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” they chirped国产精品色午夜免费视频
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” they chirped国产精品色午夜免费视频

These six weeks were going to take FOREVER.I knew that.I tried to keep myself busy, but there was too much Amy going through my mind.We e-mailed everyday and spoke at least every other day.Amy was exactly the kind of woman I liked.She is very open and straightforward, she doesn’t play mind games.What you see is what you get.If I wasn’t falling for her, it had to be something pretty damn close to that.I stayed away from the Pussy Train for the six weeks.Robin went a few times, but we played more poker than usual; did pretty well, too.I won twice and finished 4th once and Robin finished in the money twice.We skated a few times, went out drinking a bit; anything to keep my mind off Amy.Finally the six weeks were over.When the night came, I skipped poker altogether.I didn’t want to risk anything.I made sure to be at the crossing by the Millers’ farm on time.It was just me this week; no Robin.As usual the train pulled in at 10:00 and I boarded.I didn’t see Amy right away, but took care of the disrobing to be sure I stayed on the train.I walked around the car a bit and finally saw Amy.But there was more.Elly was here, too.When I walked up to them they looked at me with the cutest and most innocent look.“Hi Will,” they said in unison.I couldn’t tell them apart.“Hi,” I replied rather nervously.“Aren’t you going to give me a hug,” they chirped, again in unison.I leaned forward and hugged Amy.Then I turned and hugged Amy.I was so confused.They were giggling.“You have no idea if I’m Amy, do you?”the one on the left asked.“Maybe it’s me.” the other giggled.I had no idea what to do.I stood there feeling MOST awkward likely with a very goofy look on my face.They moved over to me, threw their arms around me and kissed either side of my neck.This eased my tension somewhat.Then the one on the right squeezed my nipple.I jumped back from them and pointed at the one on the right.“You’re Amy!Only Amy would have known what that does to me!”“Easy Tiger,” said the one on the right, “Maybe I told Elly about everything we did.”“Or maybe I told her,” giggled the other.After a short pause the one on the left spoke.“Here’s the deal.We’ll give you 10 minutes to figure out who’s who.If you answer correctly when tested you earn a prize.If not, you’ll be punished.”“What if I decline?” I asked.“If you choose not to take the test, there’s no prize OR punishment.”“Guess I have no choice.What can I do to decide who’s who?”“You can do whatever you think will tell you.” said the one on the left.“Okay.Deal.But first let’s make this fair.I need to be able to tell you apart in case you move or we get separated for whatever reason.Wait here.”I went to the bar and spoke to the bartender.In short order I came back.I pointed at the one on the left.“Come here, please.”She sidled over and I lifted up the sharpie marker I had borrowed.I drew a ‘1’ on her right breast.Then I motioned for the other to come over and drew a ‘2’ on HER right breast.They giggled.“First I will kiss each of you.Number 1 will start things off.”She came over.I bent my head down and kissed her lightly on the lips.The kiss grew more passionate with our tongues becoming intertwined.As we kissed, I ran my hands around her back and ass.She let out the odd little moan.After about a minute I broke the kiss.“Next?” I called with a chuckle.Number 2 came to me and I did the same with her.I started off light and slow with my lips caressing hers.Just as I was going to slip my tongue inter her mouth, she put hers in mine.IKNEW this kiss.We were both moaning.My hands her roaming wherever they could reach.Hers were caressing the back of my head as you tongues made love.When the minute was up I pushed her back.After a second or two to catch my breath I spoke.“Next, contestant one will come over and suck my cock while I sample contestant 2’s breasts.”“Yes, sir,” they said in unison.1 got on her knees and wrapped her lips around my rigid dick while 2 stood before me offering her breasts to me.I started caressing and squeezing her breasts.I squeezed her nipples.She moaned.I squeezed harder and she moaned louder.Number one was doing a very good job with her tongue on my cock.I was enjoying this a lot.After a few minutes I tapped 1 on the head with my finger.“Time to switch.”2 took to her knees and put my shiny wet cock in her mouth while 1 gave me HER perfect boobs.I did the same to 1 and I had done to 2, but when it came to pinching and squeezing her nipples I got a different reaction.She winced a bit and pulled back slightly.This cinched it.After enjoying the activities for a few minutes I stepped back.As I pulled my cock from 2’s mouth it made an audible popping sound.She was sucking hard.They stood up and put an arm around each others’ shoulder.“Time’s up, stud.Who’s who?” the said together.I pointed at 1 and said, “You’re Elly.”Then I pointed at 2 and said, “And that makes YOU Amy.”They giggled and nodded.Then they each took a hand and led me into the other cars.Just as before we went to the last car and settled on a bed.“What gave it away?” asked Amy.“I had it figured out as soon as you kissed me.I will never forget the way you kiss.Don’t get me wrong, Elly.I LOVED kissing you, but kissing Amy is a bit different.And then the boobs made me sure.”“How?” asked Elly.“When I pinched you nipples you didn’t seem to like it, but Amy LOVES that.Now there was something about a prize.I distinctly remember something about a prize if I answered correctly.”“You’re right.You DO get a prize, but what?Maybe a nice kiss?” said Amy.“No, he’s had that.” replied Elly.“A blow job?”“No.We sucked his dick already.”“Maybe a hot fuck?”“No.All he did was answer a question.It’s not like he solved world hunger or something.”They were having fun with this.“I know!” chirped Amy.She moved cover to Elly, put her hands on her shoulders and pulled her closer.Her lips made contact with her sisters’.They kissed deeply.I saw their tongues mingling with each other.Amy was the aggressor, but Elly wasn’t resisting at all.I was stunned.This had never even occurred to me.Sure I’d THOUGHT about it, but I NEVER thought there was a chance it might actually happen.After about 5 minutes the kiss ended and I sat there speechless, staring at them with my mouth open in awe.They came back over to me and attached their lips to my neck.After a second Amy whispered in my ear.“You can close your mouth now Will”I moved back and tried my best to regain my composure.They were both sitting on they knees smiling at me.“You never told my anything about this, Amy” I said.“There’s a LOT we have yet to discuss, Will.”Again I was stunned.Elly moved over pushed me onto my back and kissed me.Amy moved between my legs and took my twitching cock into her hot mouth.Amy’s head bobbed up and down as I kissed her sister.This was incredible.After a few minutes Amy pulled her mouth off my cock.I was a little disappointed, but when I felt the hotness of her pussy engulf my member I was once again delirious.Elly and I 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Fuuuuuuuuck!!!”Her pussy muscles were contracting like a wave and this pushed me over the edge.“Fuck me, Amy!Oh fuck!Oh yes!Yeeeeeeessss!”“Yes!Fill my cunt with you cum, Will!”Now Elly started to scream and her gyrations stopped.She screamed more and then it happened.Her pussy let forth with a jet of sizzling, hot liquid that hit me square in the mouth, causing me to choke and cough.When she was done Elly rolled off me and fell into a heap sighing.“Oh yeah.Elly squirts when she cums, Will so be ready for it.”Amy said with a chuckle.After we all got our breath back we relaxed on the bed in a three-way kiss with all three tongues playing with each other.“I’m going to have to write a letter to Penthouse Forum about THIS.” I saidWe laughed and we kissed some more.“Okay.We HAVE to talk.” I started.“How long have you guys been doing this?Do you do it a lot?I thought you said Elly was more reserved? Why…”Amy interrupted.“Down, boy.One at a time.”“Okay.How long have you been doing stuff like this?”“You mean us together or both of us with a guy?” Amy asked?“The latter.”“First time with a guy, but we’ve been doing stuff with each other all our lives.When we were little girls we’d play games and the loser had to kiss the winners’ pussy.Back then it was punishment, but we soon learned that it felt really good and things developed from there.”I couldn’t speak.I was blown away.A minute or two went by and I turned to Elly.“From what Amy told me about your first trip on the Pussy Train it sounded like it’s not your thing?Am I right?”“For the most part yes, but after the last time Amy told me all about her encounter with you I had to meet you.”“I told you last time, Will.It was the details that got her to come and when she heard about all the hot things we did six weeks ago – that was it.”Amy said.“Someone pinch me.I HAVE to be dreaming.”I said.Elly reached down and pinched the head of my cock.“OW!!”Elly and Amy laughed.“This is very real Will,” said Amy.“We’re in town for a week.Let’s leave the questions for later and just enjoy each other.”And with that we laid back on the bed and resumed our kissing.We were a mess of arms, legs and body parts in various configurations just enjoying each other to the fullest.“Elly, I want to fuck YOU now.What position do you like best?”“I LOVE doggy.” She purred as she rose onto all fours.I slowly slid my hard cock into her dripping wet pussy.“Fuck yes.That feels sooooo good, Will.”I glanced over at Amy, but didn’t see her.I looked around and saw her laying down in front of her sister.As soon as she did Elly dove onto her and began licking her pussy.I should have been expecting this after all the kissing, touching and fondling they had done with each other, but for some reason it still surprised me and I stopped my motions.“FUCK me, Will!I want it.BAD!” ordered Elly.“Oh yes, Will.Fuck her like you fucked me last time!Fuck her hard.”I obeyed and began to drive my cock into Elly’s waiting canal with all my force.With each thrust Elly would moan or groan and her head would be driven further into her horny sisters’ pussy, causing Amy to make a guttural sound.“This is unbelievable!I can’t believe this is happening!I love fucking you girls!Eat your sister, Elly!Fuck!Just saying that is so evil and erotic!”Elly was so wet that my cock made a squooshing noise each time I thrust into her and every now and then some of her pussy juice would splash up on me.“Oh, Elly.I’m going to cum!Eat me, sissy!Eat me!Fuck yes!Right there!Yes!Yes!More!!Harder!Oooooh!”This sent me over the edge.“Oh, EllyI’m cumming too.Take my cum, girl.Uugghh!Uugghh!Yes!!Oooooooooh yeeeah!”I had one of my longest orgasms.It must have lasted almost 30 seconds, but as soon as it was done, Elly pulled herself off my cock and spun around into a 69 with Amy.“Oh Elly!Yes!!Feed me your pussy!Let me eat Will’s cum out of it and make you cum!”Again I was shocked.This experience was something I could never have imagined.The girls slurped at each others’ pussies for over half an hour.Amy had cum 3 more times before Elly even had one.I was again rock hard and moved back into the fray.I slid up behind Elly and went to slide my cock into her dripping pussy.“No!My ass!Stick that magic cock in my ass!”I slid it into her pussy to lube it up and was about to pull it out when Elly burst out.“My ASS!Put it in my FUCKING ASS!!”For a so-called reserved girl this was kind of over-the-top, but I didn’t want to disappoint her.My cock was so wet with her pussy juice that it easily slid into her ass.“Oh FUCK ME!That feels soooooooo good!” she moaned.As I was fucking her ass, Amy was still licking and sucking away at her pussy.“Harder, Will!Pound my ass harder!”I hammered away at her ass for god knows how long long before it happened.Elly started her orgasm.She began to buck her ass up and down and screamed for all she was worth.“Yes, Elly!Cum in my mouth!Give it to me!” commanded Amy and the jet stream commeth.“Uuuuuuuh.Uuuuuuh!” groaned Elly.Her stream splattered all over her sisters’ face and drenched the front of my body.I was very close to cumming, but all the bucking had made my come out of Elly’s ass.When Amy looked up and saw my cock she grabbed it and stuffed it into her mouth.I fucked Amy’s mouth for all I was worth.“Oh yes, Amy.Take my cock!Taste your sister on my cock!Fuck yes!I’m going to cum girl.Yes!Yes!Yeeeeeees!”Amy caught all my cum and swallowed every drop.When all was done we again collapsed in a heap on the bed, kissing and petting each other.I looked at my watch after a while and saw it was close to time.“I have to go.Can we get together while you’re here?” I inquired.“Of course.Let’s meet for coffee tomorrow.I’ll text you when and where in the morning.” answered Amy.“See you then, girls.”By this time we were back in the main car and I was almost dressed.The train stopped and I gave them each a deep kiss before I exited.