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its going to be OK honey国产精品嫩草影院永久
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its going to be OK honey国产精品嫩草影院永久

Chapter 3 and the conclusion of this terror awaits you. Chapter 3 An Unexpected IntrusionIn the previous two Chapters, two serial rapists have made their way into the luxurious home of Ray and Betsy and found them and their daughter, Emily “M” in the home and taken them prisoner. They’ve immobilized Ray and are having their way with the two women. As this story winds down be prepared for a very unexpected ending.Jake pushed Betsy away from his cock and told her we need to go and see what Bo is up to with your daughter. Betsy immediately embraced him like he was her long lost over and said, please, I’ll do whatever you want, I swear I will. Don’t let anyone hurt my daughter or my new baby, I’m begging you please. Jake shot back: Stop whining bitch and just come with me as he grabbed her by the hair and they went off to investigate. Along the way Jake checked on Ray’s state of consciousness and assured himself he was just fine. As he approached Emily’s (M) room Bo had his massive 12 inch cock, a good 3 inches wide firmly planted between M’s gorgeous huge tits. Neither of them had to even hold the tits together as they formed a perfect nest for his huge cock all by themselves. Bo was still unsure of the trust between him and M and was not willing to put his engorged purple cock head in her mouth for fear that she might hurt him. He had nightmares of one of his first forays into serial rape and how the 12 year old bitch bite down on his cock and nearly severed it. She paid dearly for it because she never saw another birthday. Jake and Betsy entered the room and M immediately made eye contact with her mother and began to cry. Betsy whispered in Jake’s ear; “let me talk to her please”. Jake was getting more and more comfortable with the behavior of Betsy so he motioned to her to go ahead. Betsy ran to M’s side and said don’t worry darling they promised me they aren’t going to hurt you so long as you do what they say. Bo now totally confused and building himself into a lather said to Jake: “what the fuck is going on?”. Jake motioned to him and said don’t worry everything is fine. Just keep doing what your doing. So with some restored confidence Bo got braver and restarted fucking the kids tits with more vigor. Quite surprisingly, Betsy helped him. At first she was startled by the size and girth of that cock. She had never seen or even imagined anything like it. But within seconds she had grabbed it and helped him fuck her daughters tits. She continued talking to M like some kind of coach. As he rocked harder and harder between her luscious globes Betsy brought it to her daughters mouth. Suck n it honey, he’s not going to hurt you. M looked increasingly confused and perplexed by what was happening. Jake thought to himself, this is turning into something really special so he figured why not get in on the action. He went down and examined M’s pussy and immediately began tonguing her with great zeal. Bo turned around, saw Jake and then started to play with Momma’s tits while he fucked babies tits. This was truly getting very hot. Betsy stroked harder and faster and was guiding Bo’s cocks so as to not allow too much of it into her daughters mouth. Before too long Jake decided he wanted more so he raised up M’s legs and inserted his cock inside her and began to furiously fuck her. All the while, her mother kept reassuring her, its going to be OK honey, just go with it. They’re not going to hurt you. Betsy’s aggressiveness on Bo’s cock was bringing him close to orgasm and she could feel it building in his cock so she stroked harder hoping this would bring things to an end. Bo was milking her tits aggressively now and milk was spraying all over the place but within seconds there was more than a milk spray in the air, there was spurts of come exploding out of Bo’s cock. The first hard spurt went right into M’s mouth. To protect her daughter further, Betsy bent down and started to take his spray himself and got a least two large gulps of come. Then the final to large ropes of jiz hit M in the face and neck and Bo was screaming.Get out of the way yelled Jake. I’m right behind you. Bo jumped off M and Jake pulled out of her pussy and got up over M’s tits. Betsy grabbed Jake’s cock just as she had Bo’s and started to stroke Jake aggressively and spoke clearly into his ear. Shoot it all over my baby Jake. Jake was truly enthralled with the way this was going and Bo was entirely confused. Explode he did and M got the first two spurts into her mouth and face. Betsy took as much as she could into her mouth and there were at least 3 spurts left to cover M tits. Betsy pulled Jake really close to her and said: “darling your spunk tastes so much better than your friends”, smiled at him and kissed him deeply inserting her tongue covered in spunk into his mouth. What the hell had gotten into this bitch, Jake wondered but he was loving every minute of it. Jake then asked Bo:” did you take your super Viagra ?”. Of course Bo replied. Jake then added:”ok then lets go bring Daddy-O into our world.Jake had all four of them go into the master bedroom and instructed Bo to draw up a syringe of Narcan. It was time to bring Ray or DaddyO has Jake had been referring him into the game. Before he administered the antidote to Ray, Betsy was rubbing her entire body on Jakes and asked him: “what do you plan to do now, darling?” Well he said: “ we’re about to experience the finale!”. The 5 of us are going to enjoy each other fully. Betsy continued the inquiry: “look Jake I don’t want you to hurt my daughter or my baby. I don’t really care about myself or Ray for that matter. What do I have to do to assure that?” Jake became amused and alarmed by the questioning. Well he said lets have a real heart to heart, just you and me OK? Betsy responded: “ Yea lets do that” as she reached down and held his still semi-erect cock. She led him out of the master bedroom as Jake instructed Bo to draw up the syringe and get it ready for hi, to administer. He would do it when he returned. Where are you going Jake, Bo inquired? The Mrs. And I are going to find something to eat. We’ll bring something back for you but in the meantime, eat Emily over there. They laughed at each other but Betsy continued to lead Jake out of the room by his dick. As soon as they were out of ear shot Betsy blurted it all out: “look Jake I came to the realization when you punched me in the stomach and I nearly passed out that I was in for this no matter what so why continue to fight it. I’ve never felt a cock like that in my life and I never have come that way in my life either. I just want to be assured that you won’t let anything happen to my daughter or my baby. I’m prepared to give you anything and everything you want. You got all of our possessions and if you didn’t find all the cash that’s in the house I’ll be sure you do. Money is not important to my family. I’ll go even further if you want. Stay through the night with me and in the morning you can take me to the bank and I’ll withdraw whatever amount you want and give it to you so long as you leave us unharmed. What do you say?”. Jake was stunned and could not believe what he was hearing especially all throughout this conversation Betsy was stroking his cock and had it fully hard again. In a somewhat sarcastic tone he responded after some seconds of thought: you know bitch I’m beginning to like you. You got a lot of balls. I like your plan but how am I going to be sure your not going to run to the cops after we leave and find our pictures in some mug book somewhere and then were on the 10 most wanted list? You know the last time we did this, albeit I’ll have to admit that we didn’t have the luck we had this time since we followed a fuckin lesbian home, we fucked the both of them all night long and killed the dyke and her fuckin queer lover is in a coma someplace for the rest of her life. Bo fucked up!”. This sent shivers down Betsy spine that were evident immediately to Jake and that please him. She responded almost immediately:” I swear to you if you leave us unharmed, this will be our nightmare and we will have no reason whatsoever to go to the cops. I’ll just be thankful that I have my daughter and my baby. On that I swear on my family”. Jake actually believed her because she was convincing and before she finished her promise she got down on her knees in the middle of the kitchen and started sucking his cock for all she was worth. Could this really be happening Jake wondered to himself. He lifted her up, stared her right in the eyes, looked right through her and said: alright my hot fuckin bitch, lets see what happens the rest of the night but you got me thinking differently than usual. She kissed him deeply, literally shoving her tongue into his mouth and started humping his entire body. “I want you again and I want you right now, Betsy said”. Jake lifted her onto the kitchen island made of what seemed like expensive marble and plunged his cock, fully erect into her. She screamed with delight and started loudly moaning, please fuck me make me come like never before. Jake fucked her harder and harder, spanked her swollen tits and reached below her and inserted his finger into her ass. This completely sent Betsy over the edge and she bucked harder and harder, coming like never before all over Jake’s cock.Jake was not going to come. Not now anyway. He made sure she came as hard as she could and when it subsided he withdrew his cock from her and pulled her up off the island and onto to the floor to her knees. Clean your messy come off my cock, bitch he commanded. She willingly did so and moaned as she licked and sucked his cock. After about 2 minutes Jake lifted Betsy up to him and kissed her roughly. He said: you and I could spend the rest of our lives together fucking every hour of every day….you know that? Betsy replied something like, “that would be my dream come true lover! “ Find us something to eat bitch as he slapped her hard ass. She went to the refrigerator, got some beers and cheese and some crackers out of the cabinet and off to the master bedroom they went.Returning to the bedroom Jake found Bo with Emily face down on the bed with his tongue deeply into her ass. Betsy went immediately to M head and inquired:”are you OK hon?”. She nodded yes and Betsy stroked her long silky hair and she was being tongue fucked. Jake picked the syringe off of the night stand and before he administered it he checked Rays restraints. They were intact. Jake got the stun gun out of his backpack just in case he needed it and insert the needle deep into Rays arm. The narcan worked almost immediately and suddenly Ray was fully awake and aware of everything that was going on. Jake explained to him that he was going to remove his gag and if he tried any funny stuff he would find himself either unconscious or dead in seconds. Do you understand what I just said asshole? Ray shook his head yes. Jake reached out for Betsy and told her to whisper in Rays ear that everything was OK and not to do anything stupid or they would all be appearing in the obituary column in the weekend newspaper. Jake couldn’t hear what Betsy told Ray but whatever it was it appeared to work. Jake removed the gag and Ray was stable. He inquired of Betsy: “are you and Emily OK?” Yes she replied we’re fine but this nightmare is not over yet and I’ve come to the realization that it better to cooperate than fight it because our lives are in these guys hands Ray ! Jake shouted if you have half a brain fella you’ll listen to this very smart woman. Jake continued: “I never knew that bitches were as smart as this one is….you know that Ray?” Jake began to cut the restraints off of Ray and told Bo to take his tongue out of M ass and help. This spooked Ray a bit but he managed to stay under control as Betsy stayed right by Rays ear and was trying to calm him down. Jake started to put his next production into play.Hey Ray,狠狠色噜噜色狠狠狠综合久久 he inquired: “ever have wet dreams about fucking your step daughter? Most step dads do! Do you know that Ray ? “ This alarmed Betsy and she looked sheepishly at Jake. Their eyes met and Jake tried to allay his fears without saying anything. Well here’s your chance daddy. Jake directed Bo to get in position at the head of the bed and be sure that bitch is under control. Then he directed Betsy to get her husband hard and he added, I don’t care how you do it but remember your fine now he added ! Betsy started to stroke Ray’s midget cock compared to these two maniacs with 10 and 12 inc cocks respectively. She was whispering to him all the while saying who knows what. Jake positioned Ray in between his stepdaughters legs and told him to start fingering her luscious pussy. Hesitantly he reluctantly began to do as directed. Bo was at the head of the bed holding M down by both her upper arms and had his cock lying directly over her face from the top of her head right onto her chest. That’s how huge and ugly a cock he had. He was telling her to lick and suck it and she was complying but she was sobbing at the same time with her stepfather fingering her already moist pussy. Jake got around the back of Ray and told him to get up on the bed and get ready to insert his measly prick into his stepdaughter even while his wife was continuing to stroke it. Jake thought better of it and told Betsy, put it in your daughter bitch but while your doing it start stroking my cock and give me a kiss. She did exactly as she was told and put the head of her husbands cock into her daughter.Now get up over her Daddy and put that big purple cock head in your mouth, Jake demanded. Uh oh Betsy thought that might be a little too much for her macho husband. She tried to coax him and assure him it would be alright but he was seriously hesitating. This was something he didn’t want to do and he was not complying. Jake yelled out his order again and still Ray hesitated. From out of nowhere, at the far side of the bed, Jake appeared and had what appeared to be a shiny object in his hand. It was indistinguishable what it was but as he moved toward Ray it was obvious a large pair of cutting pliers. Jake reached over and with the quickness of a bolt of lightning cut the tip of Ray’s right nipple clean off. Both Betsy and the sobbing Emily screamed and Jake quickly took control of the situation. There wasn’t a lot of blood but it sort of oozed from his nipple but Ray was almost seizing in shock. Jake yelled: “I told all of you if you did what I said not one would get hurt. Now suck that monster cock asshole or I go deeper”. The women were still in shock, sobbing or both and Bo was laughing as he said: that’s my hero!” obviously aimed at Jake who wa now smiling as well. Still Ray had not placed his mouth over Bo’s purple cockhead and within seconds Jake was back behind Ray and watching for what Ray would do next. Jake yelled again, suck that cock, asshole and Betsy tied to help. Without warning again Jake took his pistol out from the backpack and shoved the barrel right into Ray ass. He screamed loudly and when he did Bo used the opportunity to put his cock in all the way to his throat. Betsy mouthed to Jake: “easy, please! Jake screamed back: “ we have an agreement for your daughter and your fetus, this asshole is not included” ! There was nothing she could do but watch. Jake replaced the barrel of his gun which was about 5 inches long with the head of his cock and told Ray your about to get the fucking of a lifetime pal. He may have entered into him easily but before long his cock was covered with shit and blood and he was banging Ray like a bronco. He motioned Betsy to come close. How does this look my darling bitch, me fucking your husband, him fucking your daughter and Bo ready to blow a load in Daddy’s face. She whispered back into his ear so she couldn’t be heard: “ I’m soaking wet, here feel. She grabbed his hand and forced his fingers into her pussy which was literally dripping. Well you have to get more involved baby come around her and fuck my ass with your tongue. She did so immediately, shoving her tongue all the way into Jake’s ass. Now place with you pussy until you’ve come 5 times bitch and don’t’ stop fucking my ass until you have. Understood? She wrapped one arm completely around Jake and started frigging her pussy as wild as she could. Bo yelled out:” what a chain uh buddy? Watch me blow my huge load in this fagot’s face and before he stopped yelling he was coming, shooting stream after stream of jiz, into Ray’s mouth, drooling out all over Emily’s beautiful tits. It was obvious to Jake that Ray wasn’t going to come in his stepdaughter as he was being fucked from both ends and was just complicit. So he broke up the connection and forced everyone aside. He had withdrawn his cock and it was covered with shit and blood and he spun Ray around and told him to clean up the mess he made on his dick. Again Ray was having none of it so Jake had to get physical. He yanked Ray by the hair down into a sitting position at the foot of the bed and he punched him hard in the face, not once but 4 or 5 times. Betsy tried to intervene but quickly found out that she shouldn’t interrupt a maniac when he was in a rage. Jake pushed her down next to Ray and said OK bitch, I see you want to help. Both of you suck and clean my cock till I come. As revolting as it was she began to lick Jake’s cock and coaxed Ray to do the same with her. The beating made him compliant and the both of them became more energetic at the assignment. Bo was watching the show with great interest all the while stroking Emily’s tits and pussy. He was spent and wasn’t going to get another erection anytime soon so was partaking of the beer and cheese brought in earlier. Jake was getting into the double blow job he was getting and now that his cock was clean, Betsy had taken the lead and was intent of getting Jake off. She was fondling Jake’s balls and even fingered his asshole and then in what seemed like an hallucination, she began to talk to Jake while sucking and stroking him saying things like: give me your delicious spunk baby, I want your come. Give me your hot tasty come. This brought Jake to a climax sooner than he had wanted to and began to come with very strong spurts. 4, 5 6 spurts of hot white come all over Betsy’s face, Ray’s face and into Betsy’s mouth. She seemed actually hungry for the come.It was now almost midnight and Bo and Jake had been awake for nearly 35 hours and after that drug induced fuck spree they were failing quickly. Jake instructed Bo tie Ray back in the chair that he was in and then take Emily into the bathroom and get her cleaned up.Bo made quick work of Ray had him zip tied and duct taped to the chair in a minute or less. He put the ball gag back into his mouth and grabbed M and took her to the bathroom. Ironically Betsy was dozing in Jake’s lap on the master bed and acting like he was her long lost savior.Jake told Betsy he had to pee and he headed to the bathroom and told her to get in other the covers and he’d be back. As he walked into the bathroom, Bo had Emily sitting in the bathtub with no water running. That is the water that was running was Bo pissing all over Emily laughing loudly. Jake walked in and thought what the hell and he added his strong stream of piss onto the young woman. M was sobbing loudly, so loudly that neither Jake or Bo heard Betsy approach from the Master bedroom. As they stood pissing on her daughter, Betsy walked in and fired four shots from Jake’s revolver hitting Jake in the chest and the head and Bo right in the face. Jake fell back onto the toilet and was obviously dead in an instant. Over her daughter’s screams Bo was gurgling and clutching his throat and Betsy stood over him and watched for what seemed like many, many minutes. It seemed as though he couldn’t move but when he did seem to reach out to her, Betsy fired another shot directly into his chest right at the heart. She immediately turned around, showered off her daughter, hugged her and went to find a phone to dial 911.The END


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