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'' I moaned国产精品人成在线观看
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'' I moaned国产精品人成在线观看

*************As always, leave a comment below and let me know your feedback. Thanks as always for reading,I was staring at the blank page on my computer trying to decide what to write, I wasn't sure what Faye would tell Paige, but I knew that she needed the time away from home. Just a few hours ago we had talked about what her next step would be, that was right before I went out into the back yard and gave my kid sister her first orgasm as my Mom looked on.As far down the rabbit hole I was, I knew that I had to keep my head above water with Faye. She still had no idea that the camera she found was mine, and I had no intention of telling her. Had I not planted it, she would never have found out about the things her Mom and Dad were doing to her.I decided just to check in with her, I typed out a quick message asking her how she was and what her and Paige's plans were tonight and then sent it. I heard a car pull up outside and looked out of the window, it was the pizza guy.Mom had ordered pizza instead of cooking, after what had happened in the garden I was hesitant in going downstairs. Having sex with Mom was one thing, it was already as Taboo as it could get, but bringing Bobbie into it too? I didn't want any part of it. But that didn't stop me from doing what I did. I sat in shame at my computer, when my bedroom door opened and Bobbie walked in. ''Doc, pizza's here.'' she told me. ''I know, I'm not that hungry.'' I replied. She approached me slowly and put a hand on my shoulder, she then pulled me toward her into a hug.''I love you.'' she told me. I puffed out a long sigh, ''I love you too Bobbie.'' I replied, she broke off the hug and brought her round face around to meet my gaze. Before I could think of anything she kissed me. Our lips locked for a few seconds before breaking, and then we kissed again. This time our lips parted and our tongues met, I could feel the passion rising up from inside of me. Her inexperienced tongue explored my mouth and I massaged it with my own. Her hand came up to my face and mine had slipped to her back, I pulled her up on top of me and she was now straddling me.Our kiss lasted what seemed like minutes, my hands rested on her rear end and I couldn't help but squeeze her cheeks. She was still wearing the summer dress that had revealed so much to me earlier, my hands slipped underneath it to get a firm grip on both of her cheeks. My erection pushed against her and she began to grind against it, our kiss broke again and I began to plant kisses on her neck and collar bone. I brought my hand up to the back of her head and pulled her hair, her head tipped back and gave me a way to kiss her throat. Before I could pull her dress straps down over her shoulders she got off of me and began fumbling with my bottoms, she didn't fumble for long though and soon freed my penis. I looked into her eyes and the shame I had felt before had been swept away, as she took my erect cock in her hands and dropped down to her knees.Her mouth opened up and the helmet disappeared, her tongue pressed against it and she began going at it like it was a popsicle. It was amateurish, but at the same time felt amazing. I placed my hand on her head as she began bobbing up and down, doing her best to deliver her first blow-job.''Oh, god, Bobbie,'' I moaned, she let my cock slip out of her mouth while slowly jerking it. She looked as though she was about to say something but then changed her mind. Her tongue rolled out of her mouth and she began sucking on my testicle, she then ran her tongue from the bottom to the top of my penis before again taking my helmet in her mouth.She began jerking me a little harder and for a moment I thought about taking over, but no, I wanted her to make me cum, and she was getting pretty close. She kept bringing her eyes up to meet mine, she wore a look of complete innocence whilst committing an act of darkness. ''Bobbie, I'm guna--'' I tried to warn her but it was too late, a string of cum was released into her mouth, her head jolted backward as the second wave came and hit her on the cheek. She didn't know what to do, she quickly opened her mouth and rolled out her tongue to try and catch the rest, bringing my cock closer to her face she began licking up what was left dribbling out of my cock, she tried sucking on my helmet some more but I had to stop her.''Too sensitive baby,'' I told her. She looked at me and smiled, ''I just wanted to thank you for earlier.'' she told me. ''Well, you did.'' I replied smiling, I helped her to her feet and we kissed again. ''Now go down and get some pizza,'' I told her, ''I'll be there in a minute.''She turned and walked out of the room, I couldn't help but stare at her as she left. Since Dad had left this family had become something special, something unique, something dangerous. I had fallen in love with my Mother and now started a similar sexual relationship with my little sister. I knew that there was nothing that was going to reverse what had been done, I could do no more than enjoy it.Before heading downstairs I checked my emails, there was a reply from Faye waiting for me. I opened the message and it read;Heey, I'm doing ok thanks, you won't believe how obsessed Paige is with her black step-dad. It's crazy. I came here to get away from family drama, and it turns out that Paige can talk about nothing else. Hope you're ok, glad you messaged. I should probably give you my number, might get you away from that computer of yours ;-) xit had never occurred to me to ask for her number, I guess I liked the old school way of sending emails. An email came through a minute later with her number and I added her to my contacts, I figured it would probably be best to text her a little later as I didn't want to appear too desperate to talk to her.I got up from my chair and went downstairs to the kitchen, I passed the lounge on the way and saw Bobbie sprawled out on the couch watching TV with a box of pizza on the floor next to her. As I entered the kitchen Mom was sat at the table with her back to me. She was still wearing her bikini. I came up behind her and put my hands on her shoulders.''Hello Doc,'' she said, I leaned in to her and kissed her on the cheek, she turned her head and our lips met. ''I ordered you the meat feast.'' she told me, I smiled and kissed her again. ''Thanks, but I'm really not that hungry yet. I just had a visit from Bobbie.'' I told her, it was her turn to smile, ''And?'' she asked. My hands slipped from her shoulders down to her breasts, I crossed my arms and took her in an embrace, ''She let me know that she was okay with what happened earlier. More than okay, actually.''''Oh really, and how did she do that?'' Mom asked, I whispered into her ear what Bobbie had given me upstairs and her jaw dropped, she couldn't believe it. ''I kissed her when she came down!'' she exclaimed quietly, ''Wait till I see her.''''We''re putting on a movie soon, wanna join?'' she asked, ''What movie are you thinking? Not a chick-flick I hope.'' she smiled, ''Bobbie told me about a film that she watching with you the other night. I thought I might check it out.'' For a moment I paused, I knew what film it was and I knew why Bobbie wanted to watch it again. ''To be honest Mom,'' I began, ''I think there are better ones that she would enjoy.'' I told her. ''Doc I don't want to know about the ones you keep hidden under your bed, and neither does Bobbie.'' she warned.''Oh I'm not so sure about that, she's a very sexually aware little sister.'' I joked, Mom smiled and kissed me on the cheek. ''Well we're both to blame for that.'' she told me.She got to her feet and much to my disappointment allowed my hands to drop from her breasts, she walked through to the lounge and joined Bobbie on the sofa as I watched from the doorway. Mom nestled into the corner of the couch as Bobbie cuddled into her, I couldn't help but smile as Bobbie's hand found a resting place on Mom's boob. Like brother like sister, I thought to myself. I pulled out my phone and sent a quick text to Faye, I mentioned that it was a little weird of Paige to be digging on her step-father, and that I thought she was a lesbian. I finished by telling her to try and have a good time.I walked into the lounge and sat down, ''Bobbie before we start a movie you should go and get your pyjama's on.'' I told her. ''Okay, save my place.'' she told me as she left the room, no argument or anything. I looked to Mom and smiled, ''I should probably keep her place warm.''Before I could move she opened her legs and smiled, one hung off the sofa and the other one was rested against the back of the couch. I crawled up the couch in between her legs and kissed her on the abdomen, I next kissed her stomach, then her sternum. I looked up into her lustful eyes and kissed her on the mouth. She held the back of my head as I began pulling at her bikini bottoms. She raised her ass up from the cushion so's I could pull them down, I didn't want to waste the precious few minute we had before Bobbie came back down with foreplay so I edged up the sofa positioning myself right above her.She made quick work of freeing my penis, there wasn't any fumbling. She began massaging her clitoris and didn't need to lick her fingers, I could almost smell the moisture coming out of her. ''Doc, hurry up and fuck Mommy.'' she whispered.I pushed my way into her and felt the pop as I entered,扒开双腿疯狂进出爽爽爽动态图 we both let out gasps of relief as our pubis' met. I felt like I had been weeks since we were last here, both of us began thrusting into each other. She wrapped her arms around the back of my neck as the sounds of wet clapping began to get louder. I tried to slow down a little but she wouldn't let me, she wanted it hard and fast. I pulled at her bikini top and revealed her bouncing breasts, she looked amazing and I wanted to tell her but I knew she didn't want romance right now, she wanted an orgasm before Bobbie could finish getting into her nightie.Even though I had not long cum, I could feel my balls tightening. I knew that for as long as I would ever live, no one will ever be able to make me feel the way she does. The sight of her under me, her knees were bent but her legs were still in the air, her fingers were locked behind my neck, her incredible nipple were jumping all over the place with every thrust of my manhood. Her mouth slightly open and eyes locked on mine.''Baby you're guna make me cum, right now,'' she panted. ''I'm guna--, I'm coming!'' she cried out. She climaxed right there and a moment later I was shooting whatever I had left inside of me into her.I collapsed on top of her and began kissing her neck, ''I love you, so much.'' I gasped. ''I love you too.'' she replied, a moment later we heard Bobbie bounding down the stairs. We quickly rearranged ourselves and went back to sitting where we were.''Did you pick a movie?'' she asked, ''Um, yeah, I think Mom did.'' I said, throwing her under the bus. Bobbie sat back down between us and cuddled up with Mom, ''Well put it on then!'' Bobbie whined. ''Yeah, put it on then Doc.'' Mom said smiling, great, I thought to myself. She was better at deflecting than I was.''Mommy your sweaty.'' Bobbie exclaimed, ''Yeah I was a little warm, I'll shower before bed.'' she said, and just as I chose a DVD, Bobbie reached down to grab a slice of pizza from her box, ''Oh Mommy!'' she moaned.I turned around and saw that Bobbie was holding Mom's bikini bottoms.A little while into the movie I sent Faye a text, it was a short and simple 'Hows it going?' but I quickly got a reply from her;'You won't believe this, but Paige has a black 12 inch dildo that she has she named Daddy. I think next time I want a night away from home I'll be crashing at yours.'The thought of her staying at mine popped into my head quicker than a hiccup, or relationship had bloomed since she discovered what was happening to her at home. It was like taking a negative and turning it into a positive, when I fell in love with Mom I had cast all thoughts about Faye aside. But then when I made my little discovery it was as if I was being thrown back at her feet. I didn't know how to reply to her text, I had figured Paige all wrong. This pale skinned raven-haired goth chick wasn't a lesbian at all, it struck me as amazing at just how much can be hidden inside of someone.I text back the only thing I could think of, 'LOL'. It was weak and uninteresting but what do you reply to something like that?To my surprise I had another quick reply, 'Of course, if I ever did crash at yours I would expect you to sleep on the floor.'Was she being serious, or was she flirting? You could never tell with Faye, she had a very dry sense of humour and I had discovered that when I was invited over by her mother to help her with her studies.'But it gets pretty cold in my room, you'll need me to keep you warm.' was my reply. I went from weak and uninteresting to ballsy and flirty. I cast a quick glance at Bobbie, she was laid up with her head in Mom's lap and her legs on mine, Mom had fallen asleep and Bobbie's eyes were locked on the television screen.'I actually have the urge to come over to yours right now!' she replied. Again I had to wonder whether she was being serious, I didn't have long to wait as another text message came right through;'My god staying here is making me horny. I've no interest in her Dad but she just won't shut up about her fantasies!'A smile began to spread across my face, I wrote back to her, 'You can come over tomorrow and tell me all about it.'The thought of a horny Faye began to excite me, and before I knew it, I had an erection. Bobbie's legs were right on it, I was hoping she hadn't felt it though as the big brother in me was telling me that it was passed her bedtime.My phone lit up again and Faye's response was up on my screen, 'Definitely. See you around 8.' it read. I wondered what time she was planning on getting up, but then I realised that we had school tomorrow and she probably wanted to go together.Holy shit. We have school tomorrow?''Bobbie, come on, it's a school night!'' I told her trying to get to my feet, ''Aw but can't I watch the end of the movie?'' she whined. ''No, you can watch it tomorrow.'' I told her, she began getting up from the couch and in the process woke Mom. That was when Bobbie caught sight of the erection I had trying to push it's way through my shorts.''Oooh.'' she cooed. She went to reach for it but I stopped her, ''Bobbie, it's a school night.'' I told her sternly. She looked disappointed, sadness appeared in her big blue eyes and her shoulders dropped a little.''Come on,'' I told her, ''I'll tuck you in.''A smile quickly appeared on her face again as she quickly kissed Mom goodnight and ran off up stairs. Mom was starting to get to her feet and I helped her up into an embrace.''This weekend has gone so fast, I completely forgot about school tomorrow.'' I told her, she kissed me on the cheek and smiled, ''It's been the best weekend ever Doc.'' she replied. I let my hands slide down to her buttocks as I kissed her on the shoulder, ''I might have a little trouble getting up early tomorrow, might be better if I slept in with you.'' I said. She pulled away from me a little and looked into my eyes, ''Okay.'' she replied.I couldn't believe it, I had managed to spend last night with her and thought it was a one time thing. But with Dad still MIA I guess she was thinking that he wouldn't be coming back. I kissed her hard on the mouth and couldn't hide my glee, ''I'm going to tuck Bobbie in and I'll see you in bed,'' I told her.''I'll lock up.'' she replied.I was up the stairs two at a time, I stopped by the bathroom and brushed my teeth as quickly as I could. I knew how early Mom got up in the morning so I knew I would have time to shower before school.I walked up to Bobbie's door and pushed it open, she had her head on the pillow and the duvet was pulled right up to her chin, she smiled when she saw me.''Guess what.'' she told me, ''What?'' I asked, she wiggled her foot underneath the duvet and I lifted it up at the corner, I saw her bare feet slowly slide up the bed, I lifted the duvet a little higher and saw that she was widening her knees.I sat at the foot of the bed and with the duvet raised, I watched her open her legs wide and reveal to me her vagina. I looked into her eyes and smiled, she looked as though she was trying not to laugh she was so happy.She tugged the duvet and revealed her naked body, opening her arms up to invite me in for a cuddle. ''Bobbie,'' I began, but before I could finish the sentence she spoke, ''Just a hug.'' she told me. I half smiled at her and with a little reluctance, I crawled over her and dropped down on her. Her arms wrapped themselves around my neck and her legs around my waist, my erection was poking her right between the legs.''I want you to do what you do to Mommy.'' she told me. I felt like crap, I wanted nothing more than to pop down my shorts and push my cock into her, to feel her soft skin again my own as we made love.But I knew that my seven inches was too much for her. It would split her in half and probably traumatise her.''Bobbie, we can't, you're too--'' ''I know.'' she interrupted me. ''But we can still play around.'' she said. I nodded my head and kissed her, ''Yes, we can still play around.'' I told her.A few minutes later and I closed her bedroom door behind me, I was stood out on the landing thinking about how much this family had changed over the weekend, how much I had changed. I was in love with my Mother, my sexual relationship with her had spilled out and now included my sister. Things with Faye were the best they had ever been and it had come from me spying on her, planting a camera in her bedroom and then catching her parents drug and sexually abuse her. Only for her to then find the camera, and of course, believe that it belongs to her parents.As I was wondering what the week was going to bring, Mom appeared in her bedroom doorway. She was wearing black stockings with suspenders, a black and red lacy thong with a matching bra that was struggling with her 36D breasts and she had her hair tied back in a loose pony tail.''Remember that new underwear I bought?'' she asked, I was speechless as I could nothing but stare at her, ''Well I think it's time we tried it out.'' she said before disappearing into her room. I took a few steps towards her bedroom door and watched her crawl onto her bed, her ass pointed right at me.There was definitely going to be a struggle to get out of bed tomorrow.