under a light and anyone and everyone can see us.As Rachel gets a devilish grin she leads me inside whispering, "I hope Mom and Dad have gone to bed already.” Sneaking past their door we hear soft moans the obvious sounds of lovemaking nearly causing Rachel to give us away as she does her best to suppress her giggles.Rachel again leads me right up to her room closing and locking the door. She strips quietly as I stare. When she's down to her bra and panties she tells me, “You saw me today, and then I saw you, now I want us to see each other at the same time.”I quickly pull off my shirt and start pulling off my pants, this is a dream come true for me. As my pants hit the floor so this Rachel's bra. We both pull our remaining clothes off. My eyes behold Rachel and how beautiful I find her. Her eyes lock onto my cock as it stands fully hard, nine inches long and slightly more than six inches in circumference or two inches across. I'm larger than the average but not a monster porn star cock. Rachel giggles moving closer she asks, “Can I touch it? I want to touch your cock I want to feel it with my fingers.”Smiling I say, “My body is yours my Love. I would love for you to touch me.”Rachel steps in and gently runs her fingers lightly across my cock, she giggles as it jumps at her touch. I moan as she gently wraps her fingers around the shaft and squeezes gently. She remarks on how soft it is on the outside and feels like a rock hard core. She slides her hand back and forth across the causing the skin to stretch, but not painful. I say to her, “Be careful Love is very sensitive you haven't stretched it too far yet but it can be easily damaged.”Rachel giggles, “I guess that's to keep you from being too aggressive with the very soft part of my anatomy as well.”I request from Rachel, “My Love can I touch you. I have never touched a woman before.”Rachel giggles and shakes her head yes and guides my hands first to her breasts. My hands gently roam over them, squeezing and I admire how soft and smooth yet firm they are, how her nipples react to my touch how they harden, now standing out. I gently fondled them pinch the nipple lightly. With each pinch Rachel seems to react soft moans escape her mouth. I bend down and take a hard nipple into my mouth running my tongue around it Rachel immediately grabs the back of my head and forces me tighter to her breast. She sighs, “Open your mouth wider.” As I do more of her breast is forced into my mouth my tongue place a crossed her nipple. I gently suck as my hand caresses the other breast. My free hand wonders a crossed her body starting from her shoulder and caressing downward crossed her back and all the way down till I'm cupping her beautiful ass.She shakes gently then moans, “Yes!”I move my mouth to the other breast and she makes no effort to stop me from doing this but once there she again forces my head tight to her breast. My free hand now rubs around the top of her thigh. Rachel's hand is gently stroking crossed my hard cock as the other holds my head to her breast. Soon as my hand cups her pubic mound her hips thrust forward in Rachel's eyes fly open. Now Rachel moans, “Yes Andy, touch me there, touch my pussy.”I move my fingers is gently a crossed her labia as I possibly can without causing her to giggle. I'm feeling the skin between her thighs right up to the edge of her outer lips. Her nipples seem to even get harder as my hand gently rubs her labia now just my index finger tracing along its outer edge. It's like a blind man touching a work of art for the first time. At the very bottom I can feel the inner lips moist and getting wetter each time I run my finger crossed. I gently spread her moisture around her pussy. Rachel kisses me hungrily as our lust builds, now at the very bottom my finger gently parts the two inner lips and runs the length of her labia. At the top I stroke my finger gently against her clitoris and she thrust her hips forward with each touch. Finally Rachel says, “I can't wait any longer.” She turns and pulls down the covers of her bed. Laying down she pulls me with her and I eagerly go to bed with Rachel. She spreads her legs to welcome me into herself. She whispers, “Please be gentle this is my first time. I don't have a hymen I lost that a long time ago, but I'm still a virgin.”I say to her, “I love you Rachel and we’re losing our virginity together. I'll do my best to be gentle.” Rachel moves her hands down and pulls apart her lips of her labia revealing the inside to me. I gently rub my cock up and down her slit several times gently nudging her clitoris then all the way down to barely stretch her vagina. With her vagina with half my head inserted Rachel pushes forward taking a couple inches with a wide smile and a moan from both of us. She says. “Push it in slow and easy move it back and forth a little.”I follow my loves instructions and move back and forth going deeper on each stroke it doesn't take long before she's even wetter than she was before. Now with my cock fully buried we both rest holding each other tightly, my body fully against hers. I begin to kiss her passionately not moving, not daring to disturb the pleasure we feel. I think instinct takes over and we both begin to move each pulling back and pushing into each other. We began slowly, and our kiss becomes more passionate as we move quicker. As our breath becomes short and our bodies demand our breathing to speed up we have to break our kiss. I feel there is a tighter part of her pussy surrounding the head of my cock that must be her cervix. Rachel moans loudly each time I push into her cervix. Searching her face I can tell I’m not causing her any pain.Her legs wrapped tightly around my ass and she thrust up taking the even deeper pass that tight point of her cervix. Rachel's body begins to shake wildly and she moans loudly, “Yes Andy, I think I'm yes, yes, I'm Cumming.”Her movements, the way her pussy spasms around my cock cause me to ejaculate. My balls tightened and a large stream of hot cum enters her belly. Rachel's eyes go wide feeling my seed flood her. We both surprised at the euphoria we feel and we begin clinging to each other and kiss so passionately even though our bodies demand oxygen. Our orgasm seemed to go on forever as our bliss heightens. Finally our bodies can no longer withstand the shared pleasure and we both pass out, still holding tightly to each other. Like every night I dream of Rachel only this time she is in my arms and what is actually happening is far better than any dream.Morning light streams through Rachel's window and we still hold tightly to each other although Rachel now rests on my chest her head on my shoulder only an inch away from my mouth. I kissed her all night like I had dreamed so often. We made love several times, when a noise would bring us back to each other, make us awake enough to realize we held each other and not a dream. We would make love until we both passed out from the pleasure. My love is in my arms as birds sing and all is right with the world.Now I gently stroke her arm. I love the sensation of waking up with her. Rachel moans. “Don't let me go Andy. I don't want to leave our bed yet.”“I know love, but its morning.”The smell of breakfast cooking brings a sense of panic to us, and when the knock on the door sounds which only heightens it. As if she can sense our fear Megan laughs from the other side of the door. “Breakfast will be ready in half an hour you two need a shower. They’re towels in the hallway.” Her footsteps walk away and we reluctantly force ourselves up to face the music. Rachel wraps herself in her robe before getting the towels, with the hallway clear she waves me into the bathroom I reluctantly follow nude into the bathroom. We step into the shower and look into each other's eyes we can't help but begin to giggle. It seems the water is also washing our fear away. We gently wash each other but hurrying so we’re not late for breakfast. I gently dry Rachel and she dries me I wrap the towel around me as we go back to Rachel's room. In Rachel's room a set of my new clothing is lying out on Rachel stripped bed. There's no clean underwear but I can go commando. Rachel giggles seeing me pull on the pants without any underwear. Rachel pulls on her skirt without any panties, “If you can go commando so can I.”I say once I see some of last night's results, “I don't know about that sweetie look what's running down your leg.”Rachel looks at it runs a finger through and smells it. Taking a tissue she cleans her thighs. Before she gives up and puts on a pair of white panties. I kiss her before I say, “I know love that's my fault.”Rachel giggles kisses me back once and says, “You left it where I wanted you to put it. So it's our fault.”Holding her close I say to her, “Whatever happens, I'm not at all sorry about last night. Given the chance I'll do it for the rest of my life.”Rachel giggles and says, “You better; I think I'm addicted to sleeping with you.”I realize my life will never be the same it so much better than it was before, so I tell her, “Me too my Love.”Megan calls from downstairs, "You two get your asses down here. Breakfast is waiting."We turn and walk hand-in-hand downstairs in the dining room we find not only Bill and Megan but my Father and Mother as well. Emily comes and sits down in one of the free chairs leaving only one for us. I set down and pull Rachel into my lap. Megan and my mother look at each other and giggle. My stomach growls even though I feel almost too nervous to eat. Rachel takes a plate and begins to fill it with food only moving away long enough to add food to the plate. She sets back down and begins to feed me. Our fathers look at our mother's and chuckle remembering when our mothers would do that for them.Megan asks, “Andy what have you been doing to keep my daughter that happy.”Thankfully Rachel shovels a large spoonful of food in my mouth. As I begin the blush heavily but chew very slowly. Rachel takes another spoonful for herself so she doesn't have to answer either. Our parents look at each other and just crack up. Emily isn't at all helpful though as soon as our parents calm down a little she says, “From the sound of it they had sex at least six times last night.” The statement sent our parents into more bouts of laughter.Rachel and I look at each other realizing were not in as much trouble as we thought we would be. Our parents finally calm down again I answer that question, “Everything I can do to make her happy.”Emily still not helping the situation blurts out, “I'd say so; every time a dog barked or horn blew you two were at it again.”Rachel looking a little angry at Emily says, “Anything that woke me up and I realized I wasn't dreaming I actually was in Andy's arms, well... You know... Shit...”Smiling at Rachel I say, “Yes every time we woke up it was like a dream come true. I finally had you in my arms and we couldn't help what happened after that.”Rachel kisses me before whispering, "Thanks."Bill puts on a gruff voice before asking, “Young man, do you intend on marrying my daughter?”Looking Rachel in the eyes I say, “I do.”My mom asked, “And you Rachel do you intend on marrying my son?”Rachel still looking in my eyes says, “I do.”Emily the continuous smart ass says, “With the power invested in me I now pronounce you man and wife.”Rachel and I kiss lovingly. Emily doesn't miss a beat she says, “I now present Mr. Andrew Carpenter and Mrs. Rachel Carpenter.” Our parents simply crack up yet again. I believe Mom takes about a dozen pictures of the two of us kissing.