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head on my lap国产精品人成在线观看
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head on my lap国产精品人成在线观看

Zero to ten happened real fast. My wife was pregnant, had cancer and I was a damn P.E teacher part time at a junior high school. In a word, my life was shit, and it was only getting shittier by the day. Jessica, my beautiful wife had opted out of chemo. She didn’t want to hurt the baby but she was waning fast. I sold everything, both over and under the table. We were living in a one bedroom house in a crap neighborhood and it was pretty much rock bottom. 
It started off by me going on sites and selling her underwear. Obviously used. She didn’t care, she was dying and her baby girl was due soon. We needed the money. 
I got a few hits with the tag line “Prego used panties” and was amused at just how many I sold. 
Then another hit came in. It was simple: “She got milk?”
I shrugged it off. Yeah but who cares?
Apparently a lot of guys did. 
They were willing to pay $100 a jar if pictures of Jessica were included. 
“Jesus fuck.” I said, she looked over my shoulder. “Just do it Brad. What do I care?”
We made a thousand dollars that week. It wasn’t until I had her hooked up to machines, tits full and hanging as she pumped out her milk that I started to get turned on. It was pure fucking womanhood. Her swollen belly, protruding breasts and beautiful face scrunched up in discomfort as cups sucked at her nipples. 
“I don’t think I have much more.” She whined, I’m starting to feel like cattle.”
“Just a bit more Jess.” I say, “Think of the baby” I’m currently thinking of my hard cock. 
Sex with Jessica that night feels feral. She pants like a bitch in heat while I fuck her doggy style. Her body is rail thin apart from her breasts and belly, the cancer taking its toll, she feels like she might break but I continue thrusting in her with as much ferocity as I can, never knowing which time will be my last. Two weeks later it was my last. She died in labor giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. Julep. 
Julep grew to be as beautiful as her mother. Pouty red lips, long golden hair, and skin the color of a china doll. Her body had a lithe fragility to it. As if mocking her mother’s final form. I remember when her breast began to bud. How she bloomed. She went from little girl on a trike to tight tween on a bike with what felt like moments. 
The neighborhood gangs leered at her. Eyes hungry and she went up and down the block with her friends. 
At ten I saw the neighbor boy caressing her while pushing her on the swing set, and I stopped letting her go outside to play. 
I had to get her out of this neighborhood. But on my budget, I couldn’t afford more than the one bedroom house she had been born in. 
That’s when I remembered the panty trick. 
“Julep flower, hand me your dirty clothes I’m doing the laundry.”
She turned, big brown eyes just like her mother’s staring back at me in surprise.
“Why Daddy? Isn’t that my chore?"
“You’ve been a good girl sweet heart, go upstairs and finish your homework and we’ll watch a movie.”
Her smile was stunning as she leaped up to the bedroom to get her work done. Meanwhile I sifted through her tiny dirty garments. Pink with frilly lace, white with hearts on it, I laid them all out and took pictures and threw them online. Before she bounded down the stairs new budding breasts bouncing I had already sold three pairs.
She fell asleep half way through Willy Wonka, head on my lap, body laid along the couch. Her beautiful silk gold hair splayed out as I pet her. She nuzzled into me and I felt my cock grow hard.
No. I was confused. I hadn’t been with anyone else but Jessica since her passing and Julep was just growing into body reminiscent of my wife.
Julep wore a loose tank top, I could see the silhouette of her breasts and the dip of her flat tummy. If I barely moved the fabric of her top I could see her soft pink nipple…
Slowly, cautiously I moved my hand to her arm, she didn’t move. Then I slid my fingers and palm along her side until it cupped her breasts. Warm and soft and pliable in my hand…
My phone pingedand I jumped. She stirred but I wasn’t going to risk her waking so I slid my hand back and looked at my phone. The user name looked familiar, and I knew why once I opened the message.
“She got milk?”
Of course she didn’t. She was too young and not pregnant. She couldn’t have milk. This guy was a moron. I told him so and looked back down at my flower. Her lips parted in a sigh and my thoughts instantly became lewd. I imagined parting her lips farther, filling them with my- 
The phone pinged again. 
“the pill & galactagogues. Tell me if you change your mind. I’ll pay triple.”
What the fuck was galactagogues? and triple? $300 for a jar of milk? was he insane?
I first looked up what galacta word was. Turns out it increased supply of breast milk… In combination with the birth control pill it made the body believe not only that it was pregnant but that it needed to produce milk… 
I absently massaged Julep’s titties. Not even realizing I was doing it until she stirred and moaned, beginning to either wake up or become aroused. I meant to stop,扒开双腿疯狂进出爽爽爽动态图 but instead I found it was so fucking soothing I started to squeeze and pull slightly. All the while researching how to get women— or girls to lactate without being pregnant. 
Julep moaned and started to rise.
“Daddy?” She said groggily. 
“Shhh flower. Go back to sleep baby.” She did. collapsing into my embrace. It took everything I had not to fuck my little girl that night. ***
The next day I had gone to the doctor and received birth control pills to help “regulate” my daughters hormones. Then I bought several types of “galacta” as I had begun calling it.
I told Julep she had new medicine she had to take, but if she did she could watch a movie every night before bed. Our movie watching ritual continued, only I had begun adding a sleepy time formula to the mix to keep her in deep sleep while I explored her. One week changed all of that though. I was getting her tea ready and Julep came down holding her self, arms wrapped around her noticeably larger breasts. 
“Daddy. I think I need to go to the doctor.”
“Why Flower, what’s wrong?”“My chest hurts.”
I walked over to her and she released herself, her breasts were large for her small frame now. A voluptuous B to their previous perky A. 
“May I feel to see if you’re alright?”
She hesitated but then nodded.
Tentatively I lifted my hands and grasped her beautiful breasts. I felt her nipples hard beneath her T-Shirt They felt full and heavy in my palms, and tender to the touch. She winced and whined “oooow. Daddy!”
It was time. 
“Uh Oh Flower… This isn’t good.” I squeezed her tits a bit harder. Pretending like my dick wasn’t pricking up in excitement. 
“What’s wrong Daddy?”
“Well remember that Mommy died because she got sick? The doctors couldn’t help her. But that’s becausethey helped too late. Mommy used this, if she had started this right away she would have gotten better.
I say this as I pull out Jessica’s old breast pump from the cupboard. Jessica a distant memory now as I look at my young taut daughter. 
The cup size of the pump is too big, but I read up on it and it will work, it just hurts a bit more and the strain is less. But my Flower can take it, and it’s all for her in the end. To get her out of this shit neighborhood. “Daddy I don’t want to die!”
“And you won’t, Daddy will take care of you. Now take your medicine, drink your tea and while you watch the movie this machine will make you better. She nodded and did what she was told.
I nestled her on my lap pulled her shirt off. Tightening the straps of the pump around her round breasts. I pressed the button and she squirmed in my lap. 
“Ow Daddy! It hurts!”
“Shhh. Flower. Just watch the movie.”
The pump made a sucking noise and I watched as it pulled and stretched at her perky breasts. Julep began to wriggle in my arms and cry. 
“Julep, be good or Daddy is going to get mad.”
Tears were in her beautiful dark eyes. Dark lashes wet with tears. 
“I’m sorry Daddy. I’ll be good.”
The sucking got louder and like movie magic thick warm liquid erupted into the tube and slid down into the pump container.
“See that Julep. It’s getting the sick out of you.”
She sniffled and I pet her hair as she cried and watched her movie. 
I timed it for 30 minutes and then turned it off. Plenty was in the jar but Julep was far from asleep. 
“They hurt more now Daddy!"”
Shhh… Daddy will get medicine to help you sleep and will massage them for you."
Grabbing cough medicine from the cabinet I added it to her tea and sat her back on my lap. 
I pressed play and while the movie continued I fondled my daughter. 
At first she fussed but then, the medicine doing it’s work her head slumped and I was left to my vices. 
I jerked off while prodding and squeezing her tits before posting her milk under the title “Baby Milk” with a picture of the jar and her hooked up to the machine. 
I clicked “auction” instead of sale and by 3 am Julep had made us $900 dollars. 

A month into this I realized I couldn’t just fondle Julep any longer. I needed all of her. 
I picked her up from school and as we drove home I saw the look in her face, it looked very grumpy. 
“Daddy I don’t want to use the machine to get better anymore.”
“Jules we talked about this. If you don’t use it, you wont get better.”
“I don’t care!” She yelled. 
I berated her and we drove him in silence. 
Then she wouldn’t take the pills or the tea. When I demanded it she pushed the cup off the counter and it hit the floor with a clash. 
I bent her over and spanked her across my knee. Her breasts pressed against my thigh. 
“Please Daddy! Ow! Please Daddy stop!”
“No movie tonight! I yelled. “You want to act like an animal I’ll treat you like one!”
I placed her on the floor next to the couch and made her crouch down on her hands and knees, placing the pump on her pinched nipples. 
As I turned the pump on she groaned and began to cry. As it sucked she started to crawl, trying to escape the suction on her breasts. 
“No more!” She screamed. 
I spanked her again but as she continued to try and crawl away I bent down over her. Placing my legs on hers, my hands on her hands. I nailed her into place with my body. Her breasts being pulled below us both. White liquid slowly making a crawl into a then empty tub. 
My cock was so placed that her ass was firmly against it. I felt it jerk and twitch and I realized I couldn’t fight this anymore. 
“You’re going to wish you drank that tea Flower.”

I had my pants down in moments, pressing against her further as I dragged down at her leggings. 
“Daddy what are you doing!?” She cried “Why are you pulling my pants down.”
“It’s just another spanking Jules. don’t fight it’ll make it worse.”
Her pink bud pulsed as I pressed my cock at it. 
Julep wailed as it began to force its way into her virginity. 
The pump kept working as I jostled her into position, bracing myself with her shoulder before pushing farther still. 
My tip made it in before she screamed again and I used the moment to ram myself another inch into place. Her body jerked and her breaths became ragged. 
Again I humped into her, her cries becoming less and less as sobbing took over and I gained rhythm. 
With a final burst I felt her barrier break and I slit into her, my cock thick against her fragile young walls. Balls deep and thrusting inside my beautiful flower. Her neck grew sticky with sweat and I pulled her hair back, pumping into her now with a ferocity I couldn’t withhold. 
Sweat now poured from my body and dripped onto hers as my balls smacked against her and she groaned and cried and begged and the suction pulled at her breasts that were now red and tender from the pressure. 
“Daddy pleeeeeeeease!” She said feebly. The fight gone from her now. 
Her final plea made me cum and my hot gooey mess spatters the inside of her blossoming hole. 
I rock in her for a moment longer, I hands wrapped around her torso thumbs touching she’s so thin. I’m half surprised she didn’t break. But as I let her go she collapses. The pump is full and I release her tits from their prison. Flipping her over she sags in my grasp and I kiss down her body, resting my teeth on her nipples. She shutters but otherwise doesn’t move, doesn’t resist. Her little body worn out from me fucking her. 
I suckle her hardened stretched nipples and for a moment taste a drip of sweet honeyed nectar. My baby tastes good. But if I’m going to get her out of this hellhole, I’m going to need a lot more. 


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