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equally seriously国产精品无码免费专区午夜

Warning! This contains very graphic, extreme sexual situations including kidnapping, forced sex, bondage, whipping/spanking, scat and numerous other things. There is also one brief scene of incest. Note: This is a continuation of "Diary of a Slave Merchant - 2007". It is recommended that you read it first, otherwise you might be a little lost for a while. Quick recap for the lazy: 40-something year-old Edward divorced, bought a house, kidnapped two girls, forced them to become sex slaves, sold one (Slave name: "Star") to an old college friend named Wayne who is now wealthy, fell in love with the other (slave name: "Baby") who was abused by her foster father and who now helps Edward acquire and train new girls. They have just acquired their first new girl, a "tough" girl with a bad attitude.Here are the last few entries from the 2007 diary:December 12th, 20078:34pmBaby has a couple of promising prospects at the runaway shelter. She is working on one in particular. A 18 year old blond with a streak of black in her hair. Nice body, attractive, very bad attitude. She has three or four piercings, dresses in black and is a real tough 'Nobody-fucks-with-me' hard-ass. Right up my alleyShe told the girl she was going to go live at her uncles house and that she would talk to him about them both staying there.December 22nd, 20072:18pmWe spent a good chunk of money fixing up the basement. It is now two separate finished rooms, both with chain rings and both suitable as slave quarters.We installed a larger refrigerator, microwave and some cabinets for food in the main room.The unfinished storage room has been partially finished and has several extra chain rings on the ceiling, a twin bed with a heavy frame and several padded beams of different heights made out of saw horses. It will server as the punishment room.December 31th, 200711:34amBaby brought the blond girl home last night. We went the easy route this time and got her so drunk she was too fucked up to fight back much. She passed out during the struggle. She woke up this morning chained spread-eagle and face-down on the twin bed in the punishment room with a ball gag in her mouth. I think I'll name this one 'Cunt'.We went down to introduce her to her new life. I explained her situation to her as she made muffled noises and her face turned red. I then removed the ball gag, only to be assaulted by the longest string of curse-laden insults and death threats I think I've ever heard.This one is going to be fun....=============================================Diary of a Slave Merchant - Winter 2008BY E.Y. ToadJanuary 1st, 20081:14amHappy fucking new year! And what a great start to 2008. My left forearm is still bleeding from teeth marks and Baby, my beautiful little slave/lover, was brought to tears and it broke my heart.Early this morning, or I should say yesterday morning (it's been a long day) we stirred our new acquisition from her alcohol-induced slumber. She was chained face down and spread-eagle to the twin bed in the punishment room, with a ball gag in her mouth. She was fully clothed.It took her several long seconds to realize that she was chained to a bed and gagged. She swung her head around several times trying to determine where she was but could not turn her head far enough to see us. She made several grunts and angry, muffled screams as she pulled at her chainsI climbed on the bed and straddled her, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back to prevent her from turning it. I put my mouth right next to her ear as she frantically tried to turn her head from side-to-side to see who was on sitting her."Stop struggling. You are securely chained and cannot escape." I said, almost in a whisper.She responded by doubling her effort to pull out of the chains and her muted screams got louder. I pulled her head back farther with a fast, forceful motion. She let out a painful yelp and stopped screaming. "STOP STRUGGLING!" I said angrily, pausing a few seconds for her to calm down. "You are now my property. Your life as you knew it is over. You will learn to obey me instantly and fulfill my every whim without question or hesitation."After hearing this, she went crazy. She thrashed about so violently that I lost my grip on her hair and she flipped her head in all directions, flopping her body around as she made a desperate attempt to escape her bonds.I regained my grip on her hair and jerked her head back even further than before. She let out a loud yelp and started crying and screaming even louder, but more high-pitched. Her tone was a sort of desperate, screaming plea, like she had something important to say, or at least that's what it sounded like to me.I removed the ball gag to see what she had to say, and she had plenty of choice words for me."Let me go you fucking pervert mother fucker! I'll fucking kill you, you cock sucking faggot! Don't you dare fucking touch me you old fucking cock sucker. I'm not gonna be your fucking mmffff..." she yelled, her final words muffled as I replaced the ball gag."You are going to be, and do, anything I say." I said, releasing her hair and getting off the bed. "You will soon learn obedience and will beg for the chance to please your master." Her muffled protests continued as I opened the cabinet to choose an instrument of punishment. This girl is definitely tougher than Baby and Star were. I decided skip the paddle and go directly to the 1/2" dowel rod. I held the dowel rod in my right hand and tapped it in my left as I circle around in front of her. She looked up at me, saw the dowel rod and started crying hysterically, tears streaming down her face."Your slave name is 'Cunt'. Your old name no longer matters. You will answer to 'Cunt' and only 'Cunt' unless and until I give you a different name." I said, walking around to her left side.She followed me with her eyes as far as she could, but I moved just out of her field of vision. I didn't want her to see the strokes coming."What I am about to do only has to happen once." I informed her, "Your first lesson is punishment. You are about to find out what happens if you break even the smallest of my rules, or refuse, or even hesitate to carry out a command you are given.""Baby, please stand in front of Cunt." I said, motioning to Baby.Cunt looked around, surprised that there was someone else there. She made several throaty, pleading noises and looked at Baby as if to beg for her help. Baby turned her head away slightly. I believe Baby is 100% on-board with what we're doing, but she doesn't like the punishment part very much."You are now my property!" I proclaimed loudly, bringing the dowel rod down hard across both of her ass cheeks at once.Her whole body tensed and she let out a blood-curdling scream, even muffled by the ball gag. Her hands opened wide, fingers spread apart, and her hands shook as the initial pain wracked through her body.She panted and cried out several times as I paced a few steps back and forth. She started opening and closing her hands tightly over and over as if in anticipating the next stroke."I am your master." I continued, "You will follow my every command without question or hesitation!"Her body tense up, expecting another stroke. I waited a few seconds until she seems to relax her body a bit and then brought the rod down across the back of her thighs. She screamed and thrashed around for a few seconds then looked up at Baby and renewed her pleas for help. Her pleas had the tone of "Why won't you help me?" Baby just looked away."You will always address me as 'Master' and you will answer to 'Cunt'!" I yelled, bringing the rod down across her ass again. Her whole body shook with pain as her voice changed to a low-pitched, moaning scream.I decided to give her a chance and see if we'd broken through that tough exterior a bit yet. I bent over and put my mouth to her ear again."I'll give you one chance to end this now." I whispered, "I'm going to remove your gag. I want you to say 'I am your obedient slave and I live to please my Master.'"I started to remove the gag and before it was even fully out of her mouth she started sobbing and screaming, a long string of slobber dripping out of her mouth."Let me go! <sob> I'm not your fucking slave! God damn it, let me... <sob> let me go! Please, Lisa...<sob> please make him let me go!" she began, as the rage resurfaced. "LET ME GO YOU FUCKING INSANE FUCKING PERVERT!" "Lisa" is the name Baby used with Cunt."That's not what I wanted to hear." I said quietly, replacing the ball gag."Baby, help me over here." I said, grabbing one corner of the twin bed frame by Cunt's feet and motioning for Baby to grab the other. Together we tipped the bed up on end and leaned it slightly against the wall so Cunt was hanging upside-down."You had your chance. This could have been easier for you." I explained, "I'm done toying with you now."I walked over to the cabinet and grabbed a two feet long piece of garden hose. "I really wish it hadn't come to this, but you you will learn to obey me." I said, walking back over to Cunt.I lowered her tight, blue pull-over shirt down as far as I could. It bunched up near her shoulder blades. I then reached around and unzipped her pants, pushing them upwards toward her feet until they bunched up between her knees and ankles. I left her white bra fastened and her light-blue panties in place. She thrashed around, crying and pleading, but I was no longer listening. Baby looked away.I stood back and looked at her. She has a very nice, tanned body. There were a few red marks from the rod, but no damage or serious welts.I caressed and fondled her ass a bit and ran my hands down her sides and back up to her ass. She shook her body and twisted, trying to pull away from my touch. I decided to remove her gag. "Why... <sob> why are you doing this?" she asked, "I've never done anything to you. Let me go! <sob> Let me go! <sob>LET ME GO! I"LL FUCKING KILL YOU BOTH!" she screamed.I took a step back and the room became strangely quiet. Cunt even stopped crying and screaming for a few seconds, probably trying to hear what was happening. The first stroke broke the silence, crashing down upon her ass, followed by an ear-piercing scream as her ass clenched tightly."PLEASE!" she begged, "Please stop! Just let me go and I'll never tell any..."The second stroke interrupted her useless pleas. "PLEASE, OH GOD!" she begged, after a long scream of pain, "GOD, PLEASE STOP! PLEASE!""HELP ME! HELP ME, PLEASE" she yelled to no one in particular, "YOU FUCKING INSANE MOTHER FUCKERS! INSANE... <sob> INSANE... GOD DAMN IT, LET ME GO!"I had had enough of this. I began a flurry of strokes up and down her legs, across her ass and down to her shoulder blades. Over and over the hose stung her skin as she flailed around and sobbed uncontrollably.I lost count of how many strokes I was up to when she passed out and her body went completely limp. Baby and I lowered the bed. I hadn't noticed that she pissed her pants at some point. There was a wet streak from her crotch to her head; her hair and the bed sheet also damp."Baby, clean her up and talk to her when she wakes up." I ordered, "Explain how things work here and try to save her from any further punishment, but do not unchain her."Baby was my lover, but she was still a slave and subordinate to me, especially in front of other slaves. She was given freedom to move about the house because I trusted her but she knew her place and obeyed me as her master.We had worked out a good guy/bad guy routine that worked quite well with Star. I was obviously the bad guy; the strict master that expected unquestioned obedience and the administrator of punishment. She would play the good guy that was on their side and trying to help them. It was a psychological game that helped to break them.I left Baby alone to her tasks and went upstairs to get some lunch.I made a sandwich and sat at my computer to watch Baby and Cunt on the video monitor. After a few minutes of Baby cleaning her up, Cunt began to stir. I turned the volume up and watched."Wha... Lisa? What the hell is going on, Lisa?" Cunt asked. "Why is he doing this to me? What...why are you...Lisa, tell me what's going on!""My name is not Lisa. My name is 'Baby'." she replied. "Who are you? Who is that man? What the FUCK IS GOING ON?!?" she yelled."Listen to me, um... Cunt," Baby started. "That man is our master. We are his slaves. You cannot escape from here. We will train you and then sell you to a new master. You'll see, it's not so bad. You will get to live with a rich guy and have everything you ever wanted.""What? You are in on this?" Cunt replied, "What do you mean I'll be sold? What the fuck is wrong with you people? Why are you helping him?""Because he is my master. He took me in when I had no one and he loves me." Baby said."You are a fucking slave to that old man just because he acts like he loves you?" Cunt asked incredulously. "What the hell is wrong with you? He's fucking older than my dad! You let that faggot fuck you just so you'll feel loved? You are fucking pathetic!""It's not like that." Baby replied, visibly upset. I started to get a bit concerned that Cunt may start putting doubts in Baby's head, but decided to watch for a little longer."It's EXACTLY like that!" Cunt yelled. "You let that gross old fucker stick his cock in you so you can pretend he's your dad!""Shut up, Cunt!" Baby replied angrily."What, you can't fuck your real dad any more so you found this ancient fucker to fill in for him?" Cunt taunted.Cunt apparently didn't know that Baby was adopted, or that she was sexually abused for years by her foster father. She either didn't know or was stupidly taunting her about it, but I don't know what she hoped to gain in either case.Baby looked as if she were holding back a flood of anger."Do you think of your dad when you are sucking that wrinkly old cock, you fucking pathetic bitch?" Cunt asked rhetorically. "When he sticks it in you does it feel like..."Baby interrupted her taunts, exploding in rage and jumping on her back. She grabbed Cunt's hair and jerked her head back farther than I had earlier, getting right in her face."Don't you talk about Master like that!" Baby yelled. "He loves me and I love him and nothing you say can change that!”Cunt groaned loudly, her neck obviously in pain. "Stop...stop...I was just...stop it, please!" she begged."You...you need to learn your place! I am the mistress. I am in charge of the slaves. You obey me just as you would him!" Baby said"No one... is in charge of me..." Cunt said, twisting her head to ease the pain in her neck.Baby was frustrated. She was not a violent person but couldn't bring herself to stand there and listen to Cunt's taunts. She left the room without saying a word.I met her on the stairs as she was on her way up. She was crying. "Don't let her get to you." I said, embracing her on the stairs. "She is just trying to make you angry enough to make a mistake."I wiped her tears aways with my thumbs and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Do you want to go show her who is in charge? It's been a while since you had...you know..." I said, smiling wickedly."Mmm-hmm..." she replied, sniffing one last time and composing herself.We walked back in to the room together, startling Cunt and she whipped her head around to try to see us.I squatted down at the head of the bed and faced Cunt. "Baby is your mistress. You follow her orders as you will mine." I said slowly, with controlled anger. "You are trying my patience." "We're going to turn you over on to your back. Do not struggle or try to escape." I warned.I reached over and unchained her left arm and started to chain it up next to her right arm before swapping her right arm over to the left side.Suddenly, she stretched her neck out and bit down on my left forearm. She clamped her teeth down and tore in to my skin like a wild dog. It hurt like a mother fucker. I instinctively smashed her upside the head several times and she finally let go, dazed and almost unconscious."AH! Fuck!" I yelled, grabbing a towel from the cabinet. It was bleeding but not badly. I wrapped the towel around my arm and headed out of the room. "You have seriously fucked up!" I said, "I'll be right back, Baby."I went upstairs to the bathroom and cleaned the wound, using a wrap-around bandage in place of the towel. I waited a few minutes and headed back downstairs."Are you all right, Master?" Baby asked as I walked in to the room."Yes, Baby. Hand me the rope from the cabinet." I ordered. I didn't want to do what I was about to do, but this girl needed broken, now.I wrapped the rope around Cunt's neck and grabbed each lose end. "Do you understand that your time has run out?" I asked, pulling on the ropes a bit to cut off her air. Her face started turning bright red, she tilted her head back and her eyes bulged out a bit."Please...<gasp>...I don't want...<gasp> please don't..." she said in strained voice.I pulled the ropes tighter. "You are out of chances!" I said, in my most stern voice. "Say it now! Say 'I am your obedient slave and I live to please my Master!'""I...am...STOP! <gasp> ... <gasp> PLEASE!""SAY 'I AM YOUR OBEDIENT SLAVE AND I LIVE TO PLEASE MY MASTER'" I yelled, then put my mouth up to her ear again and pulled the ropes very tight. "Or you die...right here...right now...you will die!"I was not going to kill her, but she didn't know that."I... <gasp> am your obedient <gasp> slave and I <gasp> live to please you!" she barely managed to squeak out, messing up the line. It was close enough.I loosened the rope but kept it around her neck. She took several large gulps of air and panted loudly."Say it again!" I ordered."I am your obedient... <sob> slave... <sob> and... and <sob>... I live to <sob>... please you." she cried. She let her head fall face down on the bed and sobbed deeply."Good. Now I'm going to turn you over on your back. If you move a single muscle I will fucking kill you on the spot. Do you understand?" I asked."<sob>... yes..." she said meekly.I jerked her head back by her hair. "'Yes' What!" I demanded.She looked confused for a few seconds and then sobbed out a weak "Yes...Master?"I let her head fall back on the mattress and finished turning her over. She did not resist."Please...<sob> can I have some water?" Cunt asked."Get her some water, Baby." I ordered. Baby got a bottle of water from the slave quarters fridge and fed it to Cunt while holding her head up for her."You have been quite a handful today." I began, "You will stay chained here for the night. Tomorrow you will learn your place. I hope your rebellions are over.""Come on, Baby. We're done here for the night." I said, motioning her to come back upstairs with me.I turned the light off and closed the door, leaving Cunt chained to the bed, lightly sobbing and in complete darkness.January 1st, 20084:12pmBaby and I woke up, had some breakfast and then went down to play with our new toy. I had planned on breaking her in last night, but my arm hurt too much to think about sex. It is feeling much better today. It was not as deep as I originally thought and it's starting to heal.I opened the door to the punishment room and Cunt turned her head towards us."Please... please unchain me." she begged, "I won't resist you any more, I promise. Please, my back is hurting." I had forgotten that I left her all night on a partially wet sheet, lying on her backside that had been severely whipped. She was probably still quite sore."Soon...maybe." I replied. My arm hurt too, so I didn't have a lot of sympathy for her at this point. I grabbed the dowel rod from the cabinet, walked over to her and whacked her across the front of both thighs. She let out a short, sharp scream and looked at me in confusion."Please unchain me...what?!?" I yelled. "Wha?... I don't... I mean... Please unchain me, Master!" she stammered."That's better!" I said. "Will you unchain me now..." she started, followed a few seconds later by "Master!" as she remembered to say it.I turned back towards her and brought the rod down across her thighs again. She yelped loudly again and looked at me with a mixture of confusion and anger."What... why was... what did I DO?!?!" she demanded, with a tone unfit to use when addressing her master. "Explain it to her, Baby." I ordered.Baby walked over to her and sat on the edge of the bed. "You do not speak to Master unless you are asked a question, or as an acknowledgment of an order." Baby began. "If you have something important to say, you must first say 'Master?'. If Master decides to respond, he will reply with 'What is it, Cunt?' and then you can say what you wanted to say." "But if Master decides that what you said was not important enough, you will be punished." Baby continued. "Also, you must always use a respectful and submissive tone of voice." "You may speak more freely to Baby when I am not around." I added, "But, you will address her as 'Mistress' and be respectful to her at all times. You will obey her as you do me or she is authorized to punish you however she sees fit. Do you understand all of this?""You people are insane..." she mumbled, almost inaudibly. She turned her head away from us and started to cry.I grabbed her head with both hands, spinning her face toward me with a hard jerk. "DO... YOU... UNDERSTAND?" I demanded."Yes..." she replied, deeply sobbing several times before finally getting the word "Master" out."Ok." I said, "Baby, undress her." Cunt looked at me with shock on her face. I'm not sure why she was shocked. I thought I had made it clear why she was here.Baby grabbed a pair of scissors from the cabinet and straddled Cunt's waist. "Ok, Cunt, I'm not going to hurt you, but I need to cut you out of these clothes." Baby said, as she slipped the scissors under the bottom of Cunt's shirt, near her navel. Cunt turned her head back away from us and started crying louder."Look at me, Cunt!" I commanded. Cunt slowly turned her face back toward me."Clear the hair away from her face, Baby." I said, "I want to see her face too."Baby brushed the hair from Cunt's face. She really was quite pretty."Do it slowly, Baby." I ordered, "Make it sexy for Master!"Baby very slowly cut through her shirt, one snip at a time, pausing for a few seconds between each snip. Cunt looked downward in shame."Look at me!" I yelled, "Look right in to the eyes of your master! Do not look away again or you will be punished."Cunt quickly looked me in the eyes as the flow of her tears increased. This was thoroughly humiliating for her. Good.Baby finished cutting through the shirt and sat up straight, putting one hand under each half of the shirt. She slowly moved her hands up toward Cunt's chest, caressing her stomach as the shirt fell away to either side. This girl knows how to be sexy!Baby then cut through the sleeves so the shirt was fully open. I reached over and pulled it out from under her."Mistress thinks you are pretty!" Baby said, caressing Cunt's upper body with both hands, circling her bra-covered chest with light strokes of her fingers."Oh God!" Cunt cried, momentarily diverting her eyes away from me, "Please..."Baby slid the scissors under Cunt's bra and with one quick snip, the bra was loose but still covering her tits. Baby took one bra cup in each hand, slowly pulling them away to reveal Cunt's well-rounded and firm tits."Very nice!" Baby said, cupping each one with her hands. "Don't you think so, Master?""Yes, very nice." I replied. And they were, but I was looking more in to Cunt's tearful eyes than at her tits. I can see her tits any time. I want to see this bitch's face as she learns who is in control.Baby bent over and lightly kissed each of Cunt's nipples, then slid off the bed and moved to Cunt's feet. Cutting each pant leg up to her hips and then positions herself between Cunt's legs.Running her hands up Cunt's legs, she parted the split in each pant leg, turning her hands as she made her way up Cunt's thighs, fingers point toward her crotch.Baby ran her hands up under the front of Cunt's pants, all the way up to the zipper, but carefully avoided her crotch.She then pulled her hands out and unbuttoned Cunt's pants and unzipped them slowly. Cunt renewed her crying, diverting her eyes momentarily several times to look down at Baby.Baby cut away the rest of Cunt's pants and they fell away. I grabbed them and pulled them out from under her. Cunt was now lying there naked except for her light-blue panties, sobbing and pleading with her eyes for me to stop."That's good, Baby." I said, motioning to her to get off the bed.Baby reached down and pulled Cunt's panties down just enough to see the hairline of her pussy. She bent over, planted a light kiss on the newly exposed skin, looked up at her and said "Master will have you now."I retrieved the special anti-biting clamp I had made a few months ago to use with Star and Baby. It was a large 'C' clamp with pegs attached that pushed the persons cheeks inward when tightened. This forced their cheeks between their top and bottom teeth, preventing them from biting without biting through their own cheeks first. It makes them look a bit like a fish, but allows almost full use of their lips and tongue.I tightened the clamp to Cunt's face, crawled on to the bed and straddled her chest, my crotch a few inches from her face. "Baby, put a pillow under her head." I ordered. Baby complied, positioning Cunt's head about an inch away from the zipper of my pants."Lick me!" I commanded. Cunt looked at me with fear in her eyes. "Iii oooowwwnn wuuunn oooo...peeeezzz!" she wailed, unable to form words properly. "LICK ME!" I yelled.Cunt stuck her tongue out and quickly licked my pants, then stated to sob again.I sat up straight, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. "Now, lick this!" I ordered."Aaaah aaaccckk eee oooth!" I have no fucking idea what she was trying to say. She did another quick thrust of her tongue, barely touching the head of my dick."Stick your tongue out and lick me!" I yelled, "And do not stop until I tell you to!"She sobbed once and stuck her tongue out, daintily rubbing it against the underside of the head."Stick it out farther!" I commanded, "Lick it good, like an ice cream cone! Baby, give me the dowel rod!"Iii iiiyinnn" she cried. She then stuck her tongue out all the way and started to lick better than before. My cock was throbbing and pulsing as she tickled the underside with her wet tongue.Baby handed me the rod which I held in my right hand and tapped in my left hand."Now, Cunt, what do you think?" I asked tauntingly, "Do you think you'd like this 'old' dick in your mouth? Or would you prefer more of what you had last night?" I tapped the rod in my hand again for emphasis."Iiiy aaarrrry!" she said. I think it was "I'm sorry"."Well, from what I heard, you don't like old, wrinkly cocks." I said, "Maybe you don't want his one?"Eth... eth.. iii ooo." she said."Ask me for it." I demanded."Eeezz Mathter, eeezz yet meee uck iii" she begged."Ok, you may suck it." I replied. She hesitated, sobbed once and then lifted her head to take my cock in to her mouth, but could only get the head in because of the way I was sitting.She sobbed quietly as she bobbed her head up and down the two inches or so she could manage in this position."There you go, that's a good slave." I encouraged. "Keep it up! Use your tongue too!"She started sliding her tongue across the underside of my cock as she continued to glide her mouth up and down the head."Look at me!" I demanded. She looked up at me and blinked a few times to clear the tears from her eyes."See? Old, wrinkly cock doesn't taste any different than young cock, now does it?" I asked.She shook her head and continued sucking my cock."In fact, I'll bet you really like old, wrinkly cock now, don't you?" I gloated.She nodded and moaned "Mmm-hmm." The vibrations of her moaning felt really nice and it gave me an idea."Hum a song for me!" I ordered."Mmmm?" she moaned."You heard me." I replied, "Hum a song for me. Maybe some 'Mary Had a Little Lamb'. You know that one don't you?""Mmm-hmm." she replied, sobbing loudly."Do it!" I said firmly."Mmm mm mmm mm hmm hmm hmm..." she hummed. It felt quite good. "Louder!" I ordered."MMM MMM HMM HMM MM MM MMMMM..." she continued.This was feeling too good. I wasn't ready to get off yet. We still had more fun planned.January 1st, 20087:52pmI climbed off of Cunt and bent over close to her ear. "You're catching on!" I exclaimed, brushing her hair out of her eyes. "Cooperation is much more pleasant for you, don't you agree?""Uhh-huh." Cunt replied."Do you think I could removed this clamp and count on you to not bite?" I asked."UHH-HUH!" she said, anxiously."Ok," I began, "but know this: If you bite... if your teeth even scrape too hard, I will torture you to death... slowly... I am not *even* bluffing. Do you understand?""Uhh-huh." she answered.I removed the clamp and Cunt contorted her jaw several times to ease the stiffness."Baby, it's your turn!" I announced.Cunt snapped her head around to look at me with twisted confusion on her face. "What do you... what does *that* mean?" she asked.I considered using the rod on her for speaking without permission, but the look on her face was priceless."Baby... continue." I ordered."Yes, Master." Baby replied as she started to unbutton and unzip her pants."Oh my God! You can't... you never said... Oh GOD, I can't do this! Please don't make me do this!" Cunt begged, the tears starting to flow once again."Cunt..." I started, but was interrupted."I can't do this! PLEASE!" she pleaded.Baby slid her pants down and stepped out of them, now standing in just her white panties and a t-shirt. She paused for a moment as Cunt continued her pleas."Please... M-Master... we can... I'll... I'll do you... whatever you want... please, Master!" she implored."Continue, Baby." I said, motioning with a pointed finger to Cunt.Baby slid her hands down both hips, rolling her panties down her thighs and stepped out of them. She then stood up straight and spread her legs just slightly. If I'm not mistaken, Baby was enjoying lightly taunting her, probably in revenge for the mean things Cunt had said to her earlier."OH GOD, NO!!!" Cunt yelled, turning her head away from Baby."CUNT!!!" I yelled, raising the rod, "YOU WILL..." again I was interrupted, this time by Baby."Master, please let me talk to her?" she asked.I nodded. Baby knelt down on the bed, getting close to Cunts face. "Cunt... Cunt, listen to me." she said, waiting for Cunt to quit sobbing. "This is what Master wants. It will happen, either with the clamp or without it. Please... I don't want to see you punished again.""But I... I'm not like that! I don't... I mean, I'm not a... I can't do that!" she replied."You can, and you must." Baby assured her. "I'll help you through it. It's not that bad. I thought it was going to be horrible my first time, too, but it wasn't. Please... just follow my directions. It'll be over soon and you'll see that it's not that bad.""I... can't..." Cunt sobbed, but with resignation in her voice."Let's start with a kiss." Baby suggested, slowly planting her lips on Cunts mouth.Cunt pulled away slightly, surprised at the initial contact. Cunt made a token effort to receive the kiss, but did not exactly return it. It was a long, slow kiss, as Baby tried to get her used to the touch of a woman. Baby slowly moved to straddle Cunt's waist as she continued to kiss her for several long seconds, then started lightly sliding her tongue across Cunt's lips, occasionally dipping it in to her mouth."See how I'm doing this with my tongue? This is how you do it." Baby said, "Stick your tongue out a little now."Cunt cautiously stuck her tongue out an inch or so. Baby began to flick her tongue on Cunt's tongue, circling and teasing it."And do like this on the clit." Baby instructed, returning to her tongue movements.I was about to come, right there, in my pants. I fucking love this girl.Baby sat up straight, lifted her arms and removed her t-shirt. She then bent down, laid a long, slow tongue kiss on Cunt's mouth, both of their tits smashing against each other.After several seconds of this, Baby sat back up and crawled up to straddle Cunt's face, her pussy about an inch from Cunt's lips."I don't know if... I... I..." Cunt stammered."Do it like I showed you, Cunt." Baby directed. "Let me feel your tongue, just a little."Cunt stuck her tongue out and tentatively touched it to the lips of Baby's snatch."It... it... the smell.." Cunt protested."You get used to it quickly." Baby assured. "I want to feel your tongue now."Cunt slid her tongue back out and ran it up most of the length of the lips, immediately withdrawing it back in to her mouth."There you go!" Baby encouraged. "That's a great start. Keep it up!"Baby started rocking gently, closed her eyes and grabbed her own thighs to give her something to squeeze. Baby has a tendency to go wild during orgasm, sometimes forgetting there is another person involved. She almost suffocated Star once in the throes of her ecstasy."Now, work my clit, like I showed you." Baby instructed. Cunt let out a quiet grunt and complied."Mmmmmm! Yes!" Baby exclaimed excitedly as she started rocking more forcefully.My balls were aching from watching this, and I decided Baby needed a distraction to calm her down a bit, so I walked around in front of her and guided her mouth on to my cock."Mmmmm-Hmmmm!" she moaned approvingly, sliding her mouth down, taking it in almost to the hilt.As Baby swallowed my cock over and over, I could feel that she was starting to get too wild, but I was lost in my own world and didn't care.Baby took her mouth off of my cock just long enough to bark out new orders. "Stick your tongue out... all the way... yes... fuck me with it!." she demanded, returning to my cock.Baby started to moan deeply and rock violently on Cunt's face. The vibrations of her moans sending me to the point of no return. I could hear Baby's muffled orgasmic screams as my cock tightened and began to explode. Load after load of come shot down her throat, and she, as usual, didn't spill a drop.After we wound down and I pulled out of her mouth, Baby still rocked gently against cunt's face, caressing her own shoulders with her hands. I lifted her chin with my finger and motioned for her to get up.Cunt lie there sobbing, face completely covered in pussy juice and saliva, trying to spit the stray, curly, auburn hairs from her mouth.Baby got a towel and wiped Cunt's face dry. "I'm sorry," she said sheepishly, "I sometimes lose control a little. "I transfered Cunt to a collar and long chain attached to one of the the ceiling rings. I gave her permission to shower with Baby's supervision and went back upstairs. I took a quick look at the bathroom video monitor. Cunt was just standing in the shower, staring at the wall and sobbing while Baby washed her with a sponge.===============January 2nd, 200812:37pmI got a call from Wayne this morning. He and Star are doing fine. He called to ask if I had another girl ready yet. He has a friend who is very interested in buying a slave, and asked me if I took trade-ins! Apparently, this guys wife is one of those typical bitches that can marry in to money because of their looks. But after she moves in to the big house and the BMW is delivered, the sex soon dries up and she devotes her time to spending money and social events.The guy wants her gone, and assures me she has virtually no family, no close friends, and claims he can cover our tracks with anyone who asks about her. He would schedule a trip to Europe for just her, several weeks in advance to give her time to tell casual friends about it. The day of the trip, they will both come by here and he will leave with only his new girl. If anyone asks about her later, he will claim that she met someone in France and refuses to return.I told Wayne to go ahead and have him schedule the trip, but did not commit to taking her yet. She's 31, but definitely attractive, and I would love to get my hands on one of these spoiled bitches, but it seems very risky. And at 31, she would be harder to sell and would bring less money than a younger girl. I also told Wayne that taking the guys wife would not change the price of the slave. I need to think about this some more.===============January 2nd, 200811:52pmBaby has spent the day filling Cunt in on the rules and her new daily routine and duties. I watched them off and on all day via the hidden video cameras in each room of the basement. Baby had Cunt change in to an official slave outfit, which is plain cotton panties, a matching t-shirt, and a pair of socks. This is all slaves are allowed to wear. They may pick from several colors, but they must match, and nothing else may be worn.She also taught Cunt how to "assume the position" when I come down. There is a locked door at the top of the stairs and another locked door at the bottom of the stairs. Normally, after I come through the top door, I hide that key in a special place, then unlock the bottom door with a different key. When the slaves hear me coming down, they are to kneel on their knees and rest their asses on their feet, backs against the wall opposite the door and hands on their thighs. The reason for this, besides making them take a submissive position, is so I can see them as soon as I crack the door and to make sure they are not setting up an ambush.About 7:30pm, I went down the stairs, locking the top door as usual, and slowly opened the bottom door. Baby and Cunt were in position. Cunt was still wearing the collar I had put on her earlier, which was connected to a ceiling ring by a long chain. Baby no longer needs to be chained or take the slave position. She is doing it now to teach Cunt the routine.Cunt's bra-less tits look amazing in her tight t-shirt, her nipples standing out under the thin cotton material. Being a "Tit Man", I can't wait to be properly introduced to them.I walked in and faced them. "I see Baby is teaching you to be a proper slave." I said."Yes, Master." Cunt replied, surprisingly upbeat. Maybe too upbeat. "Good..." I began, "Today we're going to find out what hidden talents you may have.""Master?" Cunt asked."Talents, Cunt." I said. "Everyone has at least a few. I need to know what you are good at: dancing, sucking cock, fucking or whatever. Different masters want different talents, so we need to find out what you are good at, and teach you the things you are not so good at." "Oh..." Cunt replied, trailing off and looking around anxiously."Stand up, Cunt." I ordered. "First we need to take a look at you to see where your body might need work." She immediately complied and stood up."Put your hands behind your head and..." My sentence was cut off by Cunt screaming. "You are fucking insane!" she yelled as she took the slack in the chain and wrapped it around Baby's throat. "I will fucking kill her!"This happened so fast that poor Baby had no time to react. The fear on her face broke my heart, and filled me with rage, but I remained calm. This situation could still be diffused with no one getting hurt. "Cunt... stop this." I said calmly. "You cannot escape from here. Let Baby go right now, and I promise your punishment will be light."Cunt pulled the chain tighter around Baby's throat. "Fuck you, you God damned pervert!" she screamed. "You try to turn me in to some kind of fucking lezzie, now you think I'm going to fuck you any time you want! FUCK YOU!" Cunt pulled Baby up off the floor and stood behind her as she started edging around me towards the door."Cunt, I'm warning you." I said, "Stop this now, or you will be severely punished.""Unchain me! Or I'll kill her RIGHT NOW!" She screamed, yanking on the chain. Baby's face was turning red and her eyes were wide open and filled with terror.I stood on the futon and disconnected the chain from the ceiling. "Cunt..." I said, trailing off.She circled around to the door leading to the stairs, keeping the chain tightly wrapped around Baby's throat."Masterrrppp!!" Baby said, her word cut off by Cunt jerking on the chain."Baby, its ok, just hang on." I assured. Baby was desperately trying to get a grip on the chain to relieve the pressure.Cunt turned the door handle, and realizing it was locked, yelled "Give me the fucking key!!!"I tossed the key on the ground in front of her.She slowly bent down, never taking her eyes off me and felt around for the key, finally finding it and picking it up. Damn, so what is plan B? I wondered briefly if I could run over and disable Cunt before she could crush Baby's wind pipe. I decided the situation was not yet desperate enough to attempt it. There was still the locked upper door, and the locked front door.Cunt walked backwards up the stairs, and upon reaching the top, turned the door handle only to realize that it, too, was locked. "Give me the key, God damn it!" Cunt demanded."I don't have the key." I replied calmly. "It's in a small box glued to the underside of the step your are standing on." I was lying.Cunt bent down, keeping her eyes on me the whole time and felt for the box. "It's not here!" she exclaimed, "Where is it!""It's more towards the back.” I replied, "Reach all the way back... over on the left side."Cunt bent down and started taking quick glances under the step but would immediately look back at me. There was no way I had enough time to climb the stairs before she looked back at me. I was starting to get a little concerned.Suddenly, Baby apparently sensed an opening and jerked on the chain, getting just enough slack to slip the chain over her chin. Cunt quickly realized what was happening and tightened the chain again, but it had now slipped and was going diagonally across Baby's face. Her face contorted as the chain tightened and twisted across it.Baby reached back over her head and frantically clawed at Cunt, managing to grab her hair and pull sharply, causing them both to tumble down the stairs."Baby!!!" I cried.They reached the bottom of the stairs with a sickening "thud", Cunt landing on top of Baby. I quickly untangled them from the chain, jumped up on the futon and ran Cunt's chain through the ring. I got back down and pulled the chain tightly. As I looked at my Baby lying on the floor, barely conscious, my rage took over. I jerked the chain with every ounce of strength I could muster, pulling Cunt across the floor by the collar around her neck.Cunt screamed with pain and grabbed the chain, trying to lessen the tension. She screamed and kicked her legs furiously as I pulled her across the room, six inches at a time.I kept pulling until she had no choice but to stand up, directly under the chain ring in the ceiling. I kept pulling until she was standing on her toes, arms flailing and still screaming."NO! NO! NO! NO!" she sobbed in despair.I quickly grabbed the handcuffs, took her arms and jerked them around her back and handcuffed them behind her. I then took the ball gag and put it on her. I didn't want to hear anything she had to say.Cunt now being secured, I ran over to Baby and knelt down. "Baby...Oh God, Baby!" I cried, getting my first look at the extent of her injuries. She had multiple scrapes on her arms and legs, a bruise circling around her throat and a long contusion diagonally up her face. She also had two fat lips where the chain had crossed her mouth."Daddy..." she moaned. She usually only called me that in private. My heart sank upon hearing her say it in her weak, pain-filled whisper."It's ok, Baby." I said, trying to hold back my tears. Her injuries were not life-threatening, but I couldn't stand to see my Baby girl like this.I walk over to Cunt, grabbed her by the hair and jerked her head up to face me. "You hurt my Baby." I growled, my face contorted with rage. "I *will* be back, and you *will* beg me for death before I'm done with you.""OOOOO!!! OOOOO!!!" Cunt pleaded through her ball gag.I picked Baby up and carried her upstairs to the bed. I cleaned her up, applied some medicine to her wounds and caressed her head as she drifted off to sleep.I looked down at her sleeping, tears welling up in my eyes. It was at that moment I realized I'd rather be dead than live without my Baby.She is going to pay for this...January 3rd, 20086:04amI went back down to the slave quarters. Cunt still hung there, balancing on her toes for the last 30 minutes.I stood there for a moment and just looked at her. My anger had subsided somewhat as I watched Baby fall asleep, but it started to well up in me again. "Oooo aaaakk eeeee!" Cunt grunted. I didn't know what she was trying to say and didn't care. I grabbed a roll of duct tape and taped over the ball gag. I don't even want to hear her voice."Mmm-mmm, hmm-mmm-mm!" she mumbled in a pleading tone.I just kept looking at her, trying to control my anger. I certainly didn't want to kill her, or even physically damage her. There is still hope that she can be broken and sold. I have too much time invested in her to screw it up now.After staring at her for a little while longer. I decided I need to do something drastic. I walked back up the stairs and unlocked the top door, leaving it open. I also left the bottom door open.I walked up to her and unlocked the chain attached to her collar. She fell to the floor.I pushed her over on her stomach and unlocked her handcuffs, freeing her arms. I held her down by pushing on her back as I removed the duct tape and ball gag."Wh... what are you doing?" she asked."You are free." I said."What?" she said with disbelief."You are unchained." I said, unbuckling my belt and sliding it off. "Both doors are open. All you have to do is walk through them, open the front door and run."She looked at me, looked at the door, and finally looked at the doubled-over belt."Let's see how tough you are." I taunted.She started to slowly circle around me, towards the door. "Please, I won't tell anyone, just let me..." she stopped mid-sentence and darted for the door. I was ready for her. I quickly lassoed her around the neck with my belt, tightening it as I pulled her down to the ground.I pulled her across the room, dragging her by the neck with my belt, releasing her in the corner opposite the door. She scrambled to her knees and looked back at the door, trying to determine if she could make another run for it.She must have decided it was worth a try. She shot towards the door trying to go around me to my right, then changed directions to try and go around my left. Just as she got within reach, I grabbed her by the hair and swung her to the ground. "God damn it, you fucking pervert!" she screamed. Something inside me snapped.I raised the belt and brought it whipping down across her back as she tried to get up on her knees."Ahhhhh! Stop!" she yelled, putting her arm up, trying to block further blows.I quickly reared back and lashed the belt across her lower back and ass. She jerked up straight, still on her knees, grabbing her back in pain. "Pleeeeaaaseee!" she begged.Over and over I brought the belt crashing down on her soft, young body, welts rising to mark each lash. She huddled in the corner and raised her arms to protect her face. She passed out at some point, but I continued to whip her limp body until I was too exhausted to raise my arm again. I wanted her to be as sore as my Baby would be.When she regained consciousness, she was hog-tied and naked. I had dragged her to the punishment room, laid her across a platform I made by laying a board across two wood blocks. She was positioned on her knees and elbows, both arms and both legs were securely tied. Her head was bent back and secured so it was pointing straight ahead. She was almost completely immobile. The only things she could move were her feet and hands, and even those just barely. I put the anti-biting clamp in place."Ooooohhh! eeeezzzeeeee!" she groaned."Do you see not that it is hopeless?" I asked, "Even if you had made it past me and out the door, you would have had to run 10 miles, in the dark, in your underwear, to find anyone to help you.""Eeezzzzeee!" she pleaded."And even then, out here in the woods, you would be almost as likely to run in to a bear, or some local redneck that would just keep you locked up in his trailer." I added."This could have been easy on you." I continued. "You could have cooperated, learned to be a good slave, and been sold to a nice, wealthy gentleman and had an easy life.""As it is, you did the one thing I cannot forgive." I said. "It would have been better for you if you had attacked me.""So you blew the last chance you had at a nice life. Now you will be nothing more than a sperm dumpster and human toilet." I said, as I stood up and pulled my cock out.I pointed my cock toward her. "Look at me." I ordered. She lifted her eyes to look at me, just as the stream of piss hit her on the forehead. She clamped her eyes shut and moaned, unable to move or do anything to prevent the urine from drenching her face.I aimed my cock for her mouth. The piss filled her mouth as she gurgled and tried to block it with her tongue. I drained my long-held bladder and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. I opened it and poured it over her head, splashing some in her mouth. I wasn't done with her yet and didn't want her to smell like piss."Did you like that?" I asked. "I thought you might be thirsty!""Uuuuhhhhhhffff" was all she could manage to say.I bent over and put my mouth to her ear. "I'm sure you must be getting hungry, too.""OOOOOOHHH! OOOOOOOHHH!" she screamed and started crying hysterically."When we're done here, I'll see if I can find something for you to eat." I taunted.She just cried even more hysterically, frantically tugging at her bonds."Hey, I want to introduce you to someone." I said sarcastically. "He's very special to me. Lex!"She stopped crying and tried to look around."Lex! C'mon boy!" I shouted.Lex, my male, retriever-sized mutt, came running down the stairs and looked in to the room."C'mere, boy!" I encouraged. Lex walked over to my side."This here's my boy! Me and him are like this!" I said, holding up my first two fingers wrapped around each other."Uhh, uhh, uhh!" Cunt panted."Yeah, he's my boy..." I repeated, pulling Lex's front legs up to my chest and wrapping my arm around him to hold him in place.I turned Lex around to face Cunt as I reached down and grabbed his cock."AAAAAAAAAGGGGG!" Cunt screamed, as the horror of what I was doing sunk in.I started rubbing Lex's cock to get him going. Cunt stared at his cock, her expression becoming more terrified as the red tip of Lex's cock started to emerge."athter! ather! eeezzee! oooohhh!" she begged."It's too late for begging." I said, walking Lex around behind Cunt. I helped Lex up to mount Cunt and walked back around to face her.He probed around with his penis, struggling to find an opening."C'mon Lex, you can do it!" I cheered."Eeeezzzzeeee!" Cunt pleaded.Suddenly, Cunt let out the most horrible scream I think I have ever heard. Her eyes bulged out and her nostrils flared. "AAAAAARRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!""Lex, did you find the wrong hole again?" I asked, taunting Cunt. I walked around to take a look and then walked back to face Cunt, who was gasping and screaming with each thrust of Lex's cock."Yep, you sure did!" I chuckled. "AAAK...AAAK...AAAK...AAAK" Cunt screamed in rhythm with Lex's movements."Well, I don't want Lex to have all the fun!" I said, pulling my cock back out.I got down on my knees, crawled a step or two over to Cunt, and with one smooth move, rammed my cock completely down her throat. Her face turned red and she looked up at me as if I she was going to die. I pulled my cock most of the way out and before I could ram it in again, puke shot out of her mouth on to my cock. "Well, that was unpleasant." I said, reaching over for a towel and wiping us both off.I put my cock back in her mouth and jammed it down her throat again and just held it there for several seconds. She continued to attempt to scream with each of Lex's thrusts, which were rapidly picking up speed.I then started pumping her face. "C'mon, boy. Let's fuck this bitch together!" I said, trying to match Lex's rhythm. I soon realized that I could not keep up with Lex, who was furiously pumping Cunt's ass as he gripped her waist with both paws. So I quit trying and just concentrated on filling her stomach with come. It did not take long for me to shoot my load straight down her throat, bypassing her mouth and any chance of spitting it out. She gurgled a bit as I removed my cock from her mouth and sat back down in the chair.Lex was desperately trying to get the knot in his cock in to Cunt's asshole, but it was just too big. He dismounted her and paced around in frustration.I called him over, pointed him away from Cunt's face and swiveled his cock out behind him. I pointed it at Cunt's face and jacked him off until the come started flowing. It splashed in her face as I continued jacking him off. By this time, Cunt was just lying there with a blank look on her face, and barely making a sound. I aimed for her mouth and Lex's come pooled behind her bottom teeth and under her tongue. Her only reaction was to move her lips just enough to let the come spill out on the ground.Lex was finished and quickly lost interest, running back upstairs. "Well, wasn't that fun?" I taunted. Cunt did not respond."I hope it was," I began, "because this is your life now... every day... until you die.""Now," I continued, "I'll bet you are starving!"Cunt finally showed some reaction. "Ooooohhh!" she moaned weakly, then closed her eyes and fell silent.I looked up and Baby was standing there at the door. I have no idea how long she had been there."Baby!" I exclaimed. "You should be in bed!""I'm ok, Master." she replied. "Really, I'm OK, just a little sore.""Cunt and I are almost finished." I said. "You should go back upstairs and get something to eat.""I'm fine, Master." she responded. "Please Master... I think Cunt has had enough. Please let me talk to her.""We're not done yet! Go upstairs and I'll be up in a little while." I ordered.Baby pulled me towards her and lowered her voice almost to a whisper. "Please, Master... Daddy... I'm OK. Cunt has had enough. I forgive her. Let me handle it from here... please."I hesitated for a few seconds and then walked back and knelt down to look Cunt in the face. "You owe this girl your life." I said. I closed the door and walked back upstairs.January 3rd, 20089:14pmAfter the episode with Cunt and Lex last night, Baby was a bit concerned about her. She thought I was too hard on Cunt, and she was probably right. After I left the room, I watched them on the video monitor sporadically all day.Immediately after I left, Baby put the collar chain back on Cunt and attached it to the ceiling, then untied her and lay her down on the bed. She applied ointment over Cunt's body to soothe the pain from the belt, and treated her asshole, which had some superficial bleeding.Baby spent most of the first few hours trying to console Cunt as she lie on the bed facing the wall and crying. After a few hours, I walked down to see how she was. When I walked in, Cunt became hysterical."NO! NO! NO!" she cried, pulling her body up in to a ball in the corner of the bed. Baby led me back out of the room and closed the door behind us. "I think we will need a few days, Master." Baby began, "She's definitely broken, but she's on the edge of cracking up. I believe she will be OK, but I need some time alone with her."Later that day, Baby finally got Cunt to sit up and eat a sandwich. I decided to give them three days.January 5th, 20084:23pmWayne called today. I told him about Cunt and that she would not be ready for at least a month. He said that should not be a problem, but that his friend had already scheduled his wife's overseas trip for January 15th, so it was "do or die" time. He was sure his friend wouldn't mind waiting for Cunt, but we had to take his wife on the 15th, if we were ever going to do it. I told him I'd let him know tomorrow.January 6th, 20081:03pmI phoned Wayne and told him we'd take the guy's wife. I knew it was a risk, but the money is starting to get low. I need this guy to buy Cunt, but he can't if I don't take his wife off his hands.Baby made the rounds to the runaway and womens shelters in town tonight. She has a couple of prospects, but nothing very promising yet. It looks like we'll already have two slaves on the 15th, so there is no hurry for more. January 8th, 20087:50pmThe three days I gave Cunt to recover are up today. I told Baby this morning that I expected Cunt to be ready today. I know Baby has been working with her quite a bit. I told her I'd be down at 4pm.At about 3:45pm, I switched on the video monitor and watched them for a while. Cunt appeared to be doing OK. Baby seemed to be reassuring her and petting her head a lot. I turned the sound on."...will be OK. I promise no one will hurt you again if you do exactly as you are told, and are respectful to Master." Baby assured her. "Master will be here soon, and I need you to tell him what we talked about. Don't forget to get permission to speak first.""Yes, Mistress." Cunt answered."And do not talk back, make bitch faces, sigh loudly or anything like that. Always smile and say 'Yes, Master' no matter what you are asked to do." Baby added."Yes, Mistress," Cunt replied, "I will do my best." They sat on the edge of the futon, awaiting my arrival. They were both in slave outfits, Baby in light blue, Cunt in green.At 4:05pm, I grabbed my clipboard and headed down.As I unlocked the bottom door, I heard them scrambling around. I cracked the door open to see them both in position against the far wall, looking down towards the floor. Neither one looking up at me as I entered the room. Good so far.I walked over to the recliner and dropped my clipboard on the table. Cunt jumped slightly upon hearing it hit the table.I stood in front of the recliner and faced them. "Cunt!" I said forcefully. "Yes, Master?" she replied without looking up."Step forward." I ordered. Cunt stood up and took one step towards me, not looking up. She was now about two feet in front of me.I walked up to within a foot of her, paused a few seconds and said "Down on your knees.""Yes, Master." she answered, immediately complying."Look at me." I said.She looked up at me, shaking her head slightly to get her hair out of her eyes. I hadn't noticed before how pretty she actually was. Baby had made her remove all of the studs and other crap from her piercings and helped her with her makeup. Her green eyes were her best feature."Are you ready to cooperate now?" I asked. "Yes, Master." She said, her tongue popping out and licking her bottom lip. It was a completely unintentional, nervous action on her part, but still incredibly sexy.I was lost in her eyes for a few moments until she snapped me out of my trance."Master...?" she asked."Yes?" I prompted."Master, I am very sorry for what I did to Baby. I did not mean to hurt her." She began, genuine contrition evident in her voice. "She has been good to me and I would never try to hurt her, or anyone, ever again."She then bent down and kissed my left shoe. "Please forgive me, Master." she begged.I was stunned. "I promise I will be a good slave and never defy you again." she exclaimed, kissing my right shoe, then sitting back up on her knees and looking down at the floor. I looked over at Baby, unable to hide the shock on my face. Baby put the back of her hand over her mouth to hide her smile and lowered her head, trying to suppress her laughter at my reaction."That's... that's good to hear, um..." I stammered. I found it hard to call her 'Cunt' after that performance."And for my part, you will find that I am a fair and loving master..." I assured her, lightly grabbing her chin with my right hand and tipping her head up to look at me. "...to my obedient and loving slaves."I stood there looking in to her eyes for a few seconds, then broke away and sat down on the recliner. I can't afford to get emotionally attached to this girl."So... you need a new name to suit your new attitude." I announced. "Do you have any ideas?""Master? I... no... I mean... can it be anything I want?" She asked."Within reason." I responded, adding "But it shouldn't be a normal name that you average person would have. It should be descriptive of you."Baby stood up and walked over to Cunt, pet her hair a few times and said "How about 'Flower'...because of the way she has bloomed for us?""I like it!" Cunt exclaimed excitedly. "I mean...I like it... Master!""Then 'Flower' it shall be!" I proclaimed."Baby, from now on, unless she gives us a reason to change it, Flower shall have full slave privileges: TV, futon, refrigerator access and the rest." I said. Flower looked at Baby and they smiled at each other. Baby knew which of my buttons to press. I think they were playing me like a fiddle. I gave Baby a playful "You're in trouble!" look. She just smiled and looked away."Ok, Flower..." I started, getting up from the chair and standing a few feet in front of her. "It's time for your evaluation. Stand up.""You will be inspected and we will grade you in several different categories." I explained. "Remove your shirt."Flower immediately crossed her arms, grabbing opposite sides of her shirt near her waist and pulled it off in one smooth motion. Her firm tits bounced a few times, coming to rest in a nice, high position."Very nice!" I commented, handing Baby the clipboard. "Baby, please continue the inspection."My mind wandered as Baby poked, prodded and squeezed Flower, assigning scores to her different physical features, and taking notes on areas that may need improvement via focused exercises, a little extra makeup here or there, etc.Normally I would have done the inspection myself so I could fully explore my new girls body, but I am becoming very worried about the finances and my mind is just not in to it tonight.I barely notice Baby putting lotion on her finger and checking Flower's vagina for tightness.If Wayne's friend doesn't buy Flower, we're going to be in serious trouble. The current state of the economy has really hurt my business. The work has all but dried up, and the money I got from Wayne for Star is almost gone.Baby has Flower bend over as she puts a rubber glove on and coats her finger with lotion. I'm very worried about the deal with this guys wife. It's just too risky, but I don't really have a choice at this point."AHHH!" Flower cries. I turn to look and Flower is bent over, Baby has her left hand on Flower's lower back and and her gloved right index finger up her ass."I'm sorry, Honey!" Baby says, pulling her finger out. "I know you are still a little tender down there."What if he doesn't like Flower? I mean, she's young... firm... pretty... what's not to like? Still, you never know. "Different strokes" as they say. I need a backup plan."We're done, Master." Baby announced. "Thank you, Baby." I said, taking the clipboard from her. "I'll look over this in a bit. Why don't you two take the night off, have some ice cream and watch TV."I turned to walk up the stairs and Baby caught up with me. "What is it, Daddy?" she asked, in her soft whisper-voice."Nothing, Baby." I replied. "I'm just a bit preoccupied tonight. Go have some fun with Flower."I went to my computer to check my email and browse for any possible work leads. Nothing. I need more girls... and more buyers.January 10th, 200811:18pmBaby went to the womens shelter tonight. She has an Hispanic girl that wanted to come home with her tonight. Baby has been talking to her for a week or so now. Baby told her she'd have to check with me first.Most of the girls immediate family was deported about two weeks ago. She escaped deportation because she wasn't home at the time. She has no other family here besides a few cousins, none of which she can stay with, and an older brother that lives in his car. This would be an easy and safe acquisition, but Baby said she is just "OK" looking, 22 years old and "slightly overweight" so she wanted to make sure we even wanted her first.I figured she might not sell for much, but anything we could get for her would be better than nothing, and she is extremely low-risk. I told her to bring the girl home tomorrow night.Flower is coming along fine, or so Baby tells me. I've been too busy to properly test her talents. And as much as I hate to admit it, I've not been very motivated to work with her now that she is broken and so compliant. The thrill is gone and she feels like just a piece of property to me. I also desperately need to sell her and don't want to get attached to her like I did Star. It was very difficult to sell her.January 11th, 20082:33pmBaby is bugging me about working with Flower. " She needs a real cock to practice with." she says. I agreed, but told her it would have to wait a day or two if the new girl is coming home with her tonight. She agreed and said she would remind me in a couple of days. January 12th, 20083:15amBaby brought the Hispanic girl home, telling her she could stay here as a live-in house keeper. She is fairly short, maybe 5' 3” her skin is medium tone, and she definitely could lose 15-20 pounds, but is nicely curved. Her tits are nice, but a bit smaller than what I would call proportional. Overall, she is "cute", but nowhere near as pretty as Baby, Star or even Flower.The girl speaks little English, but some. Baby has a high school level knowledge of Spanish. I only know about four words of Spanish, but between the two of them we are able to communicate somewhat efficiently.We talked to her for a several minutes. She asked what her duties would be and how much we would pay her. I played along, listing her duties and promising her $10 an hour. She seemed thrilled to be getting paid so much. When she asked where her room would be, it was time to drop the charade, since I don't actually have an empty spare room for her. I decided I was bored with the tie-them-up-and-beat-them routine and wanted to try something different: pure intimidation.I told her to wait there for a moment and went in to the kitchen. Hiding a long knife down the back of my pants, I walked back to the couch where she was sitting, stood closer to her than she was comfortable with and looked down at her."Mister Edward..." she said."Take your clothes off!" I demanded.She looked at me, confused, then looked at Baby waiting for a translation. I think she understood what I said, but couldn't believe it and was hoping she was wrong, or that I was joking.Baby translated the best she could, acting out removing her clothes with her hands."No, Mister Edward... I clean house." she replied."No clean house." I said calmly, shaking my head. "Take your clothes off.""NO! I clean house only!" she insisted.I slowly pulled the knife out with my right hand, running my left index finger down the blade for dramatic effect."Take your clothes off... NOW!" I ordered. Her eyes lighting up with fear and her body jumping slightly in her seat when I emphasized the word "NOW"."Mister Edward!" she cried, tears welling in her eyes."NOW!" I yelled.Terrified at my yell, her head slammed against the back of the couch and her feet jumped off the floor. She pulled her knees up towards her chest, but she did not try to fight or run.She stared at me in horror for a few, long seconds, then made a cross on her chest with her hand and cried, repeating something several times in Spanish.I raised the knife to my shoulder and pointed the blade towards her.“Do it!” I barked.She slowly started unbuttoning her blouse. "Stand up!" I demanded, positioning myself between her and the front door. She did as she was told."Clothes off!" I snapped.She continued to unbutton her blouse and cry. Saying things in Spanish with a fewEnglish words here and there."Shut up!" I demanded. She looked at Baby who said something to her in Spanish. She looked back at me and fell silent, slipping her blouse off and dropping it on the floor.She just stood there, looking at me as if she were done."All of it!" I ordered, pointing to her chest.She let out a quiet sob, reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra, letting it fall to the ground, and covering her chest with her arms.I was getting tired of trying to make her understand English. I told Baby to help her carry out my orders."Arms at you side!" I demanded. Baby said something to her and then grabbed her arms, positioning them at her side. I roughly grabbed her right tit and squeezed it. She winced in pain a bit and shrunk back away from my touch."Stand up straight!" I yelled. Baby guided her back in position. Baby seemed to be reassuring her in Spanish that she would not be hurt.I put the knife back down the back of my pants and grabbed both of her tits, kneading and massaging them. They were not the best tits I had ever seen but there were nice and firm. Her dark nipples became involuntarily erect as I rubbed them between my fingers and thumbs. She started sobbing and saying something to Baby with urgency in her voice."She says this is a sin." Baby said, trying to suppress a smile.I stepped back and pulled the knife back out."Pants off!" I commanded.She started crying again and repeated the part about this being a sin. Baby knew my patience was running out so she took the girls hands and moved them to the button on her pants, prompting her in Spanish.The girl continued to cry as she unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, pushing them down to her feet, sliding her flip-flops off and stepping out of the pants. She put her hands in front of her crotch, which Baby promptly moved back to her sides."Mister Edward... I clean house only!" she repeated, sobbing.I ignored her and moved the knife towards her, slowly so she wouldn't be startled. I slid it under the right strap of her white and blue striped panties, cutting it with a quick snap of the blade. She let out a quick, high-pitched screech as she pulled back from the knife, grabbing the strap of her panties, trying to hold them up."Off!" I demanded. Baby motioned to her and said a Spanish word. "Please, Mister Edward!" she begged.Baby took her hand and helped the girl start to drop her panties, letting go and allowing the girl to finish removing them once she realized she had no choice.She was now standing in just her white socks, her dark black cunt hair a tangled mess. She has a small belly pooch and her hips are a little flabby, but overall she's definitely fucakble."On your knees!" I ordered, pointing toward the ground.She complied without complaint. I'm not sure she understood where this was going."Suck my cock!" I commanded, taking a step closer to her. She looked very confused and turned to Baby for a translation.Baby tried to translate, but was having trouble finding the right words. She motioned toward my crotch and made a bobbing head motion with her fist up to her mouth.The girl looked back at me in horror and started crying again. "Mister Edward! No!" she pleaded. I nodded my head and pointed the knife at my crotch.She looked back at Baby, frantically sobbing and talking very fast. Baby couldn't follow everything she said, but caught the gist of it and said something in a reassuring tone."She thinks this is a sin and is afraid." Baby said. "I told her it wasn't a sin if she was forced to do it. I think she believes me and said she would try if we promise not to 'murder' her."The girl unbuttoned my pants and slid the zipper down slowly. Pulling my pants down to my knees, she reached in to my boxers and tentatively grabbed my semi-erect cock. She pulled my dick out the front of my boxers and put her nose up to it. I think she was smelling it. She then licked it once as if to taste it. "Put it in your mouth!" I ordered, thrusting my hips toward her, my cock throbbing as it became fully erect with anticipation.She looked at Baby, who stuck her thumb in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on it.She sobbed a Spanish phrase a few times while making a cross on her chest again with her hand, and then put her mouth on my cock.She didn't even take the whole head of my cock in her mouth and started to bob her head up and down about an inch. Baby quickly put her hand on the back of the girls head and guided her farther down on my cock. The girl braced herself against my thighs with her hands, trying to push away from taking too much."More, Baby." I said. Baby pushed the girls head down another inch or so, causing her to gag."No Mas!" the girl cried, pulling her mouth off. That was one of the few Spanish words I knew."Fucking MAS!" I yelled, grabbing her head and jamming it back on my cock, until the head hit resistance in her throat. I held her head in place for several seconds as she struggled and pushed against my thighs. I pulled my cock back a bit, allowing her to breathe and then motioned to Baby to take over guiding her. Baby grabbed the sides of the girls head and with slow, steady motions, repeatedly slid the girls mouth over my stiff, saliva-covered cock. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back as the young girls soft mouth worked its unwilling magic. I put my right hand on the top of the girls head, grabbing a handful of hair as I felt my balls tighten. After several more strokes, I held the girls head in place with my right hand and shot my first load of come in to the back of her throat. She immediately twisted her head to the side, my cock falling out of her mouth.She dropped to her hands and knees, gagging and choking, spitting come out of her mouth. Baby, always on the ball, grabbed my dick with her hand and jerked me off until I had finished coming.I looked down, and the girl sat there on her knees, head on the floor and crying. On her back were several splashes of come, slowly sliding down her ribs.I started to pull my pants back up when suddenly, there was a knock on the door! We live in the middle of nowhere. A knock on the door cannot possibly be good news.I quickly pulled my pants up, grabbed my revolver from the cabinet and went to the door. I cockedthe revolver and held it in my right hand, keeping it behind the door as I opened it with my left. There stood a young Hispanic male, about 25 years old. He was roughly 5' 8", and slim, but not particularly muscular. I quickly decided I could take him if I had to, but kept the revolver ready."Can I help you?" I inquired."Sir," he began, with a thick Spanish accent, "What are you doing to my sister?"January 12th, 200811:10amI was speechless, my mind working over-time trying to figure out what to do."Um... I... she came home with... uhh" I stammered."I followed her." he said, "I got worried after so long and looked in the window. I saw you mistreating Rosalyn." (Rosalyn is not her real name)."Get the fuck in here!" I said, whipping the gun out from behind the door and pointing it straight in his face."Whoa!" he shouted, putting his hands up as if to show he was not armed, "What the hell is wrong with you?""What?" I asked, "You see me 'mistreating' her then you knock on my door. I'm supposed to think you stopped by for a beer? Why are you here?""My name is Tomas." He said. "Rosalyn is my sister. We have no home since our family was deported. She was staying in the shelter and I sleep in the car. When she could get a house to clean, I would take her and wait. She would hide me some food out the back door.""*Sneak* you some food out the back door." I said."Pardon?" he asked, confused."Never mind." I said, annoyed. "So, what do you want?""We wanted nothing but to clean house and get some food and little money." he replied. "But now you mistreat her. We would want some more money.""Oh? And how much would you like?" I asked sarcastically."Maybe... $100?" he suggested, with a tone as if he were asking for some huge, insulting amount of money he knew he wouldn't get."And $30 to clean house, if you want." he added.I just sexually molested his sister, and he wants $100, and still wants to clean the house. At this point I was relieved. He probably has prostituted her out before. I can just give him a couple hundred dollars and they'll both go away. I'd like to keep her, but I'm not going to murder this guy, and I don't see another option. The last thing I want or need is a male slave and it's too risky. He's much more likely to be able to overpower me than the girls."OK," I agreed, "I'll give you the money. Follow me and get your sister."We walked in to the living room. Baby was sitting on the floor, trying to console Rosalyn, who was still naked and lying on the floor.Rosalyn looked up, saw Tomas, jumped to her feet and ran to him. She started crying hysterically, hugging him and talking very fast in Spanish.She was frantically pointing at me and waving her arms around as Tomas tried to calm her down. I'm certain I heard the word "Policia" more than once. I asked Baby and she confirmed it. She is ranting that I raped her and they need to call the police.FUCK! I guess this isn't a scam, and she's not a prostitute. I can't let them leave now."Over to the couch!" I ordered, pointing the gun at them again. "Both of you!""Roslyn, sit down." I said, handing Baby the knife I still had tucked in the back of my pants."Watch her, Baby." I ordered. "Tomas, come in the kitchen with me."I followed Tomas in to the kitchen, gun held high. I did not want to kill Tomas, but I will if that is my only choice. I had one last desperate plan to try. If this didn't work I'd have to kill him, so I saw no reason to hide anything."Tomas," I began, "We deal in slaves here. We kidnap, train and sell slaves to rich people.""What do these people do with the slaves?" Tomas asked."They are sex slaves, Tomas" I answered."And you want to make Rosalyn a sex slave?" he asked."That was the plan until you showed up, yes." I replied."And what do you do now?" he countered."Well, that's up to you." I said, "The way I see it, you have three choices. I heard Roslyn talking about calling the police. I cannot allow that.""You pay us, we won't call police." he assured."I cannot take that chance. She is very upset." I reminded him."Yes, she is." he agreed, "But she will do as I say.""I still can't take the chance." I repeated. "So, your first option is... I kill you, and keep her as a slave.""I do not like that option." Tomas said, with no hint of trying to be humorous."Your second option is, I take you both as slaves and you would probably be sold to a gay man.""I do like that option either." he said, equally seriously, "What is third option?""The third option" I began, " is I keep Rosalyn, you live here and work for me. When she is fully trained, she will be sold to a rich person and be taken care of very well for the rest of her life. And you can continue to work for me for as long as you like.""I... might like this option." he said thoughtfully."I'm not going to deceive you, Tomas" I said, "the training is hard. She will be chained up and 'mistreated' until she learns to please a man... and a woman, in every way possible. She will be harshly punished if needed, but when it's all over, she will have a good life and never want for anything again.""And as for you," I continued, "You help me with anything I need around here, yard work, fixing the house or anything else I need. I will pay you $200 a week in cash and get you a small trailer to live in behind the house.""I am liking this option." he interjects."And, once you have a clean bill of health from the doctor, I can ocassionally use you to help train slaves." I said, with a sly grin."What does that mean?" he inquired."It means sex." I answered. "I can use another cock around here for the girls to train with.""You mean, I have free sex with slave girls?" he asked, incredulously.I didn't like the way he looked over at Baby when he asked that. I took the gun, jammed it under his chin, pushing his head up a few inches."Rule #1: You never, EVER, touch Baby." I growled. "She is mine. If you touch her, I will feed you your own balls, shoot you through the head and bury you in the back yard. Are we clear?""Yes..." he squeaked, looking down at the gun.I pulled the gun away, but left it pointed at him."Rule #2:" I continued, "You never touch any of my girls without permission from me or Baby, for any reason. And Rule #3: You do not leave this property without permission.""Also, if you help me find and secure a new girl, you will get $1,000 when they are sold, starting with Rosalyn." I added."Yes!" he said, "I like this option!""But," he said, suddenly sounding sad, "poor Rosalyn. She will not understand why I let you mistreat her and still work for you. She will hate me, but she will have good life. She will forgive me some day.""Tomas..." I trailed off, pausing for several seconds, trying to decide if I was truly this evil."Tomas...first you must prove to me that you can be trusted and if you really have what it takes to help train slaves." "What? How do I do that?" he asked."You must let me video tape you doing something very illegal." I replied, "So I know if you run off or try to go to the police, I can show them the video and you would go to prison also.""What would you want me to do?" he said "Rob somebody, maybe?""No, Tomas. Something worse than that..." I answered, "You also need to show that you have the balls to mistreat a girl as she screams and cries.""You want me to rape someone?" he asked in disbelief."Yes, Tomas." I replied. "Who? Who do I rape?" he said, looking around for emphasis."One of my slave girls." I responded. "She is just one of my slave girls, and you have to be able to think of all my girls as just slaves, no matter who they are. You can not play favorites with any of them.""What...? I don't under..." he said, trailing off and deeply confused.Suddenly, he jerked up straight in his chair, his face contorted with horror and shame."Not Rosalyn!" he shouted.Rosalyn called to Tomas from the living room. He said a few words in Spanish, with a tone of "Never mind, I wasn't talking to you.""You cannot ask me..." he started to say."She is just one of my slave girls." I repeated. "I need you to help me train her. If you are not willing, there are still the other two options. Either way, she will be trained, starting tonight, and sold. And I could sell her in to prostitution...""She would never forgive me..." he said, starting to tear up. "But, I can't have her go back to the shelter or be deported, she deserves a better life than that.""She will have a good life, Tomas" I assured."Yes... yes, I will do it." he said "God forgive me!""OK, put this on." I said, handing him a condom from the drawer. "We will get you tested this week, but for now, we don't need you getting her pregnant or giving her a disease."He just sat there, looking down at the condom, a few tears dripping on to the table. I handed him a towel to wipe his face."You need to be strong." I encouraged. "You have to quit thinking of her as your sister and see her as just another slave."I grabbed the video camera as he put the condom on and zipped his pants back up. He has a fairly average penis, maybe 6 inches or so. He wasn't hard so I couldn't tell for sure."Tomas," I said, putting my hand on his shoulder, "You are going to have to be harsh. She will fight you because she doesn't understand that it's best for her." "Yes, Sir." He replied, straightening his clothes, his face becoming visibly more cold and determined."And Tomas..." I continued, "Don't stop until you come.""I won't, Sir." he assured me.We walked back in to the living room and I motioned Baby over to me. "We will deal later with your inexcusable lack of caution." I quietly hissed through clenched teeth, "This was totally unacceptable!""I know, Master." she said, her voice quivering."For now, just tell me what they are saying." I ordered, turning the video camera on.Tomas walked over to Rosalyn and knelt down in front of her."This man... something... something... help us... something... rich people... something... he's talking too fast!" Baby said, attempting to translate. "obey..." Baby continued, "good life... something... forgive... something... Not your brother... what's he talking about?Tomas took the clothes from Rosalyn's hands and threw them on the floor. Rosalyn covered her chest with her arms and yelled at Tomas."...something..." Baby said, unable to translate most of what Rosalyn was yelling. "my brother...something...insane? I'm not sure..."Tomas unzipped his pants and pulled out his condom-covered cock. He started stroking it, trying to get it hard. Rosalyn screamed at him, put her hands up and edged back farther in the couch.Tomas jerked his dick for a few more seconds until it was mostly erect, then grabbed Rosalyn's hands with his hands, pulling them away from her face."Oh my God, Master!" Baby exclaimed, "What is going on?""Tomas works for me now." I replied. Baby just looked at me, mouth wide open.Tomas starting talking again, this time in a more harsh tone. "Something... love you... something... forgive me sometime? someday? ... " Baby's translation was interrupted by Tomas rearing back and smacking Rosalyn quite hard across the face. Rosalyn screamed and clawed at Tomas. He responded by smacking her several more times, alternating between smacking and back-handing her.After a dozen or so slaps, Rosalyn went limp, crying and sobbing. Tomas twisted and pushed her body, positioning her to lie on her back on the couch. He climbed on to the couch, at her feet."Open your... legs?" Baby translated. "He's going to rape his own sister!?!""I'll explain it later, Baby." I replied.Rosalyn was not complying so Tomas reached down and spread her legs apart. Jerking himself off again, he crawled on his knees towards her, getting between her legs.Rosalyn stared off in to space, tears streaming sideways down her face.Tomas spit in his hand several times and rubbed it on the head of his cock, then mounted his sister. After a few probing jabs, he reached down and grabbed his cock with his right hand, stiffened his left arm to put all his weight on it, and jammed his cock in to his crying sister's pussy."AAAAAAYYYYYYYIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!" Rosalyn screamed in pain and horror. It should not have hurt that much.Tomas started pumping his hips, plowing his cock in to her over and over as she screamed with each thrust.After a few seconds, I noticed blood trailing down Rosalyn's ass, soaking in to the couch cushion.GOD DAMMIT! She was a fucking virgin! FUCK! She would have been worth twice as much if she were intact. Who the fuck is still a virgin at 22 years old? Fuck.Tomas settled in to a smooth rhythm, closed his eyes and leaned his head back. Rosalyn started repeating something over and over in Spanish."What is she saying, Baby?" I asked."Something about... about... She is saying they are both going to hell." Baby answered."Uh... uh... uh... uhhhnnnn" Tomas grunted, as he filled the condom with come. He rammed his cock in to her several more times, pausing between each thrust for a second. Then rolled off of her and on to the floor. He was sweating profusely. Rosalyn just lie there crying.Tomas stood up, carefully pulled the condom off to avoid spillage, and walked over and put it in the trash."I'm done, Sir." he said coldly. "Your slave is ready for you."January 12th, 20081:34pmI'm still trying to catch up with writing what happened last night.After he was done with Rosalyn, I told Tomas to pull his car behind the house and sleep in it for now like he had been, until I could get a small travel trailer set up for him in a few days.Baby and I walked a naked and still crying Rosalyn down to the basement. When I opened the door, Flower was in position. I was surprised. I assumed she'd be asleep because it was after midnight.Flower tried not to look up, but couldn't help herself. She stared at Rosalyn in shock. She should be punished for breaking position, but I guess I would be shocked too if a naked, crying girl walked in to my room."Flower!" I snapped, "Why are you still awake?""I... Master..." she stammered, "I... I heard screaming...""It was just your new roommate." I informed her."My..." Flower trailed off, still staring at Rosalyn."Flower, put your headphones on." Baby ordered. "And turn the music up...loud.""Yes... Mistress..." Flower replied."Flower..." Baby continued, "Do you happen to know Spanish?""No, Mistress." Flower said, putting the headphones over her ears.We walked Rosalyn in to the punishment room. Rosalyn looked around and panicked. She yelled something in Spanish and tried to turn around and run. I grabbed her and threw over a padded saw horse. She fought me, but I wrestled her in to position and tied her hands to a second padded saw horse that is about a foot higher than the one she was leaning over. I held her legs in place as Baby tied her ankles to the legs of the lower saw horse. Her upper body was now almost horizontal, and she was vertical below the waist. Her legs and arms were spread wide, her head falling between her arms unless she held it up.She had already been mouth and pussy raped tonight, and it was late. I just wanted to give her the punishment spiel and the basic ground rules. I grabbed the dowel rod from the cabinet."Baby, translate for me." I ordered."Rosalyn," I started, "You have been kidnapped. You will be trained as a sex slave, and sold."I waited for Baby to translate. Rosalyn began sobbing and repeating phrases in Spanish."Your brother did not want to do what he did tonight." I continued. "I told him I would kill you both if he didn't. Do not blame him."Baby translated. Her sobbing seemed to subside a bit."I also promised him that if you cooperate, I would sell you to a rich person, and you would have a nice life, and not want for anything." I said.Baby translated and she quit sobbing. She said something to Baby."She wants to know since we forced him, was it still a sin.""No, Rosalyn," I assured her, "It was not a sin. Nothing you do as a slave is a sin."Baby translated. "Mister Edward," Rosalyn said, "I do as you say now.""It's not quite that easy, Rosalyn." I replied. "It's not enough to just agree to obey. You will be trained to follow all orders immediately and to the letter."Baby translated. Rosalyn looked confused."But I do as you say now." she repeated."Yes, Rosalyn," I confirmed, "you will do as I say. And you can start by calling me 'Master'"Baby translated."Mister Edward?" she asked, confused."Master!" I shouted, whacking her naked ass with the dowel rod. She cried out in pain and hysterically started repeating "I do as you say now." over and over."Baby, explain it to her." I directed.Baby explained it to her and she said "I do what you say now, Master Edward!""Just MASTER God Dammit!" I yelled, whacking her across the back of her thighs.Baby tried to calm her down as she screamed and sobbed. She tried explaining it again."I do what you say now, Master!" she promised."Baby, tell her the whole thing about this is what will happen if she disobeys, is slow to obey, etc. I'm fucking tired. Let's get this over with." I grumbled.Baby explained it to her. "Also, be sure to tell her this will never have to happen again if she obeys us." I added.Baby told her what I had said, and seemed to be reassuring her as Rosalyn started to sob loudly and beg in Spanish."Does she understand?" I asked."Yes, Master." Baby replied, "I think so.""Good." I said curtly, and began to wail on her ass. I lost count of the strokes around number fifteen, becoming distracted and increasingly annoyed at her screaming "I do as you say now, Master!" between each stroke."Master!" Baby pleaded.Baby's plea broke me out of my fit of rage and I stopped beating on Rosalyn. It was right then I realized I wasn't really that tired, and I wasn't pissed off at Rosalyn. I was upset with what I knew I had to do, and desperately did not want to do."Baby..." I began, handing her the rod, "Take this, go upstairs to the bedroom and wait for me there.""Yes... Master." she replied, her voice cracking.Baby left the room and headed upstairs. I untied Rosalyn, made her lie on the bed and handcuffed one of her hands to it. I closed the door without saying a word, leaving her in the dark."Go to sleep, Flower!" I commanded as I passed through, not waiting for a reply. I went upstairs, locking both doors. I walked up to the bedroom, hesitating at the door. As much as it breaks my heart, this must be done. I took a deep breath and walked in. Baby was sitting on the edge of the bed, dowel rod across her lap."Daddy, I know I..." she started. I quickly interrupted her."Baby..." I said. "I'm 'Master' right now, not 'Daddy'.""I'm sorry...Master." she replied. "Baby, God dammit!" I cursed. "There is no excuse for allowing yourself to be followed. This could have been the end of everything.""Master, I..." she began, tears welling up in her eyes."There is NO excuse, Baby, so don't try to make any." I replied."I... I know, Master" she agreed."Stand up and hand me the rod." I demanded. She immediately complied, but started crying."I'm sorry, Master..." she sobbed."I know you are, Baby." I told her, "But you know I have to do this.""Daddy! Please..." she pleaded."Drop your pants, Baby." I ordered."Daddy..." she continued to beg, as she unbuttoned her pants and slid them down to her ankles."Lay across the bed!" I directed. She laid length-wise on the bed, her head at the foot of the bed. "Put your face in this." I said, tossing her a pillow. "And put your hands behind your head." She complied and lie there sobbing quietly."Baby, for carelessness that could have resulted in the arrest and imprisonment of both of us: 10 lashes." I pronounced.Baby sobbed loudly in to the pillow, anticipating the first lash. It was not long in coming."I love you, Baby." I said, raising the rod over my head.The rod lashed viciously across her ass as she let out an ear-piercing scream in to the pillow. One of her hands left the back of her head and she tried to touch her ass to ease the pain. I grabbed her hand and put it back on her head.Again and again I lashed her ass and the back of her thighs as she screamed and cried, but did not fight me or try to block the lashes.Three more lashes to go, and I have to pause a second to clear the tears from my eyes. Whoever said "This is going to hurt me more than it does you." was... well, he was an idiot, but this is still one of the hardest things I've ever done.Baby's ass clenches tightly as each of the last three strokes quickly land. She is crying hysterically in to the pillow, ass still clenched, not realizing it's over."Stay there." I ordered, walking in to the bathroom and grabbing the lotion and a towel.I pulled her pants the rest of the way off, gently covered her ass and thighs with the medicated lotion to help minimize the welts, wiped my hands off with the towel and crawled in to bed.She slowly turned around in the bed and crawled under the covers with me. She laid her head on the left side of my chest, my left arm wrapped around her. "I love you too, Daddy." she sobbed, and we quietly cried ourselves to sleep in each others arms.January 12th, 20084:21pmWe woke up this morning and got ourselves ready for the day as usual, neither of us mentioning what happened last night. I could tell by the way she walked that she was still sore.We only have three days before Wayne's friend brings his wife to us. I've decided to wait until she is here to do Rosalyn's evaluation, and then do them together.I called Wayne after breakfast to tell him I had two girls now, three once the guy's wife gets here. He told me the guy's name is Kevin and the plan was for him to be here on the 15th, about 1pm.I told Wayne that to protect myself, I would need Kevin to disable and secure his wife by himself while I video tape it, to prevent Kevin from later denying any role in this. Wayne understood and didn't think it would be a problem. I asked him to tell Kevin I would make an assortment of ropes and handcuffs available to him, as well as a choker chain, duct tape, etc.Wayne says several of his friends are quite interested in getting a girl. Star has apparently made quite an impression on some of them. He asked when the girls would be available. I told him I wasn't sure, but Flower and Rosalyn (I need a new name for her...) could probably be ready in two weeks. I have no idea on Kevin's wife.He suggested I think about having an auction. He is sure he could get at least three or four of his wealthy friends to show up. We could also make Kevin buy his girl at auction. He has never seen Flower, and even though I assumed she would be sold to Kevin, she has not been promised to him, and no price has been quoted.I think I like this idea.Wayne then suggested a partnership. He would give me $50,000 to keep everything going and give me some cushion. He would also find the buyers, wine and dine them, do background checks, ensure they are safe, etc. In exchange, he takes 40% of the profit from every girl sold. He believes some of his contacts overseas would be repeat buyers.I definitely like this idea. I can concentrate on obtaining and training girls, without being worried about money or finding buyers. I think the 40% split is fair. Assuming about 20% of the sale price is spent to feed and house the girls, we both end up with 40%, and I get a steady stream of cute, young girls to fuck.I told him I would agree to this under two conditions. Number one is that he not interfere with the way I obtain and train the girls. He readily agreed to this, saying he has no intention of even coming to my house again. We need to maintain a separation between us, and suggested we even stop talking on the phone. We can use a secure email server to communicate.The second condition is that he makes at least some effort to ensure the girls are not being sold in to prostitution, or to make torture porn or snuff videos. No matter how I try, I can't help but forming some attachment to my girls and I couldn't sleep if I thought they were being used like this.He agreed, and pointed out that not many people would pay $100k+ for a girl just to whore her out. There are plenty of girls who volunteer to do that already. And it's a lot cheaper for someone to grab a girl off the street for torture porn. Both were good points.We are going to try and set up an auction for February 2nd. That should give me enough time to get the girls ready. Kevin's wife may need more time, but Wayne pointed out that the buyers don't actually pay cash and walk out that night with the girls. We would have at least another week to get them ready and set up the exchange. He would handle receiving payment and I would deliver the girls.He said he would transfer the $50k on Monday.January 12th, 20087:33pmI filled Baby in on the new partnership and planned auction. She is thrilled and asked if she could plan it. I told her to come up with a plan and show it to me. She grabbed a notebook and a pen and was excited to get started until I reminded her that it was almost 10am and we still had a naked Hispanic girl chained up in the basement.I told her that her first job was still to train the girls, and that she should plan the auction around her other duties.We went down to the basement. Flower was in position."At ease, Flower." I said, "Have a seat."She complied and sat on the futon. Baby sat beside her and I stood in front of her."Flower, as you saw last night, you have a new room mate. Her name is... uh, her name is...""I think her name was 'Ruby', Master." Baby interjected."Right, yes," I agreed, "Her name is Ruby and she speaks very little English. We are going to bring her in here soon. I expect you to make an extra effort to help her learn English.""Yes, Master." Flower replied."Baby speaks some Spanish and will also be teaching her, but it needs to be a group effort. Concentrate initially on words she will need to know to perform her duties as a slave, such as the names for body parts, including slang terms for private parts, and words like harder, faster, softer, deeper, etc.""OK, Master, I will do my best."Baby and I went in to the punishment room. Rosalyn was just lying there, patiently waiting for someone arrive."Mister Edw... err... Master!" she said, "I do as you say now!""Please tell her to quit saying that." I said in frustration.Baby spoke to her in broken Spanish."And tell her the part about not speaking unless she is spoken to." I added."And that your name is 'Mistress'...""And that her new name is 'Ruby'". Baby finished speaking to her."Does she understand all of that?" I asked."I think so." Baby responded."What is your name?" I asked, looking at Ruby."My name is Ruby." she said.Baby nudged her with her elbow."Err.. my name is Ruby, Master." she said."Very good, Ruby." I praised."Baby, get her cleaned up, and give her a slave outfit." I ordered, "Come out when she is ready."I grabbed the dowel rod from the cabinet and turned to walk out."I DO WHAT YOU..." Ruby shouted in fear, interrupted by a jab in the ribs from Baby's elbow.I hung my head and rubbed my eyes in frustration, then walked out, closing the door behind me."Flower!" I said, sitting upright in the recliner."Yes, Master...?" she said, with fear evident in her voice, noticing the rod in my hand."Don't worry, Flower." I reassured her, "The rod is not for you. I need a shoulder and neck massage.""Certainly, Master!" she said excitedly, clearly relieved. She stood behind the recliner and dug in to my shoulders with the thumbs of both hands."Ahh!" I grunted in pain, my shoulders even more tense than I thought. She worked my shoulders and then my neck like a trained professional. OK, maybe not, but God, it felt good. Baby usually does this for me, but we've been so busy and getting to bed so late that it's been a good two weeks since I've had a decent massage."Very nice, Flower!" I praised, twisting my neck from side-to-side to help loosen the muscles."Thank you, Master." she said, quite pleased with herself as she continued to massage.The stress relief and her soft touch was starting to get to me."Flower..." I began. "Ruby is going to come out here in a few minutes. She is still very early in her training. I need you to help her along. Encourage her, comfort her, make her feel welcome.""I will, Master." Flower assured me."Also, your full training will begin in a few days. Both of you.""Master?" she inquired, confused."Your training..." I repeated, "You need training in different techniques and methods of pleasing your master.""Oh..." she trailed off."Don't worry, Flower," I assured, "There is no more punishment involved, assuming you obey orders.""I will, Master." she promised."Actually..." I began, "Walk around here in front of me."She walked around in front of me, about a foot away. I sat up on the edge of the recliner, putting my hands on her hips and running them up and down the outside of her thighs, reaching around and lightly groping her ass."I've never even tested you out yet." I said, "Let's see how you do on your own."I unzipped my pants pulled out my semi-erect cock and leaned back against the back cushion of the recliner.Flower silently dropped to her knees, one soft hand encircling my cock, the other gently cupping my balls. She lightly stroked my shaft a few times and caressed my quickly-shrinking sack. Her hands are incredibly soft. I closed my eyes and let out a deep sigh.After several more strokes, I felt her lips touch the head of my cock, and gradually part as she slid the head between them. Her tongue slowly... torturously slowly, began to glide across the underside of the head. The girl has been working my cock for all of 45 seconds and my balls are already aching."We're ready, Master!" Baby said, poking her head through the door."Fuck!" I cursed under my breath, "OK, just a second."I grabbed Flower's chin with my thumb and index finger, tilting her head up to look at me. "That was incredible, Flower. We will pick this back up later. Go sit on the futon."I crammed my stiff boner back in my pants, zipped up and sat back down in the recliner."Come on in!" I shouted.January 13th, 200812:02amBaby walked in, closely followed by Ruby. Baby pointed at the ground and motioned for her to stand in front of me. She complied and hung her head, looking at the ground.Baby had dressed her in plain, white, cotton panties and t-shirt. Her thick, black, bush and dark nipples very noticeable through them."Ruby," I said, "look at me."Ruby looked up at me, embarrassed, nervously moving her hands near her crotch, wanting to cover herself up but unsure if it was allowed."I want you to meet your room mate. Her name is 'Flower'." I said, pointing the dowel rod at Flower.Ruby looked over at Flower, then diverted her eyes to the ground. "Very nice to be meeting you, Flower". Ruby said."Nice to meet you, too." Flower replied."Look at me, Ruby!" I ordered. She looked back up at me, deciding it was OK to cover her crotch with her hands.I took the rod and slowly poked it between her hands, nudging them away from her crotch. She put her hands back at her sides but continued to move them nervously toward her crotch, then back again.I sat there looking at her for many seconds, enjoying her embarrassment. I ran the dowel rod along the top edge of her panties, then along their entire triangle, nudging her hands back out of the way whenever she moved them too close to her crotch."Have you never shaved before?" I asked.She looked at Baby, who translated for her. "No... no, Master. It is a sin." she responded.I moved the rod to her left hip, sliding it up and down several times."You need to work on these hips." I informed her."I... yes, Master." she replied, lowering her face toward the floor in shame.I made my way over to her stomach, poking her belly pooch with the rod a few times. She moved her left hand toward the rod, then decided she'd better not touch it and put her hand back at her side."And this belly..." I continued."Yes, Master." she again replied."Turn around." I demanded. She understood and did as she was told.For another few minutes, I ran the rod over Ruby's body, inspecting every curve and crevice."Baby, as of now, she is on a strict diet." I declared, "And I want her exercising those hips and belly for at least one hour per day.""Yes, Master." Baby assured me,looking over and nodding at Flower. "We'll get her in shape.""Baby, translate as needed." I ordered, moving over to sit between Baby and Flower on the futon."Ruby... look at me." Ruby looked at me, her face red with embarrassment."Let me show you how things work around here." I continued, looking her straight in the eyes for several long seconds. I could tell it made her very uncomfortable."Flower!" I commanded, not taking my eyes off of Ruby, "Remove your panties."Flower paused for a second, surprised that I was addressing her. She then stood up and slid her panties down to her ankles, kicked them off, and sat back down.I transfered the rod to my left hand, reached over with my right hand and began caressing Flower's cunt, never taking my eyes off of Ruby. Ruby looked down to watch my hand gently pet Flower's well-trimmed pussy, a look of shame on her face."Look at me!" I demanded.Ruby looked back at me, slight fear beginning to show on her face."Baby, remove your panties." I ordered.Baby immediately complied and sat back down. I set the rod down across my lap and moved my had to Baby's crotch, fondling both vaginas in unison."Ruby!" I said sternly, looking her directly in the eyes. "I am Baby's master... I am Flower's master... I am *your* master." I used simple sentences to make sure she understood."Baby, is your mistress." I explained. "You will do as she says, just like you do as I say." I waited for Baby to translate."Flower is the top slave." I continued, "You will also do as she says, as long as it does not conflict with orders from me or Baby." Baby translated while Ruby shook her head as if she understood. "Do you understand this, Ruby?" I asked."Yes, Master." she replied, "I am low slave.""Good... good." I said, sitting back in the futon.I sat there looking her up and down several times, then looked her in the eyes and paused for a few seconds."...Dance for us." I commanded."Master...?" Ruby asked."I said, 'Dance for us'""Master... I..." she stammered.I took my right hand away from Flower's cunt and put my hand on the dowel rod in my lap."I *said* ... 'Dance for us.'" I repeated, gritting my teeth for emphasis.Tears started to well up in her eyes as Ruby tentatively began to sway her hips.I nudged Baby and nodded my head toward the remote on the end table. She grabbed it and turned the TV on, finding a music channel with dance music.Ruby started moving her hips to the beat of the music, but was otherwise didn'tmove much.I lifted the rod a few inches off of my lap. "Dance better!" I demanded.Ruby looked down at the rod, then back at me and started to move her feet and arms. She was dancing fairly well now. We watched her for a few minutes. She started to get more in to it and moved around the room a few feet from her starting spot as she danced and actually started smiling a bit.The song started to fade out. "I dance good, Master?" she asked, smiling at me."Yes, Ruby. You dance good." I answered, ignoring her speaking out of turn for now.She smiled with pride and changed her dance to match the next song, which had a faster beat.Getting over he shyness and dancing full-throttle, she was amazing. With a little body work, and in another situation, she could definitely be a professional dancer.We watched her, thoroughly entertained, until the song ended. We all applauded her, as she looked down, feigning humility."Very nice!" I praised, turning the TV off, standing up and walking over to her.I pet her hair and lightly kissed her sweaty forehead. "Talk with Baby and Flower." I ordered, "Get to know them and they will help you with your English."She looked at Baby, who quickly translated for her."Yes, Master!" she said excitedly.I originally had a lot more planned for this session, but after she unexpectedly had her moment of glory, I thought it best for her, psychologically, to stop on a high note and let the girls begin to bond with each other.I went upstairs to the bathroom and masturbated to relieve my aching balls.January 13th, 200811:02amBaby came to bed well after I did, and is still asleep. I found a good deal on a travel trailer for Tomas at an online classified ad site. We can run a heavy-duty extension cord out to it and an insulated hose from the spigot on the side of the house. I've not come up with a good way to handle the sewage yet, but for now, we can drain the sink and shower out to the far side of the property and Tomas can dump the toilet tank back in the woods as needed.I have Tomas cleaning the area behind the house while I go get the trailer and supplies needed to hook it up.He asked about Rosalyn. I told him she was doing well, and that her new name was Ruby, and to please use that name from now on. He was as surprised as we were to learn she was an excellent dancer. She must have only danced in private.He showed me the pictures he had in his wallet, and from Ruby's purse, which I had given to him, asking if I wanted any of the girls in them. They were mostly his cousins and a few girls from his old neighborhood. I looked them over, quickly rejecting most of them. There were a couple of possibilities, but I want to see how much Ruby sells for first.January 13th, 20086:14pmI picked up the trailer and have Tomas out getting it all hooked up. There are a couple of things that will need fixed, but it's livable, since we have mild winters here. It's pretty small, but still a mansion compared to living in his car. He is happy to have it.When I got home, Baby was down with the girls. I watched them on the monitor as I ate lunch. They were teaching Ruby English. The girls would point to body parts as Ruby tried to name them. She would sometimes mix them up or mangle the slang terms. It was quite entertaining.When they were done, Baby came upstairs and we talked for quite a while. The girls apparently talked until almost 3am last night. Flower opened up to her, telling her that she never knew her father, and that her mother spent most of her time at her friends house taking drugs. When she was home, it was to sleep, or to occasionally fuck some guy to get drugs. She didn't think her mother was a hooker, but would fuck just about anyone if they'd get her high.Her mother all but ignored her. Her mother somehow paid the rent on their mobile home and kept the utilities on, but Flower had pretty much lived alone most of the time since she was 13. She walked to the grocery store and used the food stamps they received to feed herself.She finally ran away right after she turned 17 when she woke up one night to her mother standing in the doorway of her bedroom, and some "old guy" sitting on the edge of the bed, fondling her tits.She screamed, grabbed some clothes and left, never returning. She is sure that her mother let him do it for money, or drugs. The last thing she heard her mother say was something about it being "time for her to help out around here."Baby thinks that after we finally broke through her "tough guy" exterior, she was just a little girl that dearly wants a family and someone to care about her. Baby showed her love and attention that night, and Flower emotionally attached to her. Baby said Flower talks as if she is desperate for my approval. I don't think it's a father figure thing. I think she just wants to fit in and be loved, and knows she needs my approval for it.Baby is very concerned about her when it comes time to sell her. She doesn't think Flower will be able to deal with it. We discussed whether we should tell her about the auction so she can get used to the idea of leaving, but decided not to tell her yet.Ruby had quite a different story. Her family was intact, but her parents were very strict Catholics. They fled from their country about a year ago when the wars between the police and the drug kingpins escalated.They lived in half of a double house, about 9 of them all together. Her father worked as a laborer, mostly roofing houses. Her mother was a part-time maid at a rather sleazy motel.Ruby took care of the younger children during the day and cleaned houses at night when she could get the work. Her brother, who worked as a general laborer, would drop her off and pick her up a few hours later.None of them could find full-time work since they were here illegally, but they made enough between them to get by OK.One night a few weeks ago, Tomas had picked her up from a cleaning job. When they turned down the street they lived on, their house was crawling with police and immigration officers. Apparently, one of her younger brothers had been arrested for trying to sell drugs. The house was raided, and they were all deported. They kept driving past the house and she ended up in the shelter where Baby found her.She is extremely repressed, especially sexually. She even thinks dancing is a sin because it may cause men to lust, so she only did it when no one else was around.Baby believes Ruby will comply with us because she has nowhere else to go except back to the shelter, or back to her country. But, Baby also believes that Ruby thinks it is voluntary, and she ultimately can refuse orders and leave if she wants. She sees it as a job with a very strict, perverted employer, but better than being deported.We both agreed that she needs to understand the reality of the situation, and soon. This is where I was headed with Ruby yesterday before I decided to stop early and let them bond.We also talked about the auction. She suggested making it more like a cocktail party. She thinks wealthy men have more class than to bid on girls like farmers bidding on cattle. She suggested an informal social atmosphere, with plenty of alcohol to loosen their wallets. And we can introduce the girls at different times throughout the night, then let them mingle with the guests. The actual bidding would take place near the end of the night.I told her I liked the idea, and to go ahead and plan it out.January 13th, 200811:23pmI gave Tomas $100 to buy himself some groceries, and poured the last 3 gallons of gas I had in the garage in to his car. He apparently used all his gas to follow Baby out here. I warned him to be extra careful not to speed or get pulled over.I also gave him another $75 and had him pick up a few things from the hardware store. We have a new girl coming in two days and we need to do a few things to the second slave room downstairs.After seeing Tomas off, I went down to the basement, where Baby and the girls were watching TV. Normally, Sunday is more relaxed and they can mostly take the day off, but time is short until the auction, and Ruby needs to understand her place.They couldn't hear me come down over the sound of the TV, but once I opened the door, they scrambled in to position.I picked up the dowel rod and sat upright in the recliner and told Baby and Flower to sit on the futon."The TV should not be so loud that you can't hear me coming." I said."Sorry, Master." Baby apologized, "It won't happen again."I paused a few seconds, tapping the rod on my knee."Ruby!" I barked, "Stand up!""Yes, Master!" she said, snapping up as if she were a soldier, the chain hanging from her collar getting twisted around her ankle. "Why are you here?" I asked."Master...?" she asked, confused, as she bent over to unwrap the chain from her ankle."Why... are... you... here...?" I repeated slowly."Master... I... I need place to live, and I do as you say." she replied."Ruby," I continued, "Do you understand what a slave is?" "Yes, Master. I do as you say.""No, Ruby. That is an employee. Do you understand that you are a slave?"She looked at Baby for a translation. I don't think Baby knows the right words to properly express it in Spanish."Ruby, I own you." I informed her."No, Master, I do as you say.""Ruby!" I yelled, lashing her across her right thigh faster than she could react to it. She let out a yelp and grabbed her leg in pain."I... own.. you..." I repeated."No, Master," she responded, starting to cry. "I... I leave now.""Ruby..." I began, standing up and walking behind her. She swung her head around, trying to see what I was doing. I put my left arm loosely around her chest, just above her tits and put my mouth up to her ear."Master..." she said, trailing off, clearly scared."I own you." I again repeated, pulling out a large pocket knife and opening it with my thumb using the quick open knob."No, Master!" she cried, "I leave now!"I quickly pulled my left arm up under her chin and tilted her head back, exposing her throat. I held the blade out in front of her so she could see it and slowly moved it towards her throat.She began to grab my arm with both hands and push the knife away. I jerked her head back farther with my left arm."Ruby!" I yelled, "I'm not going to hurt you."She relaxed somewhat but still held on to my right arm.I slowly moved the knife toward her throat, repeating "I'm not going to hurt you." a few times. Once the knife was near her throat and she couldn't see it, I flipped it over and put the dull edge against her throat to avoid any accident."Let go of my arm." I ordered.She sobbed loudly and moved her hands back to her sides."Ruby... I own you. I could kill you right now. Do you understand that?""Master... I... I..." she stammered.Baby translated and she started crying again. I waited until she settled down a bit."You are my property, like my house, my car, or my shoes."Baby translated and she just continued to cry."Baby and Flower are also my property." I added."Master, I... please, I leave now." she pleaded."You can never leave here!" I yelled, pressing the knife against her throat."Master! Master!" she cried hysterically.I thought this was a good moment to let it all out, and barked several lines at her, waiting for Baby to translate between them."I own you, completely!" I said, releasing her head from my left arm but keeping the knife in place and pressing it harder against her throat."I own your mouth!" I yelled, jamming the fingers of my left hand in to her mouth and fucking it with them as Baby translated, and for a few seconds after.I slid my hand down her chest and belly, putting my hand between her legs."I own your pussy!" I barked, harshly grabbing her cunt. She let out a sharp, startled yelp. I firmly mashed her cunt in my hand for a few seconds, then moved my hand around to her ass. I massaged her ass cheeks for several seconds then slid my fingers up her crack, through her panties. She lifted up on her toes, trying to escape my probing fingers."Master!!!" she begged."I own your ass!" I said, jamming my middle finger against her asshole. I purposely avoided penetrating it.She screamed and started babbling in Spanish.I gave her a minute or so to calm down, then continued."I own you until I sell you to someone else, then he will own you!"Baby translated and she started sobbing again."You will never see your family again!"She wailed loudly upon hearing this and started crying hysterically and babbling in Spanish again. I gave her another minute to calm down."Ruby..." I said calmly, trying to tone this down a bit. "I also own Baby and Flower.""Flower!" I ordered. "Remove your panties!"Flower stood up, removed her panties and sat back down."See, Ruby?" I asked, "I own all of you.""Master..." she cried, but trailed off, sobbing."Do you understand, Ruby? I asked."I... I understand, Master." she replied."And you will follow every order you are given?" I asked.She hesitated, so Baby translated for her."Yes... Master," she answered, still sobbing, "I am low slave.""Good, Ruby!" I praised.I looked at Baby and motioned with my head to Ruby, then to Flower. As usual, Baby knew what I had in mind and whispered to Flower."OK, Ruby," I continued, "Here is your first test."I looked at Flower and nodded to her."Um... Ruby..." Flower began, slowly spreading her legs and scooting her ass to the edge of the futon. "Come here and, um... come here and lick my pussy.""Master!" Ruby yelled, "I cannot! It is a sin! Please, Master!"I was growing tired of this 'sin' crap. I knocked her down on her knees and grabbed the hair in the back of her head. Keeping the knife to her throat, I pushed her head in between Flower's legs, within smelling distance of her cunt."Do as you are told!" I yelled, pushing the knife harder against her throat. "Or I will kill you RIGHT FUCKING NOW!"Ruby sobbed a few times and then stuck her tongue out, lapping like a cat drinking milk, but she was unable to reach Flower's cunt. I guided Ruby's head to Flower's slit, her tongue licking and probing. "Ahhh! huuh huuh huuh!" Ruby cried as her tongue found the opening."You are doing fine." Baby praised, petting her head and looking at me. I knew she wanted to take over now so I stood up and just watched for a few minutes.Flower seemed to be very self-conscious with me watching and was not enjoying it. I walked behind her and reached my hands down to her tits. I caressed her through her shirt and whispered in her ear."I want you to close your eyes." I said, as Flower shut her eyes tightly. "Don't think about where you are or who is here. Think about that wet, warm tongue inside you. Doesn't it feel good?""Mmm-hmm." She moaned, "a little..."I waited a couple of minutes until she seemed to be responding better to Ruby's tongue."Pretend it's anyone you wish." I encouraged."Mmmm-hmmmm..." she repeated, licking her lips and grabbing the edge of the futon with both hands."Mmmmmm-hmmmmmm" she groaned. I continued to caress her tits, circling her nipples with my index fingers."MMMMMM... MMMMMM... Oh, yes!" she gasped, gyrating her hips slightly."Oh God... Oh! God! sssssssssss!" she hissed, sucking air through gritted teeth and arching her back."Mmmmmm..." she trailed off, relaxing her body and putting her hand on the back of Ruby's head.Baby waited a few moments and then pulled Ruby away from Flower, wiping her face off with a towel.Ruby sat there on her knees, sobbing lightly, her head hung in shame.I nudged Flower and Baby and nodded toward Ruby, putting my hands together.We all applauded Ruby as she looked at us, confused and embarrassed."Ruby... listen to me." I urged, "I looked it up on the Internet. The Bible says that slaves should obey their masters."Baby translated, and Ruby looked at me, unsure."It does?" she asked."Yes, it does!" I replied, "Also, I looked on his web site and even the Pope says that nothing is a sin if you are obeying your master."Baby translated, and Ruby's eyes perked up a bit."He did?" she asked excitedly."Yes!" I lied, "So you can do what you are told and not have to worry that you are sinning!""OK, Master." she said, somewhat relieved."Also," I continued, "You be a good slave, do what you are told, and do not give us any trouble, and I promise that you will be sold to a very rich man. He will take care of you, and if you are a good slave for him, he will probably let you send money to your family."Baby translated and her face lit up."Thank you, Master!" she exclaimed, "I will be good! Thank you!"January 14th, 20089:47amI couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned for hours, unable to stop thinking... about Flower.I can't explain it. Baby was lying in bed next to me, we are in love, she is prettier than Flower, she gives the best head a man could ever want, and would suck my cock for an hour with a smile on her face if I asked... but I couldn't stop thinking about Flower's soft hands and slow motion tongue.I looked at the clock. 4:08am. I slid out from under the covers and quietly left the bedroom, wearing nothing but my boxers.I crept through the upper door, tip-toed down to the bottom door, and cracked it open. Flower was asleep on the futon, Ruby on the floor in a sleeping bag. I walked over to the edge of the futon and just stared at Flower for a few minutes. I had intended to wake her up and have her suck my cock, but seeing her peaceful face as she slept, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I decided to just go upstairs and jerk off so I could forget about it and get some sleep, but then I looked down and saw that her right arm was sticking out of the covers, her hand hanging over the edge of the futon.I don't know why, but it made my cock throb when the thought crossed my mind to try and use her hand while she slept. She seemed to be sound asleep. Could I get away with it? I mean, I'm the Master. I could wake them both up right now and fuck them all night long if I wanted, but there was something tantalizing about the thought of trying to get away with it.I pulled my cock out and got down on one knee. Gently taking her hand in mine, I moved it around a bit first, to see if it would wake her. It didn't.I positioned myself to lay my balls in her hand, then gyrated my hips to rub them against her palm. I jerked myself off lightly as I felt her soft skin rubbing against the underside of by balls. Occasionally, I would move just enough so her fingernails lightly scratched them.After a few minutes of this, my balls had fully retracted and I took her hand in my hand again, curling it up and sliding my cock in to her open fist. Even without any type of lubrication, her skin was soft enough that my cock slid freely through her hand.I sat on one knee, gently fucking the sleeping girls hand. Suddenly, Ruby stirred on the floor. I stopped moving as she turned over on her side, her back to me now, then stopped moving. I waited a full 30 seconds to make sure she was done moving, then slowly started to fuck Flower's hand again. I could feel the orgasm building up. Then a horrible thought occurred to me. If Flower wakes up, like she did when that "old man" was playing with her tits the night she ran away, it could very well be a psychological setback for her.Now there was a real danger in getting caught... and God help me, it turned me on even more.I closed my eyes, pretended it was Flower's soft, wet mouth that was enveloping my cock, and gently pumped her hand until my body stiffed with pleasure. Just as the first load of come was about to fly, the thought flashed through my head that I was going to come all over the sleeping Flower. I was so caught up in sneaking around that I didn't think about where the come would go.I pulled my cock out of her hand just as the first spurt came flying out. I could not see where it went. I jacked off with my left hand and cupped my right hand over the head of my cock to catch the semen. I'm pretty sure I missed the second spurt as well.After I was done jacking off in to my hand, I felt around with my left hand to see if I could find the two spurts that got away from me. I checked Flower's hand, her blanket, the wall and the floor. I couldn't find anything.I crept back to the door, going through it and taking one last look back at the girls. They were still sound asleep. I went back upstairs, my right hand full of come. I washed up, slipped back in bed and slept like a rock.I woke up about an hour ago, had some coffee and talked to Tomas. We have a new girl coming tomorrow and have some work to do. I want to get two sets of bunk beds and put them in the second room downstairs. This will be the slave bedroom. There is probably room for four sets of bunk beds if we ever need that many. The top slave, Flower for now, will sleep on the futon. The other girls will sleep on the bunk beds. This will be one of the perks of being top slave, and a constant reminder to the girls of who is next in line in the chain of command.I asked Baby to have Ruby ready to clean the upstairs while we are working in the basement. I think it would be best if Ruby and Tomas do not see each other right now. January 14th, 20086:11pmI returned with the bunk beds, had Baby move Ruby upstairs and had Tomas help me carry the beds down to the basement. As we carried the first bed down, and Tomas entered the slave quarters for the first time, he stopped in his tracks, stunned. Flower was in position, in her panties and t-shirt and chained to the ceiling."Tomas, c'mon!" I snapped, "This is heavy!""Sir... Sorry sir!" he replied, still staring at Flower.We dropped the box in the bedroom room and started back up the stairs for the rest of it. "At ease, Flower." I said, "We'll be in and out for a while. Go about your business."As were unloading the second box from the truck, Tomas stopped at the edge of the tailgate."Sir," he began, "Who is that girl?""Her name is Flower." I informed him. "She is leaving in about 3 weeks. Don't get any ideas.""Oh..." he continued, "She is very pretty, isn't she?""Yes, Tomas," I sighed, annoyed. "Pick your end up. Let's go!""Is she a slave?" he asked, walking backwards toward the front door."She is." I responded.As we reached the bottom of the stairs, I noticed that Flower had moved to the futon and covered herself up with a light blanket. Tomas stared at her the whole time.We dropped the second box in the bedroom and I walked back out to the slave quarters, calling Tomas to join me."Tomas, this is Flower." I said, pointing my open hand toward her. "She is one of my girls.""Flower, this is Tomas." I continued, swinging my hand over to point toward Tomas. "He helps out around here on occasion.""Nice to meet you!" Tomas said, staring at her with wide eyes."Hi..." Flower said, twirling her hair with her finger, "Nice to meet you, too."Fuck. This is the last thing I need."C'mon, Tomas. Let's get these beds together."Tomas came in and I shut to the door. We started cutting the boxes open."She is beautiful!" Tomas said.I stopped cutting and looked up at him."Tomas...listen to me." I started, "I know she is beautiful, but she is a slave. She will be sold in a couple of weeks for many thousands of dollars. There is no chance for you two.""I... I know, sir." he said, disappointed."Maybe sometime before she leaves, I can have her... you know, I can have her show you some of her talents." I offered."Sir!" he responded, almost with an offended tone. "She is too beautiful. I could not mistreat her.""I didn't mean for you to rape her." I corrected, "She is in training and learning how to please her master. It is part of your job to help me train the girls if needed.""Yes, Sir," he replied, "but please do not ask me to mistreat her.""I won't, Tomas." I assured him, "I won't."We finished putting the beds together and Tomas went back to his trailer. Ruby had finished cleaning a while ago and Baby had just been killing time upstairs until Tomas left. Once he left, the two of them came back downstairs.I directed Ruby and Flower to sit on the futon and I stood in front of them."There are four beds in the bedroom." I began, "Flower, as top slave, the futon is yours.""Also, Flower, as you have gained our trust, you will no longer need to be chained up all the time." I said, walking over to her and unlocking the chain from her collar. I left the collar on her."Thank you, Master!" she exclaimed."You are still to be in position when we enter the room, and you still cannot leave this room, of course, as both doors will remain locked. "Yes, Master." Flower acknowledged."But, you are free to move about and make sure the other girls are secured, and for overseeing them.""Master?" Flower prompted."What is it?" I asked."Other girls...?" she asked, trailing off."You will have another roommate tomorrow." I informed her."Oh..." Flower responded."I don't know much about her. She is a little older, about 31 I think. She is white, speaks English.""As you know," I continued, "on the first night a new girl is here, it can get quite... loud. She is from an upper-class family and will not be happy to be here. So tomorrow night, I want you both to sleep in the bedroom. After that, you can move back out here to the futon.""Yes, Master." Flower acknowledged."Ruby," I said, turning to her, "Get two blankets, pillows and sheets from the cabinet and go make up two of the beds in the bedroom. Pick a bed for you, and a bed for the new girl and get them ready."Yes, Master." she replied, and scurried away to carry out her orders."And close the door while you are in there." I ordered."Flower... " I said, turning back to her, "We need to talk.""Master?" Flower inquired."What is it, Master?" Baby asked."I saw the way you were looking at Tomas." I answered."I was afraid of this." Baby said. "What do you mean?" I asked."Well, I mean... he *is* cute..." Baby said, looking at Flower as they both smiled at each other."Baby..." I said, slightly annoyed, "You know this can't happen.""I know, Master." Baby replied, with a more serious tone."Flower, you know that you will... eventually... be sold and leave here." I stated."Yes, Master," Flower replied, "I... I know.""And it could be any time..." I continued."Yes... Master," she answered, "but I thought... I thought it would be, I mean..."I looked at Baby, trying to decide if we should tell her about the auction or not."Flower," Baby interjected, "We don't know exactly when, but it could be as soon as two weeks from now. We have some people coming over on the 2nd...""Two weeks?" she squealed, tears forming in her eyes."Possibly..." Baby replied, quickly adding "...but we're not sure yet. It could be... longer.""I'm... I'm not ready for... Mistress?" she pleaded, "I don't want to leave you.""I know, Honey." Baby said, putting her arms around Flower's neck and hugging her.I knew this was my cue to leave, so I opened the door to the bedroom, told Ruby to stay in there until she was called out, and went upstairs to make some dinner.January 14th, 20089:21pmBaby came up after about an hour of talking to Flower, and ate some warmed over pasta. Flower is taking it really hard, as we knew she would."Is there no way we could keep her longer?" Baby asked, "Maybe she could even help us somehow... earn her keep?""I know you've really bonded with each other, but it just isn't feasible." I explained. "Even if we could use her here, I need at least 3 girls for the auction. There is no way we could get someone else and have them trained in time. And the fact is, we can't really use her here.""But, she could help me..." she added."I know, but in two weeks, the girls will all be gone, so you won't need help until we get more. And who knows when that will happen.""But..." Baby began."But nothing, Baby." I interrupted. "We need three girls for the auction. She is here, broken, and almost ready.""I know..." she said, trailing off."Could you put the auction off for a while?" she asked."I doubt it." I replied, "And even if I could, we would still need to justify the loss of the money from her sale. She will bring at least $100k. Is she going to help you that much?""I guess not." Baby admitted, "but still, if we had a third girl for the auction, you would consider at least keeping her until the next auction?""Baby!" I said, getting annoyed, "OK, yes, if we somehow have a third girl, ready to go by auction night, I'd consider it, but that's not going to happen. Just make sure she's mentally prepared for leaving.""I will." Baby assured me."Oh, by the way," Baby said as I stood up to leave."Yes?" "When Ruby woke up this morning," Baby said, "she had something in her hair that looked liked dried semen. Isn't that weird? I know you didn't get off last night when she went down on Flower. We couldn't figure out what it was.""Huh!" I said, feigning surprise, "That is weird."January 15th, 20089:38amBaby came to bed last night with a notebook. "OK, Daddy," she started. I always know I'm about to be played when she calls me "Daddy". "I have a list of possibilities here.""Possibilities for what?" I inquired."For a third girl." she answered."Baby...""I talked to Tomas. He said, that you said, two of his cousins were possibles.""No. We don't have time to teach another girl English.""OK...""Baby...""Then I talked to Flower...""BABY!" "I didn't say anything about her staying. I just asked if she knew anyone.""Baby...""She knows lots of girls, but didn't think she could live with herself if she betrayed them like that. There was one girl at the runaway shelter that I never met but I sawa couple of times. She's cute, and Flower knows her. I think if Flower and I went to the shelter..." "NO!" I interrupted, "I don't trust Flower enough for that.""But Daddy..." she implored."NO! And that is final.""OK..." Baby huffed, turning over and closing her eyes. "I think I may have forgotten to lock the doors to the basement. Good night."I lie there looking at the red glow of the alarm clock on the ceiling for a few moments, trying to convince myself that the doors were locked.Fuck! I thought, tossing the covers off of me and heading downstairs to check the doors.The top door was locked, so I went down to check the bottom door. It was locked too, but I cracked it open to look inside. It was dark and I couldn't see either Ruby or Flower. I assumed Ruby was in the bedroom, but it didn't look as if Flower was in her bed.I quietly walked over to the futon to get a better look. Flower was not there. "Master!" I heard a startled whisper behind me."Flower! What are you doing?" I asked."I... I was hot, Master." she answered.As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I could tell that she was naked except for her socks. She was holding a t-shirt as if she where about to put it on."My clothes felt sweaty, Master, so I was changing." she explained."OK, I was just checking the doors. Get some sleep. We have a busy day tomorrow.""Yes, Master." She replied. "Master?""What is it, Flower?""The other night..." she began, "You said we'd pick up what we were doing later.""Yes..." I said, as she walked over to me."Is now a good time?" she asked, putting her hands on my bare chest and running them down to the top of my boxers, then back up.Before I could get over my surprise and answer her, she was already on her knees, her soft hands caressing my stomach.She put her lips just above my left knee and slowly kissed her way up to my boxers, and then kept going, over my boxers, working her way across to my balls. She kissed my balls in several places as she slid her hands down my stomach to the top of my boxers. The boxers rolled down my pelvis gradually exposing my cock. She kissed every inch of it as it became visible, it finally popping out as the boxers slid down past it and to my ankles.She cupped my manhood with both hands, gently fondling it until it was fully erect.Flower tilted her head up and sideways, stuck her tongue out and ran it once along the underside, from the base to the head, then back again."Mmmmm..." she moaned.She then poked her tongue all the way out, and lapped the bottom of my balls, like she was catching snowflakes.She continued to tease my cock and balls with her wet tongue for several minutes.Finally, she opened her gloriously soft mouth, slid it over my cock and began working the head. She looked up at me as she took my cock just a little deeper, then slowly slid her mouth back to the tip. Over and over she did this, taking just a little more each time.The touch of her mouth was so soft, I almost couldn't feel it. But I could feel it. It's hard to describe. It was enough pressure to know someone is sucking your dick, but torturously shy of being enough to reach orgasm. I kept thinking I was about to get off, then not. Then yes, then no again.Then she started with the tongue movements. It was delightful torture. My right leg started involuntarily quaking. I tried to plant my foot more firmly to make it stop. "Oh, God!" I groaned. "You are an amazing tease!"She made one final pass on my cock, then stood up, walked over to the futon and lie down on her back. Spreading her legs slightly and holding her arms out to me."Please fuck me, Master!" she begged.I crawled between her legs, and slid my hands down both of her thighs, coming to a stop at her cunt. She was dripping wet and ready to go. "Please, Master..." she pleaded, "Please fuck me, right now!"Without a word, I mounted her. My cock slid right in to her incredibly warm pussy."Ahhh!" she sighed. I took it slowly. I was already about to explode before I mounted her. I didn't want this to be over too soon.I slowly, gently, buried my cock in her, and then withdrew it until just the head remained inside. I repeated this many times, pausing for a few seconds between each stroke. At each pause, she tried to pull me back toward her with her hands on my ass, but I resisted until I was ready. Two could play the teasing game.As I looked down at her in the dark, I could only see her face, sweaty and flush. She was obviously in heat, and ready to explode. I sped up my strokes and her breathing became heavier."Yessssssss!" she hissed, clenching her teeth.She flung her arms back over her head, grabbing the arm rest of the futon with both hands, arched her back and moaned, almost as if she were in pain."Oooohhhhh! Fuck... Fuck... Fuck... Me!" she screamed, thrusting her hips with each word.I then felt my aching balls ready to burst. I sped up my strokes as I felt the ecstasy building up. I looked down at her face, shining in the sweaty afterglow of orgasm, her sad, bedroom eyes melting my soul. At that moment, I would not have taken a million dollars for her.I finally let loose, shooting the biggest load I think I've ever had. It just went on and on. It was by far the best orgasm I've had in at least a month. I firmly buried my cock in her a few more times to deposit those last couple of drops of come in her, and fell on top of her, exhausted.I lie there on top of her, both of us trying to catch our breath, as my cock slowly shrank and slipped out of her. I gave her a long, passionate kiss on the mouth, and quietly picked up my boxers and left, locking both doors on my way back upstairs.I went upstairs, crawled in to bed and lie there for several minutes, thinking."Tomorrow night, after we secure the new girl, you and Flower go and see if you can get the girl from the shelter." I said, not even sure Baby was awake."OK, Daddy." Baby immediately replied. "Thank you!"I closed my eyes, then noticed it wasn't as dark as it should be. I looked over and realized that Baby had forgotten to turn off the monitor for the slave quarters video camera in her rush to jump back in bed.January 15th, 200812:44pmAfter showering and getting dressed, I told Baby to go down to the basement, get Ruby cleaning the punishment room and close that door, and for her and Flower to be in position when I came down. She could tell I was not in the best of moods and just said "Yes, Master." and did as she was told.I gave her a few minutes and then walked downstairs. The girls were in position, heads hanging down, looking at the floor.I walked up to them and just stood there, towering over them. They fidgeted around, nervous."Stand up!" I commanded, "Both of you."They stood. Flower's face was about a foot from mine. I reached up and gently took hold of her chin with my right hand."Flower..." I began, her eyes looking up at me, "You are an amazing piece of ass."She looked at me strangely. I think she was undecided whether to be flattered, insulted or embarrassed."Thank you, Master." she replied, looking back down at the floor.I tugged her chin upward, to get her to look me in the eyes again."Last night...." I continued, "Last night was just incredible.""Thank you, Master." she replied, her face turning red, clearly with embarrassment this time."But..." I began, letting go of her chin and taking a step backward. "Do you two think I am a FUCKING IDIOT!""Master?!" Baby exclaimed, "What do you...?""Baby...you forgot to turn the video monitor off." I informed her."Oh..." she said, hanging her head back down to look at the floor."Master, please." Baby pleaded, "I wasn't trying to deceive you...""No," I retorted, "You were trying to play me. You know where my buttons are and how to push them. I do not appreciate being manipulated.""It's not like that, Master!" Baby argued, "I love you. I just... we just...""I know what you were doing." I assured her, "But fortunately, today I am thinking with my brain instead of my cock."I paused a few seconds as they looked up at me with defeat on their faces, knowing their plan had failed."Flower will be sold at auction on February 2nd." I stated coldly, and turned to walk away.I heard Flower sob as I headed toward the door to go back upstairs. I grabbed the door knob and paused."Unless..." I trailed off, turning around to look at them. They both looked up at me with wide eyes, Flower wiping a tear from her cheek."Unless what, Master?" Baby asked excitedly."Unless," I continued, "you can *safely* get the girl from the shelter back here tonight... and I mean, with 100% assurance that no one sees or follows you.""We can, Master!" Baby assured, "At least... at least we'll try.""AND..." I added, "you can do it with Flower's ankle chained to the front seat of the car. Sorry Flower, but you have not yet earned the level of trust needed to go out unchained.""I understand, Master." Flower replied."AND..." I continued, "we can have her trained and ready to go by the 2nd.""Yes, Master." Baby sighed."AND..." I began. Baby looked up at the ceiling in mock frustration, "Baby... stop playing around and look at me. This is important."Baby looked at me, her face becoming more serious. "I'm sorry, Master.""And, you can show me that there is a reason not to sell her." I said."How do we do that, Master?" Baby inquired."That's up to you two." I said, "But just being an amazing piece of ass is not enough. I already have an amazing piece of ass."Baby smiled, her face turning a light shade of red as she looked down at the floor."AND EVEN THEN..." I added, one final time, "You have only bought her time until the next auction. If she doesn't earn her keep, she will be sold at that time.""Thank you, Master! We will not disappoint you!" Baby promised."For now, concentrate on how you are going to get the girl here." I said, walking over to the cabinet and pulling out the dowel rod. "You can't just grab her. You will need to talk her in to coming with you."I handed the dowel rod to a surprised Flower. "And you might want to learn how to use this." I hinted, then turned around and walked back upstairs.January 15th, 20083:02pmWe are awaiting the arrival of Kevin and his wife in about an hour. I'm still very nervous about this whole thing. It's a lot harder to hide a married, 'respectable' woman than a girl from the shelter. If it gets out, her face could be plastered on the cable news channels every night.I almost canceled it. And I still will, if I start to get a bad feeling about it. Wayne suggested that I only sell her to someone overseas. That will limit the number of people that could bid on her, but probably a good idea.I've been thinking about how I could use Flower around here. The main thing I could use help on is discipline. Baby doesn't have the personality. It's just not in her to beat someone with a stick. There was that one incident with Star, but that was different than day-to-day discipline.Another thing that I've given a lot of thought is that we need to get tougher. I was tough on Star and Baby at first, and I suppose doubling up with my dog on Flower could be considered tough, but I'm thinking more long-term.We, especially Baby, need to stop having heart-to-heart talks with them, learning about their past and bonding with them. They should be treated as the piece of property they are, trained efficiently, sold to the highest bidder and then we move on to the next batch of girls. I'm a slave merchant, not a social worker. I also thought about giving the girls numbers instead of names, to keep it even more impersonal. Eh, I don't know. Maybe not. It just makes it so hard when it comes time to sell them if you've become attached to them.I think especially given the tight time frame we have to get these girls ready, we'll try the more impersonal method this time, but still give them names at least.January 15th, 20087:18pmKevin showed up a few minutes late. I watched them as they sat in the car for a good three minutes after pulling in the driveway. His wife was obviously bitching him out about something.Baby went upstairs to the bedroom. We thought it best not to cause any curiosity about our age difference.I watched them walk up the driveway. She is definitely attractive. Light Brown hair, about 5' 6", trim, nice tits from what I could see under her coat. She definitely has an upper-class air about her. A thought flashes through my mind as I watch her strut up to the door. 'What would she think if she knew that within the next few hours, her tongue would be up my asshole?' I wasn't even sure that was going to happen, but I chuckle to myself at the thought and closed the curtain.Kevin was a rather small man, maybe 5' 7", just a hair taller than his wife. I wouldn't exactly call him scrawny, but he was definitely slimmer than average. He was probably in his mid-40s. If I had any doubts that she married his money, they were now gone.They knocked on the door."Kevin... Hi!" I said, opening the door."Hi, William." he replied, "This is my wife, Catherine." (neither Kevin nor Catherine are their real names, and William is the name Wayne gave him for me.)I took her hand and shook it. "Very nice to meet you, Catherine." I said."You too." she said curtly. "Come on in." I prompted, noticing that Catherine was wiping her hand on her coat,"Have a seat.""We don't have much time." Catherine announced."Yes," Kevin agreed, "But we can sit for a few minutes."I carefully guided them to sit in the positions I had already planned out. Seating Kevin near a box that was between the couch and the wall. It contained the promised ropes, handcuffs and other things. The video camera was already running."Would either of you like a drink?" I asked."Yes! Vodka, straight." Catherine snapped."None for me, thanks." Kevin answered, "I'm driving.""Yes, Kevin," Catherine quipped sarcastically, "because one drink would definitely cause us both to die in a horrible car accident.""None for me, thanks." Kevin repeated, looking away. He seemed embarrassed by her."So, William, you really live in the boonies!" Kevin said, making polite conversation, "How far is the nearest...""I don't mean to be rude...Sir," Catherine interrupted, obviously forgetting my name already, "But we really are in a hurry. Kevin dragged me all the way out here for some kind of 'going away' surprise. Can you please give it to him so I can get to the airport?"She knocked back the rest of her vodka, set the glass down and turned her head to look out the window."Of course, Catherine." I began, giving Kevin a look of 'Do it now!', "Maybe Kevin can get you another drink while I go get it."I walked upstairs and watched the video monitor. Kevin got her a drink, handed it to her and then sat back down. He just sat there rubbing his hands together. I had seen enough. I'm canceling this right now. Kevin apparently doesn't have the balls to do it.I watched for a few more moments, long enough for Catherine to finish her second glass of vodka, then went downstairs."I'm very sorry, Kevin." I apologized, "My wife tells me it has not been delivered yet.""What?!" Catherine yelled, standing up and turning to me, "You drag us all the way out to Hooterville just to tell us you don't even have it?""I'm very sorry!" I repeated, "I could have sworn it was delivered last week." I tried to stall her, hoping Kevin grows a pair quickly. I suppress a serious urge to smack this bitch across the face and take her down myself."Did it ever occur to you to make sure it was here before we drove all the way out here?" Catherine bitched, "I have a plane to catch and irrrrkkk!"Catherine's head snapped back and her bitch face was quickly replaced by a look of horror as Kevin jerked the loop of rope around her neck, pulling her backward and off-balance."Keeevvvinnn!" Catherine squeaked, unable to take a breath, hands clutching at the rope.I wanted to make sure it was clear on the video that it was Kevin doing this, so I stood and watched.Catherine fell backward on top of Kevin. He maintained his grip on the rope and tightened it as she continued to struggle. Her arms now flailing around, desperately trying to reach behind her and grab something... anything.She slowly forced her way right-side up, getting to her knees and pulling at the rope. Kevin strained to keep hold of it. She went kind of sideways on one knee and started kicking at Kevin. they both just grunted a lot, neither of them saying anything.She managed to land a glancing kick right under his chin, throwing his head back. I can't believe it. She is kicking his ass.I see something out of the corner of my eye and look over quickly to see Baby cautiously taking a few steps down the stairs, holding her hand over her mouth.I decided Kevin needed help, so I grabbed her arms, pulling them sharply behind her."Yaaaaaaahhh!" she screamed in pain."Baby! Get me the handcuffs!" I yelled, "In the box... over there... by the couch!"She found the box, dug through it and found the handcuffs. "Put them on her!" I ordered.Baby came around and put the handcuffs on her, while Catherine continued to kick at Kevin, screaming nonsense.I walked around in front of Catherine and straddled Kevin who was still on the ground trying to fend off Catherine's kicks. I grabbed her hair with my left hand, jerked her head back and stared at her for a few seconds."Let me out of these, you hick!" she screamed. Of all the thoughts that raced through my head, the main one I remember is how she didn't curse throughout this whole thing. I just stared at her for a few more seconds, then quickly reared my right hand back over my left shoulder and back-handed her quite hard across the face. She fell to the floor, dazed. She rolled over on her side and started sobbing."Get up, Kevin!" I said, barely hiding my disgust.I grabbed the duct tape and wrapped it around her ankles several times."Grab her feet!" I directed, motioning to Kevin with my head. Kevin picked her feet up, Baby opened the doors ahead of us and we carried her down the stairs. She seemed to still be dazed, or in shock or something and did not struggle. As we entered the room, Flower and Ruby were in position. They looked up, Ruby with shock on her face, Flower with more of a mildly surprised expression.Kevin stopped walking and looked at Flower."Is that her?" he asked."Keep moving, Kevin." I said, steering her torso toward the punishment room, "Bring her in here."Flower looked at Baby, fear in her eyes. Baby closed her eyes and shook her head as if to say "No, Dear."We flipped Catherine over and lay her across a padded saw horse. I tied a rope to the bottom beam, and up around her neck, snug, but loose enough for her to breathe. She could lower her head, but not raise it past horizontal.I then walked around, cut the duct tape around her ankles and tied each foot to a side of the saw horse. I left her fully clothed, her hands still cuffed behind her back.She started to awaken from her daze and looked around."Kevin..." she said weakly."I'm right here...'Honey'" he replied, sarcastically, from behind her. She tried to turn her head to see him but couldn't turn far enough."Why... what... what are you doing?" she asked, still half dazed."I'm taking what's mine!" he declared."Wh... what?" she stammered.He picked up some of the duct tape I had cut off of her ankles and put it over her mouth."Shut up!" he demanded. "For once in your fucking life, you are just going to fucking shut up and listen to me.""Mmmmff, Mmmmffffff" she screamed.He got right in her face, pulled her head back by her hair and started ranting."Remember when we met?" he asked rhetorically, "After a week, you told me you loved me. We were happy and in love, at least I believed we were. I asked you to marry me, at the beach that night. Remember that? We had great sex... until the honeymoon. Do you remember that? Do you remember how you 'didn't feel good' on our honeymoon? Do you!""Mmmmfff!""I remember it!" he continued. "I... heh heh... I remember... you gave me a hand job... on our honeymoon.""Hmmm Mmmfff!"I looked at my watch."Do you remember the next time we had sex?" he asked."Mmmmmmmmmfff!""It was about a month later... you remember... right? The night we looked at all those new cars...""Mmmm hmmm hmmm hmmmmmmm!" she was crying now, tears rolling down her cheeks."Let me see..." he said, "The next time... Oh yes! I remember. It was the night we moved in to our big, luxurious new house. Remember that? What did you call it once when we were arguing? Oh yeah, 'pity sex'. That was it!""It was also the last time." he growled, jerking her head back a bit for emphasis.He let go of her hair and walked around behind her. "Mmmmffff mm hmm mmff mmm!" she hummed, trying to say something."I've spent HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars on you... and for WHAT? Two fucks and a hand job?" "Mmm mmfff mmm hmmff hmmm!" she yelled with a pissed off look on her face. Unbelievably she seemed to be trying to argue with him."Well, now I'm taking what I paid for!" he yelled, reaching his hands around, unsnapping her pants and pulling them, along with her panties down to her knees."MMMFFFFFFFF! MMMF MMMMFFF MMMFF MFFF!" I think she was calling him names. She's tied up, her bare ass sticking up in front of two strangers, and she's calling him names.Kevin dropped his pants and grabbed his... cock? My mother taught me if I couldn't say anything nice about someone, that I shouldn't say anything at all, so I'll just say that I kind of sympathized with her lack of interest in sex.Kevin started jacking himself off, trying to get hard.I looked at my watch again, then looked around... at anything but Kevin standing there jacking off."Hold on..." Kevin said, "I'm just nervous."I looked around again, making eye contact with Baby. We both quickly looked away from each other, afraid we may start laughing."I... I need some help..." he said, looking at me, then at Baby."Not from her, you don't." I informed him, "Ruby, come in here!".Ruby walked in and looked at Kevin jacking off, then back at me, shocked."Ruby, I need you to suck this man's cock until he gets hard." I ordered."Master? I... I..." Ruby stuttered."Ruby, this is not the time. Just do what you are told. Now!" I demanded.Ruby slowly went down to her knees, moved Kevin's hand away from his dick and said something in Spanish.Baby let out a loud snort, then coughed several times trying to cover it up. I don't know what Ruby said, but I can imagine.Ruby put her mouth on his dick and started clumsily moving her lips around.I leaned over to Baby and whispered. "We really need to work on her skills."Ruby sucked his dick for several minutes. It wasn't working.I looked at my watch again and put my hand on Kevin's shoulder."That's good, Ruby." I praised, "Thank you. Go back to your room now.""Kevin..." I began, "Look man, you're too nervous for this. Give me some time to work with her. Come back on auction night, show up a little early, maybe take a pill. She will be begging you to fuck her. I promise.""OK..." he replied, "OK... Yes! You hear that, Bitch! I'll be back, and you will beg for it!""Mmfff mmmf MMMMMMFFF!" she screamed.I lead Kevin back upstairs and out to his car. I told him Catherine would be OK, and reassured him that she would indeed be begging for his cock by auction night. He asked if "that blond girl" would be in the auction. I told him I wasn't sure yet.I told him to go to the airport and to stay there until the plane she was supposed to be on took off, then take the battery out of her cell phone, and throw both in the river on the way home. I kept her purse so Kevin would not have any evidence on him.After Kevin was out of sight, I went back downstairs and brought Flower out to the car, chaining her left ankle to the brace under the passenger seat and then walking around to the driver's side."Stick to the plan." I reminded them, kissing Baby and stepping back from the car. "No necessary chances. You can always try again tomorrow.""I know, Master." Baby assured me. "Love you!"I headed downstairs to play with my new toy.January 15th, 200810:31pmThis night went from strange, to just plain bizarre.I went in to the punishment room, and Catherine was lying still, not making a sound. I walked around and sat on the edge of the twin bed, facing her. She looked up at me."Mmmm?" she said.I sat there and looked at her for a while, trying to figure out how to handle this one."MMMmm?" she repeated, louder this time, annoyance obvious in her voice. She seemed remarkably calm.I reached over and pulled the duct tape off of her mouth, hoping I wouldn't soon regret it."OwwwAAA!" she yelled, stretching her mouth out a few times. I think she is half drunk."Where's Kevin?" she demanded."Gone." I replied."Gone? Where'd he go?""I don't know.""Well... when will he be back?""Two weeks.""Two... why?"I said nothing."What is this?" she asked, looking around, "Some kind of 'intervention' or something? I don't drink that much.""Oh?" I prompted."No! I don't!" she insisted, loudly."OK, I believe you.""Then why am I here?""Because Kevin doesn't want you anymore.""Wha... he said that?""He put a rope around your neck and helped me carry you down here.""Right..." she replied, "So, why am I here?"I said nothing."Listen," she began, "Kevin is insane. He's been getting worse and worse lately.""And?""And you don't want to get mixed up with him.""Oh?""Believe me, you don't.""Ah.""So, just untie me and call me a cab. I'll go home, straighten him out, and we'll forget all about this."No.""What do you mean 'No'?""I mean...No.""Listen... I love Kevin." she started."I could tell." I interrupted."I... I do love him.""Mmm-hmm.""But he just needs a some help. Whatever he told you, whatever is going on around here, you don't want to get in trouble, so just let me go and...""He told me you were a gold-digging, bitch, that used him for his money.""He said what?... he said that?""Yes.""And you believed him?""Well, it's pretty obvious...""What does that mean?""Let's see... hot girl marries rich, skinny, nerdy guy, 15 years older than her, with a pack of Smarties for a dick..."She just stares at me."And only fucks him twice, in... how many years?" "That's insulting! I love him. What do you think I am?""I think you are a gold-digging bitch,午夜福利视频 that uses her looks to get what she wants.""That's not true!""I think it is.""Listen, my neck is hurting. Can you please untie me now?""No.""Please, just let me go. I won't tell anyone.""No.""Please... what is this place? Why did he bring me here?""He has sold you in to slavery.""What?"I said nothing."He... sold me?" she sobbed, "You can't just sell a person!""Well, he didn't exactly sell you.""But you just said...""I know, but he actually just gave you to us.""Wha... gave me? Why?""To be rid of you.""I don't believe you!" She was beginning to look more concerned."It's true. That's what we do here. We train sex slaves, and sell them at auction.""Sex...? I... I don't believe you. Untie me...Now!" she started to struggle against her bonds."You will be trained to please your master, then you will be sold to the highest bidder.""You're crazy! Let me up!""You will not leave here until you are sold.""This is insane! You can't just... I have rights!""Not here, you don't.""Listen, please... just let me go... please.""Hmmm, and what would I get out of the deal?""You get to stay out of prison!" she screamed."Hmmm, not a good enough offer.""I... I can give you money.""I doubt you can give me as much as you will sell for. Any other offers?""I... I can have Kevin... he could... what do you want!?!""I didn't have anything particular in mind.""Please..."I said nothing."What? Is it sex? Is that what you want?""Hmmm... I'm listening...""I can... I mean, I could let you...""Yes?""I could have sex with you, alright? If you let me go, I will have sex with you. Please, just untie me now."I remembered my thoughts as I watched her walk up the driveway, and wanted to see how far this girl would go."I don't know... I have a girlfriend for that...""Then what do you want? Please tell me..." Her eyes began to fill with tears."Well, there is something I've always wanted to try, but was afraid to ask my girlfriend to do it?""What? Oral sex? I'll do it. Untie me and I'll give you oral sex, then you call me a cab.""Well, it does involve your tongue...but... on the other side...""What do you... Oh! You are disgusting!""Well, if you don't want to..." I trailed off, getting up off the bed and walking towards the door."Wait! Please... not that! Anything else and I'll do it.""Sorry, not interested." I opened the door to leave."Wait!" she sobbed, "Wait... I'll... I'll do it... one time.""Well, I'd get an awful lot of money from selling you. I think I'd need more than one quick lick." I said, walking back in and closing the door."One lick! That's it.""No deal." I opened the door up again."Wait! OK! I'll do it!""Hmmm..." I said, walking back around to face her, "Just so we're clear, you are going to lick my asshole, is this correct?""...Yes." she sobbed."And you will do it until I tell you to stop, correct?""...Yes." she said, tears streaming down her face."And you are going to stick your tongue up my ass and French kiss it?""Oh, God! I didn't say that!"I know... *I* did.""Please..." she begged, sobbing loudly.I said nothing."OK... OK... just please, untie me.""Not until you are done.""Please...""No.""OK... let's just do this and get it over with."Her tone had changed. The crying and sobbing were gone. I almost felt as if we had just completed negotiations on a business deal, and she was ready to fill her end of the bargain and be done with it."But" she added, "You have to get me another vodka when I'm done... just to wash my mouth out.""We'll see.""Come here." she prompted.I dropped my pants, turned around and backed my ass up to her face."Closer, I can't reach you." she said.I smashed my ass in to her face. I could feel her nose slide in to my crack.She stuck her tongue out and quickly found my asshole.She twirled her tongue around, and over, my hole. It felt good, but it wasn't her tongue I really wanted. What I wanted was to degrade her, to make her grovel and lick my ass, repulsed and on the verge of puking the whole time, but doing it out of desperation to save herself. She kind of took the fun out of it by being so business-like about it."Inside!" I ordered.I felt her tongue plunge in to my asshole, wiggle around and then slide back out. "Again!"She plunged it back in."Fuck me with it!" I demanded."Uhhhh!" she moaned, as she started fucking my asshole with her wet tongue."I'm done!" she announced, pulling her head away from my ass."No, you're not." I said, pushing my ass back in to her face."Nnnnnnn! she groaned, her tongue darting in and out, working my hole again."That's enough!" she said, turning her head to the side."It's enough when I say it's enough!" I growled, "Get busy!"She tongue-fucked me for another minute or so, then turned her head away from me again."That's it!" she insisted, "I'm done! I'm going to vomit!"I turned and looked at her. She had a ring of saliva around her mouth, with a barely perceptible discoloration.I picked up a towel, and wiped her mouth off once."Then the deal is off." I declared."No way! I did what you said! Untie me, you bastard! Get me my drink. I can still taste you."I picked up the loose duct tape and put it over her mouth."MMMMMFFFF HHHMMMMFFF!" she screamed.I bent down to look her straight in the face."You *will* be trained... and sold..." I taunted."MMMMFFF MMMM HHHMMFFF!""But, the good news is... anyone who can afford to buy you is going be very... very... rich."She immediately fell silent. I could almost see the gears turning in her head, through the windows of her calculating eyes."You are... *truly* pathetic." I said."MMMMFFF MMM MM HHHMMMFFF!" I think she was calling me names.I turned the lights off, closing the door on my way out, her muffled curses barely audible as I walked up the stairs.January 15th, 200811:45pmI'm starting to get concerned about the girls. It's almost midnight and they are still not home yet. Baby is not answering her phone, but she is is bad for forgetting to charge it. I should not have let them go alone.And something just curred to me. It's going to be rather awkward if they bring the girl home, pull in to the driveway and Flower can't get out of the car because she's chained to the seat.January 16th, 20089:48amThe girls finally got home about 12:30am. When I saw them coming down the road, I turned the porch light on and walked out to the driveway with a flashlight, pretending to be looking for something in the other car. I waved as they pulled in, trying to be as non-threatening as possible in case the girl was with them.She was. She had dark brown hair and eyes. She was wearing a t-shirt with some rock band on it. Apparently, she didn't own a coat, or it wasn't cool to wear one or something. My first thought upon seeing her in the back seat was that if her body was decent, she would sell for more than Flower. She's not necessarily prettier than Flower, but her dark eyes were just dead sexy.I walked over to the passenger door. They were all laughing and barely noticed I was there. I knocked on the window and it startled Flower. She jumped and shrieked, then they all started laughing again.Flower rolled the window down and the smell of marijuana hit me in the face. I bent down and looked over at Baby, who smiled and wiggled her fingers at me. I was already planning how many strokes she was going to get for this. I can't believe she would be this fucking irresponsible."Hi, girls." I said."Hi, Uncle Ed." Baby replied."You girls out having fun tonight?" I asked."Hell, yes!" Flower yelled, raising her fist in the air, "Woooo!". They all started laughing again."Well, why don't you take the party inside." I suggested, "The bar is stocked an ready to go!""Wooooo!!!" Baby yelled, and got out of the car.The girl started to climb out of the back seat."Wait just a second." I said to Flower, patting her arm, "I need to talk to you for a second.""You guysgo on in." Flower said, "I'll be right there.""I have to pee!" the girl said, dancing around a little in the cold, rubbing her arms with her hands. Her body was just fine, her tits perky and proportional."C'mon, Katie!" Baby urged, "It's friggin' cold out here."I watched Katie's petite, tight, ass as she trotted to the front door in her faded jeans. In the space of about five seconds, I pondered the evolution of man, the hard-wired brain patterns of the human male, and searched my own soul for the reason why, in God's name, with Baby, Flower, Ruby and even a brand new girl that I could have any time I wanted, the only thing I wanted at that moment, was to grab that ass and fuck her until she couldn't survive another orgasm and begged me to stop."Master?" Flower said, breaking me out of my trance."What is it?" I growled as I unchained her ankle."Master, please don't be mad." she pleaded, "We didn't have any choice! She wouldn't come with us at first because she wanted to buy some pot so we offered to take her to get it so she came with us and we drove her to some trailer and then she started smoking it on the way here and we couldn't say no or it would look weird and..."I barely heard what she was saying. I thought back to my youth and how fun it was to catch a buzz and laugh with my friends. They got home safely, with the girl. What the hell, let them have some fun."Flower!" I interrupted, "It's OK. Go inside... have fun.""Thank you, Master!" she squealed, running toward the front door.I walked in just as Katie was coming out of the bathroom. I stepped behind the bar."What'll it be girls?" I asked.The girls all told me what they wanted and I made it for them as Katie rolled another joint. Sorry if that's not what it's called anymore. It's been a while."This so weird!" Katie said, passing me the lit joint, "It's like getting high with your dad!"The girls all laughed.I purposely took light drags and drank very slowly. At least one of us had to stay relatively coherent, but I was feeling pretty good.I kept filling the girls glasses. The more drunk Katie was, the easier it would be to subdue her.After about half an hour, I grabbed a fresh bottle of Jack and put it on the coffee table."Well, girls," I announced, "It's past this old man's bedtime."The girls giggled as Flower grabbed the bottle from the table."Good night, Uncle Ed!" Katie said. The girls all laughed loudly.I went upstairs and got in bed. I wasn't really that tired, I was just out of place there. They were being polite to the sad, old man, but I knew they'd have more fun alone.I tossed and turned for an hour or so, my head still buzzing. I remembered back to my youth and how when I was high from pot and had sex, the orgasm was much more intense and I could feel it all over, like my body was one giant penis.I got out of bed and turned the video monitor on. I saw that the girls were asleep, or passed out. Katie was on the couch, Flower was sprawled out on the floor and Baby balled up in the recliner. They didn't have blankets or pillows, so I assumed they had passed out.I switched cameras to the punishment room. Catherine was still bent over the saw horse and limp, her pants still pulled down to her knees. I watched her for a few minutes to make sure she was still alive. She was.Switching over to the slave bedroom, I saw that Ruby was fast asleep. Hmmm... Catherine or Ruby? I decided to decide when I got downstairs.I crept through the living room, walking around Flower. I nudged her head with my foot. She was out.I continued down to the basement and went in o the punishment room. Catherine stirred."Mmmfff mmm hmmm hmmm!" she cried, in a pleading tone.It probably was very uncomfortable the way she was positioned. I'm not too worried about her comfort, but I was concerned that it might cut off the circulation to her arms or legs. I loosened her feet, and removed the rope from her neck.She started to rise, trying to stand up. I knocked her back down on the saw horse and grabbed the handcuffs that were holding her hands behind her back, jerking her arms up her back."Mmmmmffff!!" she screamed in pain."You move when I move you." I growled.I let go of the cuffs and pulled the blanket off of the twin bed, dropping it on the floor.I grabbed another pair of handcuffs and tossed them to the foot of the bed, then grabbed her by the hair in the back of her head and pulled her up."Mmmmmmmmm!" she sobbed.I walked her over to the bed, her pants falling closer to her ankles with every step. Knocking her down on the bed, I roughly pulled her pants the rest of the way off and jerked her feet toward the foot of the bed. I put the cuffs on her right foot, securing it to the foot board.I turned her on her side and removed the cuffs from her left hand, securing it it to the headboard. Both her right hand and right foot were now secured.I grabbed her left leg and pulled it away from the other, spreading them wide."So..." I began, looking down at her fully exposed cunt, "This is the 'golden pussy', huh?""Hmmmm, hmmmm!" she cried, moving her free left hand to cover herself.I jerked her left leg farther out. She yelped in pain."Move your hand!" I demanded.She slowly pulled her hand away from her snatch, nervously moving it around, just above her hairline, wanting to cover herself up again, but afraid to do it.I grabbed her left hand and secured it to the headboard with another pair of handcuffs.I pulled her legs apart again, stood back and and gazed at her gaping hole for a few moments."This is it?" I asked in disbelief, "This is the pussy you think is worth so much?""Mmmm-mmmm!" she sobbed, apparently answering in the negative."It looks about like every other pussy to me." I said, "There has to be something here worth so much money."I reached down with both hands, and unbuttoned the button of her blouse just below her tits."Mmmmmmfff!" she cried.I inserted my hands in to her blouse, paused briefly and then sharply pulled both sides outward, causing the buttons to fly off in all directions."MMMMMMMM!!!!" she screamed, terrified.I pulled the knife out of my pocket and opened it. Her eyes widened and she started crying uncontrollably.I slid the knife under her bra, between her tits, and cut it open with a quick snap of my wrist. Moving the cups out of the way to expose her naked breasts, I stepped back, folded my knife and returned it to my pocket. I stared are her for a while, waiting for her to calm down."Well..." Ibegan, pinching my chin with the fingers of my right hand, "These are nice tits... but, I mean, just... 'nice'. I've definitely seen better."She lie there, naked except for the sleeves of her blouse still covering her arms, thoroughly humiliated, and sniffing tears."So, what is it that makes you such an expensive piece of ass?" I wondered aloud.She tried to say something through her sobs, and the duct tape, but I wasn't paying attention. I looked down at her for a few moments, enjoying her humiliation, when I suddenly realized what a fool I was. It had to be the pot preventing me from thinking clearly."There's nothing special here." I concluded, "You're just another piece of meat."I turned the lights off and closed the door as she continued to sob.Grabbing a chain, collar and lock from the cabinet, I made my way upstairs, where I had a new, fresh, young girl passed out on my couch, just waiting to be molested.January 16th, 200811:13amIt was about 3:30am when I nudged Katie, who lie on her back on the couch. She didn't stir, so I shook her a little, pushing on her right shoulder and quietly called her name. She is out of it.I slipped the collar around her neck, connected the chain and locked them both in place. Wrapping the other end of the chain around the loops in the cast iron end table legs, I gave it a good tug to make sure she would not be able to drag the table too easily.I looked down at her, admiring her cuteness. She is not what you'd call 'beautiful', but she is definitely cute. She will attract a lot of interest at the auction. Given her age, I expect her to sell for the most.I nudged her again to make sure she would not wake up on me, then gently grabbed her right tit. It was nicely firm and sized just about right. I kneaded it, being careful not to do it hard enough to wake her.I switched hands on her right tit, and grabbed the other one, playing with both as I looked at her sweet, sleeping face. I bent over and kissed her on the lips, gently inserting my tongue until I felt it touch hers, then slid my tongue under and around hers several times. God, this was turning me on more that I thought it would. The other night when Flower was sleeping was exciting, but this was a whole new level. I already had her secured, so if she wakes up, it won't be an issue since we would have subdued her in the morning anyway, but I found myself dearly hoping she didn't wake up until I was done with her.I moved my lips down to her soft neck, kissing and lightly licking it. She still did not stir.I pulled out my pocket knife and cut her shirt away, opening it but leaving her lying on it so I didn't have to move her too much. Cutting her bra away, I saw that she had nice, light brown nipples. I bent over and put my mouth over her right nipple, softly nibbling her supple skin with my pursed lips, feeling her nipple gradually become erect and stiffen against my lips.I repeated this on her left tit, causing both of her nipples to stand at attention.Licking my way down to her waist, I unbuttoned her pants, slid the zipper down and continued to lick and kiss my way to the top of her panties. I stood up and grabbed her pant legs near her ankles and cautiously slid them off. She let out a short moan and turned her head to face away from the couch.I waited a minute or two to make sure was still out and then, since she so kindly provided the opportunity, I bent down on one knee, pulled my cock out and put the head up against her lips. I could feel her hot breath flash across it, causing it to grow and throb. I watched her chest rise and fall with each blast of warm air.Pinching her chin between my thumb and index finger, I pulled her mouth open, just enough to insert the tip of my cock. I was afraid to put it in too far, fearing it may wake her up, but I managed the hole head, plus about another inch. I gently fucked her mouth, trying to time my strokes between her slow, deep breaths.I looked down at her, lusting over her fine, young body, naked except for her pink panties with a small white bow at the top. I thought about how much I wanted to play with her tight ass, but realized I'd never be able to flip her over without waking her. I decided I'd have plenty of time for that later. It was time to go for the gold.I took my boxers off, leaving me completely naked, and crawled between her legs. Picking the knife up off the floor, I carefully cut the straps of her panties and peeled them away. As expected, her bush was dark brown. It was untrimmed, but not overly hairy.Now for the tricky part. I grabbed a decorative pillow from the edge of the couch and slowly, very slowly, slid it under her ass, raising it several inches off the couch. I spit in to my hand several times, and lightly rubbed it in to her cunt, gradually opening the lips and lubricating the inside.At this point, it was the challenge more than the actual sex. I badly wanted to fuck this girl without waking her up.I crept along her body toward her head, getting my cock in position. Feeling her warm, wet snatch brushing against it, I nudged the head in to her, ever so slightly. Even as high as I was, I wasn't going to make the same mistake twice. If I felt any real resistance to my probing, I would stop. I didn't want to lose another virgin.As it was, my cock slipped fully in to her on the second or third push. It was a snug fit, but she definitely was not a virgin.I lowered my head and began to 'kiss' her again, as I cautiously took long, slow strokes, burying my cock in her each time. After about 30 seconds, she began to stir. I froze in place. She reached her arms up and put them around my back."Mmmm..." she moaned, then dropped her arms and was out again. I remained frozen in place for about 15 more seconds, then, confident that she was out again, returned to my long, slow strokes.I could feel my balls tightening, the orgasm building up to it's imminent release. Suddenly, she stirred again, opened her bleary, sagging eyes and looked at me in confusion."No... no..." she quietly gasped, raising her hands to my chest and weakly trying to push me away."No..." she gasped one last time, then was out again.I couldn't stand it any more. I dug my arms under her back, pressed our bodies together so I could better feel the sensation of her warm, soft skin, and began to plow her cunt, unconcerned any longer with waking her up.It took all of about 10 seconds. My whole body exploded with marijuana-enhanced, orgasmic joy. I gasped, shocked at the intensity, a trail of slobber dribbling down my chin. It was the most wonderful, full-body orgasm I have ever had. I gradually slacked off, not wanting it to end.I looked down and she was out. I have no idea how she did not wake up after that, but she lie there naked, come dripping from her cunt, oblivious to what had just been done to her.Drained, exhausted and stoned, I crawled off the couch and over to Flower, still lying on the floor in the same position as before. I pulled a blanket off of the love seat, put it over us, cuddled up next to her and fell asleep. January 16th, 20081:22pm"EEEEEEEEE!!!" Katie shrieked.Baby, Flower and I all sprang to life, looking around in confusion. Eventually, I focused my blurry eyes on Katie. She was sitting on the edge of the couch, looking down at her naked crotch, her t-shirt sliced open in the front, hanging by the intact sleeves. "What... happened?!" she asked loudly, the second word much higher pitched than the first. She apparently hadn't noticed the loose-fitting collar around her neck yet, or the light chain hanging down her back.Baby and Flower looked around, confused and disoriented."What is it, Katie?" Baby asked, rubbing her eyes with both hands."I... who..." Katie stammered.She looked at me, sitting on the floor, bare chested, the blanket covering me below the waist. "Him!" she shouted angrily, nodding her head toward me, pulling her shirt together and closing her legs."What?" Baby asked, "Him what?""He... he raped me!" Katie accused."That's... that's crazy!" Baby proclaimed."Look at me!" Katie screeched, "He raped me!""Now wait just a minute..." I began, deciding to play this out a little, "Don't you remember?""Remember what? I would *never*...", Katie trailed off, then pointed at me and continued, "He... he *raped* me!""C'mon, Katie," Flower interjected, "We were all pretty high...""Look at my shirt!" She exclaimed, flapping it open a few times so they could see it had been cut. I caught a quick glimpse of her tits."Do you remember anything at all, Katie?" Baby asked.".... Not... not really." she admitted."Then we don't really know what happened." Baby continued, "Let's not start accusing people before we...""He RAPED me!" Katie interrupted, beginning to tear up. "I would *never*... not with... not with... someone like *him*!"OK, now I was feeling a bit insulted. I decided it was time to end this. I stood up, allowing the blanket to fall to the floor, revealing that I was completely naked."Oh, God!" Katie cried, turning her head away from me. She put her hand up to her mouth and sobbed several times, then stood up and walked quickly toward the bathroom."I want you to take me AAAACCKKK!", her demand was cut off mid-sentence as the chain tightened, snapping her head back and abruptly ending her angry march to the john. She twisted as she fell, landing on her right hip, facing away from us.It took her a few seconds to shake off the pain before she began to lift herself up. As she felt the pull of the collar, she realized for the first time that she was chained."What is this!" she screamed, grabbing the collar and trying to pull it off.Baby suddenly walked away very quickly, grabbed the keys and went down to the basement."Katie!" Flower shouted to get her attention, then lowered her voice to a normal volume. "Just settled down, and we'll explain everything to you.""Let me out of this!" Katie screamed. She grabbed the chain with both hands and jerked on it several times, causing the end table to scoot about a foot along the carpet with each pull. The lamp fell to the floor with the first pull, the other small items on the table violently shifted around.I couldn't help but think about how sexy she looked. Naked except for her sliced-open shirt, the strips of cloth separating just enough for a tantalizing view of her cleavage, exaggerated by her arms pressing in against her breasts. Her legs were offset, one in front of the other, her dark brown bush mostly visible. The muscles of her inner thighs tightening as she pulled on the chain, struggling against her bonds. I wished I had my camera ready. It could have made for a very artistic photo. I made a mental note that one thing Flower could do to be useful is shoot photos and video of our training sessions. Wayne had mentioned once that some guys that couldn't afford and/or safely keep a slave would pay good money to see things like that.Baby coming back through the basement door snapped my clouded mind back to reality. She was carrying various items we'd need to subdue Katie, who had by now moved the table about half way to the front door. "Katie!" I yelled, grabbing her chain and yanking. It brought her stumbling toward me, falling to the ground at my feet. She looked up at me, my naked penis hanging about a foot above her. Her face crinkled with fear and turned red as she began to beg."Please! Don't hurt me! PLEEAASSSEE!" she squealed."Katie..." I said calmly, "Settle down.""Please!" she begged."Katie..." I continued, "Do exactly as you are told and this will be easier for you.""Please don't kill me!" she pleaded."Put your hands behind your back." I ordered."PLEEEASSSEE! Don't kill me!" she implored."Katie... I promise, we are not going to kill you.""Please!" "I'm not going to kill you!" I said, slightly annoyed, "Now, put your hands behind your back."She looked back up at me, her bright red face soaked with tears, bottom lip quivering, and slowly put her hands behind her back. She was clearly terrified.Baby walked up behind her and bound her hands with handcuffs."Katie, listen carefully." I began, "Calm down. We are not going to kill you. Do you understand me?""... Yes." she replied. "But I need you to do exactly as you are told." I continued, "Can you do that for me?""... Yes." she said, sniffing and calming down a bit."Get up on your knees." I directed."Oh, God!" she cried, looking up at my cock and shrinking away in fear."Katie... You said you'd do as you were told, remember?" I reminded her.She looked at me, then back at my cock, then at Baby and Flower, then finally, slowly made her way up to her knees."Katie, you are correct." I affirmed, "I did rape you last night."She sobbed deeply and closed her eyes tightly, squeezing out even more tears."Why am I chained up?”What do you want from me?" she cried."Right now, I want you to stand up." I replied, "Baby, unhook the chain from the table please."Katie stood up. I rolled the chain up and turned Katie in place to face the basement door."We're going down to Flower's room." I informed her."Who... who's Flower?" she asked."That's me!" Flower said, raising her hand."But I thought..." she trailed off."It's Flower now." she replied."This way!" I ordered, lightly pushing her toward the door.When we got to the basement door and she looked down the stairs, she started crying hysterically and walking backward away from it, bumping in to me."Nooo! Please!" Katie begged, "I don't want to go down there! Pleeeasssseee!"I jerked the chain on her collar, straightening her back up."Katie, I promised you that we would not kill you, and I meant it." I assured, "This is Flower's bedroom."Katie calmed down a bit, looked down the stairs again and took her first, cautious step down the stairs.We made our way down, me prodding her in the back as she took each step very slowly and cautiously. She seemed to be afraid of basements, or maybe she is claustrophobic. Or maybe she just senses the truth; that she is walking in to a dungeon.We finally arrived at the bottom of the stairs and Katie seemed to relax a bit, seeing that it did indeed look like a bedroom. Baby and Flower were right behind us.I steered Katie to the far side of the room, then turned her around to face the door that led back upstairs."Stand here." I ordered, "Do not move.""I... I have to pee." Katie said. "Baby!" I sighed, handing her Katie's chain, "Take her to pee."I waited patiently until Baby led Katie back out of the restroom. "Stand here." I ordered again, pointing to a spot on the ground, "Do not move."I grabbed her chain, stood up on the step stool, and ran it up through a ring in the ceiling."What... why are you..." she trailed off, beginning to sob again.I pulled the chain snug. I left her enough slack to stand flat-footed, by very little extra. She couldn't move more than about a foot in any direction without chocking herself."Please!" she begged, "I don't want to... please! Let me go!""Baby, gag her." I ordered."No! No! Please, I'll be quiet!" she pleaded as Baby slipped the ball gag over her mouth.I headed to the restroom to piss, then walked in to the punishment room.As I entered the punishment room, Catherine spun her head around to look at me."Listen... um," she began, "I'm sorry, I actually can't remember what you said your name was.""You may call me 'Master'." I replied.O... K! 'Master'..." she said, sarcastically. I cannot imagine how Kevin put up with her for so long."Anyway, listen," she continued, "I see what's going on here.""Oh? What *is* going on here?" I asked, sarcastically."I heard that scared girl crying out there." she informed me."And?""And, I want in." "In?""Yes."I said nothing."I can help you.""I don't need any more help.""I know a lot of girls...""I don't need any more help."She paused for a few moments of thought as I put a collar around her neck."Did Kevin ever mention how we met?""No.""It figures.""It does?""Yes...""And why is that?""Because... I was an escort.""I... well... that would explain a lot." I replied, then started regretting having her stick her tongue up my ass."Right. The sex was good before we married because he paid me for it. The dumb fucker fell in love with me and wanted to 'save me' from my profession."Apparently, her high-class veneer was peeling away, the curse words effortlessly rolling off her tongue."So, you were a cheap hooker that got lucky.""I was *NOT* a cheap hooker!" she snapped. I apparently hit a nerve."I was a high-class escort, with high-class clients. They paid me $1,000 a night!""Ah, so you were an expensive hooker that got lucky.""Fuck you." she said calmly."Sorry, I can't afford you." I quipped, "And I'd like to remain disease free.""Go to hell, asshole." she cursed, "I never fucked any of these guys without a condom. I'm cleaner than you are."I have to say that I was relieved to hear that, but I didn't respond."So, listen," she continued, her repeated use of the word 'listen' grating on my nerves, "I know a lot of girls. Many of them would not be missed. I'm talking about clean, high-class girls."I have to admit, it was beginning to sound tempting..."I don't trust you." I replied."Listen, I don't give a damn about these girls.""That doesn't surprise me.""Right, and you only have their best interest at heart?"I said nothing."I also still have my client list... rich men... lots of them.""Hedging your bets?" I responded, attaching the chain to her collar."We could make... millions!""Probably. And then at the first opportunity, you'd stab me in the back.""I would never do that!" she insisted."As long as I was still useful to you." I retorted, releasing her foot from the handcuffs.She didn't reply.I uncuffed her left hand from the headboard and turned on her over. She was not resisting me at all, apparently confident in her ability to manipulate me and get out of this."So, what do you say?" she asked, as I uncuffed her right hand from the headboard and cuffed her hands together behind her back, "We'd make a great team!""Let me think about it." I replied, pulling her to her feet. "I have to potty.""OK," I sighed, leading her out to the main room, then to the restroom. Katie looked up at Catherine in shock, then started to cry again. Catherine stopped in her tracks, looking at each of the three girls. I prodded her along toward the restroom.I followed her in to the restroom myself and plopped her down on the toilet."Those girls..." she began, "Are they the best you've got?"I didn't reply. The sound of her pissing was very loud; she really had to go."Listen," she said, yet again, "They are cute and all, but they are kind of 'trailer-park-cute' if you know what I mean."I didn't respond."The girls I know... I'm not talking trailer trash here.""One of them is my lover.""Um, well... listen," she squirmed, "I said they were cute...um, but I mean, my girls are well beyond 'cute'.""Hmmm... I don't know..."She finished her business and looked up at me. "I can't wipe." she said, wiggling her cuffed hands.I reached down with a sigh, grabbed a wad of paper and wiped her."I still need to think about it more." I said."OK, but I'm telling you, we could make a killing!"I grabbed her by the handcuffs and pulled her off the toilet, leading her in to the main room."Hi, girls! I'm Catherine." She announced, "Your master and I might be working together."Flower and Baby looked at me in shock."I said I needed to think about it some more, Catherine."Baby continued to look at me, mouth wide open, as I ran Catherine's chain through another ring in the ceiling. Catherine and Katie now both faced the stairs, about 4 feet apart. Baby and Flower were sitting on the futon.I grabbed another ball gag and put it around Catherine's head, slipping the ball down to her throat."So..." Catherine said nervously, "Do... do we have a deal?""Let me think, Catherine..." I said, pretending to be in deep thought for a few seconds."No." I replied, slipping the gag over her mouth and walking over to the recliner."Mmmmm mmmm MMMMM?" she asked. I have no idea what she said, but it sounded like a question.I sat there and studied both girls. Both were naked except for tattered shirts covering their arms, both hanging by neck collars, both with their hands cuffed behind their backs."MMMMM MMM MMMMM?" she repeated, with more urgency this time."Flower, come here." I ordered."Yes, Master." she replied, moving to stand in front of me."Are you ready to show that you can be useful around here?""I... Yes, Master, I am." she replied, gaining some small bit of confidence."Good." I said, handing her the dowel rod, "Take this.""I... I... " Flower stammered, then regained her composure, "What would you like me to do, Master?"I paused for a few seconds, appraising my two new acquisitions."Let's start with Catherine..." I said thoughtfully, "Please beat her back to reality.""NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!" Catherine screamed through her ball gag as Flower turned to face her.Flower circled around behind Catherine, twisting the rod in her hands, clearly nervous.Catherine spun herself around to face Flower."Catherine, I would suggest you keep your back to her." I offered."Gggrrrrrgggg!" Catherine growled through her ball gag.After many long seconds of trying to work up her courage, Flower brought the rod back over her shoulder, bringing it down across the front of Catherine's thighs, and...Nothing.I looked at Flower with a look of "Are you kidding me?".Flower fidgeted with the rod in her hands, looked at me, then back at Catherine, who was still facing her.Flower again reared back, pausing briefly, then bringing the rod down across Catherine's thighs."Nnkk!" Catherine yelped, weakly."Flower," I said, "If you are not able to do this, please hand me the rod.""I... I can do this, Master." she assured me.Flower pulled the rod back over her shoulder again, her face flush and lightly sweating from nervousness, her expression hardening. I have no idea what was going on in her head, but it worked."Aaaaaagggggggg!!!" Catherine screamed, as the rod lashed the front of her thighs."I told you to face away from her.""Uhhh... uhhh... uhhh..." Catherine gasped.Flower looked at me. I nodded once."Aaaaaaaaggggg!!!!!!" Catherine screamed, spinning around trying to avoid the second stroke.Writhing in pain, Catherine lifted her legs off the ground, immediately choking as she put all her weight on the collar around her neck."And I'd keep my feet on the floor if I were you." I suggested.I held my hand up to Flower, signaling her to wait."You see how it works here?" I asked Catherine, spinning her back around to face me, and holding her in place, "There are no negotiations, no deal-making and no way for you to come out ahead."I signaled Flower with my index finger. She lashed the rod across both cheeks of Catherin's ass.Catherine screamed in agony, flailing around and slipping from my grasp, slobber dripping from her ball gag.I spun her back around and grabbed her by the throat. I wasn't strangling her, but holding her in place."There is only... obedience... or punishment." I said, signaling Flower.As Catherine was grimacing and screaming from the lash of the rod across the back of her thighs, I looked over and noticed that Katie appeared to be hyper-ventilating. "Baby, take care of Katie." I ordered."As of this moment, you are a sex slave." I continued, "You are here to be trained, and then sold at auction to the highest bidder." I signaled to Flower and the rod landed across Catherine's lower back. Her muffled screams barely registered with me as I looked over at Katie. She seemed to be doing better. Baby had removed her gag and she was breathing normally."Your old life is over. You will never return to it, your family or your friends." Catherine braced for another lash of the rod, but I continued."Your new life is very simple; You will please your master, fulfilling his every whim, instantly and without complaint." I signaled to Flower.She lashed the rod across Catherine's shoulders. Catherine thrust her chest toward me, letting out a long, deep, throaty moan."Now..." I began, "You will only have one chance at this. I'm going to lower your gag and I want you to say, 'You are my Master and I am your obedient slave. I will fulfill your every whim.'"I gave Catherine a few moments to calm down, then reached up and grabbed her ball gag, pausing long enough to get in her face."And please... say 'Master' with that condescending, sarcastic tone you used earlier, so I will have an excuse for Flower to beat you senseless.I lowered the gag. Catherine swallowed and looked up at me, tears streaming down her bright red face."Please... <pant> <pant> Listen..." she started."Wrong answer!" I yelled, putting the gag back over her mouth.I looked at Flower and held up ten fingers, then went over to check on Katie.Catherine's screams turned to background noise as I asked Baby if Katie was OK. Baby confirmed that she was, so I put the gag back in Katie's mouth."Pay attention, Katie, and this will go easier for you." I suggested.She started sobbing, but nodded her head frantically. I felt a bit sorry for her. She was terrified.It took me a few seconds to realize that Catherine had stopped screaming."I think she passed out!" Flower said."Baby, help Flower hold her up to take the pressure off her neck. Give her a minute. How many were you up to?" I asked."Seven, Master." Flower answered."OK, when she wakes up, make sure she is fully awake, then give her the other three. I'm going to get some clothes on."I went upstairs, put jeans and a t-shirt on, took a piss and grabbed a glass of orange juice. As I was drinking it, I heard Catherine's muffled screams again.I went back downstairs, downed the rest of my orange juice and set the glass down.Walking up to Catherine, I lifter her head up and looked in to her eyes."So, Are you going to say it this time, or are you up for another ten?" I asked."And if you fucking use the word 'listen' again, it'll be twenty!" I added."Remember, it's 'You are my Master and I am your obedient slave. I will fulfill your every whim.' I reminded her as I lowered the gag."You...<sob> you are my...<sob> Master and I...<sob> I am your...<sob> obedient slave. I will...<sob> I willfulfill your...<sob> every whim.'. I was surprised that she managed to get it right."Nice! I'm glad you are seeing it my way."She did not reply."What's my name?" I asked Catherine, looking at Flower, giving her a nod."I don't remem..." she was interrupted by Flower lashing the rod across her ass."Master!!!" she screamed, "You are Master! Pleassseee!""Good. And what are you?""I... I am your obedient slave.""And what do you do?""I... I..." she started, unsure of the answer I was looking for, "I fulfill your every whim?" "Good. I think you've got it!" I praised, "Remember this night well, because any disobedience, or even hesitation to carry out an order, will get you ten lashes of the rod."She didn't respond."Now, we won't have any more of your scheming will we?""...No." she replied, weakly. Flower brought the rod down across her lower back. Catherine's whole body jerked and tightened as she howled in pain.I gave her a second to stop thrashing."No, WHAT?!" I yelled."No, MASTER!" she cried, "No, Master!""Better." I praised, patting her on the head and walking over to Katie."OK," I began, "Let's see how little Katie is doing."Katie started to cry, as Flower moved behind her. She rubbed her legs together, almost dancing as she alternated lifting each leg, rubbing it against the other.I walked up to Katie and caressed her cheek with the back of my right hand."You heard everything I said to Catherine, right?"She nodded her head frantically."And you understand why you are here, right?"She nodded again."And you know what I need you to say?"Again, she nodded."I'm going to take your gag off now. You have one chance to get this right."The gag wasn't even fully off of her mouth when she shouted out."You are my Master and I am your obedient slave! I will fulfill your every whim!'"My, you are an anxious little thing, aren't you?"I put the gag back on her and took a step back."You did very well," I said, "And I can tell that you are eager to please your Master, but, unfortunately, it is a standard rule here that every new slave must be introduced to punishment."She began to sob deeply, and dance around, rubbing her legs together again."I'm sorry, but every slave must know what punishment is like." I said regretfully, "But we will make it quick, and this never has to happen again if you always do exactly as you are told."She continued to squirm and sob."Please keep your back to Flower." I added, "It will be less painful.She turned her head, trying to see Flower without turning her body. I looked at Flower and made a 'down' motion with my hand, signaling her to ease up on the force of the strokes."Look at me, Katie." I prompted, "Look in to my eyes and it'll be over before you know it."I took her chin in my hand and held her head in place, just inches from my face. "Five, Flower. Make it quick." Katie's eyes opened wide and her face looked as if she were being murdered as the first lash whipped across her backside. Her high-pitched scream of agony pierced my head like an arrow.As ordered, Flower delivered all five lashes quickly. "It's over now." I said, putting my right hand on her cheek, "You never have to be punished again."She calmed down, knowing it was over, but continued to cry and sob.January 16th, 20085:37pmI opened the door to the slave bedroom, and Ruby was sitting up in her bed, tears in her eyes, very frightened by the screams she had been hearing."Baby, let's get a third bed made up and get the girls in here." I said.Baby grabbed a set of sheets, blanket and a pillow and went in to the slave bedroom.She walked over to Ruby, put her hand on Ruby's hand and said something in Spanish with a comforting tone. Ruby seemed relieved and took the bedding from Baby's hands, insisting that she would make the bed.As Ruby made up the bunk that was above her own, I disconnected the chain from Katie's collar and removed her handcuffs, telling her not to move. I inspected Catherine's backside. She had multiple red welts, but nothing serious. Flower had done well. I also unchained her and ordered her to stay in place."Both of you will now go in to the bedroom, pick a bunk and lie flat on your back." I ordered, as I grabbed two short chains and locks from the cabinet.They both stood there looking at me, unsure if I they should move."Now!" I snapped, then followed them in to the bedroom."You can sleep with the housekeeper." Catherine said, pushing Katie out of the way and heading to the lower bunk of the unused bed.I let it go for now. I can already tell I'm going to have to beat the bitch out of this girl before it's over.Both girls lie flat on their backs as instructed. I chained Katie's collar to the headboard. She started to cry again, but didn't say a word.I moved over and chained Catherine's collar to her headboard. She had this look on her face as if everything was going according to plan and it was just a matter of time before I came crawling, begging to her to join the operation. Or maybe I was reading too much in to it."Girls!" I said, stepping back into the doorway, "Someone will be in the next room at all times. If you make any attempt to escape, or even get out of bed, you will long for the days when you were only beaten with a stick.""Rest for a while." I said, closing the door.Baby and Flower were sitting on the futon, Flower had her head on Baby's shoulder, eyes closed. Baby was barely keeping her eyes open.It was then that I realized it was still only 7:45am. I had the girls stand up, pulled the futon out flat, and we all piled in to it, quickly falling asleep.January 16th, 20088:14pmI'm still trying to catch up with my journal. It's been a busy day.I woke up about 10:30am, trapped in a tangled mess of female arms and legs. I carefully slipped out from under the girls, trying not to wake them, and went upstairs.I took a nice, hot shower and then got on the computer and checked my bank account. The $50k from Wayne had arrived. I have some shopping to do. I grabbed a notebook and started making a list of the things we needed.After about 10 minutes, Baby came lumbering in. The hair on the left side of her head was sticking almost straight up. I chuckled to myself and gave her a cheery "Good Morning!", to which she just growled and grabbed a bottle of aspirin from her purse."Is Flower awake yet?" I asked."Shower." she replied, still barely awake. Translation: "Flower is taking a shower, Honey.""How are you feeling?" I asked."Shower." she said, walking in to the bathroom. Translation: "I have a slight headache and I'm going to take a shower now, Honey."I gave Baby and Flower about an hour to wake up, shower and meet me in the living room; we needed to talk.I spent the hour cleaning up the mess we made last night, getting Tomas busy with some work in the garage, and checking the social web sites. It's been a while since I've logged in and had tons of messages. I ignored them for now.The girls arrived in the living room, their hair up in towels. They sat on the couch, took the towels down and started brushing there hair out. How their hair was still wet after an hour is beyond me. What have they been doing? I chalk it up to one of those 'female mysteries' and get down to business.I stood up a few feet in front of them."First off... Flower: Excellent job down there.""Thank you, Master!" she exclaimed, pausing her hair brushing."Does that mean...?" Baby asked, trailing off."Yes. Flower can stay..." The girls squealed and hugged each other."AT LEAST..." I continued, "until the next auction.""She still has to show that she can earn her keep, long-term. But today was a great start.""But..." I added, walking up to Flower."... suck my cock." I ordered.Flower immediately set her brush on the couch, unzipped my pants, pulled my dick out and put it in her mouth. "Look at me." I said. She complied."Understand that you are still a slave." I reminded her, "You will still be chained up when we are not with you, until you earn our full trust."She nodded her head and kept sucking.I watched her for a few moments, then pet her damp head."I am still 'Master', and you will still do as you are told." "Yeth, Mathter." she replied.I couldn't help myself and cracked a smile. Her face lit up with that adorable smile of hers.I pulled my cock out of her mouth, zipped up and walked back to my spot."Welcome to the team, Flower." I said."Thank you, Master!" both girls said, almost simultaneously. Baby ran up to me, wrapped both arms around me and planted a kiss on my lips.Baby sat back down, the girls looked at each other and smiled, then returned to their hair."We need to to make a few changes to the way we do things here. Baby, this mostly involves you, and to a lesser extent, me.""What is it, Master?" Baby asked."There is definitely a place for comforting the girls. They need some balance so they don't go nuts and ball up in the corner, but, we have to stop getting close to them.""What do you mean, Master?" Baby asked."They are here to be sold, and we are here to train them. We are not here to be their friends, have all-night girl talk sessions or learn about their sad childhoods.""I know, Master." Baby agreed, "I've just been a little lonely for, you know, for a girl to talk to since... since Star left.""I completely understand, Baby." I assured her, "I miss Star too. But that's exactly my point. We can't keep getting close to these girls, then go through the pain when they leave.""And... you have Flower now... right?" I added."Right!" she said, putting her arm around Flower."And for my part, I need to quit getting attached because of their sad eyes or sweet, innocent faces..." I said."... or because they are an amazing piece of ass." I added, giving the blushing Flower a quick wink. "Anyway..." I continued, "Flower, I want you to take over most of the training of the girls.""Master?" Flower asked in disbelief."Don't worry, you'll be fine. Baby will be there to help most of the time, and I'll be there when needed. But you will be in charge of their day-to-day training; getting them up and ready for the day, teaching them new skills, running them through practice sessions, and so on.""Yes, Master." Flower replied, "I can do that.""We only have about two weeks. You will need to be strict and business-like. You have full authority to administer any punishment you deem necessary. But you obviously need to be careful not to damage them.""Of course, Master." Flower agreed."You do a wonderful job with the girls, Baby, and I want you continue to comfort and provide the balance for them, but you need to keep the relationships at arms length.""OK, Master." Baby replied."Also, I need you both to be very careful of Catherine." I added, "Until she is completely broken, she is going to try to manipulate you, lie and scheme. She will try to confuse and trick you, and I would not put violence past her if she gets desperate enough. Always have her chained up, and keep one eye on her at all times.""Yes, Master" Flower said."Baby..." I said, turning slightly to face her, "I'm going out today to pick up some things we need, and I thought maybe I'd get a nice camera, and video camera. I want to start getting better recordings of our training sessions and have a good photo record of them as well. How'd you like to be our official photographer?""I *love* photography!" she exclaimed."Good. Maybe you could give me some suggestions on what camera to get, and anything else you will need." I had originallythought about Flower for the photography, but she did so well with the girls, and I remembered that Baby had once mentioned enjoying photography, so I decided this would work out better."OK, you two finish your primping, then get the girls showered, give them slave outfits and flll them in on the rest of the rules. We'll start training when I get back."January 17th, 20088:52amI returned from shopping last night too late to get started on training the girls, so we're going to start this morning.I bought the professional quality camera Baby had suggested. She stayed up quite late playing with it. I also bought a very nice video camera.I spent several hundred dollars at the adult novelty store, picking up 9 or 10 dildos of various styles and sizes, more handcuffs, a few vibrators and various other items that caught my eye.A package we had been waiting on finally arrived today. Baby had found some t-shirts online that have snaps all the way up the back. We ordered two dozen of them in different solid colors. These make it possible for the slaves to remove their shirts while their collar is chained to the ceiling. They are now the standard slave shirt.I decided to get an estimate on having the garage finished. I think we need a larger area than the living room for the auctions. I've found a general contractor from a town about an hour away. I didn't want someone from around here, as it's a small town and people talk. I promised him a bonus if he could finish it quickly. He will be here later this afternoon.Tomas has an appointment at the clinic this morning to have his STD testing.January 17th, 20084:31pmI went downstairs this morning once the girls were ready. The slaves were wearing standard slave outfits, their collars where all chained to the ceiling with long chains, and they were in position. I sat down in the upright recliner, Baby and Flower were sitting very close to each other on the futon, Flower had the rod in her hand."Katie!" I called."Yes, <sob> Master?" she replied, looking up at me and wiping tears from her eyes. She was in yellow."Come here." I ordered.She got up and walked over to me, standing about a foot away."Down." I commanded, motioning downward with my hand, "In position."She complied."The first order of business is your name.""It's 'Katie', Master." she offered, looking up at me, and wiping her cheek."I... know that. You need a new one." I had given it some thought last night and decided to skip giving the two new slaves an initial, derogatory name until they earn a 'nice' name as I did with most of the the other girls. There are just too many slaves now and it will get confusing to change their names again in a week."From now on, your name is 'River'." I initially thought of it because she cries a lot, but then I realized she also somewhat resembles a character on one of my favorite TV shows. "You will never use your old name again. Is this understood?" I asked."Yes, Master." she replied, sobbing again."What is your name, slave?" I prompted."...River." she responded."Have you already forgotten the proper way to respond to your Master?" I asked."...My... my name is River, Master! I'm sorry!" she pleaded."Do not forget again." I warned."I won't, Master." she promised, then turned her head, put her hand up to her nose and started crying."River...""Yes, Master?" she replied, tears still running down her face."I know this is hard for you," I began, wiping her left cheek with my thumb, "But I need you to stop crying now.""I'm sorry, Master!" she cried in fear, sobbing even louder than before."River!" I said forcefully to get her attention back and grabbing her chin with my right hand, "I need you to pull yourself together. I promised that you would not be punished again unless you did something to deserve it.""I know, Master." she replied, calming down a bit but still crying."You were living in a shelter and had nothing. I know the training will be hard, but when it's over, you will go to live with a very rich man, and you will have an easy life.""I... Yes, Master.""And you are adorable," I added, wiping her face with my thumb again, "He won't be able to keep himself from spoiling you rotten.""Yes, Master." she said, no longer sobbing, but tears still streaming."River..." I whispered, getting close to her ear, "I need you to be strong and stop crying... Now. I do not want to punish you again, but you are no good to me like this.""I... I... " she stammered, looking as if she were going to burst out crying again.I looked at her sternly."Now." I repeated."OK..." she began, then wiped her face with both hands, sniffed several times while wiping her nose with the back of her hand, and stood up a bit straighter. "Yes, Master.""That is all." I said, "Back in position."River walked over to the other slaves and got back in position."Baby, please get River some hand wipes." I requested."Catherine, come here." I ordered.Catherine stood up and walked over to me. Her slightly-too-tight, light blue slave outfit firmly hugging her curves. She held her head high and walked with a slight strut.I stared at her for a long time, trying to figure out how to handle her. She needs to be broken, but as much as I hate to admit hit, she does have an air of class about her that the other girls don't have... when she's not being a bitch. I could beat her in to submission of course, but I don't want her to lose that classy edge. At 31 years old, she is going to be a harder sell than the younger girls. She needs all the advantages she can get.The only thing I've found so far that seems to bother her is to disparage her looks. At 31, she's probably starting to see the early signs of aging, and is sensitive about losing the only thing she really has to offer.I decided to try a completely different angle. I unhooked the chain from her collar, dropped it on the floor and walked toward the slave bedroom."Follow me." I said.Catherine followed me in to the bedroom as I held the door open for her and closed it as she entered."On your knees." I demanded."Are you going to have your way with me now, Master?" she smirked."On... your... fucking... knees." I growled.She studied my face for a moment, then got down on her knees in front of me."How do you want to do this?" I asked."Huh?" she asked, confused, then made a quick transition to sarcasm, "The usual way is, I open my mouth, put your cock in it and...""Ahhhh! Bastard!" she yelled, putting her hand to her face, as her snide comments were abruptly ended by the back of my right hand."I mean, you have two choices. I can beat you in to submission, turn you in to an unquestioning, obedient, docile slave...""Can you?" she asked.I looked her in the eyes with my serious face. "Yes... I can..."She again studied my face, her attitude fading a bit."And what's my second choice?""Your second choice is, you do what you always do; use your body to get what you want.""How do you mean?"I mean, you become an unquestioning, obedient, docile slave... voluntarily, right now."Her eyes glazed over and the gears started turning in her head."And then what happens?""I sell you.""Then what?""I don't care. I imagine you will once again fuck up an easy life by being a manipulative, ungrateful bitch to your new Master, but that's up to you."She paused, deep in thought."So... I pretend to be an obedient slave then you sell me and I wrap the dickless bastard around my finger... win/win?""No..." I sighed, "You BE an obedient slave, I sell you, then hopefully you realize how good you have it and live happily ever after.""Ha.""What the fuck is wrong with you?""If you think I'm going to spend the rest of my life in my underwear, 'fulfilling my Master's every whim', you are insane."I just stared at her, trying to fight the urge to back-hand her again."It doesn't matter what you do to me here. Three days after you sell me, I'll be squeezing his tiny balls in my left hand and emptying his wallet with my right... and he'll beg me to do it again."She's probably right. I don't think it's possible to truly break her. I can certainly beat her in to submission, but her next owner won't know what hit him. She's spent her whole life manipulating men. It's too much a part of who she is to beat it out of her. I'm debating with myself over whether I can sell her at all."I don't care what you do after you leave here. What is your choice? Am I going to have to whip the skin from your ass, or are you going to cooperate and make this easier for both of us."We locked eyes for several seconds. She really had no choice at all, unless she enjoyed pain. She was just waiting to see if I'd show any sign of weakness.I didn't."You are my Master and I am your obedient slave. I will fulfill your every whim." she said, with a hint of sarcasm, bowing down and kissing my right foot in dramatic fashion.I grabbed her by the hair and yanked her up to her feet. "Lose the sarcasm... now!" I growled, bending her head back, "I will not hesitate to string you up and beat you senseless if you disrespect me or my girls in front of the other slaves.""Yes... yes, Master." she stammered, shaken by my sudden aggression."For the next two weeks, you will swallow your substantial pride and be an obedient slave, or I will sell you to torture porn producers for $5,000 just to be rid of you. I am not *even* joking. Do you understand me?""I understand, Master." she replied, her voice wavering.We walked back out to the main room. I attached the chained to Catherine's collar and had her stand in front of me again as I sat back down in the recliner. Baby looked at me with a quizzical expression."On your knees." I ordered. She quickly complied."From now on, your name is 'Winter'" I announced. I had already picked the name last night, because she is a cold-hearted bitch."You will never use your old name again. Is this understood?" I asked."Yes, Master." she replied."What is your name, slave?" I prompted."My name is Winter, Master." she properly responded."Good. Go back to your position." Winter returned to her place and got in position on the far right of the three slaves. River was in the middle, Ruby on the left, with Baby just left of her, translating when needed. She also had a notebook to take notes. I got up from the recliner, and stood in front of them. "Today, we begin your full training." I announced, "This is the real thing, ladies. I expect your prompt obedience when given an order. Hesitation will not be tolerated. Defiance will be severely punished. Have I made myself clear?""Yes, Master." Winter and River said simultaneously."Yes, Master." Ruby said, with a delay for Baby to finish translating.Flower stood up, rod in hand, and positioned herself about a foot to my right and in front of me, facing me."We are going to start with what is probably the most important skill you can have as a slave." I announced, as I took my clothes off and folded them into in a stack on the floor."Ruby!" I snapped.Ruby timidly approached me, wringing her hands."Strip!" I commanded.Ruby understood the word and immediately reached around, pulled her t-shirt apart, causing the snaps to release. She slid the t-shirt off her arms and let it fall to the floor in front of her.She then slid her hands under the side straps of her panties, shimmied them down, and kicked them off."That looked as if you were disrobing at the doctor's office. Baby, make a note, please."I circled around Ruby and stood behind her. I put my hands on the back of her thighs, slid them up to her ass, and grabbed two handfuls of flesh."I think you may have lost a couple of pounds." I said, strictly to be encouraging. I slid my hands around to her stomach, then up to her chest, gently clenching a breast with each hand. I massaged them a bit and caressed the nipples with my thumbs."Nice, firm tits." I praised.Circling back in front of her, I put my hands on my hips."Suck my cock." I ordered.Ruby rung her hands together a bit."Master, I... Aaaaaiiii!!" she screamed as the rod lashed across her naked ass. River also let out a short, high-pitched squeal."No hesitation will be tolerated!" I snapped."Suck my cock!" I repeated.Ruby dropped to her knees and put my cock in her mouth. She grabbed my hips with both hands and bobbed her head very awkwardly. It was easily the worst blow job I've had since 10th grade."This is just terrible, Baby. Make a note.""Ruby, back in position." I ordered, pulling my cock out of her mouth.As Ruby walked back and got in position, I turned my gaze upon River. She, as usual, was on the verge of tears. We stared at each other for a few long seconds. I almost imperceptibly shook my head, encouraging her not to cry."River!" I snapped.She walked up to me, her arms folded over her chest in an attempt to cover herself up.I paused a few seconds, looking in to her eyes.I put my right hand on her cheek, trying to calm her."Do not try to hide your body from your Master." I said.She slowly dropped her arms to her side.I slid my hand off her cheek, down her neck and finally to her left breast. I wanted to get her used to my touch, and the violation of her bodily sovereignty. She recoiled a bit from my touch."Strip!" I demanded.She surprisingly quickly reached around and unsnapped her shirt, letting it slide down her arms and on to the floor. She then did almost exactly what Ruby did, shimmying her panties down and kicking them off, but it was unintentionally sexy as hell. I've still not figured out why there was such a difference.I put my hands on her hips, pulled my self right up next to her body, reached around and took hold of her ass cheeks. The combination of her soft skin, body heat and the feel of her tight, petite ass was enough to make me want to forget the training, lay her down and fuck her right here on the carpet.I spent so much time enjoying the feel of her ass and the full-body skin contact that I totally forgot to properly feel her tits. But I already knew they were firm, and nice.I took a half step backward and looked at her to make sure she was holding up OK. She seemed to be doing fine, so I went to the next step."Suck my cock." I ordered.She immediately went to her knees, took a quick look at Flower to make sure she wasn't going to get whacked, and put my cock in her mouth.As she started to work it, I could tell she had done it before. As far as the quality, it's hard to say. If you ask a girl if she is good at oral sex, she will almost invariably say something along the lines of "I've been told I'm pretty good!" I'm sure they have been told that, but what guy is going to tell the girl who just sucked his dick that she's average at best? Ninety percent of the time, these girls will grab your cock with their hand, put two or three inches of it in their mouth, and start going to town at full speed until you come. I mean, sure, it's better than a hand job, but it's the other 10% that make life worth living.But, I digress. River was one of the 90%."Not bad!" I lied, petting River's head, partially to encourage her, but mostly to block her from seeing me shake my head "No" at Baby."Thank you, River." I said, "Return to your position.""Winter!" I snapped.She stood up, adjusted her t-shirt and sauntered across the room, with a sexy grace the other slaves were sorely lacking.She stopped in front of me and struck a pose, left hand on her raised left hip, right hand hanging loosely at her side."Yes, Master?" she said, in a whispering, sultry voice."Um... Strip!" I ordered.She gracefully slid her hands upward along her body, gently taking hold of the bottom of her t-shirt, and ran her hands along the hem until they were behind her. She arched her back slightly and thrust her chest forward. Tilting her head back and closing her eyes, she slowly pulled her shirt apart. I could hear the snaps popping, one-by-one.After the last snap was open, she reached up to her right shoulder with her left hand and slid the sleeve of her shirt down her arm, carefully keeping her left arm covering her chest, preventing me from getting more than a tantalizing look at her breasts. She repeated this with the other sleeve, ending with her right arm still covering her chest. She looked me in the eyes and paused, flashing a wry smile. Sliding her arms back to down her side, she returned to her original pose, the look on her face as if she had just unveiled a piece of art at a museum.I can see how she fucks with these poor guy's heads. When she turns it on, she is damn good. As I looked at her face, and in to her eyes, I started feeling as though I could actually go for her if I weren't already in love with Baby, and if I didn't hate her so much."Get behind me, Satan!" I whispered, snapping out of her siren's trance and realizing I was thinking with my cock again."When you have a job to do..." she whispered back, trailing off.I reached up and unceremoniously grabber her tits."Not bad..." I said, looking her in the eyes, "for your age.""Fuck you, Master." she mumbled, barely audible."What was that?" I asked."I said... 'Thank you, Master.'" "That's what I thought." I replied, reaching around and feeling her ass."Nice... Do you work out?" I asked, slightly sarcastically."No, Master." she responded, apparently missing the sarcasm.I pulled back away from her a bit."Suck my cock." I ordered.She took a half-step toward me, draped her arms over my shoulders, pressed her lips against my chin and kissed it lightly. She kissed her way down my neck and chest, hands caressing my back on the way, raising goose bumps down my spine and causing my body to quake with an involuntary shiver.As she gradually made her way down to her knees, I looked at Ruby and River."Are you two paying attention to this?" I asked. They were. Even before I asked, I saw that they were wide-eyed and captivated by what they were seeing. In truth, I asked the question more to distract myself. Winter licked the head of my cock, looking up at me with a wicked smile. She put her hands on my ass, opened her mouth and slid it over the head of my cock. Instead of pushing her head farther down on my cock, she pulled my hips gently and slowly toward her, fingers digging in to my ass, forcing more of my cock in to her mouth. She then pushed me back away with the palms of her hands on my hips. She was fucking her mouth with my cock.She took more and more with each stroke, and by the fifth stroke, had swallowed me completely. She continued to bury my cock in her throat for several more strokes."Thank... thank you, Winter." I stammered, pulling my cock out of her mouth against every instinct, "Return and... um, return to your position.""Yes, Master." she said, as she strutted back in to position like a cat that had just won 'Best in Show'."And that, ladies," I said, looking at Ruby and River, "is how you suck a cock.""Flower, work with them on this for a while" I added.I got dressed and went back upstairs to await the arrival of the contractor.January 17th, 20089:41pmThe contractor is going to start tomorrow. I told him I was finishing the garage to hold services in it for a small church I was starting with my family. I figured we needed a raised platform, with steps leading up to it so that seemed like a good cover story.He said a project like this would normally take a week because he does everything himself. But, if I really needed it done quickly, and I wanted to pay for it, he could get helpers and finish it by Saturday. Apparently, there is usually a group of illegals hanging around near the hardware store and contractors will hire them for the day as needed. It isn't strictly legal, but it's so wide-spread that everyone turns a blind eye to it.We need time to furnish it and decorate it too, so I am paying the extra to get it done by Saturday.Flower spent the day training the girls. Winter doesn't really need training, so she was helping Flower train the other two. I popped in a few times here and there. It looked more like Winter was training the slaves and teaching Flower how to train slaves at the same time, but whatever works.River seems to have issues with people touching her. I'm tempted to have Baby find out what her story is so we can maybe deal with it better, but I can't let her start getting attached to River. I just need her to get over it.Baby went out looking for furnishings for the garage. She has most of the furniture picked out, but I'm waiting until Monday to buy everything, just to make sure the room is ready to go.Tomas got a clean bill of health at the doctor. It will take a few days to get the results back on one of the tests, but he appears to be clean.January 18th, 20081:30pmThe contractor is making good progress. It is framed and the electric has been run. They are starting the drywall this afternoon and will finish it tomorrow and lay the carpet. It was surprising how much they could get done in half a day with just the six of them.I took Baby out there so she could get a feel for how the furnishing would fit and how to decorate it. It was amusing how the work came to a virtual standstill the whole time she was out there with every eye following her around the room. I mostly left Flower alone to train the slaves today. The one time I went down there, River and Ruby were sucking on dildos. January 18th, 200811:12pmHad a very busy day. Contractor will be back at 7am, so getting to bed early tonight.Flower wants to show me the progress the slaves have made with oral sex. Maybe tomorrow. I told her to start working on their fucking and how to work a cock when they are on top. I know Ruby was a virgin when she got here, and I've not seen River in action yet but if her cock sucking is any indication, she will need work also. I assume Winter knows what she's doing, but I need to evaluate all three of them. Hopefully on Sunday.Flower also said that Winter keeps asking her for alcohol. I told her not to give it to her under any circumstances.January 19th, 20089:51amThe guys are busy in the garage, everything is on schedule and they should finish early this evening. Baby told me that Winter kept the girls up most of the night crying and asking for alcohol. This is apparently more serious that I thought. I can't afford to have her break down on me now.I tucked a small, flat bottle of vodka with a few shots left down the back of my pants and went downstairs.River was wearing a strap-on dildo, lying on her back on the futon, tears streaming down her face, and Ruby was fucking her. Flower stood over them, rod in hand, coaching Ruby. If I wasn't so busy, I would love to sit and watch this.I opened the door to the bedroom and Winter popped up out of bed, eyes red from crying."Master!" she exclaimed.I walked in and closed the door."What's the problem?""I... I need a drink, Master.""No."She got down on her knees at my feet."Master... Please... I *need* a drink. Just a little. Please.""Winter... Why?""Why? I... because I need it.""No, I mean, you are stronger than this.""I... I can't... I tried... Please, Master.""I can't let you be a drunk. I need you in your right mind.""Then give me a FUCKING DRINK!" she yelled.I just looked at her."I'm sorry, Master! I'm sorry, please..." she begged, more scared that I might not give her a drink than she was of punishment."Winter...""Please... I'll... I'll suck your dick! I'll do it really good, just give me a drink first.""You really are pathetic.""Please..." she begged and started to cry again."Here." I said, reaching around for the vodka."God! Thank you!" she said excitedly, grabbing the bottle from my hand.I expected her to down the whole thing, but she slowly sipped it, savoring each drop. I just watched her, thinking about how horrible it must be to have such an addiction.After she finished it, she handed the bottle back to me. I tucked it back in my pants."I guess I owe you this." she said, reaching up andunzipping my pants.I pushed her away."Just get your shit together!" I growled, "I don't have time to deal with this. Get out there and help train those girls.""Yes, Master..." she said, humiliated.As I walked out of the room, Ruby was now lying on the futon, wearing the strap-on and being fucked by a still-crying River. You'd think she'd eventually run out of tears.This whole thing... it's just insane.January 19th, 20087:49pmAfter I left the basement earlier today, I started thinking about River. I had assumed since she was so compliant, that she didn't need to be broken. I was wrong. Being broken, I believe, is not just a state of no longer resisting for fear of punishment. It's when your mind comes to accept as normal what you are being made to do. When you break a horse, it doesn't think 'I need to let this guy sit on my back or I might get whipped.' Rather, it becomes natural for the horse to let the rider sit on his back. Evidence of this is that once broken, the horse will let anyone ride it.That's my theory, anyway. And I intend to test it out with River.About 6pm, the contractor called me out to show me the completed work. Everything seemed to be in order. He showed me a couple of potential problems with the ceiling that he couldn't do anything about without more time.I wrote him out a check as the laborer's cleaned up, stacking the left over material in a pile outside the side door of the garage. He paid them all in cash and they all piled in his panel truck to leave.As he was headed back to the truck, I stopped him and told him there were a couple of things I could use the laborer's help with and that I'd pay all five of them $50 each to stay a couple hours late. I told him I'd take them back to the hardware store when we were done so he could go ahead and leave.He walked around, opened the back door of the truck and said something in broken Spanish, struggling for words at times. All five of them came back out of the truck and in to the garage.I thanked the contractor and saw him off. I fetched Tomas and had him bring the guys some beers and tell them to just hang out and wait for me.I waited long enough for them to finish a couple of beers, then grabbed one of Baby's wrap-around, short skirts and went down to the basement. Flower was cooking something in the microwave, presumably dinner for the slaves. Baby was talking to Ruby, working on her English and River and Winter were sitting on the futon."River, put this on." I ordered, handing her the skirt.After she put the skirt on, I removed her collar and walked her to the lower door."The rest of you stay here." I said, "We'll be back soon."As we reached the garage door, I paused and turned to River."River," I began, with a stern voice, "I am going to introduce you to some people. No matter what they say, or what happens,you are not to tell them you are a slave, ask for help, or anything like that.""OK, Master." she said."They will not rescue you no matter what you say," I continued, "and you be severely punished if you do. Do I make myself clear?""Yes, Master." she said, nervously.We walked in to the garage and it became dead silent. All eyes were on River."Tomas, do any of them speak English at all?" I asked.He said something in Spanish and got nothing but negative replies and shaking heads."No, Sir, None of them.""Good." I said, taking the steps up to the newly-built platform, pulling River up with me. I turned River to face them and walked a couple of feet away from her, calling Tomas to stand next to me."Translate for me." I whispered to Tomas so River could not hear what I was saying. River could not understand Spanish, so she had no idea what was being said."My girlfriend is attractive, is she not?" I whispered.Tomas translated and they all excitedly answered in the affirmative."Unfortunately, she has been unfaithful to me."They looked confused, a couple of them making a "Boo" type noise."She needs to be punished, and I would like you to help me."They looked even more confused now."I have $50 and a condom for each of you."They were in shock. None of them moved or said a word.I walked over to River, grabbed her skirt and pulled it off of her, revealing her light blue panties. River started sobbing and put one hand up to her mouth, the other over her crotch.There were several excited shouts.I walked down the steps and went to each one, handing them a $50 bill and a condom, then walked back up to Tomas."I promise, no one will get in trouble for this. She will not tell anyone because she knows she did wrong and needs punished."The men started to become excited, laughing and playfully pushing each other."Come up here and make a circle around her."As the men approached, I stepped over and stood behind River, putting my hand on the back of her neck. I didn't need to whisper anymore so I left Tomas standing a few feet away."Masssterrr... what are they doooinnngg!" River cried, on the verge of hysteria."I'm sorry, River," I said, "but you are no good to me like this."The men formed a circle around her. River grabbed my arm with both hands and pulled in close to me."Massssstteeerr!" she sobbed."Tomas, tell them to be rough, but do not hurt her.""Master! NO! PLEASE!" River begged, falling down on her ass, balling up at my feet and grabbing my legs."Put your condoms on and keep them on. If it falls off, you are done.""Master!!!" River shrieked.I grabbed River by her hair, pulled her up and then quickly grabbed both arms, holding them behind her.She was standing in place, bent over at the waist and raising her left leg to hide her crotch. "Nooo! Master! Pleeeeasssasssseeee!" she was completely hysterical.The men stood in a semi-circle around her, all of them wearing condoms on their cocks. Some of them just had it sticking out their zipper, others removed their pants and were naked from the waste down.The stench of sweat from a hard days work was strong as the men stood there, waiting, some of them jacking themselves off. One of them reached over and and grabbed her tit."OHHH GODDD! No!!!" River screamed."Fuck any hole you want, boys, but do not damage her!" I said, waiting for the translation.River was sobbing hysterically, saying something unintelligible.When Tomas had finished translating, they started to close in, unsure if it was time yet.I put my hand under the collar of Rivers t-shirt and with one quick yank, her tits flopped free. I turned my back to the open end of the circle they stood in and backed up a bit, pulling River with me. The men all started groping her, squeezing and pinching her tits, and grabbing her ass. A hand reached in and yanked her panties off. I held her up for a few more seconds, then let her go and backed off.She fell to the floor, screaming frantically, and trying in vain to fight off ten hands.One of them, apparently the so-called 'Alpha Male', grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her knees. He pushed his thumb between her lips, forcing it in to her mouth, and pried her mouth open. She bit his thumb. Not hard, but just enough to make him pull it back out.He looked down at her, reared his right hand back, and smacked her across the face. He then looked at me to see if I was upset. I looked back at him and nodded toward River.He smacked her again. And again.He then put his thumb back to her lips and she opened her mouth, letting it slide in unopposed. Her eyes were starting to glaze over and her screaming had changed to sobbing moans.He slid his above-average sized cock in and started to fuck her mouth with it. She let out a short, muffled yelp each time his cock hit the back of her throat, and she gagged several times. There were eight hands mashing her tits, feeling her up and pinching her ass, but she seemed to barely notice, concentrating on catching a breath between plunges of the illegals cock down her throat.After maybe 45 seconds, he started to pant loudly, bent his head back and closed his eyes. I stepped in closer to make sure the condom was still in place just in time for him to let out a long moan and then start grunting, his body tightening, as he filled the condom with come. When he had finished, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and the condom started to slip off of his softening erection. I tapped him on the shoulder and motioned for him to step away from River."Tomas, tell him he can help restrain her and touch her, but no more sex."Tomas stood there with his mouth hanging open, watching the action."Tomas!" I snapped."Yes... yes, Sir." he replied, then translated.River was still on her knees, head hanging down, barely making a sound.Another man started to put his cock in her mouth, but another grabbed him and they argued for a moment. They seemed to reach an agreement and pushed River down on her back. As one of them started to spread her legs, River came alive and started kicking at him, screaming, scratching and crying.The man shouted something in Spanish and one of them grabbed her arms, stretching them out above her head. Two others each grabbed a leg, spread them out and held them down.River screamed as one of them mounted her, twisting her body, trying to get loose from the grips of the sweating men, then returned to crying hysterically when she realized it was futile.River turned her head and looked at me. "Massssterrrr!!! PleeasssAAAAAAGGGGGGG!!!!" she screeched as the man pierced her vagina."Uhhhttt! Uhhhttt! Uhhhttt!" she huffed with each stroke. Another of the men bent down, trying to put his cock in her mouth. She was in a very awkward position, so he moved around, trying to find a good entry angle.He finally found a good angle, slid his cock in to her mouth and started to fuck it.She let out a deep, muffled, staccato cry as her tits violently flopped up and down from the force of the man fucking her cunt. He was furiously pounding her as he approached orgasm. His ass clenched together and he made several strong, deep jabs, pausing and grunting each time his cock hit bottom.He finally fell on top of her, exhausted. The other men shouted and pushed him, wanting their turn. He crawled off of her and stood up, the come-filled condom still intact. Tomas repeated the instructions he gave the first man. The man then knelt down and grabbed River's left leg, taking over to let that guy have a turn.The man who was fucking her mouth decided he wanted some pussy and moved between her legs. At this point, River was lying there, staring at the ceiling, not making a sound.Another quickly took his place and crammed his cock in to River's mouth. She moaned slightly, but offered no resistance. The man between her legs penetrated her and started to thrust his hips.I kept a careful eye on them to make sure I could tell when they were about to come. "Do you want a turn, Tomas?" I asked."Um... uh..." he stammered."She's right there...""I... No, Sir. I..." "It's OK, Tomas. I understand." I said, putting my hand on his shoulder. "Maybe something else will turn up for you tonight."The third and fourth man finished with River, Tomas gave them the instructions and they switched off holding her down for the last man.This one was apparently the low guy on the totem pole. He was chubby and his dick was quite small. Not Kevin-small, but definitely below average. He mounted her but seemed to be having trouble getting it in her. His cock was erect, but I guess his belly and small cock prevented him from reaching her cunt the way she was lying flat.He finally decided to stand up and just masturbate while looking down at her. The other men cheered him on as the ones with free hands groped River's body.River looked up at him with a blank expression as he towered over her body and jacked off. It didn't take him long to fill his condom with come.The men stood up, laughing and excitedly talking in Spanish. River lie in place on her back, not moving even after they had all let go of her.I gave Tomas the keys and told him to bring the men back to the hardware store. They all exited the garage, still laughing, talking and occasionally thrusting their hips. I imagine they were bragging about how hard they fucked her.I looked down at River. She kept staring at the ceiling."I'm sorry it had to come to this." I said.She slowly turned her head to look at me."Burn in hell." she said calmly, then rolled over on her side.I picked her up and carried her down to the basement. The girls all gasped and sat up straight."What happened?" Baby asked. "She'll be fine." I assured them, carrying her in to the bedroom.I lay her down in her bed, covered her up and shut the door."Baby, you might want to go talk to her." I suggested.Baby got up and walked toward the bedroom door.As she walked past me, I touched her shoulder. "Arms length." I reminded her.January 19th, 200811:11pmJust before 9pm, I talked to Baby. River was not saying much, but Baby seemed to think she'd be OK.I felt sorry for Tomas. His balls have to be aching after watching River out in the garage tonight. And after his clean report from the doctor, I thought it was time.I told Baby to go downstairs, make sure Ruby and River were in bed. Then make up something to tell Winter to have her stay up late, then her and Flower go watch TV upstairs. I wanted Winter alone in the main room.I waited until Baby and Flower went upstairs, then went out back, fetched Tomas and brought him in to the kitchen."You ready for some action?" I asked, pulling the fixings for a sandwich out of the fridge."Sir?" "I have a brown haired beauty down in the basement, ready to do anything you ask.""Really?""Yep." "How do I... what do I say?""Put this in your back pocket." I said, handing him a small bottle of vodka, about 1/4 full, "Go down and say you are there to check the TV."I debated with myself about taking advantage of her addiction, but I need to keep giving her small amounts of alcohol to keep her going through the auction, and honestly... this sounded kind of fun since she is such a bitch."I do not know about TV's" Tomas replied."Pretend, Tomas... Look behind it and move some wires around.""Then what?""Just make sure she sees the bottle. Then say you will need another cable and will finish it tomorrow.""But how do I sex her?""She will take care of that once she sees the bottle.""Oh...""Believe me, just let her see the bottle and you are golden.""Golden?""Tomas..." I sighed, "Just let her see the bottle. She will ask you for it. Tell her you can't give it to her. She will offer you sex for it. Have sex. Give her the bottle... See?""Ah... I see.""Go.""Now?""Yes... Go!"Tomas walked down to the basement and I grabbed my sandwich and a drink and ran upstairs to enjoy the show while I ate my dinner.I sat down at the video monitor and turned it on. Winter was sitting on the futon painting her nails andhad the TV on. Tomas walked in, said something and then walked over to the TV. It was turned up loud enough so I that couldn't make out what they were saying.He bent down, pretending to look behind the TV. Winter stopped painting her nails, looked around, put her nail brush and paint bottle on table and struck a pose, her right arm draped casually over the arm rest of the futon.Tomas stood up, turned around and said something.Winter stood up, straightened her t-shirt and walked over to him. She tweaked his nose with her index finger and laughed.Tomas was acting very shy and timid, but did raise his hands in a 'Sorry, I can do that.' motion at one point.Winter moved closer to him, running her finger along his shoulder, and trying to look shy."Come on, Tomas... move in for the kill!." I said out loud, as I took another bite of my sandwich.Tomas again raised his hands in protest and took a step back. Winter took a step toward him to close the gap again, putting her right hand on his hip and slowly nodding her head 'Yes' a lot.Then Tomas took the bottle out of his pocket, handed it to her, backed out of the room, and walked upstairs."God Dammit!" I shouted. I hadn't even eaten half a sandwich and she had already defeated yet another hapless chump.I ran downstairs and caught Tomas on his way out the back door."What happened?""She said she will sex me tomorrow when her nails are dry.""Bullshit!" I snapped, "Follow me."I calmly walked downstairs and opened the door. Winter was back to painting her nails and was not in position, but I didn't care at the moment."Master?" she asked, surprised to see me.I walked over to her, looked at her for a moment, then bent down and reached my hand under the pillows on the futon, feeling around until I pulled out the bottle of vodka."Where do this come from?""Um... I... um...""I gave it to her, Sir, remember?" Tomas stupidly added."I guess it came from him." she replied, pointing to Tomas and cracking a smile.I hate this woman."What did you promise him for it?""Promise?""He just gave it to you?""Well...""What did you promise him?""Sex... I guess.""Then fulfill your promise.""He said tomorrow was fine.""Now!" I snapped."... Ooohh Kay", she sighed, "Come here, Tomas.""And make it good. If he doesn't come back upstairs with a smile on his face and drained balls, the vodka goes down the kitchen sink."I took the bottle,went upstairs and ate my sandwich in the kitchen.Six minutes later, Tomas walked through the door, smiling from ear-to-ear."She is... she is... magical!" he sighed."Go to bed, Tomas." I growled.I went back downstairs, handed her the bottle and turned to walk back up the stairs."Make it last." I said, closing and locking the bottom door."Good night, Master!" she shouted, as I reached the top of the stairs.January 20th, 200810:11pmBaby and I spent most of the day shopping for things we'll need for the auction. Flower said River was following orders, but seemed to be zoned out most of the time. I told her to give the slaves the day off tomorrow and try to do something fun with them. I asked Baby to join them and see if she could help River. A zoned-out, but order-following slave is better than a terrified and constantly crying slave, but I'm still hoping River will snap out of it a bit before the auction.Tomas was in particularly good mood today.January 21st, 20089:52pmThe slaves had the day off today, and Tomas and I spent most of it buying furniture at different stores. We brought some of it home on the truck, the rest will be delivered tomorrow.Baby reports that River is starting to talk a bit, and she even got her to smile once.January 22nd, 200811:03pmThe slaves returned to their training today. Tomas and I spent most of the day arranging furniture and hanging some fancier light fixtures in the auction room.January 23rd, 200810:10pmAnother day of not much besides getting the auction room ready. There are a few more little things to do, but Tomas can handle most of it. I hope to be able to spend some time with the slaves tomorrow.Wayne emailed me today. He said that the buyers were nervous about wiring large sums of money since it would be traceable. He said they would be paying in cash, and would expect to take the girls with them that night. He said he had four confirmed buyers coming so far, including Kevin. I assured him the girls would be ready.He said he and Star would come down for a visit the weekend after the auction and we could settle up on the cash then. Baby was thrilled to hear that Star would be visiting.January 24th, 200811:33pmI told Flower and Baby that I wanted to evaluate each of the girls separately and alone. I would spend some time with one of them every other night, starting with Ruby tonight.A little after 9pm, once River and Winter were in bed, Flower and Baby went upstairs to watch TV. I made my way downstairs and opened the door. Ruby was in position."Hello, Ruby." I said."Hello, Master." I motioned for her to stand up."Flower tells me you have made good progress.""I..." She struggled to understand me."Flower said you are good at sex now."She looked down, embarrassed.I walked up to her, pet her head for a few seconds, then lifted her head by her chin."Show me." I said.She looked at me, still somewhat embarrassed, then looked down again, reached around and began to pull her shirt apart.I lifted her head back up to look at me, pointed to her eyes, then to mine.It was better, even somewhat sexy. It was definitely not as clinical as it was before.She let her shirt fall to the floor, then stood straight and looked at me. I looked down at her small, firm tits, then back up in to her eyes.She slid her hands down and slowly wiggled out of her panties, never taking her eyes off of me. Much better. I was actually getting hard watching her.She stood back up, as if awaiting her next command. I twirled my finger horizontally, and nodded my head once, motioning her to keep going.She raised her hands and put them on my chest, caressing me through my shirt. She worked her way to the top button and undid each one of them until my shirt was fully open. She slid her hands up my stomach, over my chest, then spread them as she moved toward my shoulders and pushed the shirt off and down my arms, letting it fall to the floor.She put her cheek on my bare chest, paused for a moment, then rolled her head and began kissing my left nipple. Kissing and licking her way down to my navel, she gradually moved to her knees. Ruby reached up, undid my pants and spulled them down. I stepped out of them and sat down on the futon. Gently spreading my legs apart, she crawled between them, kissing my left thigh and working her way up.I lay back on the futon and closed my eyes. Ruby alternated working my balls and cock, with both her tongue and lips. I couldn't always tell exactly what she was doing just by the feel, but it definitely felt nice. It had been several days since I had any kind of sex and I was ready for this. I lost track of time, but it didn't take long before my cock was rock hard, my balls tight and eager for release.Ruby kept going and going, not really sensing that it was time to move on. I still needed to test her fucking skills, so I tapped on the head and pulled my hips back to withdraw my cock from her mouth.She looked up at me and I made a "come up here" motion with my hands. She stood up then crawled over the top and straddled me.She awkwardly moved her hips around, trying to introduce my cock to her vagina. She finally found the right spot, reached down, grabbed my cock and guided it in. She stopped just as the head penetrated her. She looked down at me, her face flush, a few beads of sweat on her brow."It is no sin if you make me?" she asked."No, Ruby, it is no sin." I replied, raising my hips to push deeper in to her warm, slippery cunt. She bent her head back, closed her eyes, and sighed a word in Spanish. Sinful or not, this girl was wet, ready, and willing. She moved her hips, gently swaying and rotating them, moaning softly as she lightly clawed my chest with her fingers.After a few minutes, she began to whisper in Spanish and bite her lower lip. Her whispers became moans and her legs crimped my sides as she quickened her movements.Less than a minute later, she threw her head back, dug her fingers in to my chest and repeated a phrase several times in Spanish. It sounded a lot like Spanish curse words, but I'm not sure.She stopped moving and looked down at me."Did I please you, Master?""Uh... not yet." I replied, the thought floating through my mind that this must be how a lot of women feel sometimes. "Keep going."She continued to fuck me, but with much more mechanical movements. I did eventually come, but it was just one of those "ehh" orgasms, if you know what I mean.Ruby climbed off of me and stood up, holding her hands together in front of her crotch."I pleased you now, Master?" she asked."Yes, Ruby," I answered, "Much better." And it was.January 25th, 200810:19pmI spent all day working on the auction room, but it's complete and ready to go. January 26th, 200810:19pmI evaluated River tonight. I was somewhat dreading it; I've not really talked to her since that night in the garage. But since my only other choice was Winter, I decided to go with River.I walked in to the main room and River was in position."Hello, River." I said."Master." she acknowledged."Flower tells me you have made good progress."She didn't respond."River?""Did you have a question, Master?" she asked, coldly."Stand up." I ordered.She stood up."Look at me."She looked at me."Stand on one foot." I ordered."Which foot, Master?"So, this is how it was going to be."River..." I began, "You have permission to speak freely.""Yes, Master." she replied.I waited for her to say something. She didn't."River, I know you hate me right now...""Yes, Master.""... but I had to do something. You were a crying, useless mess.""You didn't have to do that.""And what else would have worked?"She didn't respond."River..." "YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO DO THAT!!!" she screamed.I waited a few moments, to see if she had anything else to say.After a long pause, she looked back up at me."Would you like me to fuck you now, Master?I didn't respond."Order me to fuck you and I will fuck you. I will fuck you with a smile on my face, like a good little slave."She paused again, then continued."I will fulfill your every whim. Try me out, Master. Go ahead. I will be the perfect, obedient servant. Want your balls licked? Give the order!""River...""I will fulfill your every whim... and count the seconds until you sell me and I never have to see you again."I remained silent."And when my new Master is done fucking me each night, I will kneel beside my bed and say a prayer, asking God to KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP!"I gave her a few seconds to calm down, then started to remove my clothes."OK, at least we understand each other now." I said, "I don't care if you like me, I just need you to obey me.""Your permission to speak freely is withdrawn." I said, now fully naked, "On your knees."She complied and I stepped over to her, taking her chin in my hand and tilting her head to look at me."Let me remind you," I said, "if you try to hurt me in any way, you will be slowly tortured to death. Are we clear?""Yes, Master." she replied."Get busy." I demanded.She took my cock and did a surprisingly good job. I'd definitely say she's broken the 10% barrier.Still, it was hard to enjoy it knowing she hated my guts. I'm not sure why. I couldn't concentrate or something.After a few minutes, I pulled out of her mouth and moved to the futon, lying down on my back."Fuck me." I ordered.She mounted me, and again, after applying some lubricant to herself, did a fine job. Her movements were smooth, her demeanor sexy. She could really turn it on when she needed to, even with someone she hated.She was now a high-quality slave, who happened to want to see me dead. And I'm OK with it. That night in the garage severed it's purpose, albeit with a slightly undesirable side-effect.I was still not able to concentrate and decided to end it early."That's enough, River." I said.She dismounted me."In position." I ordered.She walked back to the wall and knelt down in the standard slave position."I know you hate me, and that's OK." I began, "But you went from being useless to being my best girl, overall. I am very impressed.""Yes, Master." she replied."Lose the hate and turn on the charm that I know you have, and your new Master will be in love.""Yes, Master."I walked over and opened the bottom door of the stairs. "I don't expect you to forgive me, but I hope some day you will understand why I did it."She didn't respond.I closed the door and went back upstairs.I heard Baby and Flower laughing loudly, so I went to see what they were doing. They were watching some cartoon. I don't know what it was called. There was a baby with a weird-shaped head talking to a dog. The girls were cracking up as the characters said the most inane things. I watched it for a few minutes and just didn't get it, so I went upstairs to update my journal. I felt really old.January 27th, 20089:32amI went to bed alone last night, as I have most nights lately. Baby always comes to bed eventually, but ever since her and Flower became friends, she has been coming to bed later and later. They sit up watching TV, talking or whatever. It's fine with me I guess. I'm glad she has someone her own age to spend time with.January 27th, 20081:02pmI got a call from Star this morning. Wayne is dead. I was stunned. He just emailed me a couple of days ago. She doesn't know what happened yet, he just didn't wake up. They are assuming it was his heart until the autopsy.Poor guy. He was only a couple years older than me. Star said he drank pretty hard and occasionally did coke. He was also having some problems with his business and Star thinks the stress got to him.Baby will be heart-broken. She barely knew Wayne, but she is a very empathetic person and will feel badly for Star. They were both so much in love.After the initial shock wore off, I started thinking about how this would affect the auction. I don't know how to contact the buyers even if I could afford to cancel it, and at least one of them is coming from overseas. I decided that the auction must go on. The buyers will be paying cash and taking the girls with them. I'll figure out what to do next afterwards. January 28th, 20089:43amI barely slept at all last night. I couldn't get poor Wayne out of my mind. I pondered my life, mortality, and how it can all be over, in an instant.Baby sat up most of the night talking to Star on the phone. She told me that Star was doing OK, but cried for the first hour of their conversation.Baby asked her if she would have to move out of their house since they weren't married. Star said she thinks Wayne had changed his will, but she expected his brother and two sisters to put up a fight.In any case, she would be fine, financially. Wayne had opened a bank account in her name and put quite a bit of money in it. He also had a stash at the house consisting of cash, gold coins and some kind of bonds that no one else knew about.January 29th, 200810:39amI was supposed to evaluate Winter last night. I was still depressed from the news about Wayne and was not in the mood at all. I forgot to tell Baby to put it off until tomorrow, so when she told me Winter was ready, I grabbed a bottle of Jack and two glasses, and made my way downstairs. Winter's eyes lit up when she saw the bottle. I sat on the futon, pulled the end table around in front of me, set the glasses on it and filled them up."Have a seat, Winter." I said, patting the futon."Certainly, Master." she replied excitedly."Have a drink." I said, taking one glass and pointing at the other.I downed the shot, and filled my glass back up. Winter sipped hers."Wayne is dead." I said, taking a gulp of whiskey."Who is Wayne?""He... he was my silent partner." I replied, finishing the shot glass with a second gulp."Oh?" she said, a little more excitedly than I'd have liked.I filled my glass back up and topped hers off."So... is the auction still on?" she asked."Yes, and you will still be in it. Nothing has changed as far as you are concerned.""OK... well, at least you won't have to split the money with anyone now."I put my drink down and turned around to look at her. I studied her face for a few seconds."You really, truly, are a cold-hearted bitch, down to the very core of your soul, aren't you.""Listen," she began, "I'm sure he was a nice guy and all. I just prefer to see the good in every situation."I picked my glass up and tilted it back, emptying it."You mean how you can profit from every situation.""If that's how you prefer to see it, I won't argue the point."I stared off in to the distance for a few seconds, then refilled my glass."I just couldn't believe it when she told me. I just talked to him a few days ago and then... he was dead... just like that... I mean, that could happen to anyone...""So... what was his cut?" she asked.I quickly snapped my head around to look at her, disgust on my face."You... ... none of your business.""Of course not." she said, then sipped her whiskey.I was feeling pretty good by now and decided I'd better leave before I got drunk and said or did something I'd regret."You know," she continued, "I can still get my client list and...""There is no fucking way!" I shouted, then returned to a normal voice, "That is not going to happen. You will be sold in... in... not very many days.""And I can't wait to be rid of you." I added, "I mean that from the bottom of my heart.""Fuck you, too." she said calmly, downing her whiskey in case I got pissed off and took it from her, "Sorry if I don't give a shit about your mid-life crisis."I grabbed the bottle and staggered a bit on my way to the door."You are easily the most unpleasant, uncaring asshole I have ever met." I said, walking back and setting the bottle down on the table, "Here... drink till you puke."I went back upstairs and fell asleep.January 31st, 20081:02pmI spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday getting drunk and arguing with Baby, who was begging me to stop drinking.I finally realized we have an auction in two days and I needed to snap out of it. I put the bottle away this morning and told Baby to have the girls ready at 6pm for one final training session.January 31st, 200810:38pmI went downstairs at 6pm and the slaves were in position. I walked in and stood before them as Baby moved over and sat next to Ruby to translate."Ladies..." I began, "As you know, the auction is the day after tomorrow. The three of you will be sold at that time, and you will leave with your new Master.""I wanted to say that I am proud of the progress you have made. You will all make your new Masters very happy. I wanted to remind you that a well-behaved slave will be well-treated by their Master. The buyers have been screened, and none of them are cruel people.""But, I also should remind you that disobedience or disrespect will not be tolerated by your new Master, any more than they have been here. In fact, some of them may even punish you more severely than we have.""But, I assure you that if you please your new Masters, you will be taken care of and have an easier, more pleasant life than you had any chance of achieving on your own."I stepped over to the futon and raised it to sit upright."There is one last thing we must do. It is not pleasant, so I have put it off as long as possible, but it is now time.""Ladies, all of you, move over and stand in front of the futon."The girls shuffled over and stood where directed. Ruby was on the left, River in the middle and Winter on the right.I pulled my cock out and stood in front of Winter."I will need to be hard for this." I said."Yes, Master." Winter said, dropping to her knees and putting my cock in her mouth.She sucked me for a minute or so and I was hard enough to continue."Ladies, turn around and put your hands flat, palms down on the futon."They all complied, Ruby looked as if she were about to cry. River didn't cry, but tried in vain to hide her fear. Winter had no expression.Baby handed me a condom and a tube of lubrication."We can't have you crying or bleeding if your new Master ever wants to have you in your ass." I said, slipping the condom on, "Believe me, you will be glad later that you had me to do this gently the first time."I stepped over behind Ruby."Ruby," I ordered, "Drop your panties."She nervously slid her panties down, sobbing quietly."Hands back on the futon." I said.I squeezed a blob of lubricant on my left hand and smeared in on the head of my condom-covered cock. Taking Ruby by the hips with both hands, I placed my cock up against her asshole. She tightened up and sobbed more loudly."Easy, Ruby. Relax you muscles and it will be easier."She tried to relax but was still shaking.I took my right hand and guided my cock, poking just the tip inside her."Iiiii!" she cried in fear."It's OK, Ruby," I said as I pushed against her virgin asshole."Iiiiiieeeeeeee!!!" she screamed as the head penetrated her, then started crying."There you go, Ruby. The hard part is over."I gradually slid my cock in, inch by inch, letting her stop crying and calm down a bit between each push. Once it had reach about halfway in, I began slow, gentle strokes."Ah! Ah! Ah!" she cried with each stroke. "You're doing fine, Ruby. I praised.After less than a minute, I was almost burying my cock in her ass with each stroke and her cries of pain became more like quiet gasps on discomfort.I withdrew my cock and pulled the condom off."Very good, Ruby'" I said, "You can go back to your position."I took one step to the right."River, drop your panties." I ordered as I slid a new condom on.She complied, but let out a whimper as she put her hands back on the futon. I figured of all the girls, it would be hardest on her because she is so petite.I lubed the head of my cock, and spread some extra on her asshole. She jumped slightly when she felt my finger."It's OK, that's just my finger."I grabbed her by the ass and again guided my cock up against her asshole. She was very tense."Try to relax."She remained extremely tense."River, relax your muscles.""I... I... can't, Master." she said, "Please... just get it over with.""OK," I replied, "if that's the way..." I cut off my sentence to have the element of surprise, grabbed her hips and jammed my cock in her with full force.Her high-pitched shriek could have shattered glass. She threw her head back and tried to stand up. I quickly pushed her back down by the back of her head."Take it out! Take it out!" she pleaded."You're doing fine!" I praised, as I gently began fucking her ass."Please!" she begged, her legs wavering."Almost done!" I said, taking a few more strokes to make sure she was properly stretched out.I put my right hand on her lower back to steady her and pulled my cock out. The condom had streaks of blood on it."It's over." I said, "You can go back to your position.""Baby, help her out." I said.Baby grabbed a towel and walked over to River, who lie down on her side. I took a step to the right."Winter!" I said, barely hiding my enthusiasm."Drop your panties." I ordered as I again put on a new condom.I lubed the condom up, but not too much.I walked over behind Winter and grabbed her ass. I squeezed it a bit and jiggled it around, passively taunting her.I aimed my cock for her asshole and paused. Without saying a word, I jammed it in to her with all the thrust I could muster."Sssssssssssssssssss!" Winter hissed, sucking air in between her gnashing teeth.She then threw her head backward and arched her back."Yes, Master!" she cried, "Yes!"She began to rock back and forth, fucking my cock with her ass.I let her fuck me for a few seconds and then pulled my cock out."Well, you have obviously done this before.""Yes, Master." she said smugly.I fucking hate this woman."Return to your position." I ordered.I removed the condom, put my cock back in my pants and stood in front of the girls."Your training is now complete. You have tomorrow off to do whatever you like. you will not see me again until the auction. I wish you all well."I walked to the door and opened it."Master?" Winter said, with some urgency. I believe she knew it was her last chance before the auction to get out of this.I paused without turning around."That is all, Winter." I said, closing the door and going back upstairs.February 1st, 200811:14pmI spent the day with Tomas cleaning up outside the house, sweeping the drive-way and other things to make the place look a little better.I talked with Baby to make sure she was ready and if she needed anything else. She said everything was ready to go.February 2nd, 200810:46pmWe were frantic all day, trying to make sure everything was ready, double and triple checking everything. Baby had done an excellent job of organizing this and everything seemed ready when the first, long black car pulled up in the driveway.Baby and I waited at the door. Baby looked stunning in her green dress.A very tall, well-built man got out of the car. Reaching back in to the car, he grabbed a cowboy hat and put it on his head. He looked every bit the cowboy. He was carrying a black briefcase.We opened the door as he approached, and greeted him. Using the name Wayne had given to people for me."Hello, I'm William." I said, extending my hand. He shook it, almost crushing it in the process."I'm Canada." he said. I thought it a strange name for a cowboy."And this is my lovely lady, 'Baby'." I added."Ma'am." he said, grabbing the tip of his hat and bending it down slightly."Please come in." Baby said. He stepped in and removed his hat. He was probably 45 years old or so, his dark brown hair slightly graying on the sides."Please step this way." Baby directed. He followed her in to the auction room."Please," Baby said, "Have a seat. Can I get you a drink?""Just a whiskey, Ma'am, straight." he said, taking a seat on one of the three couches we had in a semi-circle, facing the stage.I could see headlights reflecting on the window of the side door of the auction room.I motioned for Baby to come to the front door as soon as she could. "Here you are, Canada." Baby said, handing him the glass, "Please excuse me for a moment. Another guest has arrived."We went to the front door just as two cars pulled in.Kevin stepped out of the first one and walked up to the door."Well, hello Kevin!" I said, putting my hand on his shoulder and shaking his hand, "I kind of expected you to show up bit early today." I had actually completely forgotten until that moment that I told him Winter would be begging to fuck him by the day of the auction. Thank God he didn't show up early."Well, William, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I don't need to prove anything to her."I think him still not being able to get hard was closer to the truth, but I humored him."Understandable, Kevin." I said, leading him to the auction room, "Step in here, find a seat and make yourself a drink. We'll be starting soon."I ran back to the front door and looked out with Baby. A slender, Asian-looking man was walking toward the front door, a briefcase in one hand, and with the other he was holding the arm of a somewhat plump lady, probably in her late 50s. Her hair was cropped and she had a definite masculine look about her. They approached the door and I held out my hand."Hello, I'm William." I said.They both ignored my attempt to shake hands."We're San Juan" he said, matter-of-factly.'We?' I thought. Then it dawned on me. They are using where they live as identification instead of names. They are from Puerto Rico. OK, I get it."Welcome San Juan, Please come in.""This is my lovely Lady, 'Baby'." I said extending my hand toward her.The lady looked at her and gave her a rather lusty smile."Uh... Please walk this way." Baby said, slightly creeped out.They followed her in to the auction room as I waited by the door.After a few minutes, I could see a fourth car coming down the road.I ran back to the auction room and calmly walked over to Baby, prodding her to come to the door with me. She excused herself and followed me to the door.As the car pulled up, I could see that there were at least three people in it. Two in the front, one in the back.The one in the back got out and started walking toward the door. He was tall anddark. He was wearing a suit and walked very rigidly and business-like. He was not carrying anything. The other people in the car were apparently going to stay in the car."Hello, I'm William." I said, this time waiting to see if he would try to shake hands. He didn't."I'm Nevada." he said.By now I realized that we had miscalculated this whole thing. We are all seriously breaking the law here. They didn't come for a social event. They came to do business and leave as soon as possible."This way, please." Baby said, leading him away.I frantically ran down to the basement and told Flower that we needed the girls ready, all of them, now. I told her to bring Ruby up to the auction room door as soon as she could.I ran back upstairs and pulled Baby out to the hallway. I explained our miscalculation and she agreed that we needed to do this quickly.I told Baby to walk Ruby up to the stage when I gave her the cue.I took the stage."Welcome Ladies and Gentleman, to our first ever auction." Everyone sat stoned faced, looking at me."As this is our first auction, please forgive any rookie mistakes we may make."I looked out to the hallway nervously, praying Ruby and Baby would show up soon before I completely died up here."While we're waiting for our first lady, let me assure you that all of them are verified clean and safe."Baby finally waved to me indicating she was ready."I'd like to now introduce you to our first lady. While I will admit she is not our most attractive girl, I can assure you that her skills are quite good. She is an obedient and passive slave that will be certain to please any Master.""I give you... 'Ruby'"Baby walked her in the room and up to the stage. She guided Ruby to turn around and face the bidders."Ruby joined us a few weeks ago. In that time, she has progressed greatly. Her sexual talents have been continuously improving, as well as her English. As you can see, she still has a little more to go, but she has already lost several pounds and will take the rest off quickly with the proper diet."I walked behind her and unsnapped her shirt, sliding it of and letting it fall to the floor. Ruby stood there, dazed and afraid to move. I walked back to my position."While on the small side, her breasts are firm and soft." "Take your panties off!" I growled out of the side of my mouth.Ruby remained motionless, like a deer in headlights.Baby walked behind her and told her again to take her panties off. This time she snapped out of it and complied, kicking them aside."As you can see, there is a lot of potential here." I said, moving my upturned hand from her head down to her hips."We will start the bidding at 50." I thought it was a nice touch, just saying 50.You could almost hear the crickets outside."Would someone like to offer a bid?" I asked.I was sure I heard crickets. Poor Ruby."OK, we'll save Ruby for next time." I said, "I'm quite certain you will be all be happy with our next offering."I motioned to Baby to walk Ruby back to the hallway, and suddenly Kevin stood up."25!" he shouted."Ok, Fine, we have 25. Do I hear 30? Anyone?"Crickets again."Sold!" I said, excitedly. It was a thrill to sell my first girl at auction."Please come with me." I said to Kevin."Please be patient as we prepare our next offering. Baby will refresh your drinks."I walked Ruby to the basement door and nudged her to go downstairs. "Flower, get her ready to go!" I shouted."Sorry about that Kevin," I said, apologetically, "She'll be ready in just a few minutes. I believe the price was 25?""Oh, yes! Hang on, it's in the car."He ran... physically ran, to the car, opened the trunk and poked around back there for about 30 seconds. He came back to the door, walking very briskly."Here you go." he said, handing me several stacks of cash.I quickly flipped through it, making sure it was correct. It was.Flower brought Ruby upstairs. She was in street clothes."Hi..." Kevin said, "I'm Kevin.""Hello, Mister Kevin." she said."Ruby!" I snapped, "This is your new Master. Please address him as such.""I'm sorry... Hello, Master." she said.Kevin looked thrilled with his new purchase.I chained Ruby's ankle and handed Kevin the other end, also handing him a bag full of handcuffs, chains, a collar and a few other things he may need until he gets her settled in."Kevin... make sure she is chained up at all times. She is very obedient, but you never know. Make certain she can not escape. Do not forget that we could both be in serious trouble if she does.""And... do not forget about the video I have of you... and your wife... remember? If for some reason you get in trouble, you will only get in more trouble if you involve me.""Don't worry, William!" he replied, "My place is very secluded and I have a room all ready for her.""Good, Kevin. Be careful on the way home so you do not get pulled over.""I will, thanks again!" he said, walking toward the door."Master..." Ruby said, looking at me."Yes, Ruby?" "Please tell Tomas that... please tell him that I forgive him... and that I love him.""I will Ruby, I will.", I assured her, kissing her forehead.I closed the door as they walked out and watched them walk out to the car."Winter is next, hurry!" I said, grabbing Flower's arm.I walked back in to the auction room where Baby was desperately trying to keep the guests occupied.I took the stage."Thank you for your patience!" I said. Our next offering is almost ready."I guarantee you will be pleased with this one. She is a very high-quality lady. She has an air of class about her that is perfect for the discriminating Master."I looked out to the hall and they were ready."Ladies and Gentlemen... Winter!" Baby walked Winter up to the stage. She strutted up the steps like a fashion model.Winter turned around on her own and struck a pose. She immediately decided which guy she wanted, Canada, and smiled at him. He adjusted himself in his seat and stood up straighter."Winter, is a refined, young lady. She...""100!" Canada shouted."125!" the Asian guy shouted."150!" Nevada shouted.I looked over at Canada. He seemed to be thinking about it.The Asian guy was making no move either.I walked around behind Winter and unbuttoned her shirt, letting it fall to the ground. She struck another pose, pushing her chest out."This is a fine piece of woman!" I said."175" Canada said.Nevada shook his head and sat back in his chair."I have 175, do I hear 200?""Anyone?""200" the Asian guy said.Canada waved me off and looked away."I have 200, anyone else?""Sold!" I shouted, then turned to Winter."Three days." she whispered, "I'll have him eating his breakfast out of the dimples on my ass."Baby walked Winter off the stage and down to Flower to get her ready."We have one more offering tonight. I'm sure you will be equally happy with her. Please be patient for a few minutes."I walked off the stage and over to the Asian guy and his... whatever she was."Please... follow me."I led them to the front door. He immediately cracked open the suitcase, pulled out a pair of handcuffs, set them on the table by the door, and counted out 200k."Thank you." I said, putting the money in a briefcase along with Kevin's $25k.Flower came upstairs with Winter. She was wearing jeans and a pullover shirt."Hi Master!" Winter said, moving up close to the Asian guy.The Asian guy didn't say a word as he turned her around and put the handcuffs on her.He turned her back around and she moved in closer to him again. "I'm sure we'll get along just fine, Master." Winter said, rubbing up against him."Why is she talking to my bodyguard? the woman said.'Oh... my... God...' I thought."WHAT?!?" Winter screamed, turning around to face me."You never said anything about a fucking DYKE!" Winter protested."I'm not going anywhere with..." Winter continued, then was interrupted by a very loud slapping sound."Iiiiiieieieeeeeee!!!!" Winter screamed in pain, falling to the floor. The Asian guy had some type of whip in his hand. It was a flat stick, about an inch wide, with a foot-long piece of some type of leather on it. He apparently had hit her across the back of the shoulders with it, and it was apparently quite painful.Winter lie on the ground writhing in pain, trying to reach the spot where she was hit."Oh God! Oh God!" she gasped, kicking her legs at nothing.The Asian guy whipped her across the hips several times as Winter kicked and screamed in horror and agony."OK! OK! God! Please!!!!" she screamed.The Asian guy finally stopped hitting her and picked her up by her hair, turning her to face the woman and jerking her head back."I see you have a silver tongue, girl." the woman said, "Let me assure you, your silver tongue will only serve one purpose with me.""Oh God... Master... Please..." Winter moaned."But," the woman added, reaching out her hand and running her index finger across Winter's bottom lip, "You be good to me... and I will be good to you." "Nnnnuuuhhh!!" Winter gasped, turning her head away from the woman in disgust."Ah! I can't wait!" the woman cackled, smiling at Winter with that creepy, lustful look in her eyes "We will try out that silver tongue on my jet tonight! Let's go!" "Noooo!" Winter moaned deeply, and with real regret, probably for the first time in her life, "I'm sorry, Master... Please! I'm sorry!!!"I looked down at her, a flood of emotions washing over me. I remained silent as the Asian guy pulled her to her feet and marched her out the door."I will kill you for this!" Winter screamed as she disappeared in to the darkness."That was horrible!" Baby said as I closed the door."I'm sure it'll be rough for her at first, until she learns her place." I replied, "Come on, one more to go."Baby went to fetch River and I went back in to the auction room and took the stage. I felt a little stupid doing this from the stage with only two bidders left, but I didn't know what else to do."OK, again, sorry for the delay... but I have saved the best for last!""River is our finest girl. While not quite of the high-society stock of our last offering, she is every bit as attractive. She is also our youngest lady at a barely-ripe 18 years old""I can tell you with complete confidence that her skills are top-notch. You will never be disappointed with this one."I looked over and saw that Baby was ready."So, finally tonight, let me introduce you to... River."Baby led River up to the stage.Canada stood up and took a step toward the stage.River stood on the stage, looking out and showing no emotions."200" Canada said."225" Nevada countered."300!" Canada shouted.Nevada studied River for a few seconds,looked at his watch, then picked up his briefcase and walked out the door."Um... well, Sold for 300 then!" I shouted, immediately feeling stupid for shouting with only Canada left in the room.Canada walked up to River and put his arm around her. Their size difference was almost humorous."I like 'em petite!" Canada said. "She definitely fits that description." I joked, leading them to the front door."And I like to take care of my lady-friends," he added, "Me and you gonna get along just fine."River smiled a bit and looked down, embarrassed."Yes, Master." she said."None of that 'Master' stuff." Canada said, "Names Howard."Howard the Cowboy... I had to suppress an urge to laugh. He seemed to be genuinely from cowboy country; it wasn't an act, but... Howard?"My place is way up north in the woods, but you won't believe how big it is." Howard said to River, handing me his briefcase, "You'll have your own big room, we have servants..."Howard's voice faded to the background as I opened the case and counted the money out. It was exactly $300k.Baby walked back in with clothes for River and a bag of restraints. She handed the clothes to River and the bag to me."... and in the summer we usually go to Europe." Howard was still rambling."Well... Howard. Thank you," I said, as River put her clothes on."No, thank YOU!" he said, "This is some fine girl you gave me!"I handed him the bag and he looked inside. He pulled out a pair of handcuffs."Oh, Lord, we ain't gonna need any of this stuff, are we River?" he asked."No... Howard." she said, smiling slightly."Please, Howard," I insisted, "just until you get her home.""Well, alright then, But I don't have to like it." he replied, smiling at River.Baby finished putting the chain on her ankle and stood back up. River grabbed her and hugged her, putting her mouth to Baby's ear."Goodbye, Baby. Thank you for you kindness." River whispered.They hugged for a few seconds, then she turned to me.She put her arms around me and tried to reach my ear by standing on her toes. I bent over just a bit so she could reach me."Die in a fire." she whispered, pretending to hug me."I'll miss you, too." I said, waving to them as she walked out the door and out of my life.February 3rd, 20089:31pmBaby never came to bed last night. She sat up most of the night talking to Flower, and they both fell asleep on the futon.We had a long talk today. She isn't sure she wants to do this any more. I think the thing with Winter really got to her.I told her some of the things she never knew about Winter and about what a cold-hearted bitch she really was. That seemed to help her feel a bit better about it.I also assured her that we had plenty of money to last for a good, long time and could decide later if we wanted to continue or not. Honestly, I'm not sure I want to do this any more either. I don't think that is the only thing bothering her. It feels kind of empty around here now. Flower is going to keep sleeping in the main room, but has earned my trust and is no longer chained. She has free run of the house.I spent much of the day trying to decide what to do with half a million in cash. For now, it is hidden in a secure location that I've told no one about.February 7th, 200810:48amI've done a lot of soul searching these last few days. I know what I have to do. I'm heading out to run some errands today, including the bank, license branch and a few other places.Baby is going to drive up and visit Star this weekend.February 8th, 20089:14pmI called Baby up to the bedroom today and sat her down on the bed."Baby..." I began, "I love you.""I love you too, Daddy... Always". she replied. "I know you do, Baby, But, I need to talk to you.""About what, Master?""I... I've been living a... dream... a fantasy.""You mean, the slaves?""Yes, I mean that, partially, but mostly, I mean... you.""Me?""Yes, Baby." "What...?""Baby... you are a beautiful, wonderful girl.""Daddy...?" she said, starting to tear up."I love you as much as any man has ever loved a girl.""Daddy..." she cried, her bottom lip quivering, "Don't do this...""Baby... I'm 46 years old...""I don't care, Daddy!""I know you don't... right now...""I won't... ever care..." she said, sobbing."Yes, Baby, you will.""No..." "Baby... seeing you with Flower, seeing you laugh together at things... things that are... young...""Daddy...""Are you saying that you never wonder what it'll be like in 10 years? 15? When I'm gray and you are in the prime of your life?""Daddy... please...""Do you ever think about it?""... Maybe... sometimes... but I don't care!""It was a fantasy, Baby.""I..." "I would like nothing more than for you to be by my side until the day I die. But I can't do that to you.""I... I want to be with you!""Look me in the eye, Baby. Tell me that you don't ever long to go out in the world, be with people your own age, find a young romance, fall in love.""I...""Tell me that. Look me in the eye and tell me that and we'll live happily ever after.""I... I... Daaddyyy" she burst out in tears, grabbing me and squeezing me almost hard enough to take my breath.I pet her head, trying to comfort her."It was a fantasy, Baby." I whispered, "A fantasy that I will be forever grateful to you for giving me."She lay her head in my lap, and sobbed for a very long time.February 9th, 20082:39pmWe woke up this morning to a bright and sunny, but cold winter day. It would be the last morning we would ever wake up together.For some reason, the sadness seemed to have faded, for both of us. It almost seemed as if I was sending my daughter off to college. It was still kind of sad, but no longer so much like lovers breaking up.I gave Baby a checkbook and debit card to a bank account with only her name on it, and $100k in it. I also gave her the keys and title to the newer car.The girls brought their bags to the door and set them down.I hugged Flower, told her I would miss her and kissed her forehead. She teared up and told me she would miss me too. She walked out the door, carrying her bag to the car."What are you going to do?" I asked Baby."We're going to stay with Star for a while, maybe a week or so. After that, I'm not sure yet. We talked about going out west. Maybe Seattle.""Be careful with your money. That will last you a good, long time if you use your head.""I... I will, Daddy."I picked her bags up and carried them to the car, putting them in the trunk.We walked over to the driver door and embraced. "Call me when you get settled.""I will, I promise." she said, tears streaming down her face.I kissed her one last time, helped her in to the car and waved as they drove off.I watched until they were out of sight, then went back in the house.I grabbed a bottle of Jack, poured myself a glass, then sat down on the couch and cried like a baby.February 14th, 20086:54pmI spent the last week puttering around the house. It's is very empty and... lonely now, with only Tomas here, and I rarely see him.I log on to the social sites occasionally, but my heart just isn't in it enough to start over.It's Valentine's day. Baby called and we talked for a while. I miss her.February 19th, 200812:32pmKevin called today. He and Ruby are doing fine. He says they are in love. I don't doubt that *he* is in love, at least.Anyway, he said Ruby was missing Tomas and wanted to know if he could buy him from me. I told him that Tomas was free to leave if he wanted, and that I'd talk to him about it.Baby called. She and Flower are on their way to Seattle.February 24th, 20086:15pmI just got back from the bus station. I put Tomas on a bus to go live with Kevin and Ruby. Kevin is going to give him a job as a live-in grounds keeper.Baby called. She has an apartment with Flower in Seattle.The house is so empty.March 5th, 200811:44pmI snapped out of a week-long drinking binge. I'm not even normally much of a drinker, I just started because I was bored, and didn't stop.I signed up with a couple of dating sites. After Baby, all the available women my age just... Fuck... I can't do this.March 12th, 20089:10amI woke up thinking about River today. I wonder how she's doing. Sometimes, as I'm trying to fall asleep at night, I will see a flash of Winter's horrible expression as she realized her fate. As much as I hate her, I still felt sorry for her.I've not heard from Baby in a week. I hope she's happy.March 15th, 20088:54pmI went through all the pictures Baby took with the new camera today. I mostly tried not to cry. I'm depressed again. I think it was a bad idea to look at them.March 24th, 200812:13pmI think I'm beginning to snap out the funk I've been in since Baby left.It looks like spring might be here. It's bright and cool outside.It had been so cold and dark... and lonely... depressing. I'm going to find something to do with myself this week.March 30th, 200811:48pmThere was a knock at the door today about 1pm. I opened the door to see a blond woman pointing a gun at my face."I'm here to kill you." she said."What?!" I exclaimed, taking a step back and putting my hands up to show I was not armed."I said I'd kill you." she said."... You... what?... Catherine?!?"It took me a few seconds to recognize her. She had blond hair now, and her left eye had a red splotch in the corner. It wasn't large, but was big enough to distract my attention and not recognize her."The name is 'Winter', remember?""Uh..." "Aren't you going to invite me in?""Um... yes... come in, please.""What are you... how did you...""Sit down!" she ordered, waving the gun toward the couch."OK... take it easy with that thing." I figured if she was having me sit down, she wasn't going to just shoot me."I have waited so long for this moment..." she said, raising the gun and gritting her teeth.I could be wrong about her not just shooting me..."Catherine!" I shouted, holding my right hand up."Winter!!!" she yelled. "Winter..." I began, trying to distract her, "How did you, I mean, you were in San Juan?"You have no... fucking... idea... what I went through to get here." she said, lowering the gun just a bit."Winter, look... I'm really sorry the way things...""Don't hand me that bullshit!" she yelled, raising the gun back up."OK, Winter. If you want to shoot me, go ahead. I won't resist.""I will...""Fine. Do it. I probably deserve it.""I swear... I'll do it...""Go ahead..." I said, lowering my head and looking down. This was only a half-bluff. At this point in my life, I didn't really care either way. "I... I can't." she sighed, laying the gun down on the table, "I don't even know how to work the damn thing.""Huh?""I thought you were going to crap your pants when you opened the door." she laughed."You think this was funny?" I asked, picking the gun up off the table. It was fully loaded and the safety was off."Well, yeah! It was!""I... guess I deserved it..." I admitted, turning the safety on and putting the gun back down."You're damn right, you did.""I didn't have any control over who won the auction...""A fat dyke. Seriously?""I thought it was the Asian guy, just like you did.""So, what did River sell for?""Um... 175." I lied, to spare her feelings."Ha!""The cowboy bought her.""Oh God, I'll bet he split her in two.""She seemed to be... OK with Howard.""You are fucking kidding me... Howard?""That's about what I thought: Howard the Cowboy.""That's great..." she laughed.There was an awkward silence. I studied her face and just then noticed she had a scar across the left side of her chin."Would you like a drink?" I asked."Uh... just coffee, if you have it."I went to the kitchen and started to make coffee."So... what happened with you? I mean, your eye..." I asked."She tried to break me.""She didn't?""Of course not... any more than you could have.""But how...""I mean, yeah... I was eagerly licking that nasty, wrinkled pussy and begging to do it again before we were even over the ocean that night.”"I'm confused.""She had me beat until I did what she said... she didn't break me. Big difference."This woman, while the most infuriating, cold-hearted bitch I have ever met, is one amazing individual."So, you escaped?""Yes.""How?""You wouldn't believe me.""Try me.""Well, for the first couple of weeks, she had my face buried in her cunt nearly every single night. It was disgusting, of course, but I must say, she was very talented. If I closed my eyes and thought of... something else, she could almost make me forget where my mouth was.""Gross...""I made the best of a bad situation.""Uh-huh.""So anyway, after a while, she got bored of me I guess. Maybe she got a new girl.""Then what?""I convinced one of the servants that he was in love with me.""I can believe that.""Right. Anyway, he left my door unlocked so I could escape one night. I told him to meet me on the south side of the island the next morningand we'd take a boat.""And...""Then I went to the north side of the island, found a boat that was heading toward the U.S. and fucked the Captain for a ride.""!...""That got me to Nassau... in the Bahamas.""I know where Nassau is.""I spent that night sleeping under a dock. The next morning I found another boat that was headed to Miami.""And you fucked the Captain...""No, the Captain, First Mate and their two crewmen took turns raping me once we got out to sea."“Oh... sorry." "Don't be. They only thought they were raping me. Two of them ended up only getting hand jobs... and thanked me for them.""You are...""What?""Nothing. Please continue.""So they dropped me off in Miami, where I met an Hispanic guy on the beach. I came on to him, we went to his car, he took off his clothes, I grabbed his pants and wallet, and ran.""This is getting hard to believe..."She reached in her purse and handed me the Florida ID of some Hispanic guy."Sorry...""He had $23 and a credit card that was over the limit.""At least you could get some food...""I still hadn't decided where I was even going. I had $23, nowhere to go and with... you know, with my eye and this scar, I couldn't really..." she trailed off."They are barely noticeable. You are still a very beautiful woman.""I... thank you.""...So how did you get here?""Well, I didn't come here directly. I decided to go to home first... I mean, Kevin's house.""Oh?""Yeah. I found a truck stop, and sucked trucker cock halfway across the country."Eww...""OK, that was an exaggeration. I sucked one guy off to get to Memphis. The rest of them only thought they were going have me, as I found new suckers at each truck stop and dumped the old one.""So you got to Kevin's, and...?""There was nobody home. I climbed in the window that I knew was always unlocked, picked up a few things that I had hidden from him, stole his gun, some cash, and took a bus to Greenville, then a cab to here.""Not that I'm not glad to see you, but... why here?""I... where else do I have to go?"There was another awkward silence."So, where is everyone?" she asked."Well, Baby and Flower left.""Where'd they go?""Seattle.""Seattle?! Why?""I... I sent her away.""What? Why?""She is so young... her whole life ahead of her... it felt... selfish to keep her here.""I'm sorry." she said, putting her hand on my knee.I looked in her eyes. I think she was genuinely sorry for me. She is somehow different now. I can't put my finger on it, but I think this whole ordeal had changed her."So! What are you going to do now? I asked."I... I don't really know.""You can stay here for a while if you need to.""... Thank you... uh... do I still have to call you 'Master'? I don't even know your name.""Ed.""Thank you, Ed.""I owe you that, as a bare minimum. You can stay as long as you like.""So, what are your plans, Ed? Have you found any new girls yet?""No. I'm not sure... not sure I'm going to do that any more.""Oh? Why not?""I couldn't find the motivation to start over, mostly.""Why is that?""Well, besides the money, it didn't work out too well the first time. River hates me, I thought you hated me, Ruby... I don't think she understands what's going on even now.""I don't hate you.""I... don't hate you either." Another awkward silence."So, listen," Winter said, reaching in to her purse and pulling out a stack of small notebooks, "I was thinking...""Yes?" I said, knowing the sales pitch was coming."You have the property and the capital, I have the contacts and the experience...""OK...""Listen," she said, laying her notebooks out on the table, one-by-one, "This one is full of very rich men, this one is full of ladies willing to work, and this one has my contacts for fresh girls from outside the country; Eastern Europe, places like that.""Go on...""So, my vision is, a very exclusive, very expensive hideaway. We don't sell girls, we sell a night with them, or a weekend.""You mean prostitution?""I don't mean plumbers stopping by after a night in the bar, no. I mean $2,000+ a night fantasy fulfillment.""Fantasy fulfillment?""Two, three girls at a time, S&M, foot fetishes, whatever they want.""So, no slavery?""Oh, yes... that will probably be our biggest attraction. We bring in some of these girls from out of the country.""And do what with them?""Nothing. We chain them up, then let the client break them, do whatever they want... without damaging them, of course. These men will pay through the nose, I'm thinking maybe $10,000, to be able to do this safely.""Oh?""And the beauty of it is, once they are broken, they become very cheap labor for future clients.""Hmm...""So, what do you think? she asked, "Partners?"I took a sip of my coffee, deep in thought, and looked her in the eyes, trying to get a read on her. After several long moments of staring at each other, she held her cup up in the air. I paused, sat up in my seat, raised my glass and touched it to hers."Partners." I said, taking another sip of my coffee, "Let's see those notebooks."She excitedly stood up, grabbed her notebooks and sat next to me on the couch, her warm thigh touching mine as we looked through the notebooks and planned our next move.-End-